RikMillssanta_: lol09:14
santa_still waiting for the master of tarballs09:15
RikMillssanta_: looks like the changes to make the tars are being pushed right now https://i.imgur.com/WDbXPlU.png09:16
santa_I pinged faure @ #kde-dev, coincidence?09:17
RikMillssanta_: yes, he started pushing 8 mins before your ping09:17
santa_RikMills: what is that IRC channel?09:18
RikMillssanta_: sometimes useful09:18
RikMillsthere is also apparently https://t.me/kdegitlab09:27
santa_I prefer the irc for this kind of high traffic channels, but thanks for pointing it out09:31
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santa_hmm rust talk @ akademy room 109:32
RikMillsyes, it is nice to be able to grep the irc log09:47
RikMillssanta_: email says tars are out12:25
santa_RikMills: ack, thanks. The LP is still publishing my last (hopefully) KA rc version12:26
santa_rc 612:26
santa_I can't stop finding small glitches here and there12:27
RikMillsbetter if you find the now :P12:27
RikMills*them now12:27
santa_last thing: updating the docs version automatically12:27
santa_I'm always forgeting to update the version in the docs12:28
* RikMills is having fun merging meta-kde when we have very different versions to debian12:28
santa_oh yes12:28
BluesKajHi all14:09
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RikMillssanta_: ooooh, symbols fails. have fun :P16:55
santa_RikMills: I have doubts about them, might be 2 packages with ABI breaks, I will try to find some time later to take a closer look and ask Faure if it still looks ugly to me16:56
RikMillssanta_: 2 I checked seem to be private16:57
RikMillsbut I could be wrong16:57
santa_yes, but that doesn't mean neccesarily it's not an ABI break16:58
santa_d pointers exist for a reason16:58
santa_ok, seems cool, removing private *functions* seems ok17:02
santa_I'm going to do a last re-check and commit fixes if appropiate17:02
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> voting on 5.20 wallpaper https://phabricator.kde.org/T1272417:13
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