kolamanHi all00:09
kolamanI'm planning to record some videos (ubuntu 20.04) but there is a little bit noise (some sort of very low pitch sheeeeeeeeeeeeer voice).00:11
kolamanHow can I cancel that noise from my videos, anyone experienced that ?00:11
jjbuggle18.04->20.04 is still not out yet?  Sorry if this is a tired question00:42
jjbuggleie.  update-manager -c still doesn't show the upgrade as available00:44
jjbugglenevermind, I think I found the page I was looking for: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/focal-fossa-20-04-1-lts-point-release-status-tracking/1760400:46
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Bashing-omjjbuggle: Have seen no indication yet that the path has been opened up - the discourse page is a closed thread :(00:49
rgopihi guys when i run  this command  cc -S -Wall -O0 -o good5a -O0.s goodCode. i get error: invalid integral value '0.s' in '-O0.s'00:52
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jjbuggleBashing-om: AFAICT, from googling, and finding this: (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1266902/why-isnt-an-upgrade-to-20-04-from-18-04-available-yet)     That discourse page is where the bugs are being tracked overall.  And it looks like that one bug mentioned is still not fixed.  *shrug*  best info I've got so far.  Not sure what to make of the bug yet.01:35
Bashing-omjjbuggle: Have seen no indication yet that the path has been opened up - the discourse page is a closed thread :( If you are in a hurry to upgrade, there is a means.01:40
Bashing-omjjbuggle: I do appreciate the feebdback :D - "CLOSED JUL 30" :( I too am somewhat dismayed that the link is not maintained.01:43
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WalterWhitesCookUbuntu 20.04 has experienced an internal error. ExecutablePath /usr/bin/gnome-control-center02:32
samthewildoneIs it normal for 20.04LTS to consume a lot of memory?02:42
samthewildoneI'm @ ~5GB/8GB with just hexchat opened. Up an additional gig when a browser is opened. Seems really high02:43
samthewildonewait hold up02:44
akemsamthewildone, Look at what process is using the memory with the gnome task manager or top/atop etc.02:45
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/02:45
akemNo, if you really are out of memory some application or driver is maybe leaking.02:46
samthewildoneakem, I'm using htop02:47
samthewildonenothing visibly noticeable with high mem usage02:47
samthewildoneMiB Mem :   7708.3 total,    421.2 free,   5569.0 used,   1718.0 buff/cache02:55
samthewildonegnome-shell seems to be the culprit02:55
samthewildonewill have to try mate02:56
fretegigood evning02:57
fretegitrying to rsync to backup a server, using rsync -av, however it wont preserver group persmissions...02:57
fretegiboth filesystems xfs03:03
samthewildoneis it possible to write an iso to a USB and have another partion on that same USB for storing additional files?03:48
samthewildoneex: /dev/sdb1 = bootable ISO image & /dev/sdb2 = FAT32 for storing files03:49
guivercsamthewildone, I've read howto's about doing that, but have no experience with multiboot from thumb-drives, so YES03:50
guivercsamthewildone, they did include extra partition for 'shared' data03:52
samthewildonedoesn't looks like I can write to it.03:52
samthewildoneentire device is write protected.03:52
samthewildonehaving this slow USB2.0 writing at 2.5MB/s is killing me!03:53
samthewildonefile size I'm writing to USB is 2.5GB...03:54
samthewildone$9.99 USB... what should I had expect...03:54
guivercsamthewildone, be glad you don't have 160kb floppy disks03:54
samthewildoneguiverc, I suffered with those in the past comrade03:54
samthewildoneoh... wait 1.44mb03:55
guiverc(the original ibm pc had 160kb floppies, SSSD)03:56
samthewildonei fought in the 56.6k trenches of dial-up on my HP compaq03:58
samthewildonewhen I was in college, professor wanted us to put our project on a 1.44mb floppy. This was in early 2010.03:59
samthewildoneHe was MAD03:59
samthewildonestill made no sense to this day... everyone had been using USBs for the longest and here comes some English professor wanting to go down memory lane.04:00
samthewildoneanyway, let me figure out the multiboot thing04:00
lotuspsychjehey Mathisen o/04:28
lotuspsychjelk: thank you for filing bug #1894391 looks pretty good!05:00
ubottubug 1894391 in linux (Ubuntu) "AMD/Nvidia switchable graphics not working" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189439105:00
willcA CLI installed through apt-get requires that the tool be used without sudo, does a check on initialization and if in sudo exits with a message to run without sudo. However running without sudo errors out because it uses git clone but lacks the permissions to do so. What do I need to research to resolve this?05:19
willcAhh. If while in root/sudo and I create a dir it is a root/sudo dir. Oops05:39
deancIm trying to use the GUI network manager to add a vpn profile (which ive done), but it just fails and says this in the syslog VPN plugin: failed: connect-failed (1) - no more info08:52
deancWhen trying to connect to it using vli openvpn --config my.ovpn it prompts for user/pass which i enter - and it works - but ONLY if i put sudo first...08:52
deancIve narrowed it down by enabling debugging in networkmanager09:00
deancOptions error: --crl-verify fails with '/var/lib/openvpn/chroot//home/dc/.cert/nm-openvpn/current-sweden-aes-128-cbc-udp-dns-crl-verify.pem': No such file or directory09:00
deancthis was all cobfigured automatically, but i can see the crl-verify is pointing to the right path at least in the gui...09:01
deanchttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-openvpn/+bug/1835644 seems it's ubuntu bug09:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1835644 in network-manager-openvpn (Ubuntu) "CRL files are not accessible for the Verify CRL options" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:02
deancany workaround :<?09:03
k_szeJust me or it's no longer possible to connect Facebook account to GNOME?09:19
k_szeI get this error message from Facebook: App not set up: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.09:20
HiDeHoI have Ubunytu 20.04 running in VBOX in OSX on my macbook Pro.. do I need to create a swap file or swap partition for use with US10:24
EriC^^HiDeHo: what's "US" ?10:25
HiDeHooops i meant OS10:28
HiDeHoEriC^^: ^10:28
EriC^^HiDeHo: probably it would be a good idea, you could make a swapfile it's the same basically and easier to manage, expand, etc10:29
HiDeHoJust wondering if i need to make a swap file or vbox drive/partition for Ubuntu10:29
HiDeHook thanks10:29
EriC^^HiDeHo: no problem10:29
HiDeHoi have 16gb ram. do i need a 16gb swap or is that 32gb. When Ubuntu goes into sleep mode it freezes on wakeup.10:30
HiDeHoI always heard you need 2x ammount ram to use sleep mode?10:30
HiDeHoEriC^^: ^10:31
EriC^^HiDeHo: for hibernate you need as much as ram + a tiny bit more, but if you're using vbox you could just save the state i think, then reload it from where it was10:33
EriC^^it has a 'save machine state' in the menu for shutting off etc in vbox10:34
EriC^^HiDeHo: if you go with the hibernate option, remember to see how much ram you're giving the machine in vbox and use that for how big to make the swap10:37
HiDeHoright i get that. its just Ubuntu goes to sleep or screen saver and does not come out of it too well. thanks this gives me some ideas. The full ram is 16gb and cpu = 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. I usually give VBox half of that10:44
HiDeHothanks EriC^^10:44
HiDeHoEriC^^: so i would boot into ubuntuu in vbox and then make the swap file and put it on thje virtual machine drive?10:45
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yuri6037Hi, I'm running an Ubuntu derivative system on an old ASUS laptop. This laptop does have a HDMI port so I though I could use it as a permanent player connected to a TV. However for some reasons the laptop cuts the picture displayed over HDMI. Does anyone know anything about such a problem?11:02
yuri6037I can maybe also remark that even some windows computers cuts the picture on that specific TV. I know that my Surface Book 2 running Win10 with a big USBC box is capable of rendering to that TV however it's not a permanent solution. However if I plug a cheap USBC box it will also cut the picture11:05
yuri6037The TV is an old TOSCHIBA11:05
leibniz[m]Can I install stuff on /opt/ without messing with my distro packages? (ubuntu 18.04)?11:19
HiDeHoHi is there a way to increase the swap file size in Ubuntu.11:21
MonkeyDustHiDeHo  is this useful https://linuxhandbook.com/increase-swap-ubuntu/11:26
HiDeHook MonkeyDust will take a look11:26
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not..11:26
aLinux`xboxdrv ?11:26
HiDeHoMonkeyDust: that does not seem to do anything in a vbox guest os.11:33
HiDeHoit has not increased the size of the swap file.11:33
qwertuttytyAuthoritative Reputable IP is the address of what?11:34
HiDeHooh wait i cant even delete or create anyting on the virtual hdd.11:35
qwertuttyty Authoritative IP is the address of what?11:36
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??11:38
nsaundersI can't find a good SIP client. what can I use for VoIP?11:40
EriC^^HiDeHo: hi, sorry im back, if the sleep isnt working it isnt related to the swap, it might be some other issue, i dont know what to advise, usually in a baremetal machine if it has sleep issues it might be fixed with acpi stuff in the grub options11:44
MonkeyDust!voip | nsaunders11:45
ubottunsaunders: VoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.11:45
fenevadkanhi. I have a MPOW BH456A bluetooth dongle using with bluetooth keyboard, it can be paired fine and works well, however after some time while not using it stops working, it cannot reconnect unless remove the device and pairing it again. How to fix it?11:45
EriC^^HiDeHo: if you type 'free -h' it should show how big the current swap is11:46
qwertuttyty"Address of the authoritative nameserver [required]" This phrase for me translates is not entirely clear. IP address dns server?11:47
EriC^^leibniz[m]: yes i think that no ubuntu repo packages install to /opt11:47
EriC^^not 100% sure though11:48
nsaundersMonkeyDust: no such thing as ekiga on ubuntu11:51
MonkeyDustnsaunders  idd, looks like !voip needs an update11:53
nsaundersMonkeyDust: https://askubuntu.com/q/1272967/84744911:53
HiDeHoEriC^^: atm i am trying to get read and write access to hdd11:56
EriC^^HiDeHo: how do you mean? what did you try doing but not able to?11:57
HiDeHoEriC^^: ok so i am trying to make the swap file bigger it did not work so then i checked and found i could not read and write to the virtual hdd of the os11:59
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:05
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:05
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:05
nsaundersI've installed jitsi:  https://askubuntu.com/q/1273051/847449  but how do I now launch it?12:08
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:10
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:10
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:10
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:10
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:11
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:11
aLinux`hello i have installed kubuntu latest lts. what driver makes me use my xbox one controler ? i did a reinstall yesterday and it worked before and now not.. xboxdrv ??12:11
HiDeHoaLinux`: atop flodding the channel please12:12
HiDeHoatop = stop12:12
aLinux`HiDeHo, there are 1156 ppl in here... (almost) and none would like to answer a simple question that im asking for almost one hour..12:13
jeremy31aLinux`: That might mean they don't know and you should search google, yahoo, DDG12:13
aLinux`i tried that for almost 8 hours..12:14
HiDeHojeremy31: i hate people like that. but ..... i used to act like that when first using linux.12:16
HiDeHoi demanded instant help from Irc12:17
CrashbitHi! Does anyone knows when I can update from 18.04LTS to 20.04LTS with do-release-upgrade without -d optioin?12:34
EriC^^Crashbit: i think you already can12:39
EriC^^Crashbit: try "grep -i prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades"12:40
CrashbitEriC^^: crashbit@sun:~$ sudo do-release-upgrade -m server12:40
CrashbitChecking for a new Ubuntu release12:40
CrashbitThere is no development version of an LTS available.12:40
EriC^^Crashbit: silly question but did you try to apt-get update before?12:41
CrashbitEriC^^: yes, every day ;)12:41
EriC^^odd why it says "no development version"12:42
Crashbityeah, I don't know12:42
EriC^^Crashbit: ah, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1266902/why-isnt-an-upgrade-to-20-04-from-18-04-available-yet12:44
EriC^^Crashbit: seems there's one bug they still are working out12:44
CrashbitEriC^^: thanks12:45
EriC^^Crashbit: no problem12:45
tomreynnsaunders: the confusion around jitsi will be that jitsi used to be a java based client application, but it's bnow deprecated for the web based jitsi-meet (which is a server software, clients are web browsers accessing this over the web). note that jitsi-meet (and jitsi, too) is not in ubuntu('s default repositories) and thus not supported here. they may well have an irc channel of their own.12:53
mm1379On kubuntu and ubuntu 20.04 and kubuntu 18.04, I installed nvidia 390 driver.13:28
mm1379When I change gpu to nvidia dgpu (The other one is intel) and make a little a change in desktop such as moving the cursor or a window, nvidia setting shows rising clock speed and higher powermizer level that causes high power consumption and more heat.13:29
mm1379If I do not do anything with my laptop (not to moving cursor and etc.) The two factors i mentioned above (clock speed and powermizer level) will reduce.13:29
mm1379This clockspeed shouldn't be normal in idle mode.formerly nvidia diver itself could understand when change the power.13:29
mm1379What can I do?13:29
lkwhats the easiest way to increase the size of my swap?13:43
lkmake a new swap on a seperate disc?13:43
EriC^^lk: easiest way would be to make a swapfile if you have the free space13:46
EriC^^lk: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-add-swap-space-on-ubuntu-18-04/13:48
Mat63How to create an alarm or reminder in Ubuntu?13:50
EriC^^Mat63: sudo apt-get install alarm-clock-applet   it's a nice tool13:51
lkEriC^^: I already have one, so delete it and make a new one?13:53
EriC^^lk: yes, "sudo swapoff -a" then recreate13:54
dasy2k1hi all, im trying to compile something that is asking for fltk-config which i understand is provided by fltk1.3-dev however i cant seem to find this package avalable anywhere for ubuntu 20.0413:58
EriC^^dasy2k1: try sudo apt-get install libfltk1.3-dev14:00
dasy2k1EriC^^, thanks, you would think that the search in synaptic would have found that14:01
EriC^^dasy2k1: no problem14:03
mra90where should be libatopology located14:06
mra90I am getting alsa-tools compilation error that this lib has not been found14:07
BluesKajHi all14:09
oerheksmra90, interesting, why do you build it yourself?14:29
oerheksand what guide do you follow?14:29
mra90need newer version for DEV purposes14:29
mra90the official one ./gicompile && make install14:29
oerhekslibatopolog-dev ...?14:30
mra90"Unable to locate package libatopology-dev"14:30
mra90I have located libatoplogy.so and .so.2 files on my system14:31
mra90in /usr/lib/14:31
oerheksthat is why i ask ..14:31
mra90I have tried to copy them to the same location where libasound is but it did not help14:31
mra90what is wrong?14:31
oerheks!info libatopology-dev14:32
ubottulibatopology-dev (source: alsa-lib): shared library for handling ALSA topology -- development files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.2-2.1ubuntu2 (focal), package size 10 kB, installed size 72 kB14:32
oerhekswhy does your linux not find it?14:32
oerhekswhat ubuntu version, btw?14:33
mra90oerheks: I don;t know? :(14:33
mra90sudo apt-get install libatopology-dev right?14:33
mra90Unable to locate....14:34
oerhekstime to upgrade properly, we are at 18.0.45 now14:34
mra90how can I do upgrade it?14:35
mra90btw, where is that gicompile of alsatool looking for these libraries?14:35
oerheksrun updates?14:35
mra90maybe I can just copy them to the right person?14:35
oerheksreally, this is not you.14:35
mra90sorry to the right place14:36
* mra90 need some sleep14:37
mra90what surprises me is that these libraries are there just ./gitcompile doesn't see them14:37
mra90it says "no linkable libatopology was found"14:39
mra90two lines above it says "checking for libatopology...yes14:39
mra90which sort of suggest me it found sth14:39
Maikif you applied all updates you should have 18.04.5 by now, even before the 18.04.5 point release iso came out14:40
oerhekswithout proper updates, apt update && apt full-upgrade, one keeps crashing14:40
oerheksoerheks> and what guide do you follow?14:41
mra90oerheks I have just cloned https://github.com/alsa-project/alsa-utils14:43
mra90and then go with ./gitcompile14:43
mra90earlier I have done the same with alsa-lib14:44
mra90and it worked14:44
oerhekswell, try again after upgrading14:44
mra90oerheks but wait14:44
mra90this alsa tools are nothing new14:44
mra90this package should be well known for uybuntu for 20+ years14:45
mra90so why the heck ubuntu doesn't understand it14:45
mra90or rather doesn't recognize this package14:45
oerheksmaybe, but your system is not finding the proper dev .. due to the lack of an updated .. wait, i do not releat myself good luck!14:45
* oerheks facepalms14:45
mra90well that was my point you say "system doesn't recognize it because you miss the update" and I say "this package is nothing NEW!"14:46
* mra90 faceplams too14:47
mra90so the idea of missing update is nonsense to me14:47
ioriamra90, if you are on bionic libatopology-dev is not available; you need to upgrade to focal14:48
mra90ioria: I am on LTS14:49
ioriamra90, if you are on bionic libatopology-dev is not available; you need to upgrade to focal14:49
mra90how can I check the flavour I am on?14:49
ioriamra90, you don't know it ?14:49
mra90uname -a doesn;t mention bionic nor focal14:49
ioriamra90,  cat /etc/issu14:50
ioriamra90,  cat /etc/issue14:50
mra90Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS14:50
ioriamra90,  that's bionic14:50
Doc-SaintlyWill increasing swap mitigate OOM process kills?14:51
mra90ioria: sudo apt dist-upgrade will be enoygh?14:55
mra90ioria: so what else?14:57
ioriamra90,  another cmd (do-release-upgrade) but it's not recommended; install a fresh Focal14:58
mra90not recommended?14:59
mra90bare dist-upgrade did not help in regards to that missing package14:59
ioriamra90, 1) it's not open yet; 2) you eventually need to cope with some issue14:59
mra90ok, thanks for letting me know15:00
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_jakhi all! had some trouble with my latest update: when attempting to upgrade zsys, dpkg errors out because it can't connect to the zsys socket. There's an SO answer that recommends just removing zsys, but in that case the given user isn't using zfs as their main file system, like I am. Any thoughts on how to proceed?16:25
_jakI'm thinking just file an issue on GH and hold off on updating for now, but I wantred to see if there was any expertise I could benefit from here16:26
samthewildoneis there a reason why transfer rates to USB 3.1 from a 3.1 port is extremely slow on Ubuntu?16:30
samthewildonewent to the hassel of going to store only to be met with ~8MB/s on a USB3.1 claiming up to 130MB/s16:30
tatertotzwhat do you get on USB 2.0?16:32
samthewildone2.4 MB/s16:32
samthewildoneI read the packaging wrong on this USB 3.1 drive.16:33
samthewildoneread speeds up to 130 MB/s.16:33
Doc-SaintlyThe answer to my question is yes: increasing swap will prevent OOM from killing an app16:37
rfm_jak the question is why can't dpkg connect to the socket?  systemd should be listening to it (zsysd.socket unit) and starting zsysd when needed. What happens if you try "zsysctl show"?16:37
BrewsterI am using linux mint 20 and I am in need of the hugepages package. I'm pretty sure linux mint 20 is using the focal repos from what I can see in the repo list but for some reason it isn't available.16:41
BrewsterI also see the package here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/amd64/hugepages/2.21-0ubuntu116:41
Brewsterbut it is nowhere to be found in synaptic16:41
oerheksBrewster, find the mint channel, we don't support forks, see !topic16:42
oerheksgood luck..16:43
tatertotzsamthewildone: your 3.1 speed is over 2x that of 2.0 which sounds about right16:44
samthewildonetatertotz, I was able to fix the problem. Had to format to NTFS, wrote 2.5GB to the disk in under a minute.16:50
samthewildoneThe USB was formatted to FAT3216:51
_jakrfm: same socket error -- but checking the status of zsysd.socket shows an error from yesterday where it failed to listen to the socket16:51
rfm_jak, so that zsysd.socket error is the root problem.16:53
rfm_jak, or at least closer to the root.16:53
_jakrfm: hmm, seems like it stopped for some reason. I restarted it and that seems to have worked, but there's nothing in journalctl or the syslog indicating why it might have stopped16:53
oerheks_jak, if it happens again in 10 min, https://github.com/ubuntu/zsys/issues/7916:54
_jakthanks oerheks16:55
_jakand thanks rfm!16:55
oerheksand https://askubuntu.com/questions/1259745/ubuntu-apt-zsys-error16:57
oerheksnot sure it is the same package16:57
rfmlooks like the same thing.  zsys 0.4.7 fixes the problem and is now in updates, but the problem keeps updates from running. nice catch-22 there.17:01
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The_LoudSpeakeris there a way to have separate wokspaces on different monitors in a dual display setup in ubuntu focall?18:07
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elagosthey all, having trouble with weechat on 20.04 server. Won't connect to freenode without setting ssl verify off. Any way to make it trust let's encrypt?18:45
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oerhekselagost, have you tried #freenode?19:01
oerheksor https://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_quickstart.en.html19:02
jeremy31elagost: what port are you using?19:13
nbusroneWhere is gnome-search-tools ? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man1/gnome-search-tool.1.html19:48
oerheksyay, Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) is now powered by Linux Kernel 5.819:56
wb9688What package that's installed by default on Ubuntu provides that thing that occasionally pops up saying that there are updates available for some packages?19:56
nbusroneoerheks : what other GUI search tools ?19:58
nbusroneoerheks : gnome search tools not available , drop ?19:58
oerheksnbusrone, ?19:59
oerhekswhen i hit windows key, i can search19:59
nbusroneoerheks : nothing in the search when i hit windows key.20:01
oerheksthe man url gives a clue .. gnome-search-tool --help20:03
oerheksi never used it on comandline, only locate and find20:03
nbusroneoerheks : nothing show up on command line , how do you search file specific on size , date and etc ? only gnome search tools or commandline search able to do it20:04
EriC^^wb9688: it might be "update-manager"20:05
EriC^^!info update-manager | wb968820:05
ubottuwb9688: update-manager (source: update-manager): GNOME application that manages apt updates. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (focal), package size 538 kB, installed size 1040 kB20:05
nbusroneoerheks : It really remove , looks like there is a deb file for it , working now https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/xenial/universe/base/gnome-search-tool20:07
nbusroneeven though on 16.04 Xenial20:08
kostkonnbusrone, not a sensible thing to do but ok20:08
nbusronekostkon : yeh , but wonder why they remove it , it's a good tools for gui20:08
oerheks!info gnome-search-tool20:09
ubottuPackage gnome-search-tool does not exist in focal20:09
oerheksnautilus can search pretty neat20:09
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wb9688EriC^^: It looks like that is indeed the package, thanks!20:10
nbusroneoerheks : quite useful when search by date and size and regular expression and etc20:10
EriC^^wb9688: no problem20:10
krytariknbusrone: "RoM; unmaintained limited usefulness; Debian bug #885975" - from its publishing history.20:12
ubottuDebian bug 885975 in ftp.debian.org "RM: gnome-search-tool -- RoM; unmaintained limited usefulness" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/88597520:12
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iseneHas something odd happened to urxvt in the last few days? I did a general update and now ' export TERM="rxvt-unicode-256color" ' yields ' tput: unknown terminal "rxvt-unicode-256color" ' 8 times when i do ' man ls '. There is no ' rxvt-unicode-256color ' in /usr/share/terminfo/r/21:07
nbusronekrytarik : Not sure how it consider less useful in GUI base https://imgur.com/cFYfDLe beside typing in command line.Then , what is the alternative for gnome-search-tools which have those search function ?21:10
iseneThere is now indeed a missing "rxvt-unicode-256color" in ' /usr/share/terminfo/r/ ' which I solved by ' cp /lib/terminfo/r/rxvt-unicode-256color /usr/share/terminfo/r/ ' Something is amiss here. But solved for now.21:32
amazoniantoadIs there a way to downgrade via terminal? I currently have 20.04 but I want to downgrade to 18.04. Unfortunately I'm not physically in front of the machine21:41
tomreynamazoniantoad: release downgrades are not really possible, certainly not supported. you need to reinstall, if you really want to. why would you need to, though? did you consider running legacy software in a container instead?22:03
texlaHow to change background in Ubuntu 20.04 cinammon22:59
jeremy31texla: right click on background?  Change desktop background23:01
kostkontexla, try right clicking on your desktop and see if you'll get a menu with such an option23:02
kostkonjeremy31 beat me to it23:03
texlaHave been trying from the desktop opens photo's but cannot change to another photo23:05
aroonion resume on ubuntu 20.04 the audio defaults to hdmi port and not speakers/headphoens.  1) anyway to make it stop trying to pipe output to hdmi?  2) anwyay to make it auto switch from speaker to headphones when they're plugged in?  right now i have to use pauvcontrol to move output from one to the other23:47
craigbass76Anyone know how to remove GRUB when booted to a live ISO (USB)? Anything I'm seeing on line is how to delete it from Windows.23:53
guncccI try to run live cd with "toram" option on two hardware systems. the first one works, on the second the system restarts when loading. is there a option to stop on error?23:58
gunccchow much RAM should I have?23:58

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