HiDeHoHi hows things10:18
HiDeHoI have US 20.04 running in VBOX in OSX on my macbook Pro.. do I need to create a swap file or swap partition for use with US10:19
guivercHiDeHo, Sorry I don't know, but I would expect Ubuntu Studio 20.04 to use a swapfile automatically; if you enter `free -h` (-h just as I like human results & not big numbers) do you see values on "Swap:" line?11:59
guivercI see you got answers now in #ubuntu..  (cross-posting)12:01
HiDeHoyes it has a swap file but it is too small. trying to make it bigger it does not. then i noticed i dont have read&write access to the virtual hdd for my os.12:04
HiDeHoi am runjning US as guest os12:04
HiDeHoits so anmnoyint i think i need a break and try again another time12:04

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