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ubottuxu-irc61w: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:05
xu-irc81wI have a screen problem in a new fresh installation....I already tried reinstalling00:29
xu-irc81wthe screen looks good until I log then it looks very bad00:29
Bashing-omxu-irc81w: In a pastebin: sudo lshw -C display  - see what the driver situation is.00:31
xu-irc81wHi! thanks00:32
xu-irc81wthe thing is I can not open the terminal after I log ( I can not see anything properly)...I am new at linux00:32
xu-irc81wshould I uncheck the option Install third-party software? I think it´s the las version of the graphic driver00:35
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xu-irc95wsomeone free?03:39
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tigerdogicons in the status notifier plugin are behaving poorly in 19.10 and 20.04, at least for me.  Solaar (logitech status app) icon simply does not show up at all.  This worked in 18.04.  psensor icon is always red "hot" even when all temps are normal.  Anyone know how to fix this?14:54
xu-irc14whi please add pppoeconf to xubuntu back thanks17:49
xu-irc18whi please add back pppoeconf to xubuntu iso thanks17:51
xu-irc81whi add back to xubuntu iso pppoeconf thanks18:02
xu-help-ggaHi! Suddenly, my PC went crazy when I tried to download an image. More than 70 Dolphin windows opened, and I can't find a way to close them, since the computer freezes. What can I do? Thks, in advance.18:29
diogenes_xu-help-gga, might be running out of space18:31
xu-help-ggaProbably diogenes_... So?18:32
diogenes_xu-help-gga, so free up some space.18:35
xu-help-ggaI can't, because the PC is totally blocked... I need to kill something, but... is totally blocked.18:36
diogenes_xu-help-gga, ctrl+alt+f118:37
xu-help-ggaLet me try...18:38
diogenes_hard reset then18:46
xu-help-ggaFrom a pen-drive?18:48
diogenes_a hard reset is when you hold down the power button.18:50
xu-help-ggaI already did, but all the windows reopen when the PC turns on18:54
diogenes_xu-help-gga, see in settings editor > xfce4-session > SaveOnExit is it ticked on?18:56
xu-help-ggaI don't know how can to access at this section18:58
diogenes_xu-help-gga, in Xubuntu setting at the bottom find settings editor19:00
xu-help-ggaI'm installing some actualizations19:16
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Guest_37Hi there, does anyone here have experience connecting to a wifi network that uses Microsoft MFA to login? I'm unable to connect to my school's wifi network22:19
Guest_37When trying to connect, I would usually get a window to pop up in Chrome that allows me to login via my Microsoft account associated with my school but this window is not appearing, I only get Network Manager22:22
pikhHello everyone! I run xubuntu 20.04 on samsung chromebook after deinstalling chrome OS. I have problems with input sound on my laptop. The mic does not work. What can I do to try to fix this issue?23:29
pikhthe system display microphone but there's no sound when I attempt to call someone through skype or telegram23:31
xu-irc69whi, anyone else finding the 32-bit download link broken?23:32
krytarikxu-irc69w: That's because the 18.04 torrent links haven't yet been updated after the 18.04.5 point release recently - just amend the address manually accordingly.23:39

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