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IrcsomeBot<Invictus1718> (Photo, 1280x960) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/LRm70v0K/file_35877.jpg Hi... Noob question: how do I get this task switcher thing (the one that activates sometimes when cursor is at top left) via a keyboard shortcut? I'm on Kubuntu08:28
lundrvs0-59/1 * * * * ./home/user94/scripts/test.sh09:42
lundrvscan somebody tell me what's wrong on the crontab for that line?09:43
BluesKajHi all11:01
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IrcsomeBot<Swift110> hey luna13:50
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> hey blueskaj13:50
BluesKajhi @Swift11014:26
BluesKajwas AFK doing errands14:27
luna_waiting for things i wanna attend at aKademy / QT Desktop Days to start again in an hour14:34
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nicola_after 218:07
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IrcsomeBot<luisbalaguer1998> Oh Hi!20:17
viewer|79how are you?20:18
IrcsomeBot<luisbalaguer1998> drawing and developing, I am entering the gitlab to develop the KDE applications for android.20:19
IrcsomeBot<luisbalaguer1998> and making some draws for KDE Promo20:19

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