lotuspsychjegood morning04:19
lotuspsychjehey sorcerer04:54
ducassegood morning06:47
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lotuspsychjehey akem received your device yet?08:39
akemlotuspsychje, Heya, no, it will take at least a week i think cause its sourced in another country.08:40
lotuspsychjeah okay keep us informed ; )08:40
akemYep no problem :)08:40
marcoagpintoI have my parcel stuck in the Portuguese customs for a week :)08:41
marcoagpintothey already released it, but the date in the tracking still says the same thing08:41
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akemI really like Lubuntu, more than regular Ubuntu :P09:32
akemI installed 2 of them on laptops from few years ago with 4GB RAM.09:33
akemThe user experience on this version of Ubuntu is very pleasant for me.09:34
akem1 laptop plugged to the TV is streaming stuff from a server, and optionnaly can youtube etc, just great.09:42
guivercakem, yeah desktop has it's advantages.. which can make deciding which you like best very hard10:10
akemguiverc, Yeah the UI design and usage, and the fact that Gnome can get sluggish easier at least on some configurations.10:46
guivercfor some work flows I actually like GNOME, but generally not my-cup-of-tea.  LXQt is my goto, but I do really like XFCE/Xubuntu, and also have recently decided I like KDE/Kubuntu again (I loved it for quite some time long ago)..  (i can logout & swich to another DE as I bloat my systems with multiple..)10:49
akemHehe :)10:52
akemNever really tried XFCE, i heard its good.10:53
guivercXFCE is really cool, also somewhat light/fast. Xubuntu/XFCE is rather plain to look at I find, but allows you to configure it into almost anything (what I love), only KDE probably offers more configuration.. The initial blandness is to keep out of your way (business like), but can be changed10:55
guivercIt's another GTK+ DE... was really light whilst GTK2 (like LXDE was), and was slower to move to GTK3 (unlike say MATE) so remained light far longer than most..10:57
akemI will try XUbuntu live USB. I wonder if they have a full dark theme for the OS, including file manager etc cause white background is hard on the eyes :P That's what i'm missing on LUbuntu. You can get one somhow but you have to do tricky stuff or install other softwares, not supported out of the box.10:58
guivercakem, see https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/lxqt-apps-do-not-respect-chosen-theme/612/5 for using dark themes in LXQt/Lubuntu  (pretty easy)11:00
guivercI can't recall what's default with Xubuntu.. I'm not worried if stuff isn't default, as I add it (all the flavors have 'universe' default anyway making it easy)11:02
akemguiverc, Ok, thx for the link, i will try that on my machines.11:02
akemguiverc, Awesome it works for the dark theme ;) thanks.11:26
guivercyou're most welcome12:04
crorafHow can I detect if gnome has crashed?12:43
lotuspsychjecroraf: /var/crash12:43
crorafWill the UIs of other apps still work?12:43
lotuspsychjecroraf: when the base crashes, unwanted behaviour can happen, not sure if we can make general statements for every gnome crash12:54
croraflotuspsychje, I dont see gnome in /var/crash12:55
crorafOnly skype from 3 days ago, but skype crashed today also.12:55
lotuspsychjecroraf: so skype crash made you think gnome had crashed or..?12:56
croraflotuspsychje, no, I think these are 2 unrelated issues.13:00
crorafI had gnome crash couple of times and skype crash couple of times (i can reproduce skype one, the gnome a bit harder to reproduce)13:01
crorafBoth happening after kernel and firmware regular update last week.13:01
crorafBut also this skype crash is not registered in /var/crash (the date is from 3 days ago, today's skype crash was not registered, perhaps I force quit it before the crash)13:02
croraflotuspsychje, is there any command to check if gnome is running correctly?13:03
crorafThe issue is triggered on trying to use the Screenshot app.13:04
lotuspsychjecroraf: when you have ubuntu issues, you can ask them in #ubuntu if you like13:27
crorafok, i just wanted to know how can i check if gnome is down or running13:27
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