fretegi_awaythanks guys00:52
fretegi_awaybbiab later tonight to tackle again00:52
fretegi_awaygood thing is, one drive of array is working and its all backed up as of an hour ago ha00:52
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geodb27People : hi ! I'm trying to follow this document : https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-quickstart to create a customized auto-install cd of 20.04 lts, however, I'm stuck with the iso creation. The example shown deals with a vm hosted on a computer and launched via kvm. This is not what I have to do : I must create vms with vcenter/vmware. So far as I know, I can only mount an iso and instruct to boot on it. So, how can I get11:58
geodb27an automated install on this infrastructure ?11:58
rbasakDo you have a reason for not just using a cloud image?12:00
Ussatyou need to use the esxi comnmand line version of the kvm --boot option12:02
Ussatand...there are better ways12:03
geodb27Ussat: If there is a better and easier way to achieve that, then I'll take it. I have around 20 machines to create, each with the same partionning schema. Basically, the only changes between these 20 vms are their name and IP address.12:09
geodb27rbasak: I've setup a machine manually and have all the yaml descriptions I need in /var/log/installer/curtin-install-cfg.yaml so, I guess that I can use part of it as a base, indeed.12:10
UssatOn esxi build one system exactly how you want it, then make clones12:13
UssatThats exactly what templates are for12:13
geodb27This could be a solution, indeed. But that's not the way we process. I've written that these 20 machines would be quite the same, this is not true as for the cpu/ram/disks.12:17
Ussatso ? once the systems are created use esxi to modify that12:19
UssatBasically, either you want clones or not, esxi does not have the ability to use cli tools lkike you want12:20
Ussator, use KVM12:20
geodb27Ussat: I know it, but for historical reasons, we maintain our vm this way : one kind-of kickstart (redhat/ubuntu) to primo install our vms. No use of esxi templates or the like. So, I must conform to what I'm expected to do.12:32
UssatNot a good reason, but gluck then12:32
geodb27That said, is there a way to give the preseeded file (cloud-init syntax) as one did with 18.04 version of lts ? Some kernel parameter to feed ?12:34
rbasakThen use kvm to prepare a cloud image - no installer needed - and then hand that image over to vmware?12:46
floogyHi, I can't get wifi with netplan working on 20.04 raspberry Pi 3B+13:11
floogyUses netplan /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf to create /run/netplan/wpa-wlan0.conf ?13:28
floogyI got a yaml lint validated /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml with awifi section. I ran sudo netplan try, sudo systemctl daemon-reload and sudo netplan apply.13:30
floogywlan0: CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT bssid=38:10:d5:73:45:3a status_code=1613:37
floogyIPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan0: link becomes ready13:38
floogyI don't know at all why it gets rejected.13:39
floogyFormerly I used raspbian (debian stretch) without issues with wpa_supplicant. the microSD died, and I saved it with gddrescue. fsck found merely no errors but a journal it could restore. Also vfat wasn't affected by the thousands of badblocks and -adareas. Now I mounted the image and looked into the wpa_supplicant.conf and found nothing special.13:49
floogyUsing these examples: https://netplan.io/examples/#connecting-to-an-open-wireless-network13:51
floogyDo I have to use hostapd? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1222278/detailed-how-to-or-example-needed-to-setup-an-access-point-using-netplan14:00
floogyBut I want to use the raspi as a member in my LAN that joined the AVM Fritz!Box Router as accesspoint ...14:03
geodb27Hi again. I'm trying to understand this document : https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-quickstart In particular the second Chapter "Run the install!" The kvm command given instructs the new vm to be build against a 10G disk (image.img), to use a second disk (seed.iso) and to boot (by which magic, this is not explained) on the mounted iso image as a cdrom. How is this method configured ? How does the install process know where14:47
geodb27 to mount/load the seed.iso ?14:47
rbasakgeodb27: the installer is intended for bare metal, so you would boot bootable media just the same as you do normally.14:55
rbasakYou said that you're using vmware. In that case "how to boot an ISO" is a vmware question and not specific to Ubuntu.14:55
geodb27rbasak: thanks for your answer, but I fear that you misunderstood my question. So I will try to elaborate : I just wanted to know how the installer is instructed to search the /dev/sdb for cloud-init files. I know how to boot an iso in vmware and that was not my last question. Sorry for the misunderstanding.15:06
rbasakgeodb27: ah. I think that's maybe https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/datasources/configdrive.html15:15
rbasakcloud-init scans all drives for those criteria AIUI15:15
rbasakSorry that's probably the wrong link15:16
rbasakI meant https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/datasources/nocloud.html15:16
geodb27Thank you so much rbasak, I think that with that, I'll be abble to do what I want !15:18
ThumpxrAnyone got a clue, how i can "cut" my own domain from a log file which fail2ban parses?18:45
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Thumpxrgot it ... it's not cutting/removing but rather writing the regex so that it checks the hostname later. >> failregex = mydomain.tld.* <HOST>.*POST.*(wp-login\.php|xmlrpc\.php).* 20018:51
tafa2How do you guys do file level backups on *nix production servers? I'm trying to find a pull based solution/method with deduplication. Any recommendations?20:09
tomreynborg and restic, and (very different) bacula, are the backup systems i see most recomended. i'm not sure whether any of them support pull (bacula probably does).20:35
tafa2tomreyn bacula does, borg and restic don't natively20:42
tomreynso... you already know?20:42
floogyIs it a good idea to mount /var per nfs to reduce write access on microSD cards on the raspberry Pi? Maybe with a script, that switches to tmpfs if the netdrive isn't available?21:27

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