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MylonHelp!  My laptop is having difficulting maintaining a connection to my wireless network.  It keeps asking for the password, but if I toggle the wifi on/off it reconnects and stays connected for 30-60 minutes and then it drops again.01:54
MylonI did not have this problem until yesterday.  I think it might be related to a software update?01:54
MylonAdditionally, I plugged it into a wired connection but that doesn't seem to work at all.01:55
MylonHow do I fix my network connection so it stops disconnecting me?01:55
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sharpieMylon, is this happening while the laptop is on battery? or plugged into power?02:01
MylonPlugged in.02:02
MylonIt doesn't seem to even last 5 minutes at this point.02:09
MylonMaybe it's a hardware failure.02:09
MylonBut that doesn't explain why the wired connection won't work.02:09
coolchrishello after careful evualution i have determined ubuntu is a piece of shit02:12
coolchrisi am going back to windows02:13
MylonCool story bro.02:13
coolchrisyea i heard the total cost of ownership of windows is cheaper bfro02:13
guivercMylon, you didn't mention your release that I can see, is it the same on older kernels?  (ie. does your system not like a recent security patch for example..)02:14
guiverccoolchris, this is a support channel, not for mindless rants02:14
MylonI'm on 18.04.  I don't recall having done any kernel updates in a while, so unless it's done automatically via Discover, I doubt it's happened.02:14
coolchrisi can say what i want its called freedom of speech02:14
coolchrisman i hate ubuntu02:15
guivercI would still try other (older) kernel options still present to see if any different; given its easy to try (select an older one at grub during boot)02:15
MylonThis problem seems to have gotten progressively worse over the day and it went from "usable but annoying" earlier to simply not working at all now.02:15
coolchriswhy don't you ban me02:16
coolchrisif you are mad02:16
MylonHmm, let's try 5.302:17
coolchrisin conculsion ubuntu sucks02:19
coolchriseven gentoo linux is better02:19
coolchrisban me lol02:22
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, chu02:28
Nebula_W2081dUh oh.02:29
MylonHere comes the big guns.02:29
sharpieMylon, I imagine you have you re set your wireless AP/router? Other wireless devices are performing as expected?02:30
MylonI tried resetting my AP but that didn't change anything.  My phone uses the internet just fine.02:31
MylonMy laptop is weird because it asks me for a password, but if I turn the wireless off/on then it works.02:32
MylonAnd I dont' have to reinput it.02:32
sharpieMylon, do you have a known good USB wireless dongle you could try?02:32
MylonAfter rebooting, on kernel 5.3.something, it seems to be maintaining a connection now.02:32
MylonI do not.  I do have an ethernet cable, and my router reports my computer has an IP address...02:33
MylonBut I can't seem to connect using wired only.02:33
MylonConnect to the internet I mean.02:33
Nebula_W2081dIs dhcpcd running?02:34
MylonI assume so... Because the laptop is working (for now)02:34
sharpieMylon, have you tried re seating your ethernet connections?02:37
MylonI just tried that.  And it seems it is not showing up on my router's client list after all.02:41
MylonI'll try another cable.02:41
MylonRouter light is blinking...02:42
MylonSo it's detecting a connection via the cable.02:42
ailionI'm asked to replace ntpd by chrony for servers in my company's data center.02:42
ailionIs chrony better than ntpd?02:43
coventryAnyone have any suggestions about why I might be having trouble finding a core file, here? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1271892/trouble-finding-core-dump-in-ubuntu-18-04-in-application-built-from-source02:43
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guiverccoventry, that question doesn't mention OS/release02:44
MylonAnd with this cable my router doesn't get any lights...02:45
MylonI guess that cable goes in the trash.02:45
coventryguiverc: Hmm, it says "Ubuntu 18.04" in the title. Does it need to say more than that?02:45
guiverccoventry, sorry it's in the heading, (best to put it in question too as some browser setups don't show heading when page open)02:45
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guiverccoventry, you've enabled apport as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport  (How to enable apport section)02:51
coventryYes, and verified that `sleep 10 & killall -SIGSEGV sleep` induces a core file in /var/crash.02:52
guivercyeah sorry it was my only idea.02:57
coventrynp, thanks for taking a look.02:57
MylonI'm back.  When reseating cables I seem to have dislodged the WAN cable.  Oops.03:01
sharpieMylon, hopefully the changes to the kernel and the ethernet cable have resolved your connection issues :)03:11
MylonKernel yes.  wired port still does not seem to be working.03:11
sharpiehave you tried a different LAN port on your router/switch?03:13
MylonNo luck with that.03:14
sharpiemight be time to look up the specs of the mobo and see if you can replace or re seat the LAN connection on your laptop.03:21
MylonLaptop is... 6 years old now?  And it's not a particularly expensive one.03:26
MylonI'd rather scrap it than go to that extent.03:26
MylonI recently upgraded my computer so I'd probably forgo even that and add another monitor to my workstation.03:27
MylonRecently upgraded my desktop I mean.03:27
rfmMylon, at least pull the plug out and look in the RJ45 to see if the litth springy wires are messed up03:27
MylonThey seem to be fine.03:30
MylonThe router shows a blinking light which suggests there's continuity between the router and laptop.03:30
sharpieI'm in the same boat, I'm currently on a 2015 refurb. However I have opened the beast up a couple times. Fixed a disconnected wifi cable, replaced the cpu fan/heat sink, and added a ssd.03:30
sharpiedoes lspci show the interface?03:31
MylonHeh, my old laptop I did resolder the power connector on it.03:32
MylonYep.  RTL810xE PCI Express fast ethernet controller.03:33
MylonOf course, that also shows my bluetooth adapter which hasn't worked in years.03:33
MylonI think it worked on 16.04 or 14.04, but stopped working somewhere along the way.03:34
sharpieI used to do pc and commercial printer repair. Appreciate the solder!03:35
MylonMe stance with the soldering iron is... It's already broke so I can't make it worse.  :D03:38
MylonSurprisingly barely knowing what I'm doing, it still yields results.03:39
sharpieI had no formal training either, but a couple guys at work gave me the lowdown and helped me get started.03:40
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chietai've followed wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SFTP_chroot#Installation  but still i have to add line  on  Match section "Match LocalPort 38250"04:18
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chietai've followed wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SFTP_chroot#Installation  but still i have to add line  on  Match section "Match LocalPort 38250" to make it running im on ubuntu 18.04.5 with openssh-sftp-server                       1:7.6p1-4ubuntu0.3  && openssh-server                       1:7.6p1-4ubuntu0.304:53
chietathe user still traverse the outside directory eg: /var/log with this config https://bpa.st/DQHA ... why ?04:56
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ManouchehriHow can I downgrade to 4.15 on Ubuntu 20.04?05:23
lotuspsychjeManouchehri: downgrading kernels is not the ubuntu way05:25
Manouchehrialright, I'll try upgrading05:25
lotuspsychjeManouchehri: 20.04 starts with kernel 5.4 and you can use !mainline to test higher kernels05:25
Manouchehrikk, downloading 5.8.7 to test now05:26
lotuspsychjeManouchehri: whats the exact purpose you need another kernel then the current one?05:26
Manouchehrilotuspsychje: USB controller/devices aren't working. This is a guest Ubuntu VM on ESXi05:26
ManouchehriI'm unsure who to blame tbh05:26
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xbfrogcan .exe files be installed in ubuntu? or are they just windows files?05:44
xbfrogi have a tccmebius hard drive dock and they say the dock is compatible with windows, mac os, and linux05:46
xbfrogbut the software unpacks files that has a setup.exe05:47
Maik.exe are windows executable files05:47
xbfrogwhat i thot05:47
xbfrogi just thought it might be usable in ubuntu cause i can use zip and rar files in both win and linux05:49
xbfrogso, ok thanks for clarifying this05:50
jescisxbfrog: according to an interview with Linus Torvalds, linux can execute windows .exe files! But I've tried it on ubuntu and it doesn't work! I can't remember when, or where I saw the interview. However I remember him saying it can be executed!06:27
xbfrogok thanks06:28
xbfrogbut i cant get it to work either06:28
xbfrogi'm emailing the company now trying to get linux software for the dock06:29
xbfrogamazon's website confirms its compatible with win, mac os, and linux06:29
xbfrogthe company site has 2 software downloads for this product and both are setup.exe06:33
xbfrogneither will install :P06:33
tatertotzyou should probably just connect it and go from there06:35
tatertotzit's just a USB interface06:35
xbfrogi have connected it and i want to clone the os and transfer it to the drive i have in the dock06:35
xbfrogbut without the software how do i get the blank drive recognized?06:36
tatertotzare you chatting from the computer right now? yes/no06:36
xbfrogwell wait, you mean where the drive is connected? yes06:37
tatertotzis there a drive in the dock and it's plugged into your usb port?06:37
wb9688Does it show up in lsblk?06:38
xbfrogalso powered on06:38
xbfrogdont know will check06:38
tatertotzin terminal>    journalctl -b 0 -n 60|nc termbin.com 999906:39
tatertotzshare url/link here06:39
xbfrogi'm not that familar with terminal or lsblk, i dont see it unless its listed as sdc06:51
xbfrogits a 1tb ssd06:52
ThinkT510xbfrog: I can see this line: Sep 06 23:34:09 xBfrog udisksd[935]: Error performing housekeeping for drive /org/freedesktop/UDisks2/drives/Samsung_SSD_860_QVO_1TB_S59HNG0N521674L: Error updating SMART data: sk_disk_smart_read_data: Operation not supported (udisks-error-quark, 0)06:56
xbfrogok is there an english translation for that ? :)06:58
ThinkT510xbfrog: is this an external drive?06:59
wb9688xbfrog: lsblk also says the size, and if that external drive is the only 1 TB storage device in/attached to your system and lsblk thinks that sdc is about 1 TB, it most likely is sdc.07:00
xbfrogi have 2 working drives connected one in the laptop and the other an external usb 2tb drive, and now the new 1tb drive i would like to put a clone of the laptop os07:00
tatertotzxbfrog: in terminal>   lsblk -f|nc termbin.com 999907:00
wb9688ThinkT510: He mentioned it being a hard drive dock07:00
xbfrogyes the one i want to use/change is in a usb dock07:01
ThinkT510wb9688: thanks07:01
ThinkT510xbfrog: I see a lot of this too: Sep 06 23:33:40 xBfrog kernel: usb 2-1.1: reset SuperSpeed Gen 1 USB device number 3 using xhci_hcd07:01
ThinkT510xbfrog: is there another slot you could plug it in?07:04
tatertotzxbfrog: /dev/sdc is your new drive07:05
tatertotzxbfrog: it doesn't have any partitions, the 2TB is NTFS07:05
tatertotzxbfrog: sound about right?07:06
xbfrogright the new drive is in the dock and it only has one slot for 2.5 sata07:07
xbfrogotherwize i'd have to buy a seperate ush to sata connector07:07
tatertotzxbfrog: your OS is on that smallest drive 500GB, with 2TB Storage1 for storage07:08
xbfrogso its not showing in my files because its not formatted?07:08
xbfrogyes correct07:08
tatertotzxbfrog: it doesn't have a  partition or file system07:09
xbfrogno it doesnt07:09
tatertotzxbfrog:  /dev/sdc it doesn't have a  partition or file system07:09
ThinkT510xbfrog: you can use gparted to format it07:10
xbfrogright thats what i thought i could do with the dock software07:10
tatertotzxbfrog: have you already made a image of your 500GB OS drive?07:10
xbfrogok i have that installed07:10
xbfrogno i have not07:10
xbfrogso use gparted to partition and format07:11
xbfrogthen make an image of the laptop drive07:11
xbfrogthen send it over?07:11
tatertotzdepends on how and what you will use to create the image07:11
xbfrogwhatever is easiest07:12
xbfrogsome suggested drivezilla07:12
xbfrogbut i have never used that07:12
xbfrogok sorry clone07:12
xbfrogwhich one would be easier to use? or they about the same in dificulty?07:13
tatertotzclonezilla will do the job07:13
mra90I try to install sublime by "sudo apt-get install sublime-text" but I get error message saying "E: unable to locate package sublime-text"07:14
mra90why is that?07:14
tatertotzits fairly easy07:14
xbfrogok i'll try it then07:14
tatertotzmra90: there is no package by that name found07:14
guivercmra90, there is no package of that name in Ubuntu (https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=sublime-text)  it's not open source uploaded to Ubuntu repos07:15
mra90yes it seems to be tyhe problem07:15
wb9688mra90: https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/3/linux_repositories.html07:18
mra90I have downloaded the linux package of subblime from their webstie, now how to install it?07:19
mra90there is no reradme file inside07:19
mra90nor install07:19
ThinkT510mra90: better to do it the way wb9688 suggests. add the repo then you can apt-get install it07:21
mra90ThinkT510, wb9688 I think so however what is the way to install the software after you hvae downloaded its package?07:21
ThinkT510mra90: no07:25
mra90ThinkT510, what do you mean?07:25
mra90so the package is not installable??07:26
mra90what would be the point of that07:26
ThinkT510mra90: it is best to use repos rather than download individual packages due to handling updates and software dependancies07:26
ThinkT510mra90: if you are happy to manually keep it up to date and manage any dependancies then you can install it from a single download file07:27
mra90ThinkT510, but the point is there is no installation tool inside the package07:27
mra90although there is a runing program already07:28
mra90so I can run it right away07:28
ThinkT510mra90: some software can be made available as an appimage07:28
mra90then how to install it so system recognizes it07:29
zaizaiz86so ubuntu decided not to start today07:30
ThinkT510mra90: if it is an appimage then you just make it executable but I feel I need to reiterate it would be better installing from the repo07:30
zaizaiz86and I have work to do07:30
zaizaiz86after I selected "Ubuntu" from the loading screen, where it shows "Advacned Ubuntu something"07:31
zaizaiz86dark screen07:31
wb9688zaizaiz86: Try booting with another kernel in that screen (might be under advanced)07:34
zaizaiz86dont work07:34
wb9688ThinkT510: It appears to be some .tar.bz2 with executables in it that Sublime offers on their site07:35
wb9688zaizaiz86: Have you recently updated any package?07:35
zaizaiz86I have deleted quiet splash07:36
zaizaiz86it shows "Suspending console (use no_console_suspend) to debug07:37
zaizaiz86does this mean my OS is basically screwed?07:37
zaizaiz86Yesterday morning, but I worked all day on my pc07:38
wb9688zaizaiz86: No idea, could you try adding that no_console_suspend parameter (and still delete quiet splash of course)? Have you successfully rebooted at least once after the updates?07:41
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zaizaiz86I have not rebooted yesterday all day07:41
mra90ThinkT510, thanks I manageed to install it07:42
rfmzaizaiz86, it looks like that message is normal when the computer is suspending.  is this a laptop or other thing than runs on a battery?07:47
rfmzaizaiz86, it sounds to me like the computer is suspending due to low battery, and when you try to restart it it immediately notices the battery is low and suspends.07:48
rfmzaizaiz86, is the charger plugged in (at both ends, I'm forever having my charger plug fall out of the wall socket and waking up to a dead battery...)07:48
zaizaiz86it is fully charged07:50
zaizaiz86I can tell you 100% it is fully charged, because I have an indicator on the cable07:50
rfmzaizaiz86, that just shows the charger is plugged in the wall, if the power socket on the laptop is making a bad connection (Dell laptops are prone to this) it won't charge   Sometimes there is a button or function key to display the charge status...07:53
zaizaiz86it is fully charged07:53
zaizaiz86I have an indicator07:53
zaizaiz86it is a macbook pro07:53
zaizaiz86the OS is to blame07:53
zaizaiz86I think it thinks it is in suspend mode07:54
zaizaiz86Hello? No fix for this?08:00
zaizaiz86I really have to work today :(08:00
rfmzaizaiz86, googling around for "macbook pro only turns on for a second" shows this is a common symptom of a fried motherboard.  no reason to think it's a software problem, but the thing to do would be to try booting from another device (live cd on a usb stick for example)  don't ask me how to do that on a mac...08:02
rfmzaizaiz86, and I'm off..08:03
zaizaiz86just booted from live iso08:18
zaizaiz86basically this shit OS just nuked itself08:18
zaizaiz86and I have setup my development env all over again08:18
zaizaiz86It JuSt WeeeRkzz08:18
justabeginneris this channel chat logged somewhere where I can go through previously chatted ?08:21
wb9688justabeginner: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/08:22
lotuspsychjezaizaiz86: please keep this channel familly friendly language08:26
zaizaiz86lotuspsychje, my appologies08:27
zaizaiz86my frustation got the best of me08:27
no_gravityAre there any distraction free text editors in Ubuntu?08:33
no_gravityI tried LibreOffice, but you cannot disable pagebreaks and still have margins around the text with it.08:33
no_gravityxtao: vim has no margins around the text.08:35
xbfrogok the drive is now partitioned. what i would like to ask now does the old drive need to be in the computer to make a disk clone image or can i use the docking station since the drive is already out?08:37
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ThinkT510xbfrog: if the docking station is connected via usb then you'll be limited by the speed of the usb port09:14
xbfrogsok, i dont care09:15
xbfrogi just wanna clone it from the dock09:15
xbfrogis that possible?09:15
ThinkT510xbfrog: then yes you can09:15
xbfrogok wonderful09:15
xbfrogthats perfect then09:16
xbfrogok guess its time to boot clonezilla :) be bak later, thanks for all the help09:17
crorafHi. I have 10 entries (5 different kernels) in the GRUB when booting. I want a 6th one to boot by default. I changed /etc/default/grub and run grub-update. But still the 0th entry is booting by default09:27
crorafAnyone knows what is the issue?09:27
crorafOh wait the second, this is just for the main GRUB menu, not the linux submenu09:31
EriC^^croraf: can you type "(cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/default/grub)| nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link09:39
rj175Good morning all. Sorry, I mentioned this on Friday however I cant see if anyone replied, when trying to install a fully automated install of 20.04 desktop using a seed file we are getting  "No Root Filesystem is defined". Has anyone seen something similar? we are using lvm with encryption09:40
crorafEriC^^, https://termbin.com/6zo609:40
crorafEriC^^, also check https://askubuntu.com/a/110738/754424 I will attempt that09:41
EriC^^1 sec09:41
EriC^^croraf: which kernel do you want to boot?09:41
crorafEriC^^, Ubuntu, with Linux 5.4.0-45-generic09:41
EriC^^croraf: ok, type 'sudo nano /etc/default/grub'09:42
crorafShould I input GRUB_DEFAULT='Advanced options for Ubuntu>Ubuntu, with Linux 5.4.0-45-generic'09:42
EriC^^yes, that's correct09:42
croraflet me try09:43
EriC^^then save & sudo update-grub09:43
crorafI cannot even copy from this hexchat, something is wrong :/09:44
crorafOr its actually my terminal....09:45
crorafI'm on this testing 5.9 kernel09:45
giacoI have an unencrypted root ubuntu 20.04 installation that I want to turn into a LUKS encrypted one. Is there any guide I can follow? Do you know if this is feasible or is better to format and reinstall09:50
EriC^^croraf: what happened when you tried rebooting?09:52
EriC^^giaco: it's feasible but it's easier to reinstall, it's up to you09:52
crorafEriC^^, thanks, It worked!09:55
EriC^^croraf: great, no problem09:55
crorafSorry I was afk a bit.09:55
EriC^^no worries09:57
xbfrogi'm having trouble understanding my drive list in lslbk. i know i have 3 drives but its breaking it up to 5 listings. How do i make sense of it?10:03
giacoEriC^^: thanks10:06
xbfrogthats ok, forget it i know who to ask, :)10:08
EriC^^giaco: no problem10:19
EriC^^xbfrog: feel free to pastebin 'lsblk' output10:20
xbfrogok thanks10:21
xbfrogi only have 3 drives but there are 7 entries10:23
jpdsxbfrog: Yes, those are partitions within the drives10:24
wb9688sda sdb sdc are drives, sda1 sda2 sdb1 sdc1 sdc2 sdc5 are partitions on those drives10:25
xbfrogok i understand that10:26
wb9688Not sure how you count "7 entries" though10:26
xbfrogfrom not really knowing what i'm looking at10:26
xbfrogsda1 and 2 i  counted as 210:27
xbfrogbut now that i understand what you said10:27
xbfrogits only 3 drives with partitions10:27
xbfrogso is sdc 1/2/5 my drive in my usb dock?10:28
xbfrogi'm trying to know which drive is which10:29
EriC^^xbfrog: pastebin 'sudo parted -ls' it has more info like the device name etc10:29
xbfrogthats it :)10:31
xbfrogthis is the only part so far that clonezilla confused me on, it wants a place to put the image10:32
xbfrogand i didnt know where to pick10:32
EriC^^you've already cloned and are installing now?10:32
xbfrognope, didnt know where to put the disk image10:33
jpdsxbfrog: The Ubuntu one?10:33
xbfrogboth laptops are ubuntu10:33
xbfrogbut the drive is out of the other one and in the dock presently10:34
xbfrogi want to place a disk image on this one than swap drives and then load it onto the new ssd10:34
xbfrogam i making it harder than it needs to be?10:36
EriC^^xbfrog: hmmm you could skip a step in between if you dont want to keep a backup image and will delete it after you transfer to the ssd10:37
EriC^^xbfrog: is the ssd bigger than the disk you're imaging or smaller?10:37
xbfrogright i dont need a backup image10:37
xbfrogold one 250gb new one 1tb10:37
EriC^^xbfrog: ah great, you dont really need clonezilla then, you could just sudo dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdY bs=4M status=progress10:38
EriC^^where sdx is old drive and sdy is the ssd10:38
xbfrogok, only thing i read is where dd can be said to disk destroy, made me nervous10:39
EriC^^after the dd command is done, you need to run the command "sync" to make sure everything gets written and flushed out of the cache, then you fine tune the partitions/filesystems so you use more space where you want etc10:39
EriC^^xbfrog: if you don't know what you're doing or make a typo, yeah it can destroy disks easily10:39
xbfrogthats what the article said10:40
xbfrogand i dont totally know what i'm doing, thats why i wanted something as easy as possible10:40
xbfrognever cloned a disk before10:40
EriC^^xbfrog: no worries, i can help out if you'd ike10:40
xbfrogsure that would be wonderful :)_10:41
EriC^^alright, cool :) boot up with both the old drive & ssd installed10:42
EriC^^then pastebin the output of 'sudo parted -ls'10:42
xbfrogok little clarification10:42
xbfrogi'm no the second laptop that has the old hd attched by usb dock10:43
xbfrogits out of the computer it came from10:43
EriC^^no worries10:43
xbfrogi guess i jumped ahead of myself10:44
EriC^^xbfrog: all you need is to clone the disk completely, as for the bootloader, if it's a legacy mbr, then the bootloader will come along with the cloning, if it's a uefi install, you'd have to run a command to just add an entry for ubuntu in the uefi list10:44
xbfrogits legacy10:45
xbfrogits a sony vaio prolly 12 yrs old?10:45
xbfrogno efi then10:45
EriC^^alright cool, then you're pretty much set, all you have to do is set the disk first in the boot order and it would boot straight up10:45
EriC^^xbfrog: hmm, it'll show up in the parted -ls output fully what's the situation10:46
EriC^^but yeah it's probably legacy i guess10:46
xbfrogthe model is vgn-aw19010:47
xbfrogstill works great10:47
xbfrogjust is slow so trying to upgrade10:47
EriC^^nice, when those came out i really wanted one :D10:47
xbfrogi know what you mean :)10:48
xbfrogalmost a 19inch screen10:48
EriC^^damn xD10:48
xbfrogya and came with blueray back then10:48
EriC^^pretty neat10:48
xbfrogit was for its day10:49
xbfrogi dont have blueray in this one10:49
EriC^^yeah, still impressive kinda today10:49
xbfrogya i hear ya10:49
xbfrogit had alot of perks10:49
EriC^^i really liked the way they looked, as vain as that sounds :D10:49
xbfrogl still hear ya10:50
xbfrogme too10:50
xbfrogit came stock with 4 gb of memory can be upgraded to 810:50
xbfrog4 that many years ago was alot10:51
xbfrogbut not now10:51
EriC^^yup, i dont remember them even being extraordinarily pricey too, like apple stuff, could be wrong though10:52
xbfrogit was nearly 2k10:52
xbfrognineteen something10:52
=== vlm_ is now known as vlm
EriC^^ah, pretty expensive, expected i guess10:52
EriC^^you get what you pay for10:52
xbfrogyes true10:53
xbfrogthis one was pretty inexpensive less than 40010:53
xbfrog8 gb ram10:53
xbfrog17 inch10:54
xbfrogi needed a dependable computer to pay bills with so i bought it10:54
EriC^^ah, i have an hp too, also was pretty cheap, i7 8gb 1080p screen $60010:54
xbfrogat the time i wasnt happy with win 10 on the viao10:54
EriC^^same here, i wanted an msi but i ended up getting this instead, the price was too good to pass i figured, plus i couldnt really afford the msi at the time10:55
xbfrogi bought the wife one cause it was cheaper than trying to build a desktop or tower10:55
EriC^^it's a good buy though, i like it, except that the keyboard cant be replaced easily and i keep spilling stuff on it10:55
EriC^^other than that it's pretty solid10:55
xbfrogi have mine one level up from the bt keyboard helps not to spill stuff on it10:56
EriC^^ah, good thinking10:57
EriC^^did you plug the ssd and stuff?10:57
xbfrogi cant plug in the ssd if the old hd is in the slot10:58
xbfrogits one or the other10:58
EriC^^ah crap, so no way to have access to both disks at the same time?10:58
xbfrogthats why i was trying to clone10:58
xbfrognot unless10:59
EriC^^what about via ethernet?10:59
xbfrogi reinstall the old drive and boot it up then use the usb dock with that computer10:59
xbfrogok, i'm not seeing what you mean?10:59
EriC^^xbfrog: like if you put the ssd in the laptop its going to end up in, boot a live usb on that, and hook up an ethernet cable to the current pc11:00
xbfrogok now i get it11:00
BluesKajHi all11:01
EriC^^i think the speed would be limited to 40mb/s or something vs the usual 70-90mb/s, but ultimately you wouldnt have to copy/install twice11:01
xbfrogboth are connected by wifi, so are you saying, i would need to use a network cable to do the job?11:01
xbfrogsounds ok to me11:02
EriC^^yeah wifi is slow, you could only hope for like 10mb/s at best11:02
xbfrogok got ya11:02
xbfroghum, your sparking a thought11:02
xbfrogtell me if you think this would work11:02
xbfrogok mayb this is what your saying11:03
EriC^^alright, let me think it through, i think i've done it once before, but not sure if i was just making an image on another disk or writing straight to it, 1 sec11:03
xbfroghow would you connect the ethernet cable?11:03
EriC^^you'd connect the ethernet from the current laptop with the old drive in dock to the laptop that has the ssd & a live usb booted on it11:05
EriC^^i have an idea, it would work and actually do two birds with one stone kinda (about the later having to enlarge partitions and filesystems to 1tb and whatnot)11:06
xbfrogyears ago that was adhoc11:06
xbfrognot the same?11:06
xbfrogbut that was 486 systems, i dunno anything about whats needed if anything to connect 2 together11:07
EriC^^xbfrog: you connect the laptops via ethernet, then they can see eachother, in the ssd laptop live usb you install ssh and you prepare the ssd, partitions, filesystem, then you run sshfs so that you access the empty the root filesystem from old drive laptop, and you copy it all there, then you just run a command to install grub to the ssd11:08
xbfrogok you make it sound easy :)11:08
EriC^^that way you dont have to copy the disk as-is, and then have to enlarge the partition and filesystem later11:08
xbfrogok sounds great :)11:08
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, install the ssd in the other laptop, and boot an ubuntu live usb on it and report back11:09
EriC^^ill try connecting my laptop to the desktop via ethernet in this time so it's all smooth sailing11:10
xbfrogi have a boot cd with the clonezilla on it will that do?11:10
EriC^^hmm nope, you need an ubuntu live usb11:11
xbfrogok ic11:11
xbfrogi have a 128 gb thumb drive thats very new will that work?11:12
EriC^^xbfrog: yup that'll work11:12
TacoCodedSaladwhy do i get libqt5webengine5 : Depends: libqt5webengine-data (= 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1) but 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1.1 is to be installed11:12
TacoCodedSaladi did apt update but i still get it11:13
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: probably a ppa is wanting to install the 1.1, try apt-cache policy libqt5webengine5 and see the list below of where it's getting it11:13
TacoCodedSaladlibqt5webengine5:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1   Version table:      5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1 500         500 http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/universe amd64 Packages11:14
TacoCodedSaladlibqt5webengine-data:   Installed: 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1.1   Candidate: 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1.1   Version table:  *** 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1.1 100         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status      5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1 500         500 http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/universe amd64 Packages         500 http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/universe i386 Packages11:15
EriC^^!paste | TacoCodedSalad11:15
ubottuTacoCodedSalad: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:15
xbfrogok i'll install the ssd and get everything ready. we'll have to do the rest of this another time i imagine11:15
xbfrogbut good ideas :) thanks11:15
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, no problem :)11:16
xbfrogyou made this sound fun :)11:17
EriC^^hehe, it kinda is, new pc and all, will be good :D11:17
EriC^^!info libqt5webengine-data focal11:17
ubottulibqt5webengine-data (source: qtwebengine-opensource-src): Web content engine library for Qt - Data. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1.1 (focal), package size 5495 kB, installed size 23748 kB11:17
LutinDoes the php (fpm) packge create /var/www as well ?11:18
EriC^^xbfrog: if we manage to get the ball rolling on the transfer, you'd be pretty set cause once it's done you'd only have to run a few commands i could give you to reinstall grub and that's it11:19
Lutinah no, docker workdir does :)11:19
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: odd, the 1.1 is normal from the repos, and the engine5 one seems also from the repos11:21
EriC^^maybe it's some bug by the maintainers they'll soon fix or so?11:21
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: what's the output of "apt-cache show libqt5webengine5"11:21
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: i think it's a bug from the maintainers, it has the depends Depends: libqt5webengine-data (= 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1)   but the repo normal version currently is 1.111:24
TacoCodedSaladhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8xZQ94PHNj/ this is my sources.list11:25
TacoCodedSaladEriC^^: i have that for a lot of packages11:25
EriC^^maybe file a bug or contact them so they know about the discrepancy and fix it11:25
EriC^^which packages?11:25
TacoCodedSaladfor sudo apt-get install kde-full kde-standard kdepim akregator kmail knotes korganizer plasma-widgets-addons accountwizard akonadiconsole kalarm kdepim-runtime konsolekalendar kontact11:28
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: maybe it's a fault with the au.archive repo? maybe switching to archive.ubuntu.com might fix it11:28
=== Wryhder is now known as Lucas_Gray
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: in the au repo, i downloaded the Packages.gz, it's also there with the wrong depends list11:33
EriC^^let me try to see the archive.ubuntu.com one real quick11:33
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: it's also wrong the archive.ubuntu.com one, contact them about it perhaps11:35
EriC^^this is the packages list and deps http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/universe/binary-amd64/Packages.gz , it lists ubuntu1 as the dep, but currently for focal ubuntu1.1 is the installed one by default repos11:36
EriC^^if you absolutely need it immediately you could manually modify the deps so it installs, but maybe it does need 1 to work and that could cause issues, who knows, just a last resort option11:38
EriC^^or if you can peacefully downgrade back to ubuntu1 without affecting other packages maybe11:39
EriC^^if you wanna try, do sudo apt-get -s remove libqt5webengine-data     it should show you which packages it would remove along, but only tell, it wont actually do anything (just a simulation/dry run)11:40
EriC^^TacoCodedSalad: try sudo apt-get -s remove libqt5webengine-data       and paste output11:41
TacoCodedSaladyay it worked11:43
EriC^^hehe, you ran it without the -s didn't you :P11:44
EriC^^maybe they put back ubuntu1 as the candidate i guess? anyways good that they fixed it11:45
TacoCodedSaladwonder how i got 1.1 :/11:47
EriC^^even ubottu thinks 1.1 is the current11:47
EriC^^!info libqt5webengine-data focal11:47
ubottulibqt5webengine-data (source: qtwebengine-opensource-src): Web content engine library for Qt - Data. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1.1 (focal), package size 5495 kB, installed size 23748 kB11:47
xbfrogi'm looking and the sony diagram/pictures of the hd replacement. i have installed the ssd with the required screws and "still" i have ONE extra screw. How is that possible?11:53
xbfrogthis drives me nuts :/11:53
xbfrogok, i guess one where ever it went gets left out11:54
EriC^^as long as it's held firmly and stuff you should be good i think11:54
xbfroghaha, ya i hear ys11:54
xbfrogits just odd to end up with one extra screw11:54
EriC^^haha yeah11:55
EriC^^over here there's a running joke on body work shops/mechanics, when they fix your car they hand you a bag of screws/nuts "these were extras not needed"11:55
xbfroglooking at sony's picutres they don't show anymore screws than i can count11:55
xbfrogya this is a first in a long time11:56
xbfrogi'd like to find out if a second hard drive could be installed11:57
xbfrogthere is a bay for one just no connector in the bay11:57
xbfrogsony's pictures shows 2 installed11:58
ledeni xbfrog: did you think about that ' that they put spare screw if someone lose it'11:58
xbfrogthats possible its been too many days since i took it apart i cant remember where it went11:58
xbfrogok no big deal then11:59
EriC^^brb, will connect the laptop via ethernet12:01
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
EriC^^xbfrog: success, i was able to ssh between the 2 ubuntu pc's with the ethernet cable between them12:14
xbfrogreading the clonezilla doc it says clonzilla needs a thumb drive with fat12:21
xbfrogjust fat? or fat3212:21
xbfrogit didnt say12:21
EriC^^fat32, but why clonezilla? i thought we were going to do the ssh transfer thing?12:22
xbfrogok lemme look agian it was boot someting12:22
EriC^^ok, i assure you the ssh thing will work if you're having 2nd thoughts etc12:23
xbfrogah, tuxboot12:23
EriC^^what's the OS running on the laptop with the usb dock + old drive?12:24
xbfrogboth laptops have ubuntu 20.0412:24
EriC^^ok, silly question but that's not the old drive that's running right?12:25
xbfroglet me clarify12:25
EriC^^ok, cool12:25
xbfrogthe old drive that has ubuntu on it is back in the vaio12:26
xbfrogoh crud12:26
xbfrognot right12:26
xbfrogthe ssd is in the vaio12:26
xbfrogthe old drive with ubuntu is in the dock12:26
EriC^^no worries, that was the plan all along no?12:26
EriC^^all good :D12:27
xbfrogok great12:27
EriC^^boot up the live usb in the vaio, if you can get wifi on it temporarily that would be awesome to make things easier with setting it up for the transfer12:28
EriC^^that way you can run commands and have them pasted online easily12:28
xbfrogok so how do i get wifi on the vaio?12:28
xbfrogo ic12:29
xbfrogno i dont, the wifi in in the old drive12:29
EriC^^isnt there a wifi adapter in the sony?12:29
xbfrogif i boot the vaio it only has clonezilla12:29
xbfrogdoesnt it need software to run it?12:30
EriC^^you got to make a live ubuntu usb and boot it up there12:30
xbfrogok thats what i'm doing now12:30
EriC^^alright, let me know when it's up and running12:30
xbfrogok question: can i make a bootable usb drive on the hp and then use it on the vaio?12:33
xbfrogok good12:33
crorafHi. Anyone can help me about debugging the issue I have. So, after the recent update (kernel and some firmware) parts of my Gnome stop working (or the entire Gnome - not sure).12:34
crorafThis happens sometimes when I try to use the Screenshot application.12:34
crorafFirst of all I'd have to confirm that entire gnome is down.12:35
crorafI cannot click on the top desktop bar. On the left favorite applications bar12:35
crorafThe applications themselves work, I cannot use the application top bar (close/minimize, move etc)12:36
crorafalt-tab works and keyboard shortcuts work.12:37
Gh0staHello everyone12:38
Gh0staI have just moved to Ubuntu from Windows 1012:38
Gh0staI am on 20.0412:39
Gh0stawhat steps should I take to secure myself12:40
xbfrogwhat kind of secure are you looking for?12:40
Gh0stalike, do I have to install an antivirus or something?12:41
Gh0staI do have a problem though with my graphics12:41
EriC^^Gh0sta: usually no, unless you plan on transferring stuff to windows pc from ubuntu12:41
xbfrognot unless you have windows installed with ubuntu12:41
xbfrogand then only to keep from sending virus thru emails12:42
Gh0staxbfrog I have two different hard drives with each OS on it12:42
Gh0staEriC^^ which stuff should I avoid to transfer?12:42
xbfrogthe antivirus on windows should be enough12:42
EriC^^yeah, Gh0sta just dont download windows programs/executables stuff like that on ubuntu and transfer, but in any case if you have an updated windows antivirus it should protect you from running them12:43
EriC^^transferring music/pictures stuff like that is fine12:43
Gh0staI won't bring any exe12:43
Gh0stafor my graphics, I am bit confused12:44
Gh0staon the login screen the fonts are tiny12:44
Gh0staon every login I have to go to display settings to change the scale to 200% and back to 100% to get things right12:45
xbfrogdo you have a need to login?12:45
Gh0stanot really no12:45
Gh0staI am the only one using the PC12:45
xbfrogyes me too12:46
xbfrogso i disabled the login screen12:46
Gh0staone sec12:46
xbfrogits in your settings12:46
Gh0stalet me do it12:46
Gh0staShall I just remove the user?12:47
EriC^^Gh0sta: set the autologin to on12:47
xbfrogyeah thats it12:48
Gh0staThat button is greyed out12:48
EriC^^Gh0sta: click on unlock at the top right12:48
xbfrogyes do that12:48
Gh0staI feel silly now :D12:48
xbfrogsok, we've all been there12:49
Gh0staso shall I try to log back in12:49
Gh0stato see if the graphic problem is gone?12:49
EriC^^Gh0sta: yeah reboot the pc see how it goes12:49
Gh0staI mean the resolution12:49
Gh0staokie doke12:50
xbfrogreboot not log off12:50
Gh0staoh ok! :)12:50
jescisAnyone know how to stop a web browser from asking to create a password keyring?12:50
jescisor should I ask in another channel?12:52
maxcell_Guys, anyone knows how to configure 2 different soundcards in pulseaudio? I want one to work with 24bits/96000hz and another 16/4800012:52
xbfrogsounds like a conflict and a crash ready to happen :(12:53
Gh0sta:(  everything is so tiny12:54
Gh0stathat didn't help12:54
xbfrogon your desktop?12:54
Gh0staeven I can't read the time on top12:54
maxcell_sounds like you need to increase DPI12:54
maxcell_are you using gnome?12:54
Gh0stamaxcell_ correct12:55
EriC^^Gh0sta: try 'xrandr -q | nc termbin.com 9999'   in a terminal and paste the link it gives you12:55
xbfrogeric^^cant download tuxboot12:56
EriC^^maxcell_: he said earlier that he has to set the scale to 200% then back to 100% and it works well, fwiw12:56
Gh0staEriC^^ https://termbin.com/89al12:57
=== beaver is now known as Anissa
EriC^^xbfrog: try to download the ubuntu live iso http://releases.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso12:57
maxcell_@EriC^^, oh, thats messy12:57
maxcell_no idea what's going on then12:57
xbfrogi have and made a disk12:57
xbfrogthats what i started with12:58
xbfrogbut for the usb drive you said make it wants me to download tuxboot12:58
EriC^^Gh0sta: currently the fonts are good?12:59
EriC^^and icons sizes and everything?12:59
Gh0staEriC^^ yeah that is correct12:59
justabeginnerhello wonder people who are out there to help out.12:59
EriC^^xbfrog: you dont need tuxboot, you can use 'dd' to make the live usb13:00
EriC^^xbfrog: is the iso file on the current laptop?13:00
xbfrogok then i didnt understand13:00
justabeginnerI am coming from Debian, reason to opt for Ubuntu is my recent machine Lenovo Ideapad flex 5 AMD Ryzen 4500 is not supported well with Debian in term of hardware13:00
EriC^^Gh0sta: type 'sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 9999'13:00
EriC^^it should list the card and recommended driver13:01
Gh0staEriC^^ ok cool13:01
Gh0stathanks, let me try13:01
xbfrogi have no ideahow to use dd you said earlier but it all looked like greek to me13:01
justabeginnerI tried Ubuntu grovery version and upgrade kernel 5.9 and found a few things not working. so here I am with Ubuntu LTS and upgrade Linux 5.8 which support brightness control of laptop13:02
EriC^^xbfrog: no worries, where is the ubuntu iso file? on the current laptop?13:02
justabeginnertouchscreen, wifi gpu works out of box with Ubuntu LTS. With upgrade to kernel 5.8, brightness control works.13:03
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, plug in the usb that you're going to be using as the live usb and type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"13:03
EriC^^Gh0sta: any link?13:03
justabeginnerI am seeking help to get trackpad to work and a few minor issues13:03
Gh0staEriC^^  some reason, it is not showing the link13:03
Gh0staI am trying again13:03
maxcell_how should i configure pulseaudio when using 2 different soundcards?13:03
Gh0staEriC^^ there we go https://termbin.com/s8ua013:04
xbfrognothing, just a retrun prompt13:05
EriC^^xbfrog: hmm, maybe the site is having some issues, try again?13:06
justabeginnerout of curiousity, why X11 display server is default on LTS not wayland ?13:06
xbfrogok that did it13:06
EriC^^Gh0sta: aha, what about, "lshw -c video | nc termbin.com 9999"13:07
Gh0stalet's have a look13:07
EriC^^Gh0sta: if you dont want to change the drivers and maybe get into more issues, i figure you can automate that scale thing process, so that every time you login it automatically sets to 200% then back 100% quickly, as a workaround for the bug i guess13:08
Gh0staEriC^^ https://termbin.com/it3a13:08
EriC^^you probably wouldn't even notice it happen13:09
Gh0staEriC^^ oh cool13:09
Gh0staso this is definitely a bug?13:09
Gh0staEriC^^ would you be kind enough to put me in the right direction for the automation?13:10
Gh0staThank you :)13:10
EriC^^try typing in a terminal "xrandr --output HDMI-0 --mode 1920x1080 --scale 2x2"13:11
EriC^^does that change the scaling to 200% ?13:11
Gh0staone sec13:11
EriC^^xbfrog: is the 126gb SanDisk Cruzer Blade the usb for the live usb?13:12
Gh0staI mean no13:12
Gh0staeverything is way smaller now13:12
EriC^^try "xrandr --output HDMI-0 --mode 1920x1080 --scale 1x1"13:13
Gh0stanothing happened?13:13
Gh0staprobably because I did the 200% and then gone back to 100%  manually?13:13
Gh0staso at least I can read whats on the screen :')13:14
EriC^^Gh0sta: ok, let's give it a shot13:16
Gh0staCool, I am ready for it13:16
EriC^^Gh0sta: type "nano ~/.xrandr.sh"13:16
Gh0staIs there a chance to go back if I mess anything up? :D13:17
Gh0staEriC^^ yeah I am in the editor now13:17
EriC^^Gh0sta: yeah we'll incrementally test stuff, no worries13:18
Gh0staPheww!! :)  ok13:18
EriC^^Gh0sta: paste these in it https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WwQwMw9h6s/13:18
maxcell_Hey, if i disable pulseaudio completely i will be able to use both cards 16bits/48khz and 24bits/96khz as they are (without resampling) without problems? Or we have per-device configuration on pulseaudio already?13:19
EriC^^Gh0sta: to paste in nano (or the terminal in general) press ctrl+shift+v13:19
Gh0staEriC^^ done13:19
EriC^^Gh0sta: ok, save & exit with ctrl+x, then type in the terminal "chmod +x ~/.xrandr.sh"13:20
Gh0staI have saved it13:20
Gh0stachmod done13:20
EriC^^Gh0sta: ok, try typing "~/.xrandr.sh"13:21
EriC^^it should change the scaling, wait for 1 second, then change it back13:21
Gh0staOh something happened13:21
Gh0staresolution changed couple of times13:21
Gh0staand I am back to normal :D13:21
EriC^^ok, great13:21
EriC^^Gh0sta: actually, type "sed -i 's/2x2/0.5x0.5/' ~/.xrandr.sh"13:23
EriC^^that should make it go to 200%, in case it matters somehow13:23
EriC^^Gh0sta: ok, give it another go, "~/.xrandr.sh"13:24
EriC^^xbfrog: still there?13:24
xbfrogyep just waiting :)13:25
EriC^^xbfrog: ah i think you missed my question earlier, is the 126gb sandisk Cruzer Blade the usb you want to make into a live usb?13:25
EriC^^Gh0sta: all good or ?13:26
xbfrogi must have13:26
xbfrogand yes thats the drive13:26
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, type "sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu/iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M && sync"13:27
xbfrogdd: failed to open '/path/to/ubuntu/iso': No such file or directory13:28
EriC^^xbfrog: you have to replace that with the location of the iso13:30
xbfrogoh sorry13:30
EriC^^no worries13:30
xbfrogdo i start the path with /home? its in the downloads folder13:31
xbfroggot it13:31
mindofmateois there a way to remap alt_r and backspace with setxkbmap?13:32
xbfrogdo i specify the exact file name.iso or just downloads?13:37
EriC^^xbfrog: exact filename.iso13:37
xbfrogok i musta typed somethign wrong it didnt work13:37
EriC^^xbfrog: what'd it say?13:38
xbfrogdd: failed to open '/home/Downloads/clonezilla-live-20200703-focal-amd64.iso': No such file or directory13:38
xbfrogok must be the apostrophe at the beginning?13:39
xbfrogno that isnt it13:39
Gh0stafinally got back up13:40
EriC^^xbfrog: ah, there should be the /home/<user> before Downloads, but i dunno if that clonezilla iso would work, it's like an ubuntu live usb? you can install ssh to it for instance etc?13:40
EriC^^Gh0sta: yikes, wb13:40
Gh0stathe whole computer got frozen13:40
Gh0stahave to restart it couple of times13:40
EriC^^Gh0sta: i guess 2x2 it is! try typing 'nano ~/.xrandr.sh' and change back the 0.5x0.5 to 2x213:41
EriC^^Gh0sta: ok, try last time to be sure before adding, "~/.xrandr.sh" all good no problems?13:42
Gh0staStill here after it!13:42
EriC^^ok, great :D13:42
Gh0staseems to do the trick13:43
xbfrogi keep forgetting that files doesnt display the same way as this computer13:43
xbfrogit copied13:43
EriC^^Gh0sta: open the dash and search for "startup applications"13:43
Gh0staYeah got it13:43
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, try booting the live usb on the sony vaio13:44
EriC^^Gh0sta: alright, click on "add"13:44
justabeginneris kernel 5.7 is table with Ubuntu LTS ?13:44
Gh0staEriC^^ done!13:44
xbfrogok do i need to change the bios boot order or no?13:44
Gh0staEriC^^  have also found something called im-launch? any idea what it is13:45
EriC^^Gh0sta: for the command type in "/home/<your username here>/.xrandr.sh"13:45
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah you might need to, it might already be set to boot usbs though13:45
xbfrogok lets give it a shot13:46
Gh0staEriC^^ done13:46
EriC^^Gh0sta: the im-launch seems standard13:46
Gh0staoh ok13:47
EriC^^Gh0sta: yeah try to reboot13:47
Gh0stabrb after reboot13:47
Gh0staEriC^^ hmm might have to try something else :')13:51
EriC^^alright, was worth a shot :D13:51
Gh0stathe top bar and right click menu is tiny13:51
Gh0staEriC^^ absolutely13:51
EriC^^Gh0sta: i wonder what happens if you set the fractional scaling option to "off" completely13:53
Gh0staEriC^^ oh that is off since the beginning13:53
jescisAnyone tell me if uninstalling Seahorse was a good idea, or should I've just turned off it's permissions or something?13:53
EriC^^Gh0sta: this might sound silly, but was it on at any time and set to 100% and it also did the bug?13:54
Gh0staEriC^^ the button was off all the time but I think it was set as 100%13:55
Gh0staShall I try to turn it on and set the resolution to 125%13:56
Gh0stasee what happens?13:57
EriC^^Gh0sta: let me try to find if there's a command that's for that scaling stuff, maybe the xrandr scaling is just a different thing13:57
EriC^^Gh0sta: yeah perhaps try it with On and 125% or 100% just to see how it goes, who knows13:57
zeon123hi i have gtx 1070 which gets detected at boot time but doesnt reach the gui. ( kubuntu 20.04 ) since i already had ssh running i am able to pull some details.  so in dmesg it will detect it but after booting it disappears when trying lspci and lshw. i tried a live usb and it boots normally .13:58
zeon123do i paste the log in pastebin ? its been quite a while i since i used irctv13:59
Gh0stathat has worked absolutely fine14:01
Gh0staEriC^^ Thanks for your help14:01
zeon123i tried the nouveau driver as well as the nvidia-driver-440 from repo .  when using noveau it will show in dmesg that it picks up the gpu but then nothing . nvidia driver doesnt say much.14:01
Gh0staScaling on and set to 125%14:02
zeon123using 5.x kernel14:03
EriC^^Gh0sta: great!14:03
EriC^^Gh0sta: no problem, it might also work with 100% fwiw14:04
urthSomehow keypad:pointerkeys is enabled on my system and I cannot disable it with the shift+numlock shortcut. Any ideas where I should look to disable it ?14:04
EriC^^Gh0sta: also dont forget to remove the thing we added in startup applications :)14:04
Gh0staEriC^^ I think I will leave it as this, because on a 50 inch telly I can read the text easily this way :D14:05
EriC^^ah ok, great :D14:05
Gh0staEriC^^ that I did already14:05
EriC^^ok, good :)14:05
Gh0staEriC^^ there was something else we did? do I have to undo it?14:05
xbfrogi had to enable both external device and enable external boot14:05
xbfrogclonezilla is up14:05
EriC^^Gh0sta: not really, you could "rm -i ~/.xrandr.sh" if you want since you wont be needing it14:06
Gh0staEriC^^ great! done14:06
crorafCan I restart Gnome without closing my apps?14:06
Gh0staEriC^^ one quick question, what will be the safest way to try and play with the different apps in a secure way?14:07
xbfroggotta change something first my usb drive is on the wrong side now my dock wont reach, heh, be back :)14:07
Gh0stalike on windows you can use Sandbox for it14:07
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, are you able to install ssh in the clonezilla live usb? sudo apt-get install ssh14:08
EriC^^Gh0sta: if you stick with the ubuntu repo everything is pretty safe there, otherwise, you really have to trust the maintainer of a ppa or snap14:08
EriC^^Gh0sta: if you havent enabled already, you can enable the universe repo and multiverse repo for more packages14:09
Gh0staEriC^^ I will stick to the official repo than :|14:09
Gh0stais it worth getting extensions?14:09
Lutinis /etc/nginx/sites-available/default created during install or on first start of nginx ?14:10
Gh0staEriC^^  Gnome Shell Extensions14:10
EriC^^Gh0sta: stuff for the desktop? i havent really tried any tbh, i just have 'psensor' installed and 'alarm-clock-applet' pretty useful stuff14:11
Gh0staah great!14:11
EriC^^Gh0sta: no idea, sorry, im still on 16.04 with unity here, moving soon to 20.04 hopefully :D14:11
Gh0staEriC^^ just out of interest, what's stopping you to migrate?14:11
EriC^^hmm well initially they dropped support for unity after 16.04, so i never switched to 18.04 when it came out, and time just passed, eventually i'll have to take the plunge though, but it seems 20.04 has a decent unity desktop afterall even if they dropped it a little14:13
Gh0staoh ok! I would say 20.04 is great so far14:14
EriC^^yeah it seems so, cant wait to install it soon14:14
xbfrogi like it alot14:14
Gh0stawish there was a better option for thunderbird14:15
Gh0staUI is really really poor14:15
xbfrogok now clonezilla is asking do i want device-image work with disks or partitions using images14:16
xbfrogor something else?14:17
EriC^^xbfrog: try 'with disks'14:18
EriC^^in the end we need to have a root shell, and you can install ssh and have some sort of network manager running14:19
zeon123i am basically in this situation except it is pc14:23
Gh0staEriC^^ on the 'Ubuntu Software' app I can't seems to find any addons section etc?14:24
Gh0stado I have to do something different to see the list of all addons?14:25
maxcell_how do i completely disable pulseaudio?14:26
xbfrogclonezilla: now we need to mounta device as /home/part imag (clonezilla image(s) repository) so we can read or save the image in /home/part img. which drive do i pick the ssd or the old drive?14:27
maxcell_vim.tiny /etc/pulse/pulse.conf autospawn=no ; that's all i have to do to completely disable pulseaudio forever?14:27
EriC^^Gh0sta: i dont think so, maybe under 'utilities' there should be a few14:30
EriC^^xbfrog: is there any 'shell mode' option available?14:32
EriC^^xbfrog: or maybe pressing "ctrl+alt+f2" might bring it up?14:33
xbfrogya a couple screens back14:33
xbfrogmayb just one screen14:33
xbfrogyou want that14:33
xbfrogok lemme see what i can do14:33
Gh0stais it worth and safe to keep the LivePatch on?14:36
xbfrogi entered shell and now at line prompt14:37
EriC^^xbfrog: ah great, type 'sudo service ssh start'14:39
xbfrogok return prompt14:41
EriC^^Gh0sta: it should be safe to use, it's not very worth it on a desktop though, might be more convenient i guess14:44
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, plug in the ethernet cable into the laptop with the dock and the vaio14:45
EriC^^xbfrog: all good?14:50
Gh0staEriC^^ ok got it14:54
xbfrogthe viao ethernet port was hiding, inever used it15:04
xbfrogconnected now15:04
xbfrogi had to find the sony manual online to find the port :P15:07
xbfrogEriC^^ you still here?15:11
EriC^^xbfrog: i got d/c15:17
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type in the shell "ifconfig -a" it should list the ethernet there see if it says anything like 'inet addr:..........." and get the name of the ethernet such as enp2s015:18
xbfrogno it doesnt say inet address anything15:21
xbfrogbut onle line says inet lemme get the rest15:21
xbfrogits under lo: flags=73 <up15:23
xbfrogno i dont see anything like that15:25
xbfrogit doesnt seem to have activated ethernet15:30
xbfrogwell crum15:30
xbfrogcame so far to get stopped here :P15:33
xbfrogok i guess were done for today right?15:34
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah, if you want download the ubuntu live iso, from there it should be pretty easy to setup the ethernet and ssh15:35
EriC^^here's the iso https://releases.ubuntu.com/focal/ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso15:36
xbfrogi i have the iso burned to disk but not sure i could setup ssh15:36
xbfrogi'll have to wait for more help i dunno what to do next15:37
EriC^^xbfrog: burn the iso and boot it up, and report back15:42
xbfrogclonezilla has boot from the cd15:45
xbfrogok im back to start clonezilla or enter shell15:48
xbfrogfrom the cd15:48
=== leaftype2 is now known as leaftype
EriC^^xbfrog: you have to download an ubuntu iso and burn it using dd to the usb15:56
EriC^^xbfrog: it would be far easier that way15:57
xbfrogok i feel confused, i burnt the iso to both dvd and you gave me the instructions to put clownzilla on the usb, so what am i missing? i dont know dd or ssh so without help i'm stopped16:01
xbfrogok, later then, your probably tired of this anyway :)16:03
xbfrogthanks for the help16:03
ThinkT510xbfrog: you can dd the iso to usb: "sudo dd if=nameof.iso of=/dev/sdX" make sure sdX corresponds to the correct drive16:03
xbfrogok i think i understand that16:03
xbfrogso exchange "name of iso for the real name, and dev/sdX so the corresponding drive?16:05
ThinkT510xbfrog: yes, as long as the terminal is in the same path as the iso file16:05
xbfrogthat i dont understand16:05
xbfrogok like16:06
ThinkT510xbfrog: you you open a terminal is defaults to /home/username16:06
xbfrogchange directory to /home?16:06
xbfrogok got it now16:06
ThinkT510xbfrog: when you download a file it will typically go to /home/username/Downloads/16:07
xbfrogyes i see that16:07
xbfrogits just my file system doesnt show it that way so i forget its there16:07
ThinkT510if you'd rather be absolutely sure you can just use the full path regardless of where you are in the terminal16:08
xbfrogunless i click on other locations, this computer and home then /user shows16:08
xbfrogwhich i rarely use16:09
ThinkT510eg: if sdc is your usb stick then: "sudo dd if=/home/username/Downloads/file.iso of=/dev/sdc status=progress"16:09
EriC^xbfrog: nah i never said to use clonezilla, i was trying to get you to use an ubuntu live usb and posted the link to the iso several times, i dunno why you keep bringing up clonezilla to this xD16:09
xbfrogok thats what i didnt see then16:10
edoneerfbs=8M or something could be a good idea too16:10
EriC^i thought since you already made it and booted it maybe it would work, but i'd really rather you use the ubuntu live usb cause it's a sure thing and far easier16:10
Gh0stawhy all drive starts with /dev/sd**16:10
xbfrogok now i get it16:10
xbfrogi was confusing the 216:11
EriC^xbfrog: all good, did you download the ubuntu official iso?16:11
EriC^no worries, i see now the misunderstanding16:11
ThinkT510Gh0sta: just a naming convention. it used to be hd years ago. sd probably means sata disk16:11
xbfrognot yet, now that i know what you mean16:11
Gh0staahh got it! and what about the dev before it?16:11
TacoCodedSaladoop found more plasma-discover-backend-snap-dbgsym : Depends: plasma-discover-backend-snap (= 5.18.5-0ubuntu0.1) but is to be installed16:12
ThinkT510Gh0sta: /dev/ is the directory where your device files are generated16:12
Gh0staThinkT510 thanks!16:12
EriC^brb need to reboot real quick16:13
ThinkT510!hier | Gh0sta16:13
ubottuGh0sta: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier16:13
Gh0stawhilst I was installing the Ubuntu, I have to make 3 separate partitions? one mounting as / and other as /swap and third as /mydrive16:13
Gh0staThinkT510 thanks for the link :)16:14
oerheks  Gh0sta no, ubuntu installs standard in one partition, with a swap-file16:14
xbfrogi have the dvd i orignally downloaded ubuntu live cd and burned it to disk16:15
Gh0staoerheks partition ? really!16:15
ThinkT510Gh0sta: / is the root partition (where everything stems from). /swap would be a swap partition (but ubuntu now uses a swapfile instead by default)16:15
Gh0staThinkT510 so the 2gb I allocated for /swap will never be used :$16:15
ThinkT510Gh0sta: if it is mounted it will be used16:16
Gh0staahh ok16:16
ThinkT510xbfrog: you can boot from that ubuntu DVD if you don't fancy dd-ing the iso to a usb16:18
xbfrogits booting now16:19
Gh0staWhat would be useful to learn in linux, If I want to be the sysops?16:19
Gh0staI mean sysadmin16:19
legreffierGh0sta: that's a vast domain. you'll meet more of those on ubuntu-offtopic :)16:20
Gh0stalegreffier thank you I will join there as well16:21
Gh0staI will keep my questions related to Ubuntu :D16:21
xbfrogits checking the file system on drive 016:22
EriC^^Gh0sta: there's some nice guides you could start out with here https://tldp.org/guides.html  i'd read the LAME guide and the gnu commands summary book16:22
Gh0staEriC^^ Brilliant, let me have a look. thanks16:22
EriC^^xbfrog: you could press ctrl+c to bypass16:22
EriC^^Gh0sta: no problem, enjoy :D16:22
xbfrogok done16:23
xbfrogit didnt cancel, its still checking16:23
xbfrogok, mayb it did just took a min.16:24
justabeginneranybody aware of better on screen keyboard with Ctl, Atl button too ?16:25
xbfrogis that for a tablet?16:26
xbfrogor do you have a touch screen monitor?16:27
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, plug in the ethernet cable on both the vaio and the main laptop + dock16:29
justabeginnerits for 2in1 laptop xbfrog16:29
xbfrogthe dock pluged into the Hp not vaio right16:29
EriC^^xbfrog: actually, if you can plug in the dock into the vaio, that'd make it even easier, since you can copy over the usb the contents of the old drive16:30
justabeginnerwhat I get on onscreen keyboard is simple keys, looking for alt,ctl etc like you find Anywhere keyboard for Android16:30
EriC^^is it possible to connect the old drive/dock to the vaio with ssd in it?16:31
xbfrogi'll do that16:31
EriC^^ah great!16:31
xbfroggimme a min16:31
* xbfrog gives EriC^^ the 3finger salute16:33
xbfrogall pluged and ready to go16:33
xbfrogubuntu live loaded check16:35
xbfrogethernet cable connected16:35
xbfrogusb doc connected16:35
EriC^^ok great :D16:36
xbfrogit sees the usb dock16:36
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, remove the ethernet since we dont need it, and connect to the wifi router as usual from the top network icon16:37
xbfrogok gimme a min or 216:37
xbfrogit says wifi is connected16:41
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, great, type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"16:42
EriC^^paste the link it gives you here16:42
xbfrogum, type that sudo parted on the hp? or vaio?16:43
EriC^^on the vaio16:43
EriC^^everything we do now will be on it16:43
xbfrogok got it16:44
EriC^^if you want just type "xyz" to make it easier to copy the links it gives back16:45
cybercryptoHi there, It appears that ubuntu defined 'snap store' as the default repository. Erlier versions users could choose from apt or snap, easily from Store-GUI-interface. Thats is not an option anymore? Why Ubuntu took that path? Where can I find details on the decision?16:45
oerhekscybercrypto, snaps are great, see the releasenotes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes#Snap_Store16:46
cybercryptooerheks: thanks, dont get me wrong. I dont want to 'discuss' if it is great ot not, everything has pros/conns. I just want to check history discussions and reasons for the decision, if they exist. So far, most desktops are rolled back to previous version (and some are moved to debian 10.5 still)16:49
=== leaftype2 is now known as leaftype
oerheksjust see snaps as the new PPA, private package archive16:51
oerheksalways check the owner of the project.16:51
EriC^^xbfrog: ok great, so we're copying the 250gb hitachi to the 1tb samsung ssd right?16:51
EriC^^is the ssd completely empty, you're good if we repartition/format?16:51
xbfrogyes its empty and yes good to go\16:52
oerhekshttps://ubuntu.com/blog/tag/snaps and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snap_(package_manager) are a good start16:52
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, question, the old drive was in a certain laptop, will the ssd now replace it in the same laptop?16:52
EriC^^xbfrog: i ask because it looks like it is using efi, not legac16:53
EriC^^*legacy, ok good16:53
xbfrogthe Hp is efi16:53
EriC^^xbfrog: type "sudo mkdir /old_drive"16:53
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /old_drive'16:54
xbfrogi need a min to increase the fonts in terminal its almost impossible to read or see i typed something correctly16:54
EriC^^xbfrog: ok16:55
legreffierxbfrog: ctrl+shift+'=/+ key' ?16:56
xbfroglegreffier: perfect that did it thanks :)16:57
xbfrogis there a space between sudo mount and /dev?16:58
xbfrogi cant tell16:59
EriC^^xbfrog: yes, there is16:59
xbfrogand one between sdb5 and  /old?17:00
xbfrogok return prompt17:02
EriC^^ok, type 'sudo blkid /dev/sdb5 | nc termbin.com 9999'17:02
justabeginnerhope somebody assist me with the issue with trackpad not working17:05
xbfrogyour needing a different onscreen  kepad?17:06
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, to confirm the install is efi, type "grep efi /old_drive/etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999"17:06
justabeginnerxbfrog:  I am coming from Debian, so need to solve few issues to get Ubuntu on my new machine.17:07
justabeginnerI can't make the trackpad work even with installation of drivers17:08
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, it's efi17:11
xbfrogi'm supprised17:11
xbfroga 12 yr old computer?17:12
xbfrogshocked really17:12
xbfroghad no idea17:12
xbfrogthought it was legacy, oh well17:13
xbfrogthats why you gotta check everything17:13
EriC^^xbfrog: there's a very small possibility it still is, cause the partition table is msdos not gpt, so grub could be in the mbr there, anyways we'll do a fool-proof workaround in case you ever need to use the ssd on a legacy pc17:14
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo gdisk /dev/sda'17:15
xbfrogok done17:15
EriC^^xbfrog: press 'o' it should create a fresh partition table17:16
felixiHi. How do i prevent resolv.conf from being generated?17:16
xbfrogtype G if you dont want to convert your mbr partitions to GPT format17:17
EriC^^nah we want to make a GPT one17:17
EriC^^i guess dont type G, that way it'll make a totally fresh new GPT one17:18
xbfrogit just gave me a help list17:18
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, press 'w' to write the table out17:18
xbfrogfinal checks complete about to write GPT data proceed?17:19
xbfrogok done17:19
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "lsblk" make sure that to the far right of /dev/sda  nothing is listed under "mountpoint"17:20
EriC^^sda1 i mean17:20
baymanunattended upgrades is not sending me emails even though I have email working and getting cron error emails. how do I troubleshoot?17:20
bertptrscheck both the logs for unattended upgrades and your email service around the time UA is running17:21
xbfrogno nothing under sda117:21
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, great, 'sudo parted -ls' lists the partition table type as gpt now for sda, yeah?17:22
xbfrogok if this is what you mean...17:23
EriC^^Partition Table: gpt ?17:23
xbfrogwriting new GUID partition table GPT to  /dev/sda17:23
EriC^^i guess it wrote it then17:24
xbfrogi dont see anything below that that says GPT17:24
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, time to set up the partitions on the ssd, then we'll format a couple filesystems and time to copy17:24
EriC^^xbfrog: hmm, ok try 'sudo blkid /dev/sda' does it say PTTYPE=gpt ?17:25
felixiHow do i prevent /etc/resolv.conf from being generated?17:26
neverblueany brave users out there? wondering if they have a support channel on IRC ?17:27
xbfrogyes it does17:27
xbfrogyes it does17:27
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, great17:28
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo cgdisk /dev/sda'17:28
zerocodecgdisk ?17:28
zerocodewhat is a cgdisk17:28
EriC^^it's an ncurses version of gdisk, a more friendly gdisk17:29
felixiHow do i prevent /etc/resolv.conf from being generated? DNS works fine when I manually add my router ip, but the system keeps generating empty resolv.conf. I'm on wsl217:31
EriC^^xbfrog: ?17:31
xbfrogreturned prompt17:31
EriC^^xbfrog: hmm it should open a program17:31
xbfrogok it did17:32
xbfroghehe, its slow atm17:32
EriC^^xbfrog: no worries :D17:32
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, so now you want to create a partition for the efi first, press "new"17:33
EriC^^xbfrog: it should show you 'first sector' leave it blank to choose the default17:33
EriC^^btw there are no existing partitions shown right? just 'free space' ?17:33
xbfrogok first sector default -34?17:34
EriC^^when it asks for size in sectors, type "300M"17:35
xbfrogis it asking for a  response?17:35
xbfrogi dont see a question17:35
EriC^^xbfrog: on the first sector?17:35
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah it expects input or if you leave it blank it'll use the default 3417:36
rfmfelixi, , wsl despite the "ubuntu" in the image name, is not very much like ubuntu.  In particular it uses a microsoft custom init (closed source as far as I can tell) instead of systemd ...17:36
xbfrogok so just press enter?17:36
felixirfm: alright.17:36
EriC^^xbfrog: yup17:36
xbfrogsize in sectors?17:36
EriC^^xbfrog: no, type "300M"17:37
rfmfelixi, and systemd is the thing which writes resolv.conf on ubuntu.  I did find this question in the wsl forums: https://github.com/microsoft/WSL/issues/542017:37
felixirfm: thanks!17:37
EriC^^xbfrog: it should then ask for hex code, type in "ef00"    (that's zero's not O's)17:37
xbfrogi typed in 300m and enter it removed it17:38
EriC^^xbfrog: i think it needs to be a capital M17:38
xbfrogdoesnt like that either17:39
zerocodeEriC^^: lol i didn't know17:40
zerocodeEriC^^: i will see17:40
xbfrogok this is what it says17:40
EriC^^xbfrog: something is wrong, was the partition table empty when you first started cgdisk?17:40
xbfrogsize in sectors or (KMGTP) *default =2024):17:41
xbfrogthen the cursor17:41
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, in the list above the question does it say anything other than 'free space'17:41
EriC^^i think it might have kept the old partition from when it was mbr17:42
xbfrogfree space is listed first then linux filesystem then again free space17:42
EriC^^ah ok, it seems it did, np17:42
EriC^^xbfrog: hit enter choosing the default size, enter /default again for hexcode17:42
xbfroghexcode enter 8300?17:43
EriC^^xbfrog: then in the list of partitions go over them and press "delete" on them all, til you're left with only "free space" and nothing else17:43
EriC^^xbfrog: just enter is fine17:43
xbfrognow it wants new partition name17:44
EriC^^also just enter17:44
xbfrogas before the list is the same17:44
xbfrogoh wait17:45
xbfrognot exactly17:45
xbfroglinux filesystem17:45
xbfroglinux filesystem17:45
xbfrogthen free space17:45
EriC^^xbfrog: highlight each partition and at the bottom press on "delete"17:45
xbfrogok its on type below delete how do i move up one?17:46
EriC^^xbfrog: use the left/right arrows17:47
xbfrogah ha17:47
xbfrogall thats showing now is free space17:48
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, press new again17:48
xbfrogsorry i'm slower than mud17:48
xbfrogok first sector17:49
EriC^^nah, no worries, the program is new to you17:49
xbfrogvery new17:49
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah keep it blank for the sector 2048, when it asks for size, type "300M"17:50
EriC^^then for hex code type "ef00"17:50
EriC^^finally for the partition name it's up to you, you could keep it blank or type something like "EFI partition" it's just a name/label17:51
xbfrogok this time it accepted it17:51
xbfrognow its size in sectors17:51
xbfrogdefault is 185291073517:52
EriC^^type in "300M"17:52
EriC^^for starting sector you kept it blank yeah?17:52
xbfrogok hex code done17:53
xbfrogwants new partition name17:53
EriC^^aha, yeah17:53
xbfrogok back to the table17:53
EriC^^ok, awesome :D17:54
xbfrogi'm happy17:54
EriC^^xbfrog: same deal, press on 'new', for starting sector keep it blank17:54
EriC^^yeah it's a fun tool this cgdisk, pretty handy to set stuff up17:54
justabeginnerI guess my new laptop track pad is not working as it is not detected in /dev/bus/input/devices. It stated it could be bug with Linux kernel -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection17:54
xbfrogwhich means just hit enter?17:54
xbfrogit wants first sector17:54
EriC^^xbfrog: yup, when it asks for size in sectors, this time type "2M"17:55
EriC^^xbfrog: something isnt right, 1 sec17:55
justabeginnerunfortunately, "ubuntu bug linux" is not reporting. It say, this reporting is about package.17:55
xbfrognext is KMGPT default?17:55
justabeginnerHow would I be reporting this bug to Linux kernel17:55
xbfroggo to canonical and create a login17:56
EriC^^xbfrog: i think you might have not kept the starting sector default in the first one, cause you said after it "ok it took it this time" hehe that's why i was asking17:56
xbfrogok, i'm in no mans land, so i have to take your word for everything :)17:57
xbfrog believe it or not i'm learning17:58
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, hit enter keeping it blank as before til you reach the table again, delete both partitions so there's just free space and let's do it again17:58
EriC^^xbfrog: yup, i believe :D17:58
xbfrogwell, i'm back as yousaid keep it empty now i'm back to new17:59
xbfrogi missed something18:00
EriC^^xbfrog: what's that?18:00
xbfrogi dunno i'm not seeing delete18:00
EriC^^is there only 'free space' in the table?18:00
xbfroglinux filesystem twice18:01
xbfrogefi syste partition18:01
xbfrogand 2 free space18:01
EriC^^xbfrog: try highlighting the partitions, does 'delete' show up?18:01
xbfrogah, ur so smart  :)18:02
xbfrogok, nothing but free space18:02
EriC^^it's happened with me before, is all :D18:02
EriC^^xbfrog: alright awesome18:02
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, go for "new" again18:03
EriC^^xbfrog: does it say starting sector default 2048?18:03
EriC^^ok keep it blank and press enter18:03
xbfrognow size in sector18:04
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, it's asking for size in sectors now?18:04
EriC^^ok, type "300M"18:04
xbfrogok hex code?18:04
xbfrogpartition name? enter?18:05
xbfrogback to the table18:05
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, again press 'new'18:05
xbfrogfirst sector18:06
EriC^^for starting sector, leave it blank and hit enter18:06
EriC^^xbfrog: for size in sectors, type "2M"18:06
xbfrogdoesnt like it18:07
xbfrogi type 2M an it deletes it18:07
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EriC^^what does it say for default = ?18:09
EriC^^ok i think i know what's happening18:12
xbfrogok, that makes one of us :)18:13
EriC^^xbfrog: in the table there's freespace, then 300 MiB EFI System, then free space?18:13
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, when creating the new partitions, you need to highlight the freespace at the bottom, and press new18:14
EriC^^right now it's trying to create the partition in the tiny free space at the start, before the efi partition18:14
EriC^^xbfrog: hit enter for the questions til it takes you back to the table, then at the very top partition it created, before the efi one, highlight it and delete it18:15
xbfrogso enter at the size in sectors the default?18:15
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah18:15
EriC^^xbfrog: you should end up with free space ... 300MiB EFI System... free space below it18:15
xbfrogok bak to the delete page18:15
xbfrogso use the free space18:16
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, highlight the free space below the EFI system, and press new18:16
xbfrogand click new?18:16
xbfroggot it18:16
xbfrogfirst sector18:16
EriC^^xbfrog: keep it blank18:16
xbfrogsize in sectors18:17
EriC^^xbfrog: yup18:17
EriC^^when it asks for hex code type "ef02" this time18:17
xbfrogoh kay good guess :018:18
xbfroggot it18:18
EriC^^partition name can be left blank as usual18:18
xbfroggot it18:18
xbfrognow i have a new entry18:19
xbfrogbios boot partition18:19
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, once you're back at the table, highlight also the lowermost freespace and press new18:19
EriC^^yup, that sounds good18:20
xbfrogok done18:20
xbfrogfirst sector?18:20
EriC^^now we wanna create the partition for the root filesystem18:20
EriC^^xbfrog: keep it blank18:20
EriC^^xbfrog: this time, when it asks for size in sectors, also keep it blank, that way it'll use up all the space it can18:21
xbfrogsize in secors?18:21
EriC^^xbfrog: for hexcode, type "8300"18:21
xbfrogoops didnt type the hexcode18:21
EriC^^no worries, it's ok it can be changed later, and really it doesnt matter much, the most important one was ef0218:22
xbfrogok did that18:22
EriC^^all good, partition name blank as usual18:22
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, if you want, highlight the lowermost partition (linux filesystem) and press on "type" then put "8300"18:23
EriC^^might as well since we're still in cgdisk18:23
xbfrogit had that value18:24
EriC^^xbfrog: actually it just hit me if you left the hexcode blank, yeah what you just said xD18:24
xbfrogi just pressed enter18:24
EriC^^xbfrog: ok awesome :D now the good stuff, press on "write"18:24
xbfrogare you shure you wanna write?18:25
EriC^^yup, say yes18:25
xbfrogthe operation has competed18:26
xbfrogwoo hoo18:26
EriC^^xbfrog: :D18:26
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "sudo partprobe /dev/sda"18:27
xbfrogthank you for your kind instructions18:27
EriC^^that will let the kernel re-read the partition table18:27
EriC^^no problem18:27
vinvinhi, in ubuntu server 20.04 for raspberry pi, the modules useful for the raspberry are in /lib/modules/5.4.0-1016-raspi/kernel/drivers/staging . Funny enough, this directory is removed on reboot. Anybody has a clue why and how to disable this?18:27
xbfrogsorry w/c brb back18:27
xbfrogok bak18:29
xbfrog ok, type "sudo partprobe /dev/sda right?18:30
xbfrogok,i m still in type18:31
xbfrogty ;)18:31
xbfroglinux, efi, bios,boo, files18:32
xbfrogso how do i get bak to sudo? i'm still in cgdisk18:34
EriC^^xbfrog: ok exit the cgdisk tool18:35
xbfrogok type exit?18:35
xbfrogok i see quit18:35
xbfroggot it18:35
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type 'sudo partprobe /dev/sda'18:35
lesshasteif I leave my 20.04 machine for a while and come back chromium is in a weird state where I can't click on any of the tabs.18:36
EriC^^it might mention about the kernel and partition table blabla, no worries about the line18:36
EriC^^(after you quit cgdisk)18:36
lesshastethis has happened now18:36
EriC^^lesshaste: maybe try to start chromium from a terminal and see if any output/errors show up there18:36
lesshasteEriC^^, I just did that and don't see any errors18:37
lesshastewell just tk-Message: 19:37:01.585: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"18:37
xbfrogmusta typed something wrong, just a return prompt18:37
lesshasteGtk-Message: 19:37:01.585: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"18:37
EriC^^lesshaste: i guess some might show up when it does the whole freezing issue18:37
lesshasteI can alt-tab to it but I can't click on anything18:38
summonnerlesshaste, if you unplug and replug your mouse does that temporarily fix it?18:38
lesshastelet me try18:38
EriC^^xbfrog: that's fine18:38
lesshasteEriC^^,  no. The mouse was working fine18:39
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999'18:39
lesshasteI guess I can just kill it with xkill18:40
EriC^^lesshaste: i think you meant to highlight summonner ?18:40
lesshasteEriC^^, you I think18:40
lesshasteis summonner a person?18:40
summonnerlesshaste, the next option is to switch to a console (ctrl shift f2) then switch back to your X session18:41
EriC^^yeah, they were asking you about the mouse18:41
lesshasteah ok18:41
lesshastesummonner, it didn't make any difference but the mouse hasn't stopped working18:41
lesshasteit's just this collection of tabs of chromium which I now can't access18:41
EriC^^lesshaste: maybe a certain website is causing it to freeze? does it happen if you have different sites open than usual when you leave it?18:42
lesshasteI can open a new working chromium18:42
lesshasteEriC^^,  it's a good question.Is there a log somewhere I should be looking at ?18:42
lesshasteI can't even move the chromium window18:42
EriC^^lesshaste: "top" might show if chromium is taking excessive cpu/memory18:42
summonnerlesshaste, if switching to a console and back to your X session doesn't work, then in your Chromium options, try disabling the Hardware Acceleration and give that a day or two18:42
EriC^^xbfrog: still there? we're practically done at this point, couple commands and we can let it copy18:43
summonneralso    sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module libcanberra-gtk3-module    to have the missing module18:43
lesshastehow do I switch to a console? ctrl-alt-f1 just takes me the X window/gnome log in18:43
summonnerCTRL+ALT+F2   -> then back again (F1 as you said)18:44
lesshastesummonner, thanks.. what are they for?18:44
lesshastesummonner, in 20.04 CTRL+ALT+F2  seems to do nothing at all18:44
summonnerlesshaste, try F3 onwards18:44
lesshasteF5 worked18:45
lesshastesadly it hasn't rescued my chromium18:45
lesshasteI will try disabling hardware acceleration18:45
lesshastexkill here we come18:45
summonnerlesshaste, your mouse - is it a logitech?18:45
xbfrogok typed sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999 got warning: umable to open  /dev/sro read-wire only file system18:45
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xbfrogyes i'm here18:46
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, did it return any link?18:46
xbfrogjust typed my imput and this was the response18:46
EriC^^xbfrog: give it another go, seems termbin is having issues today18:47
lesshastesunrunner20, Microsoft Corp. Wheel Mouse Optical18:47
lesshasteBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub18:47
EriC^^the warning is nothing important, /dev/sr0 is the dvd-rom18:47
xbfrogwarning: unable to open /dev/sr0 read-write read only....18:47
lesshasteI can't start chromium at all now18:47
lesshasteI think I am going to have to reboot18:47
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, try 'sudo parted /dev/sda print | nc termbin.com 9999'18:48
summonnerlesshaste, looks like the problem might have to do with power management on your USB root hub then18:48
summonneri had that problem a year or so ago with a mouse of mine - it would randomly stop working and I tracked it down to power management18:49
summonnerthe only app which would fail was Firefox18:50
xbfrogwell crum, let me enter it again i see my error18:51
Doc-SaintlyI'm trying to use xrdp and when I use the Xorg option, it immediately disconnects after I type in my username and password. the log doesn't show much. What could be the cause of this?18:52
EriC^^xbfrog: oki18:52
Doc-SaintlyAnd does it perform differently than the vnc option?  or will both perform the as far as speed?18:53
summonnerDoc-Saintly, you should look at the logs (if you don't have logs, find some options to enable the logs)18:53
xbfrogmagic happens when you put in the right commands18:53
Doc-Saintlysummonner, took a look and didn't see much, here it is:18:55
xbfrogugh, this is what i hated about win 3.118:55
xbfrognow its back in win 1018:56
summonnerDoc-Saintly, (looking at the logs...) you're not trying to connect to your own machine are you?18:56
Doc-Saintlysummonner, I am. But of course I tried from another device as well :) I got the same result.18:57
summonnerRDP won't let you do that -- you'll end up in an endless mirror display loop.18:57
EriC^^xbfrog: alright, type "sudo mkfs.fat -F 32 /dev/sda1"18:57
summonnerDoc-Saintly, see if you can get the logs from the other machine?18:57
EriC^^xbfrog: that will create the filesystem for the fat32 efi partition18:58
Doc-Saintlythat's why I started doing it local, because the "other" is a phone which doesn't show me logs. I did get an error abour encryption once.18:58
vinvinanybody has experience with scrambled audio on ubuntu with alsa? it works fine with debian but with ubuntu it feels like it's too slow to play it18:58
Doc-Saintlysummonner, and this is the session manager log18:59
Doc-Saintlywill try again from the other machine though ,see if any difference in the logs18:59
summonnerDoc-Saintly, yeah that says you're trying to connect to yourself too, ::1 again loop, won't happen19:00
xbfrogok done19:00
Doc-Saintlyhttps://bin.disroot.org/?1f7f3e0864286fa9#4Ln1f5YCMvWUk2RG23UQQxj4ePABs1GHprqAg1qDzUe7 <- from another device then19:02
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, in your browser open up https://termbin.com/x7t719:02
xbfrogon vaio? or Hp?19:02
EriC^^xbfrog: type "sudo mkfs.ext4 -U d12a4abf-2741-4221-bb4c-c69eec5c8d29 /dev/sda4"19:03
EriC^^xbfrog: on the vaio19:03
xbfrogok got it19:03
EriC^^that whole string of numbers is found in that link19:03
Lutincan it be that /etc/nginx/sites-available/default is now allowed to be removed when you want to in a docker build on Ubuntu ?19:03
EriC^^xbfrog: what we're doing is formatting the root filesystem, and we're giving mkfs the UUID (like the id of filesystem) that belongs to the old drive one, so we dont have to modify that in the system later19:05
xbfrogits reallly really slow19:05
summonnerDoc-Saintly, so which machines do you have? which is the server and which is the client? Win10?19:05
vinvinhm. strangely mpv on ubuntu uses pulseaudio when alsa is activated as output, that's why it's scrambled19:06
summonnerDoc-Saintly, do you have a file    ~/.xsession-errors   ? Can you pastebin that if you do?19:06
summonnerLutin, you mean you want to run the docker to handle the default webserver port? 80/443?19:08
Lutinsummonner no I want it to remove the file but I'm not allowed, why ?19:10
summonnerLutin, you don't want to remove the sites-available file, you want to remove the link in the sites-enabled folder19:11
Lutinsummonner sure but in that case someone is still able to create the symlink so that is why I wanted to remove it19:11
summonnerLutin well... someone has to come along and do it right? but clarify the docker part for me first if you please?19:12
xbfrogi had to w/c again19:12
Lutinsummonner why do I need to explain docker, docker = docker and you can do whatever you want in it. Even echo "I'm sexy and my Distro knows it".19:13
EriC^^wb, any luck on the termbin link opening?19:13
EriC^^xbfrog: ^19:13
summonnerDoc-Saintly, also, do you have this log file?  /var/log/xrdp-sesman.log19:13
xbfrogok browser opendd19:15
xbfrogtyped termbin19:15
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, put in https://termbin.com/x7t719:15
xbfrogok i cant do this any more today i need a break19:17
xbfrogi'll leave this up if we can continue later19:18
EriC^^xbfrog: sure, no problem, we've covered a lot of ground already, we just need to make the last filesystem, and run the copy command and then reinstall grub, we can do those later19:19
Doc-Saintlysummonner, checking19:20
EriC^^xbfrog: i'll be here tomorrow same time, so maybe we can continue then19:20
Doc-Saintlysummonner, and the last link is the sesman from the phone client19:21
summonnerDoc-Saintly, if you read this StackOverflow post, was there an order which you installed the RDP server? like the first answer? https://askubuntu.com/questions/797973/error-problem-connecting-windows-10-rdp-into-xrdp19:24
Doc-Saintlysummonner, no errors in the xsessions either, just looks like it's trying to set up, but now I see the client is saying there is a data encryption error19:24
Doc-SaintlyI haven't gotten to a computer to try from windows 10 yet.19:25
summonnerDoc-Saintly, in that post, there's an option to disable the encryption - give that a try?19:25
Doc-Saintlyyea let me check that out.19:25
Doc-Saintlysummonner, ah, but I'm using x11vnc for the server so I guess I need to edit the encryption there.19:27
Doc-SaintlyBut is it true that I can't use RDP on the machine while I'm logged in?19:28
summonneryou cannot rdp to yourself because you'd be looking in a mirror looking in a mirror looking in a mirror etc19:30
summonnerVNC allows you to open a separate display19:30
summonnerthat display is another virtual desktop on your system in a different section of memory, so that would work, but RDP was designed by Microsoft along a single-user paradigm19:32
Doc-Saintlysummonner, understand that I can't do it from the same machine19:32
Doc-Saintlyand actually, doing so with vnc gives you a nice mirror like you're talking abouti.19:32
Doc-Saintlyand I thought xrdp basically hooks into the vnc?19:32
summonnerDoc-Saintly, if you connect to the same session which is active as your desktop, yes, mirror19:35
Doc-Saintlyyes, but in this case I would at least expect the RDP to connect successfully and show the mirror, which is why I wasn't concerned about connecting in a loopback, since it seems to be an initial connection issue19:36
Doc-Saintlysummonner, does it matter if the vnc server has a password on it? I don't quite know how xrdp can accses the VNC server since it has a password on it, unless it knows to read the file directly.19:37
summonnerVNC and RDP are kinda the same thing in different ways. In essence, you need a VNC client to connect to a VNC session and RDP/RDP19:37
Doc-SaintlyI understand they are different protocols, but I was reading that xrdp utilizes VNC on linux to expose an rdp-compatible service?19:38
Doc-Saintlyso without vnc xrdp doesn't work at all, right?19:38
summonnerxrdp handles the X window manager interface and allows an RDP session to connect to it19:40
Doc-SaintlyI see. Let me give it a try from win 10 and come back19:41
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CarlFKplugging in a usb3 hub, dmesg shows:  xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: Not enough bandwidth. Proposed: 1589616, Max: 160719:49
CarlFKmaybe a fix is: rmmod xhci_hcd, but rmmod: ERROR: Module xhci_hcd is builtin.19:50
CarlFKany ideas on now to reset, other than turn the box off and on again ?19:50
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CarlFKusing my other usb port doesn't have that problem.  so.. fixed for now.19:55
summonnerCarlFK,   lspci -v | grep xhci    does it show the kernel owns it? probably19:58
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CarlFKsummonner: Kernel driver in use: xhci_hcd20:13
SCHAPiEMight be power related.20:15
lenswipehey folks20:15
lenswipeim trying to install obs studio from flatpak but flatpak doesn't show the latest version of KDE SDK for me on my ubuntu box20:16
lenswipebut only debian box it shows up just fine20:16
Doc-Saintlysummonner, thanks for your help. trying from a windows client and I got the same issue. once I logged out locally I could connect in through the XRDP, but then anything that uses graphics acceleration doesn't work :\20:25
Doc-SaintlyI'm guessing that's just a limitation of xrdp? And vnc has pretty poor response times for graphic heavy things too. Is there any suggestion of something I could use to do video / games on Ubuntu remotely?20:25
compdocx2go is nice. I use it for all my systems20:26
compdocbut it needs a 2d desktop, as do vnc and the others20:27
lenswipeim trying to install something that depends on obs-studio20:33
lenswipei have "obs" installed from the official OBS ppa, but not "obs-studio"20:33
lenswipethe problem being that dpkg thinks I'm missing "obs-studio"20:34
lenswipeis there any way to point dpkg at "obs" and tell it to look at that instead?20:34
Bashing-omlenswipe: apt, flatpak, abd snap are differnet packaging and do not talk one to the other.20:36
summonnerDoc-Saintly, for VNC, you can reduce the PIcture Quality option to Medium, for RDP, you can set the speed of the connection to 129Kb/s20:36
lenswipeBashing-om, im aware. I found out that flatpak no longer supports i386 so I've walked that back and am now using apt to install OBS20:36
summonnercompdoc, you mean it has to have a real video interface? no virtual?20:37
Doc-Saintlysummonner, yea, basically a game that is hooking into the video card, or streaming a video (I think video could accept virtual)20:37
Doc-Saintlysummonner, yea, I played with some of the encodings but I assume it's just about the constant refresh rate and trying to do the whole screen without a modern codec. Does VNC have some support for h264/5?20:38
summonnerDoc-Saintly, VNC does a full repaint unless you change the algo - looking at what options there are20:38
Bashing-omlenswipe: "snap find obs-studio " >> obs-studio  25.0.8   snapcrafters .20:39
summonnerDoc-Saintly, try a different set of encodings - like Hexile - it can only repaint the area under the mouse20:39
summonnersee what works best for you20:39
lenswipeBashing-om, that gets OBS installed...but it doesn't help with my need to install plugins20:41
oerhekslenswipe, obs?  .. all i find is obs-studio20:42
summonnerDoc-Saintly,  but games - you're not going to get a decent refresh or quality. Games are designed for 16 million colors, with 5ms refresh. You might get 320x200 on a 2Mb link. You're not going to get a video optimized stream because X was never designed for FMV20:42
oerheks!find obs20:42
ubottuFound: astro-virtual-observatory, casacore-data-observatories, erlang-observer, fonts-lobster, fonts-lobstertwo, golang-github-jacobsa-bazilfuse-dev, golang-github-jacobsa-crypto-dev, golang-github-jacobsa-fuse-dev, golang-github-jacobsa-gcloud-dev, golang-github-jacobsa-oglematchers-dev (and 11686 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=obs&searchon=names&suite=focal&section=all20:42
Bashing-om!info obs-studio focal |  lenswipe20:42
ubottulenswipe: obs-studio (source: obs-studio): recorder and streamer for live video content. In component universe, is optional. Version 25.0.3+dfsg1-2 (focal), package size 1523 kB, installed size 7674 kB20:42
Doc-Saintlysummonner, understood, thanks. need to wait for the parsec / rainway guys to decide it's worth it to put their stuff on Linux :(20:42
lenswipeBashing-om, yep. but that version is too old for the plugin i want to install20:43
lenswipethe NDI plugin depends on OBS > 25.0.720:44
lotharndoes ubuntu have a minimal install anymore?20:44
oerhekslotharn, yes, it is an install option20:44
Bashing-omlenswipe: Then all I can suggest is the snap install , that I know nothing about.20:45
oerhekslenswipe,  so you need Focal 20.04 or higher .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/obs-studio20:45
lenswipeoerheks, so i can't just tell dpkg that the dependency it's trying to resolve is installed but with a different name?!20:46
lotharnoerheks: where?20:46
oerheksyou said you installed 'obs' .. i cannot find it.20:46
lenswipeoerheks, https://obsproject.com/download20:47
oerhekslotharn, start the ubuntu iso, you will see the option, after 'language' and 'keyboard' steps20:47
lenswipei added the PPA and installed from there. '20:47
lotharnfrom the server iso?20:47
lenswipe"obs-studio" is not installed. "obs" is. Note the quotes. It's the same thing, but dpkg is looking for the wrong name20:47
oerhekslotharn, howcome you think server has a minimal option?20:47
lenswipeoerheks, it's like if you wrote an app that depended on "vlc-media-player" and I have a build of it installed just packaged as "vlc"20:48
oerhekslenswipe, not supported, ask the ppa owner? we only do our packages, for obvious reason.20:48
lotharnwhy shouldnt i?20:48
lenswipeit's the same thing, but just with a different package name20:48
oerheksgood luck!20:49
pirxhi! how many millisecs does it take for you guys to run "time gnome-terminal" on a idle system? i feel my installation is sluggish (i just upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04 and nothing really changed).20:50
pirx690ms for me on avegare btw20:50
Fensterhey guys, I was in here a week or 2 ago trying to figure out why my ubuntu machine wouldnt update... i keep getting azure.archive.ubuntu.com , could not connect when trying to run apt20:51
Fensterwe thought it was because of that internet failure a few weeks ago but I am trying again with no luck20:52
Doc-SaintlyCould anyone advise how to set up a bridged network interface with virt-manager like on Virtual Box? I want my VMs to appear to be on the same network as the host. the guys in that channel didn't respond :\20:52
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/20:52
oerheksDoc-Saintly, ^^\20:52
Fensteranyone know why it keeps trying to access that location and why it is unreachable?20:54
oerheksFenster, looks like WSL ??20:54
Fensteroerheks, what is WSL?20:55
Doc-Saintlyoerheks, thanks - but it looks like virt-manager sets up the bridge on its own? Or you mean I need to manually configure it with net plan and then join that with with the UI?20:55
oerheksDoc-Saintly, yes, netplan is the tool to make it happen20:56
Doc-Saintlyok, I'll read about it. thanks20:56
Bashing-omFenster: azur ? I do not see it as an offical mirror: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors . Try changing your mirror ?20:57
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide20:57
oerheksseriously, you don't know about linux on windows?20:57
Fensterah this is an ubuntu VM running on azure20:57
oerheksoh, als important to mention, ubuntu vm ..20:57
Fensterya sorry20:57
oerheksazure, i don't know.20:58
oerheksmaybe you use an outdated ubuntu vm?20:58
Fenstersudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list brings up my sources.list file20:59
Fensterall are pointing that to that location21:00
oerheksFenster, what version?21:00
oerhekstime to run full upgrade, we are at 18.04.5 now21:03
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade #  and reboot21:03
Fensterit keeps trying to hit that azure mirror and dies21:04
oerheksFenster, then go into update settings, change mirror?21:04
Fenstercan you help walk me through that please?21:04
oerheksno idea howto see if that azure mirror is up2date/down/whatever21:05
Fensterlooks like there is a 3rd party software apt-mirror21:06
oerheksin update settings, 1st screen21:06
Fensterim sshd in21:06
Fensterno gui21:06
FensterCLI only21:06
oerheksmaybe someone else is familiair with Azure??21:07
nightBulbFenster, https://askubuntu.com/questions/104695/how-do-i-change-mirrors-in-ubuntu-server-from-regional-to-main21:09
nightBulbthis might help ?21:09
Fensterthx nightBulb just found that too21:09
Fenstertrying to walk through it21:09
oerheksthat could work, but this is azure...21:09
Fensteroerheks, what would be different?21:11
Fensterif it is a vm, why would it matter where it looks to download?21:11
nightBulbUbuntu OS -- VM -- Azure HOST --- NETWORK /INternet21:12
nightBulbMaybe ... :P21:12
Fensternot sure I follow21:13
oerheksFenster, did you try to run full-upgrade yet?21:13
oerheksi think you should..21:13
Fensteroerheks, It keeps looking to download that full-upgrade from that unreachable host21:13
summonnerI'd wait to see if it's supported inside Azure first21:13
oerheksthen find someone to help you with azure.21:13
summonnerthere should be technical notes from Microsoft talking about supported versions as VMs21:14
Fensteroh I see21:14
Fensteryou are suggesting not to do an OS version just in case21:14
FensterIm just trying to do a unifi upgrade21:14
summonnerunifi as in the Ubiquiti routers?21:15
Fensterya there is a new unifi controller version and It fails when I try to sudo apt-get upgrade unifi21:15
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade #  and reboot21:17
oerheksreally, such command does not exist, upgrading 1 package21:17
summonnerFenster, do you have the correct apt source for your Ubuntu release?21:17
summonnerThis page lists the different sources: https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/220066768-UniFi-How-to-Install-and-Update-via-APT-on-Debian-or-Ubuntu21:17
oerhekss̶u̶d̶o̶ ̶a̶p̶t̶-̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶u̶p̶g̶r̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶f̶i̶21:17
Doc-SaintlyCan netplan be mixed with NetworkManager? Or in order to make a bridge I have to give up the network manager GUI config?21:18
Bashing-omDoc-Saintly: netpland and network-manager should not be mixed - see: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan .21:23
Doc-SaintlyBashing-om, I see :( unfortunately I'm on a laptop so that would kind of kill me, since I'll need to change wireless networks21:23
Doc-Saintlyvirt-manager is able to make a bridge that works with a different subnet and I still have network manager running.21:24
Doc-Saintlyis it such a big change to just have virt-manager give it a different subnet?21:24
Fensterok so I followed the unifi instructions and it upgraded21:24
Fensterbut during the apt-get update and upgrade processes, it keeps trying to reach that azure server and fails21:25
Fensternot sure why21:25
Fensterbut it looks like it didnt interfere with the unifi installation21:25
Fensterthanks for all your help21:26
Bashing-omDoc-Saintly: Sorry, I have no experience with bridging in netplan :( Can not say.21:35
Doc-SaintlyBashing-om,  thanks for the tips anyway. found this one and will try it to see if it helps: https://adefaultsk.fedoraproject.org/t/creating-virtual-networks-in-virt-manager/3004/821:36
Bashing-omDoc-Saintly: ^ does not load in my browser.21:39
Doc-Saintlyhrm, not sure why, but it gives a couple commands to basically create the bridge on the CLI, giving it a shot.21:39
Doc-SaintlyI suppose it's also possible in the network manager GUI, but it's a whole lot of options I don't understand21:39
katronixHi all, can anyone point me in the right direction of turning partitions into either Raid 0, LVM, or something similar after the fact?21:44
* katronix wonders if https://websiteforstudents.com/how-to-create-a-volume-group-on-ubuntu-18-04-16-04-with-lvm/ would work21:47
FaTaL_Guh oh???? I just initiated an apt update//upgrade on my existing functioning 20.04, and I'm getting a failure on each /var/lib/dkms/* while its doing the kernel update:  https://pastebin.com/9XvkVkif23:23
FaTaL_Gapparently 5 build issues. all seem to be related to pfring 7.7.023:25
FaTaL_Ghow can I reinitiate the kernel update? I presume I should remove and reinstall pfring23:26
nerdjoneshello all, im trying to install compton to get rid of screen tearing, but i cant seem to find out how to get rid of the old one? does anyone have any reading that can point me in the right direction?23:27
blahboybazI have 2 directories on my local system that are mounted to 2 other mount points respectively. It was done through / via fstab. The problem is every time my comptuer restarts the directories are not mounted properly and I have to do a "$ sudo umount /path/to/mount/point" to both of them then a :$ sudo mount -a".  I'd really like to get this sorted out so that they mount when then system boots up and not have to manually fix it.23:53
blahboybazCan anyone help?23:53
beefmanhow do i determine which gcc version was used to compile the kernels at https://kernel.ubuntu.com/ ?  the nvidia driver wants me to compile with the same version as that used to compile the kernel, and i get dependency headaches in 20.04 with gcc-10_10.2.0-5ubuntu2 (which matches the one used to compile kernel 5.8.7 on the ppa)23:58

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