EickmeyerOvenWerks: Sorry, I just saw this. (had IRC relay issues earlier). Just upgraded Carla in Groovy.03:07
Eickmeyer(I get an email on every project I maintain when it releases a new version)03:08
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I actually saw a remark from you to falktx in #lad (I think)04:25
EickmeyerYep, that was me. I'll try to throw it in a PPA in the morning.04:32
OvenWerksEickmeyer: after thinking about it... I should build anyway. That allows me to compare 2.1 to 2.2rc215:04
OvenWerksArdour 6.3 tagged... release today or tomorrow15:09
EickmeyerIt likely won't make it in time for 20.10. We're beyond feature freeze, and if it contains any new features, it'll require a FFe.15:31
OvenWerksI understand that. I am guessing it also has to come from debian first.15:32
OvenWerksThere are always new features :)15:33
* OvenWerks added some himself15:33
OvenWerksbackports though15:37
EickmeyerYeah, probably backports. 15:46
EickmeyerBut yes, I'd rather it be in Debian first.15:46
OvenWerksEickmeyer: BTW, any change I make to controls would be past FF as well17:09
OvenWerksEickmeyer: re: self-connect-mode. I thought this was a true/false param and was going to use a checkbox for it. Then I noticed it was char and not bool17:54
OvenWerksthere are five possibilities: Don't restrict, 'E' - Fail self connect requests to external ports only, 'e' - Ignore self connect requests to external ports only, 'A' - Fail all self connect requests and 'a' - Ignore all self connect requests.17:55
OvenWerksI pretty much feel I would like to use ' ' and either e or a. I think a "Fail" would give us more grief. To be honest, stopping connects at the jack end just feels wrong to me. It is in my opinion something that should be taken care of at the client end.17:58
OvenWerkshowever, when almost all clients default to auto connect, it is nice to have one place to stop that.17:59
OvenWerksOn the other hand, this will cause trouble with monolithic applications like qtractor or ardour that include routing GUIs inside and do their own "session management".18:07
OvenWerksI am starting to convince myself this is a bad(tm) idea.18:08
OvenWerksBasically anything that remembers connections as part of it's project would be broken18:10
OvenWerksSo if we do this I would suggest to use e or none still with a checkbox.18:11
OvenWerksmaybe a "(breaks qtracktor and ardour)" warning18:12
EickmeyerI think self-connect mode would be OK for a quick FFe.19:14
EickmeyerHonestly, the only reason to have that would be for unsupported applications like bitwig and reaper, so I consider it a low priority at best.19:15
OvenWerksI was thinking it is only good for session managers that like a clean state before starting but I would guess they can disconnect unwanted connections too.19:16
EickmeyerOvenWerks: ^19:16
EickmeyerYeah. I'm not sure this is a feature we necessarily want. If you do put it in, bury it?19:16
OvenWerks"Auto Connect Defeat"?19:18
OvenWerksI am not sure where to bury it. It rightly belongs with jack master stuff19:19
OvenWerksunchecked should be default state (allow auto connect)19:20
Eickmeyer"Don't Allow Client Auto Connect" with a warning box when checked.19:22
OvenWerksI am edging closer to either forget about it, think a lot more or use drop down that has all 5 options19:23
OvenWerksIt is almost worth a warning dialog :P19:24
OvenWerksEickmeyer: also we have a function that will reconnect any connection to system:playback_1/2 to "Main Ouptu Ports"19:28
EickmeyerI mean, we have time to think about it. Probably not good for 20.10 but then again, backports.19:30
* Eickmeyer is going to be driving for pretty much the rest of the day19:31
OvenWerksI think it is best not to add this feature at this time. I do want to think on it more.19:31
EickmeyerAgreed, 100%.19:31
OvenWerksno worries19:31
OvenWerksdrive safe...19:31
* OvenWerks can't find this option in qjackctl19:38

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