eclectic_billafter my first successful multitrack recording this morning, with ardour, now ardour says "disk can't keep up with ardour". the disk is a new ssd!00:25
eclectic_billdell latitude e5530, 16g ram, plenty of free space everywhere00:26
eclectic_billwell, I see above someone talking about swap file. I removed my swap partition last night in a vain attempt to make room for avlinux, so maybe that is throwing it off. even tho it shouldn't need it with 16g00:34
eclectic_billworked fine this morning tho...00:34
eclectic_billmade new swap and rebooting...00:43
eclectic_billand still getting that same error.00:46
Eickmeyereclectic_bill: That simply means that your hard drive or SSD speed (whatever you're writing to) cannot keep up. It's a hardware issue, nothing to do with Ubuntu.02:34
EickmeyerBasically, you have to upgrade your hardware.02:34

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