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xu-irc77wDoes anyone know why xubuntu 20.04 forces numlock to be enabled if the device is a laptop and has an external keyboard? It does so in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-xubuntu-numlock.conf, which calls out to xubuntu-numlockx, which calls /etc/X11/Session.d/55numlockx, which leaves numlock as auto unless the device is a laptop with an external15:01
xu-irc77wSorry, it doesn't leave it as auto, it enables it, unless the device is a laptop, in which case it enables it if there is an external keyboard connected.15:04
cimbakahnAnyone around?19:50
cimbakahnDoes anyone know why i am getting this error at install?  Unable to install GRUB in /dev/sda19:51
cimbakahnExecuting `grub-install /dev/sda` failed.19:51
cimbakahnThis is a fatal error.19:51
Bashing-omcimbakahn: Just a thought - the install is UEFI, and booted the USB in legacy mode ?19:54
cimbakahnI believe it is UEFI, and i believe i have legacy turned on.19:57
cimbakahnI just redid my flash USB stick incase that was the problem, but it happened again.19:58
cimbakahnIt is so irritating!19:59
cimbakahnI am not trying to dual boot, so therefore i feel i should not have to mess with partitions.  I am just using the whole disk to install 1 Operating System.20:02
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cimbakahnI am going to turn legacy of and see if it installs that way.20:09
tomreynthat's worth a try. bios update can help, too. disabling secure boot, too.20:32
tomreynthere are also logs you could inspect, to get a better error message.20:33
cimbakahnWell, that didn't work.20:45
cimbakahnI think secure boot is already turned off.20:46
Bashing-omcimbakahn: Might be good at this point to show us in a pastie what it is that you are working with ' sudo parted -l ' from the liveUSB.20:51
cimbakahnI don't know how to create a pastebin from a laptop i am trying to install a new O.S. in.21:08
Bashing-omcimbakahn: cimbakahn: I do not know if 'nc' is installed on the live - but try as ' sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 '. The result should be a URL back in terminal; pass the link back here.21:16
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