lotuspsychjegood morning02:58
ducassegood morning06:42
marcoagpintoThe demon is here!06:44
oerheksgrinn https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eg1Msn6WAAEqMJU?format=jpg&name=medium18:54
oerheksanyone wants a epson printer for free? DM me18:54
akemhpNice one :P19:24
sarnoldoerheks: fwiw I suspect the https isn't it -- it's not failing to contact things, it's failing in running postinst scripts, and apt-transport-https has been part of the main apt package for a while now; I cn't recall when exactly..21:09
oerheksyes, i find funny python3 version too21:10
oerheksi have python3.6      3.6.9-1~18.0 amd64  on bionic 18.04.521:11
oerheks3.6.7 something on his system?21:11
sarnoldgonna be a bad time then21:11
oerheksand that could be caused by 1 package held back... you spotted elementary??21:12
sarnoldat least one package in the dpkg -l output had an ~elemetnary of some sort in the version strings, and it's all over this apt-get update output21:12
oerheksdebian-python ..21:38
oerheksdo not drink & sudo, oerheks21:38
oerhekssarnold, five bucks on "go ask elementary os" gives 3 bucks when you win.21:42
sarnoldoerheks: lol21:42
tomreynthe versions he has for python3 and python3.6 are default for 18.0421:43
tomreynbut i guess he's one of those who like to have multiple python environments on the system level21:43
tomreyni.e. not virtualenv, not --user / --local21:44
daftykinswell as the old line goes, 2 snakes are better than one... ;)21:44
tomreynpython2 bites, python2 self-destructs21:45
tomreynturn 2: python3 bites, python3 is still standing!21:45
oerhekssnake eyes, seven eleven tra la la ..21:46
* oerheks is TAPP fan21:47

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