cmaloneyBTW MUG Meeting tonight (http://mug.org)12:25
cmaloneyWe're going to be remote for the forseeable future so if you've wanted to come to a meeting this is as good a time as any. ;)12:26
Scary_Guylol, I've read all of that.  Funny site though and I like how they put hacker in quotes.14:32
Scary_GuyMy favorite client is still materialistic for android.14:33
Scary_GuyThough it could use some updating14:33
Scary_GuyI didn't see this mentioned though.  I thought it was big news https://linuxreviews.org/%22Linusgate%22_Leaked:_Over_250_Messages_About_Code_of_Conduct_Complaints_Against_Linus_Torvalds14:35
cmaloneyI'm sure there's a point in there but damned if I can find it14:49
brian__Does anyone know what might prevent a program run as a user cron job from playing sound to the ALSA driver?17:32
brian__The program in question works just fine when run from the terminal.17:32
jrwrenenv vars17:32
brian__Ok, thanks. I need to go spelunking through my env to see what might be missing, then. *sigh*17:33
brian__The odd thing is that it used to work, meaning something changed in my setup since then.17:35
cmaloneybrian__: Also could be that ALSA is locked by another process17:37
brian__It's looking like env vars. Running bash with an empty env gets me "Connection refused" and "Inappropriate ioctl for device" messages.17:41
cmaloneyDoes it work from cron when you're logged in?17:42
jrwrenwhat app?17:43
cmaloneyhow are you opening the sound device / executing th is? :)17:43
jrwrenmpg123 or something?17:43
brian__paplay from the pulseaudio-utils package.17:44
cmaloneypaplay to the alsa device?17:45
brian__The actual program is grandfatherclock. I initially thought it was going straight to ALSA when I glanced at the config file, but it's actually calling paplay which then tries to play a .au sound file to Pulse audio.17:47
cmaloneyah, OK17:48
cmaloneySo it's not alsa, but more likely pulseaudio17:48
cmaloneyis it a system-wide pulseaudio or pulseaudio that's started by your user?17:49
cmaloneyIf it's Ubuntu then you likely have two pulseaudio daemons running17:49
cmaloneyone for lightdm and one for your user17:49
brian__My user.17:50
brian__I just see the one.17:50
brian__Ok, that makes sense, then.17:50
cmaloneyyou might have some luck adding "--verbose" to see what it's trying to run17:50
cmaloneybecause pulseaudio tries to smooth over a lot of crap happening at the soundcard level17:51
cmaloneyThe "connection refused" is likely that the daemon isn't running17:52
cmaloneythe inappropriate ioctl makes me wonder what device it's trying to run against, and if it's actually trying some odd fallback or something17:52
cmaloneybut --verbose should give you more details on what its doing.17:52
cmaloneyGood luck!17:52
brian__You're right, I don't think it is. top tells me that pulseaudiop is being run with the --daemonize=no options.17:52
cmaloneyThat's likely the gdm version17:53
brian__I'm running KDE.17:53
cmaloneyerm, whatever KDE does then. ;)17:53
cmaloneycheck the user that its running against17:54
brian__It's running as my user.17:55
jrwrenwhat about PULSE_SERVER envvar?17:57
brian__Not defined.17:57
jrwrenwhat does pax11publish or xprop -root PULSE_SERVER say?18:00
brian__not found18:00
jrwrenno pax11publish command? hrmf.18:01
brian__I have it. It just doesn't print anything.18:01
brian__And now I've messed everything up. My KDE volume control widget is no longer recognizing the ouput device (Pulse Audio).18:02
brian__I'm going to log out and log back in to try getting KDE's Pulse Audio config to work again.18:04
brian__Finally got it. I needed to configure pulseaudio to set up a unix socket that clients can use.18:45
cmaloneyAh, cool18:46
cmaloneyGlad it got sorted18:46

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