Squarismwhat is prefered way of backing up on system to the harddisk on another?00:03
SquarismBig tar files?00:03
Squarism(if you want to avoid unnecessary fragmentation)00:04
blahboybazWhat is a proper way to read only mount something? I tried in my fstab but it's not working00:05
beefmanblahboybaz: what'd you put in fstab?  did you unmount/remount after editing it?00:05
beefmanif you are root you can simply mount -o ro <something> <somewhere>00:06
blahboybazbeefman: https://pastebin.com/eNWDzGmj00:07
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blahboybazNot sure if that's good info / sources00:07
blahboybazbeefman: Yeah but I want to persist it somehow00:08
blahboybazbeefman:  So the source directory is a git repository of a local project (in both cases it is) and the targed directory is in the web root of apache where I am serving it to my browser (all locall / everything local).00:09
leftyfbblahboybaz: maybe look at bind mounts and/or overlayfs00:10
blahboybazI havent' been dealing iwth fixing it properly because I just loath doing sys admin stuff like this. Seems to me like a massive undertaking (for a guy like me)00:11
leftyfbblahboybaz: also, make sure your directory mounts are AFTER the filesystem mount in fstab00:11
blahboybazleftyfb: They are the last 2 lines at the end of fstab file00:11
blahboybazdoes order matter though?00:12
leftyfbblahboybaz: are they bind mounts?00:12
blahboybazleftyfb: lemme get the file pasted00:12
FaTaL_Gcan anyone help me the one step farther I need? from my pastebin with the kernel update - https://pastebin.com/9XvkVkif  .... I need to solve the missing /usr/src/pfring-7.7.0/ (I once had paid for ntopng, but removed it some time ago... not sure perhaps something didn't clean up00:12
beefmanthere's no fstab in there blahboybaz00:13
beefmanyes you mount your hardware first then your bind mounts00:13
beefmanbind mounts are easy, just <sourcedir> <targetdir> none bind00:13
leftyfbFaTaL_G: you'll have to seek support from the pfring project00:13
FaTaL_Gleftyfb, I dont use it anymore, Im on mainstream packaged from distro00:14
blahboybazMaybe you can see something wrong in here?  https://pastebin.com/VRHJvTpq00:14
leftyfbFaTaL_G: then properly remove it00:14
FaTaL_Gdoes that matter?00:14
blahboybaz^ that's my current fstab00:14
blahboybazbeefman: leftyfb: ^ ?00:15
leftyfbblahboybaz: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/48686200:16
blahboybazI see a word "none" in one of my lines and it does not look like it belongs there (idk)00:17
leftyfbblahboybaz: it belongs. Please read and follow the link I provided00:17
blahboybazleftyfb: So I should have "x-systemd.requires=/data,bind" for options? What parts of that pertain to my sitch?  What would my rvalue be in my case?00:22
blahboybazbut it looks like he's mounting some root (or charoot) dir to a subdir of his local root. And he's mounting a network file system's root to a local subdir of his local root. With me it is subdir to subdir and both local.00:24
leftyfbblahboybaz: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/6s3XgbYMB7/00:24
blahboybazI see said the blind man00:25
blahboybazI have to make sure root "/" is mounted BEFORE the other stuff (like we said before). Now I see how that code does that.00:25
leftyfbblahboybaz: if you read the solution, it explains that the issue with systemd based OS's it doesn't mount fstab entries serially anymore, they all get mounted in parallel. Specifying the x-systemd.requires= sets a dependency on the parent filesystem, in your case that's is the root filesystem or "/"00:26
blahboybazleftyfb: yeah, I just didn't get what they were ooing to fix it (to apply it to my situation) until I saw the "/" rvalue in what you pasted00:28
blahboybazmakes sense now00:28
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jescisI got 30.1GB of my main HDD and 16.8 available. Is that or my RAM the reason switching between multiple applications is getting slow?00:35
jescisMy laptop maxes at 8GB RAM00:36
pavlosjescis: specs of laptop?00:43
jescispavlos: Dell Inspiron 11 3180 30.1GB internal HDD, 8GB RAM and running Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.00:46
pavlosjescis: maybe your spinning hdd is slow. Can you upgrade to an ssd?00:49
edoneerfhm small HDD no offense00:53
jescispavlos: idk, maybe :\00:53
edoneerfsounds slow00:53
pavlosjescis: you should have gnome-disks, this allows you t obenchmark the disk and see read write speed and access00:54
edoneerfArch would thrive on the disk, but idk about Fecal Fossa.00:55
jescisedoneerf: I got rid of Windows 10 for ubuntu because it crashed twice!00:55
edoneerfwin10 on 30gb disk sounds no good00:55
edoneerfjescis: sure you got the whole disk mapped out? Might be a recovery partition in there00:56
jescisedoneerf: I think that's just the usable space, 32GB is the capacity00:56
edoneerfshould be enough for an Ubuntu install.00:57
edoneerfunless I'm ten years out of date00:57
blahboybazleftleg_: No dice brother. I just did a restart and same issue. I noticed that the mounts show up in /proc/mount output in different places in the output beofre fixing manually than after fixing manually..  https://pastebin.com/N0Xzqs4F00:57
tpanmajiaI'm running Ubuntu 18.04 in a Debian testing chroot00:58
tpanmajiaplain old chroot00:58
tpanmajiabut the shell in chroot could not find its controlling tty00:58
tpanmajiatyping tty in the shell only gets me an error00:58
tpanmajia'not a tty'00:59
jescisedoneerf: Also I wiped the hard drive when I installed ubuntu00:59
edoneerfever considered a better distro?00:59
edoneerfI'm typing from an Ubuntu 20.04 server so it seems to work01:00
edoneerfthe top was 14.x imho. 12.x was even better. the snap bullshit is whatever it is. no offence.01:04
edoneerfLTS all the way. But these new times are unsettling.01:04
guivercedoneerf, opinions belong in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic, this is a support channel/room01:06
edoneerfI got you01:06
edoneerfterribly sorry01:06
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jescisWhen I installed ubuntu I chose to dedicate the whole HDD to ubuntu!01:18
jescisedoneerf: looks like it works according to here: https://linux-hardware.org/index.php?id=ide:dell-wr202kd032g-e70290f501:20
edoneerfjescis: thumbs up01:20
edoneerflooks certified somehow for 20.0401:21
beefmanhow do i determine which gcc version was used to compile the kernels at https://kernel.ubuntu.com/ ?  the nvidia driver wants me to compile with the same version as that used to compile the kernel, and i get dependency headaches in 20.04 with gcc-10_10.2.0-5ubuntu2 (which matches the one used to compile kernel 5.8.7 on the ppa)01:27
leftyfbbeefman: if you're using the stock kernel, then you're using the correct version of gcc to compile01:33
FaTaL_Gleftyfb, thanks - I was able to remove the garbage leftover from ntop/pfring specific /usr/src builds and cleanly got the new built/upgraded. The payware version of ntop was not worth the cost.01:33
beefmanleftyb: but i want to use one of the mainline kernels01:38
beefmannewer i mean01:38
jescisedoneerf: btw the internal hdd in the Inspiron 11-3180 is an eMMC HDD!01:59
edoneerfall right01:59
edoneerfseems to work?02:00
pavlosjescis: did you test it with gnome-disks?02:01
jescispavlos: I did02:04
pavloshow much was read and access ?02:05
pavlosemmc transfer rate close to 400 MB/s but SSD could go to 2000 MB/s02:07
jescisread: 177.5 MB/s(100 samples) , Average access time 0.33 msec(1000 samples)02:09
pavloshttps://www.itechguides.com/emmc-vs-ssd/ see summary comparison table02:10
pavloson my system's SSD(samsung 500GB) ... Read 400 MB/s   access 0.1 ms02:13
jescispavlos: using what parameters? I went with the default transfer rate 100, 10 MiB, Access Time 1000 # of samples02:17
pavlosused the same default parms02:20
jescispavlos: this is the model I have: Dell WR202KD032G E70290F5 (90014a)02:23
pavlosthe eMMC model? I dont need it, just suggesting that an SSD would be faster than your eMMC02:24
pavlosyou wrote, your system is slow (ubuntu 20.04) but you have 8 GB ram02:25
jescisI wasn't sure if it was because of the hard drive or the RAM that is causing the slowdown. Because I'm running multiple applications at the same time!02:29
pavlosyou can use the command top in another terminal to see the processes running, %cpu, ram02:30
jescispavlos: I'm running two instances of vlc, one instance of Google Chrome, and a terminal window02:34
jesciswith 12 tabs open in Chrome02:36
pavlostop will show you ram used, ram avail. (4th line) Swap use on 5th line02:37
pavlostop -b -n 1 > top.txt   ... cat top.txt | nc termbin.com 9999 ... provide the link02:38
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jescispavlos: I accidently turned off my wifi! :-D02:46
jescisto reiterate, what's that site that you all use to paste images to share here? I took a screenshot of top02:48
xbfrogits either imgur or pastbin02:49
blahboybazleftyfb: No dice brother. I just did a restart and same issue. I noticed that the mounts show up in /proc/mount output in different places in the output beofre fixing manually than after fixing manually..  https://pastebin.com/N0Xzqs4F02:49
blahboybazBeen trying to figure this out but not seeing why that doesn't work02:50
xbfrogtypo: pastebin02:50
pavlosfor images use imgur.com02:56
jescispavlos: https://i.imgur.com/9yOliTJ.png03:04
jescispavlos: does that help? Seems my memory is being used quite a bit03:14
pavlosright, you got 500 free, most is used/cached03:15
pavloscan you up the ram in this laptop?03:16
jescispavlos: max is 8GB, was 4GB03:17
pavlosok, VLC tends to use a lot of ram -- you're running two VLC plus chrome with 12 tabs. Do you need all of them at the same time?03:18
pavlosmy suggestion for an SSD would not help since your system maxes on ram03:19
jescisright, maybe close chrome until I need it?03:20
pavlosyou could ... again, see top after you exit chrome, it should get some ram03:22
lotuspsychjejescis: tweak your system to the extreme; sudo apt install preload haveged bleachbit stacer03:26
lotuspsychjejescis: tweak your startup items, disable unwanted systemd services, use lightweight programs03:26
jescispavlos: https://imgur.com/a/Jg6O2iP03:29
pavlosmuch better, you got 2.4 GB ram free03:30
pavlosas lotuspsychje suggested, you need to tweak your system03:31
Seven_Six_TwoI'm trying to use Unbound for DNS, and have this config: https://pastebin.com/WL6XV9Ep  IT's working on my desktop, where fossa-dev.test is a VM. I can ping and ssh fine. I'm trying to do the same from my laptop, but am stuck. If I change the interface and change the access-control to allow for I can't even restart unbound!03:37
pavlosSeven_Six_Two: does your laptop get an ip in ?03:42
Seven_Six_Twopavlos, yes. Both computers connect to my home LAN03:44
Seven_Six_Twooh wait...is /16 128 addresses...03:44
pavlosyoy may beed /2403:45
Seven_Six_Twohmm...changed and testing. thanks03:45
Seven_Six_Twonope. I could restart unbound no problem. I realized I needed to drop and reconnect to wifi to get dns settings, but then get no response from server if I set desktop IP as the only DNS server (using network manager with DHCP address only)03:52
Seven_Six_TwoI can ping the fossa-dev VM from the laptop by ip address03:52
Seven_Six_Twounbound currently isn't working for the laptop03:53
pavlosbut cannot ping it by name03:53
Seven_Six_Twoi get a server timeout if I have (this desktop's ip)03:53
Seven_Six_TwoI get NXLOOKUP if I use,
pavlosdesktop is 0.3, laptop is s0.x, vm is 0.2003:54
Seven_Six_Twolaptop is 0.9703:54
pavlosand unbound is running on the desktop?03:55
Seven_Six_TwoI can ping fossa-dev.test on desktop (and there's no hosts entry for it)03:55
pavlosso the laptop needs to ask the desktop for the vm's info .... dig @    fossa-dev.test03:56
pavloslaptop,desktop both 20.04 ?03:58
Seven_Six_Twoconnection timed out. desktop is 20.04, laptop...03:59
* Seven_Six_Two blushes03:59
Seven_Six_Twoiirc...It's because of the video chipset being the last of a generation before Xorg and ATI both make breaking changes04:00
pavlosif you change /etc/resolv.conf of the laptop to point to nameserver, does it resolve by name?04:00
Seven_Six_Twocan you change that file by hand? I thought that was a no nop04:00
Seven_Six_TwoI'll try... one sec04:00
pavlosas a test04:00
pavlosyou need to tell the laptop for all dns questies ask (desktop when unbound lives)04:01
Seven_Six_Twounfortunately not. It was set to
pavloslaptop does not use systemd, right?04:03
Seven_Six_Twochanging and saving did not change response from dig or nslookup. Unless I had to disconnect and reconnect again/04:03
Seven_Six_Twono it's upstart04:03
pavlosif you modify resolv.conf on laptop with nameserver 0.3, as the first line, then all queries from the laptop should go to 0.3 (including ping fossa-dev.test)04:04
pavlosdoes laptop desktop has same domainname (.test)04:05
pavlosyou might need a "search test" in your resolv.conf04:05
Seven_Six_TwoI didn't give my desktop a domain name, they just have hostnames04:05
pavlosbut the VM has a domainname?04:06
Seven_Six_TwoI was going to check for unbound logs too, but I can't find any04:06
pavlosshould dump in syslog, grep unbound04:06
Seven_Six_Twonothing there04:07
pavlosevery time you start/stop unbound, there should be stats in /var/log/syslog04:08
Seven_Six_Twooh there. I restarted it and got entries. maybe the log just rotated04:11
pavlosnormally, you have /etc/init.d/unbound {start|stop|restart|reload}04:11
jescislotuspsychje: can I safely get rid of the snap services? I don't need it for apt?04:11
lotuspsychjejescis: ubuntu desktop now relys on snaps by default, better leave snapd alone04:12
jescislotuspsychje: ok04:12
lotuspsychjejescis: but most snap software you can choose to install/remove yourself04:12
Seven_Six_Twopavlos, I'm using systemctl04:13
Seven_Six_Twostill no response for the laptop04:13
Seven_Six_Twooh right...so I'm using interface
jescislotuspsychje: I was thinking if I can install through apt, then I can stop the snap services04:14
lotuspsychjejescis: gnome relys on some base snaps you better leave alone04:15
jescislike what?04:15
lotuspsychjejescis: df -h to see04:15
pavlossystem-resolve --status | grep DNS04:15
pavlosSeven_Six_Two: system-resolve --status | grep DNS04:15
pavlosSeven_Six_Two: on both04:16
pavlosSeven_Six_Two: sorry, the command is systemd-resolve04:17
Seven_Six_Twounbound[425211:0] error: can't bind socket: Address already in use for port 5304:18
Seven_Six_Twoif I try and listen on all interfaces, i get a conflict. Not sure what that is yet04:18
Seven_Six_Twothat's why I can't restart unbound when setting  interface:
Seven_Six_Twoon desktop I get:   Failed to get global data: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service not found.04:19
Seven_Six_TwoI did a  sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved   before turning on unbound04:21
pavlosnetstat -plant | grep :5304:21
pavlossome pid is listening to 5304:22
pavlosmy unbound has interface: and access-control: allow04:23
Seven_Six_Twohm. something virtual that I don't remember doing... is listening, and it's device  vrbr004:23
Seven_Six_Twoin ifconfig04:23
pavlosthat's a bridge04:24
Seven_Six_Twohm. I'm running virtualbox in bridged mode to get a LAN IP04:24
Seven_Six_TwoI don't remember reading about dns though04:25
pavlosthe VM in bridge mode got an ip from the host network04:25
pavlosthat's ok04:25
pavlosDHCP gave the VM 0.2004:26
Seven_Six_Twoyeah. I see 3 devices in vbox config for the network adapter. enp34s0, virbr0-nic, and virbr004:26
lotuspsychjejescis: al the loop dirs in df -h are snaps, you see?04:27
pavlosSeven_Six_Two: the VM in bridge mode is part of your LAN so it got 0.20, desktop is 0.3 and laptop is 0.97 iirc04:28
Seven_Six_Twoyes. I set those IPs myself. apparently virtualbox runs dnsmasq04:28
Seven_Six_Twolistens on
pavlosvb may run its own DHCP server which in the Network tab you can disable04:29
Seven_Six_Twoor something that conflicts with dnsmasq also04:29
pavlosprobalby dnsmasq binds so unbound cannot04:30
Seven_Six_TwoI think the answer in this is what I need, but of course the link is no good...04:34
Seven_Six_Twonew error! Now I don't get a timeout, I get REFUSED04:42
Seven_Six_Twohttps://pastebin.com/eYYHJPFS  current config04:43
Seven_Six_TwoI am healed! Thanks pavlos very much for your help and your time! The last hitch was using the wrong prefix (/32 instead of /24) for the access controls05:27
Seven_Six_Twothat and virtualbox's libvirt binding to
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Gh0staGood morning people!09:00
Gh0stawhat is the command to download anything from Github through terminal?09:01
NerdsVsJockssudo git clone https://gitlab.com/yournamespace/yourrepo09:02
Gh0stasweet! Thanks NerdsVsJocks09:02
Gh0stalet me try09:02
Gh0staNerdsVsJocks  it also install the extension at the same time?09:02
NerdsVsJocksGh0sta you mean git itself?09:03
Gh0staI mean, I would like to download and install the extension09:03
Gh0stawill this command suffice for both things?09:04
* Gh0sta is a Noob :)09:04
NerdsVsJocksoh the gitlab you are downloading is an extension?09:04
Gh0staNerdsVsJocks yeah09:04
Gh0stacan I share a link here of that extension?09:05
NerdsVsJocksoh i misunderstood you falsely,my bad, the above is if you want to work on the code of the extension09:05
Gh0staperhaps you can advise me the best way to go about it?09:05
NerdsVsJocksGh0sta: on gitlab of that extension there is a download button09:05
NerdsVsJocksjust download09:05
NerdsVsJocksand usually there is a readme09:05
NerdsVsJocksit says how to install09:05
Gh0stalet me check .. thanks09:05
NerdsVsJocksif there is MAKEFILE in there, then you just type sudo make all after you download and the computer will handle the rest :)09:06
Gh0staNerdsVsJocks it seems like its a ZIP file09:07
Gh0stathis is what I am trying to install :D09:08
Gh0stawhat's a good practice to install these? without making a mess09:10
bertptrsNerdsVsJocks, maybe don't use git with sudo09:12
Gh0staoh ok09:13
Gh0staWould it be safe to install the firefox Gnome Shell extension and install it that way?09:16
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NerdsVsJocksbertptrs what do you mean?09:43
NerdsVsJocksGh0sta: zip is a compressed folder you need to sudo apt-get install zip unzip09:45
NerdsVsJocksto install the software to unpack the zip09:45
Gh0staCool thanks09:45
NerdsVsJocksGh0sta: also take bertptrs advice and dont use sudo with the git command09:46
NerdsVsJocksonce you unpacked it go to the folder and type "sudo make all"09:46
Gh0staok, I won't :D09:46
NerdsVsJocksis there a MAKEFILE in the folder?09:46
NerdsVsJockswait i forgot first unzip the file09:46
NerdsVsJocksgo to the folder with your zip now type "unzip myfile.zip"09:47
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, boot up the live usb on the vaoi with dock attached09:59
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Gh0staWhat is the best way to learn and use encryption on Ubuntu?10:56
jpdsGh0sta: Depends on what type of encryption you want10:56
xbfrogok, sorry was making coffee :)10:57
Gh0staencrypting data to start with10:57
jpdsLUKS, it's built into the installer as an option10:58
EriC^^Gh0sta: you could install ecryptfs and test it out10:58
Gh0staBrilliant! thanks10:58
EriC^^that's for encrypting dirs/files10:58
Gh0stalet me give it a go10:58
jpdsEriC^^: Don't10:59
Gh0stajpds: ?10:59
jpdsecryptfs is a nightmare10:59
EriC^^it's the default for home encryption in ubuntu isnt it?10:59
jpdsYes, and I've had it destroy so many people's home folders11:00
xbfrogup and ready11:00
EriC^^xbfrog: connect to wifi and "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"11:01
Gh0stajpds: what do you recommend then?11:02
jpdsGh0sta: LUS11:03
xbfrogi still have /dev/sdb5: UUID=....up in firefox, close that?11:03
EriC^^no leave that open11:03
Gh0stajpds: ok let me take a look11:03
john_ramboI just brought home a Bluetooth headset. I am playing some mp3(s) using Smplayer & VLC. Problem is I am hearing MONO audio. How to get STEREO ?11:05
xbfrogdev/sr0 has een opened read-only11:09
kolamanId anyone using ubuntu to create (screen record) professional videos. I need to record some but somehow a low pitch noise (something like sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer***) is in the video.11:10
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999"11:10
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EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "sudo umount /dev/sdc5"11:15
kolamanSame is true for zoom/skype/gotomeeting recording etc.11:17
EriC^^xbfrog: type "sudo dd if=/dev/sdc5 of=/dev/sda4 bs=10M status=progress && sync"11:17
EriC^^xbfrog: it should take about a 1 - 1.5 hours to be done11:19
xbfrogits working fine :) thanks for the help i couldnt have done it myself11:23
zmagiiIs there a sensible way to encrypt Ubuntu (Ubuntu Studio 20.04) after installation?11:26
zmagiiNo, I don't want to reinstall.11:26
jpdszmagii: No11:27
felixikolaman: Might your mic cable be taking interference from for example a power cable? I had power cables once cause humming on speakers.11:28
BluesKajHi all11:28
zmagiijpds: Hmm. Okay.11:29
kolamanfelixi, actually power cables are like ~2fee away from mic (they are at the back of table11:29
felixialright. Just a thought.11:30
felixikolaman: still persisting, but your audio card or integrated audio is taking interference from a card you have or something? Might be worth trying to remove cards you have near your audio thing and see if you still hear it. If not, id try external audio card or something. It could take interference for example from your gpu if they're near each other. Not saying i know this would fix it. Just saying it11:42
feliximight be like this. If it doesn't though, then idk :)11:42
ld50how do i override an udev rule that comes with a package?12:01
ld50i want to suppress the usb printer autoinstallation triggered by /lib/udev/rules.d/70-printers.rules12:04
ld50i could remove that rule, but some apt package or another always depends on system-config-printer-udev, re-adding the file12:05
ld50alternatively, could i prevent apt from installing the package at any point?12:10
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luuckx2anyone could help me with ubuntu.20 and dongle bluetooth12:24
xbfrogyou might get more response if you explain the issue12:25
luuckx2a try to turn on my bluetooth dongle on ubuntu 20.0412:26
luuckx2blueman-manager 09.23.11 ERROR    Manager:118 on_dbus_name_appeared: Default adapter not found, trying first available.12:26
ld50"touch /etc/udev/rules.d/70-printers.rules" fixed my problem12:31
luuckx2For bluetooth?12:31
ld50luuckx2: sorry, totally unrelated comment12:32
chx777i am new to linux...i installed a pip package/command line app but i dont know how to use it/ run it12:47
chx777could anyone help please?12:50
ld50chx777: the way i do it:12:51
ld50python3 -m venv ~/venv12:51
ld50~/venv/bin/pip install foobar12:51
ld50that way, pip packages don't mess up your global python installation12:51
ld50and you can always nuke them by deleting ~/venv12:51
chx777i am new to it my friend....may i paste the github page here to have a look and tell me how to run it please?12:53
leftyfbchx777: why did you install it if you don't know how to use it?12:53
chx777i found it on github but the info how to run it is a bit confusing to me...not clear...12:55
sine0hi gang. I have an Ubuntu server with SSH access and I want to be able to use a web browser from that box. I think this install is headless as that is how I have been using it. what can i test out to see what I have, I have not done GUI remote desktop with linux before12:56
jpdssine0: Why do you need the browser to be on that box?12:56
sine0I want to access the routers gateway page as if i were there12:57
jpdssine0: Then just use the -oDynamicForward= option in SSH12:57
jpdssine0: And point your local web browser at the SOCKS proxy port that opens up12:57
sine0I did it before with a putty tunnel as im on windows on this laptop12:58
jpdsBut, that's what the port forwarding options in SSH do12:58
sine0jpds: so i can do that without putty and just use the cygwin terminal ?12:59
jpdssine0: I don't use Windows13:00
sine0you should, its great13:00
sine0that was a joke13:01
sine0well that was easy13:04
Gh0staI am planning to buy a touch gesture mouse13:06
Gh0stawould it work just fine on ubuntu?13:06
Gh0staor can I make my Magic mouse work on Ubuntu??13:07
Gh0staMagic Mouse = From Mac?13:07
jpdsGh0sta: Try it, and for new hardware, makes sure it has a returns policy if it doesn't work13:07
Gh0stajpds: ok13:09
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lesshasteafter the screen locks and I log back in chromium freezes and is unusable. Is this a known bug?I am on 20.0413:10
ld50chx777: if you subsitute "foobar" with "samsungctl" in my example it should work13:14
ufki use ubuntu focal, with software raid1 and NVME ssd, and the write is sooo slow and I can't figure out why. i googled, try to change the "intent bitmap" from internal to none, it made things actually slower. checking it with fio13:23
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EriC^^xbfrog: ?13:34
xbfrogit just finished13:34
xbfroganything else i need to do before reboot?13:34
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt'13:34
EriC^^wai t1 sec13:35
EriC^^xbfrog: cancel that13:35
xbfrogok can it13:35
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo fsck -f /dev/sda4'13:35
xbfrogwas waiting its slow as syurp13:37
xbfrogok got info13:38
xbfrogsee no errors13:38
EriC^^xbfrog: it returned the prompt back?13:38
EriC^^xbfrog: type "sudo resize2fs /dev/sda4"13:39
sub526Hi all, launching firefox using "sudo /usr/bin/firefox" fails with the error message "Running Firefox as root in a regular user's session is not supported.  ($HOME is /home/qtestau which is owned by qtestau.)", but the same command perfectly launches the firefox browser without sudo prefix..What could be the problem?13:39
EriC^^sub526: you're not supposed to use sudo with gui programs, they'll write to your home dir as root, and possibly mess stuff up13:40
xbfrogresizing to 4k blocks13:40
xbfrogugh didnt know that13:41
EriC^^let me know when it's done xbfrog13:41
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt'13:41
EriC^^xbfrog: ?13:43
sub526EriC^^: Thanks for the reply.. Is there any solution to it?13:44
xbfrogreturn prompt13:44
EriC^^sub526: why do you want to run firefox as root? comes to mind13:44
lotuspsychjesub526: not running as root, as said above13:44
EriC^^sub526: there is a solution to it, but you have to know that running apps especially stuff connected online as root has consequences etc13:45
EriC^^if firefox is compromised or another program, then they have root access, not good13:46
EriC^^xbfrog: type '(sudo blkid /dev/sda1; cat /mnt/etc/fstab) | nc termbin.com 9999'13:46
sub526EriC^^: I'm having a python script, ASCII text executable , that needs to be launched with sudo access. After launching it, it opens a GUI with many butttons.. When I click the help button it fails with https://pastebin.com/XArDzXjt13:51
EriC^^sub526: what happens if you just run "qleau" without sudo13:53
EriC^^xbfrog: and 'sudo blkid /dev/sda1 | nc termbin.com 9999'13:54
EriC^^xbfrog: sudo sed -i 's/7923-83C4/3419-8944/' /mnt/etc/fstab13:57
xbfrogquotation marks included?13:59
sub526EriC^^: Without sudo, "qleau" oepns the firefox browser for help contents.. But that app need to be ran with sudo for other GUI buttons functionality(basically it loads few drivers)13:59
xbfrogreturn prompt14:01
EriC^^xbfrog: for i in /dev /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -R $i /mnt$i; done14:02
EriC^^xbfrog: type the whole line word for word14:02
EriC^^there's no space in /mnt$i14:02
sub526EriC^^: Running gui programs with sudo will write to your home dir as root, and possibly mess stuff up.. I did not understood it.. Can you please give some more explanation to it..14:04
EriC^^sub526: the program just sounds very shady, why does it need root, running firefox as root is a major security risk14:05
EriC^^sub526: what i meant is that let's say you have gui program, it has configs in your home dir and other stuff, if you run sudo <gui program>, it will write the files as root, and when you go to launch the program as your user, it can access those settings anymore and program doesnt function right14:06
EriC^^*it cant access14:06
EriC^^xbfrog: all done?14:07
sub526EriC^^: Thanks for the clarification.. Also you mentioned there is a solution to it.. What was that?14:07
xbfrogis there a space after the last colon?14:08
xbfrogi musta typed something wrong14:08
EriC^^xbfrog: they are semi-colons, and yes14:09
xbfrogbash: syntax error near unexpected token 'done'14:09
xbfroglmee ck it again14:10
xbfrogi dont see any mistake was there something i needed to put in before sudo?14:11
EriC^^xbfrog: type "history | tail -3 | nc termbin.com 9999" it'll show the last 2 commands14:12
pavlosSeven_Six_Two: no worries14:15
EriC^^xbfrog: type "wget -qO- termbin.com/if0b | bash"14:18
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xbfroga gui from rhythmbox came up and i cant close it to get my terminal prompt back14:21
xbfrogthings seem stopped14:22
EriC^^xbfrog: try to press ctrl+alt+T  then type "xkill" and click on rhythmbox14:22
EriC^^xbfrog: i'd recommend you increase the resolution on the pc's cause it seems it's hard to read the commands?14:24
EriC^^i mean decrease the resolution14:24
xbfroga new terminal window came up but provided no cursor just an empty rectangle14:24
EriC^^xbfrog: ah it should show an "X" for the cursor14:25
xbfrogit didnt14:25
xbfrogoutline of a rectangle14:25
EriC^^xbfrog: ok nevermind, press ctrl+c see if you get a prompt back14:26
xbfrogi have mouse cursor no other control and the hd lighe is bliping14:27
EriC^^xbfrog: no worries just restart the pc the stuff we've done already is saved14:28
xbfrogi can switch between 3 apps but cant close anything14:28
EriC^^xbfrog: oh, can you get a shell prompt?14:28
xbfrogusing the fingerpad on the kboard usually mess me up14:29
EriC^^xbfrog: can you increase the resolution in the irc client somehow?14:30
xbfrogthats why i never use it unless there is no other way14:30
EriC^^i mean make it bigger14:30
xbfrogyes i can14:30
EriC^^ah great, make the window bigger, and when the live usb boots, press ctrl+shift+ "+/=" key to make the terminal bigger14:31
xbfrogok i did14:31
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, when it boots, type "sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt"14:32
xbfrogok, its working on it now14:32
xbfrogugh, its showing a full page of command lines14:37
xbfrogok desktop14:37
xbfrogok return prompt14:39
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type the following command, make sure no typos etc14:40
xbfrogthis is why i hated dos14:40
xbfrogok i 'm ready14:41
EriC^^for i in dev proc sys run ; do sudo mount -R /$i /mnt/$i ; done14:41
xbfrogok, when you put this in front of sudo, what am i suppose to do with it? for i in dev proc sys run ; do14:42
xbfrogso type from sudo?14:43
xbfrogit feels more confusing14:43
EriC^^xbfrog: you have to type the whole line, from "for i in..........til done"14:43
xbfrogok didnt understand that is why i asked, thanks14:44
xbfrogok this time it says mount: mnt/dev:  mount point does not exista dn ebid for proc, sys and run14:48
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "sudo mount -B /dev /mnt/dev"14:52
EriC^^xbfrog: then type "sudo mount -B /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts"14:54
xbfrogreturn prompt14:54
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EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "sudo mount -B /proc /mnt/proc"14:56
EriC^^xbfrog: sudo mount -B /sys /mnt/sys14:57
fosser_joshanyone facing issue with mounting ntfs format usb driver in 20.04?14:58
EriC^^xbfrog: sudo mount -B /run /mnt/run14:58
lotuspsychje!details | fosser_josh14:59
ubottufosser_josh: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.14:59
EriC^^fosser_josh: what happens when you try to mount it?14:59
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'sudo chroot /mnt'14:59
fosser_joshi am not able to mount my 500 GB usb HDD in 20.04 however i was able to access in 18.0414:59
xbfrogroot prompt15:00
fosser_josherror is just unknown error15:00
EriC^^xbfrog: type 'mount /boot/efi'15:00
fosser_joshunable to access15:00
EriC^^fosser_josh: type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbincom 9999" and paste the link here15:01
xbfrogefi: mount point does not exist15:01
xbfrogok wait15:02
EriC^^xbfrog: no space between /boot and /efi15:02
xbfrogok type, it says mount: /boot/efi: cant find UUID=3419-894415:04
xbfrogya that space was my error15:04
fosser_joshEriC^^: nc: getaddrinfo for host "termbincom" port 9999: Temporary failure in name resolution15:04
EriC^^xbfrog: try "sudo blkid /dev/sda1 | nc termbin.com 9999"15:04
EriC^^fosser_josh: sorry it should be termbin.com , typo'd the link15:05
EriC^^fosser_josh: type "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt"15:06
xbfrogtemporary flilure in name resolution15:09
fosser_joshEriC^^: https://pastebin.com/WFkGRDMW15:09
xbfrogand i did check the syntax15:09
xbfrogok wifi was off15:11
xbfrogits just giving me a return prompt15:12
xbfrogno link15:12
EriC^^fosser_josh: 'sudo apt-get install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdb | nc termbin.com 9999'15:12
EriC^^fosser_josh: are you sure the disk is plugged in correctly and everything?15:13
xbfrogtried with the same syntax using the up arrow key and its just giving me a retrun prompt15:15
fosser_joshEriC^^: it was working in 18.04. a week ago installed 20.04 and now not able to access. Drive is plugged in perfectly and i can feel spinning vibrations.15:16
fosser_joshlet me check on windows15:16
EriC^^fosser_josh: ok, maybe try to run a chkdsk on it in windows15:17
xbfrogand if you plug it into ubuntu do you see an icon appear on you app bar?15:18
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, try sudo blkid /dev/sda1  , does it say UUID="3419-8944"15:18
xbfrogno just a return prompt15:19
EriC^^xbfrog: something isnt right, try "ls -l /dev/sda1"15:19
xbfrogis -i suppose to give root? i'm already root@ubuntu:/#15:20
EriC^^xbfrog: it's a small case L15:21
xbfrogbut ls: cannot access '/dev/sda1' no such file or directory15:21
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "exit"15:21
EriC^^then type "sudo mount -B /dev /mnt/dev"15:21
fosser_joshEriC^^:  in windows i can access properly. its just 20.04 issue. i was able to access on 18.0415:22
EriC^^fosser_josh: i'd try a chkdsk, wont lose anything, and it might work in 20.04, it said something about possibly inconsistent and chkdsk would help15:23
xbfrogfosser_josh:  do you get an app on your app bar when you plug into ubuntu?15:23
EriC^^xbfrog: type "ls -l /mnt/dev/sda1"15:23
EriC^^does it show the file or does it say no such file found?15:23
fosser_joshxbfrog: no i dont15:24
xbfrog358 /mnt/dev/sda115:24
xbfrogok then it seems ur issue is in ubuntu15:25
xbfrogif it recognizes in win but not ubuntu15:25
fosser_joshxbfrog: it seems so15:25
xbfrogyep i'd say15:26
EriC^^it might need a chkdsk, windows might be lenient towards certain stuff and the ntfs drivers in ubuntu not, fosser_josh i'd run the chkdsk and try again, worth a shot15:27
EriC^^xbfrog: type "sudo mount -B /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts"15:27
fosser_joshdoing same EriC^^15:27
EriC^^xbfrog: ok does "ls /mnt/sys" show stuff or no file found15:29
xbfrogyes it does15:29
xbfrogblock class devices fs kernel power bus dev firmware hypervisor module15:31
xbfrogall directorys it seems15:32
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "ls /mnt/proc" also shows stuff?15:33
xbfroglarge amount15:33
EriC^^ok, and finally "ls /mnt/run" ?15:34
xbfrogleast half a screen15:34
EriC^^ok, i think we're set then15:35
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, type "sudo chroot /mnt"15:35
EriC^^xbfrog: then type "mount /boot/efi"15:35
xbfrogit made me root15:35
EriC^^xbfrog: dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 999915:36
ufkcan a misconfigured raid1 or kernel drivers or anything can cause 2 nvme drives with software raid1 to perform really really really slow ?15:37
xbfrogit gave me dpkg --help15:39
xbfroguse apt or aptitude15:39
EriC^^xbfrog: i think you might have type -i or -115:39
xbfrogwhich was it?15:39
EriC^^it's a small case L after dpkg15:39
xbfrogoh i see the error then15:39
xbfrogyep that was it :) https://termbin.com/8y6m15:41
xbfrogdid we do good?15:44
fosser_joshEriC^^: chkdsk going to take long time. there were some errors.15:44
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah, type "grub-install --recheck /dev/sda"15:44
EriC^^xbfrog: btw it seems the legacy was installed (the grub package for legacy booting), but there was also an efi partition, so the install might be legacy not uefi, anyways we provisioned for both15:45
xbfrogno error reported15:46
EriC^^xbfrog: type "update-grub"15:46
EriC^^xbfrog: type "exit"15:47
EriC^^xbfrog: type "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /cdrom"15:47
EriC^^xbfrog: i'm not going to install the grub-efi package to install those files in the efi partition, but if there are files in the old efi partition i will copy them there, so it should have efi support if you ever plug it into an uefi machine with legacy turned off15:48
xbfrogmount: /cdrom: special device /dev/sdbi does not exist15:50
EriC^^xbfrog: sdb1 (one)15:51
xbfrogyes its 115:52
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, try 'sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /cdrom'15:52
xbfrognope does not exist15:53
EriC^^xbfrog: hmm try 'lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999'15:53
EriC^^is the usb dock still attached?15:54
EriC^^seems the dock has gone missing15:55
xbfrogi dunno, what dock?15:55
EriC^^xbfrog: anyways, try to reboot and remove the live usb and choose the ssd first in the boot order15:56
EriC^^xbfrog: the dock for the old drive15:56
xbfrogok oh, mayb it was my fault i turned it off though after the transfer we were done with it15:57
EriC^^i see, no worries15:57
xbfrogsorry, my mistake15:58
EriC^^try to boot the ssd, we can transfer the efi files from there15:58
xbfrogok, so your saying i should have an ssd entry in the bios or do you mean just pick the hd to boot first?15:59
EriC^^xbfrog: yeah the hd to boot first15:59
xbfrogok got it15:59
xbfrogbe bak :)15:59
justabeginnerwow... xbfrog & EriC^^ are still dealing with storage related issues from yesterday15:59
xbfroghaha, well crum, i'm all turned around :)16:03
xbfrogok its back up16:03
EriC^^xbfrog: ssd booting up nicely?16:03
xbfrogseems so16:03
EriC^^great :D16:03
xbfrogadded printer too16:03
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, attach the usb dock so we can transfer the efi files if they existed on the old drive, in case you ever need uefi support16:04
xbfrogbut everything on the desktop looks in the same place as the old drive16:04
xbfrogok, sorry :(16:04
EriC^^hehe, no worries buddy :D16:05
xbfrogits attached and sounds recognized16:05
EriC^^ok great16:05
xbfrogthanks for being patient16:05
EriC^^xbfrog: type "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999"16:05
EriC^^xbfrog: no problem16:05
EriC^^i think likely there never any efi files in it, but won't harm to check16:06
EriC^^xbfrog: type "ls /media/dj/7923-83C4"16:09
EriC^^does it show an "efi" dir listed?16:09
xbfrogno just a return prompt16:10
EriC^^ok seems it was empty, nevermind then16:11
EriC^^xbfrog: there's an extra partition in the ssd that needs deleting, type "sudo cgdisk /dev/sda"16:12
xbfrogoh it said the screen was too small press any key to continue16:13
xbfrogok got it16:14
xbfrogi reduced the text size16:14
EriC^^xbfrog: you should see 4 partitions in the table, 300MiB EFI System, 1007KiB something-here, 2MiB bios-boot partition, then 930GiB Linux filesystem16:14
EriC^^can you confirm that's what you have in the table?16:14
xbfrogok list in order top to bottom16:15
xbfroglinux filesystem16:15
xbfrogbios boot16:15
xbfroglinux filesystem16:15
EriC^^aha, is the first linux filesystem, does it have 1007KiB as the size of it?16:16
xbfrognext is 30016:16
xbfrogthen 2.o16:16
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, great, you have to highlight the 1007KiB Linux filesystem, and at the bottom press "Delete"16:16
xbfrogthen 93116:16
ufkdoes raid1 has 'write-back' and 'write-through' modes are these are only for raid 4/5/6 ?16:17
xbfrogok i hit delete and it swithed to new16:17
EriC^^xbfrog: ok, great, now you only have the EFI, bios-boot, and 931GiB Linux filesystem, yeah?16:18
xbfrogbut the 2 is gone16:18
xbfrogat the top it says 1007.0 free space16:18
EriC^^(and freespace at the top)16:18
EriC^^ok, if the rest are all still there, press on "write"16:19
xbfrogother than that? yes 3 entries16:19
xbfrogok it says the kernel may be using the old partition table reboot to use the new table16:20
EriC^^alright, press on "quit"16:20
EriC^^then type "sudo partprobe /dev/sda && lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999"   to confirm it's all good16:20
EriC^^looks good :)16:23
xbfroggreat :)16:23
xbfrog its been a learning experience too16:24
xbfrogheh, just confirms i hate syntax :)16:24
EriC^^your screen wasn't helping :D16:24
xbfrogno its more my eyes16:25
EriC^^anyways, i have to go for a little, enjoy your new install, ssd should be pretty sick to boot and fast loading, definitely a good upgrade16:25
EriC^^ah i see16:25
xbfrogthe eye doctor said i have significant cataracs16:25
xbfrogi will16:25
xbfrogso its difficult for me to see the screen16:26
xbfroganyway we got thru it :)16:26
EriC^^yup :D16:26
xbfrognice i 'm very happy thank you16:27
xbfrogso very much16:27
EriC^^you're welcome :)16:27
halvorsHi! I'm trying out the ubuntu 20.10 daily live, and /etc/crypttab is gone, will my system still boot?17:47
halvorsIs it replaced with something?17:47
halvorsI need to unlock other disks at boot.17:47
xbfrogif your using live it's taken from a cd did you burn one?17:48
xbfrognoting is replaced with the live cd, it is loaded from that17:50
halvorsxbfrog: I booted the installer from usb17:50
halvorsI'm mounted the installed system and chrooted into it.17:50
halvorsIt's lacking /etc/crypttab17:50
xbfrogok did you chose install?17:50
halvorsThe try ubuntu option and then ran the installer from that.17:51
xbfrogso you installed?17:51
halvorsif i create the file manually shoudl that work?17:51
halvorsIs there a package that is needed in order to unlock at early boot?17:52
xbfrogum what do you mean early boot?17:52
xbfrogits either install or not17:52
xbfrogor preview17:52
halvorsWhen i type my password to unlock the disks.17:52
halvorsI have installed.17:53
xbfrogok dual/mutible boot?17:53
xbfrogand how do you mean unlock the disks?17:54
EriC^^halvors: what do the disks look like right now, maybe it's not even using encryption anymore? type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"17:54
halvorsIt is using luks17:54
xbfrogthanks EriC^^17:54
halvorsI can manually unlock it using cryptsetup from the "try ubuntu" option when booting from the USB.17:55
EriC^^xbfrog: :)17:55
halvorsSo the /etc/crypttab should still be there and is the reason the system is unbootable i guess?17:56
* xbfrog is smity but not small17:56
EriC^^not too sure i can help him, just giving my 2cents really17:57
halvorsEriC^^: It is already unlocked when i'm in the chroot environment17:57
xbfrogits worth something :)17:57
EriC^^thanks :D17:58
EriC^^halvors: so you're saying that you unlocked the luks, then in installer you chose the 'something else' option to manually partition?17:59
halvorsAnd i did set /boot on a non encrypted partition17:59
halvorsone for EFI17:59
halvorsand / on the luks encrypted device17:59
EriC^^halvors: for the root fs did you choose "encryption partition" ? im going by this guide here for some insight https://gist.github.com/labbots/0d66f0eea653624329f7e1fabef3e25c18:01
halvorsBasically, a little different setup.18:02
halvorsI'm using 3 partitions on my first disk efi, boot partition and encrypted root partition.18:02
halvorsThe root partition contains a btrfs system18:02
EriC^^ah my bad, 1 sec18:03
halvorsWhich is a multidevice filesystem spanning 3 other devices with luks encrypted partition minus the 2 other partitions that is in the first disk.18:03
halvorsBut based on the guide you send seems i just need to manually create /etc/crypttab and update initramfs18:03
EriC^^yup you need to manually create it and then update-initramfs18:04
Gh0stawondering if there is a way to undo the ./install.sh18:08
EriC^^halvors: it also mentions some stuff below about the swap, check it out18:09
halvorsthx for help18:09
EriC^^no problem18:09
EriC^^Gh0sta: install of what? was it an nvidia script?18:10
Gh0staEriC^^: Linux-Magic-Trackpad-2-Driver/scripts18:10
EriC^^this Gh0sta https://github.com/mwyborski/Linux-Magic-Trackpad-2-Driver ?18:11
Gh0staYeah :D18:11
Gh0staEriC^^: I was fiddling with my Magic Mouse, and to my surprise it worked as well.18:12
Gh0staBut the problem is, it's to sensitive and I am use to of a precision in Macs lol18:12
Gh0staEriC^^: this script created some syslink as well18:13
Gh0staCreating symlink /var/lib/dkms/hid-magicmouse-dkms/4.18+magictrackpad2/source ->18:13
Gh0sta --> /usr/src/hid-magicmouse-dkms-4.18+magictrackpad218:14
EriC^^Gh0sta: ah, go to the scripts dir where install.sh was and run "sudo ./remove.sh"18:14
Gh0staoh sweet!18:14
Gh0stalet me try18:14
* Gh0sta Deleting module version: 4.18+magictrackpad218:15
* Gh0sta completely from the DKMS tree.18:16
Gh0staEriC^^: that has worked yaay! thanks18:16
Gh0staEriC^^: is this a normal thing? does every installer comes with a remove script?18:16
EriC^^Gh0sta: great! no problem18:16
EriC^^Gh0sta: nope not all, this one seems to be put together nicely though18:17
Gh0staEriC^^: lucky me lol18:18
EriC^^heh yeah :D18:18
Gh0stadoes this command 'sudo apt purge' removes the unnecessary things?18:19
EriC^^yeah it removes the package + any configuration files it has18:19
Gh0staEriC^^: so does that mean, we have to mention a package with it?18:19
Gh0staor we can use it generally ?18:20
EriC^^really you dont need them, unless you set something up and might reinstall it later in the future, you know18:20
Gh0staahh ok18:20
Gh0staso how would I check the system for any obsolete files etc. ? if there are any18:20
EriC^^Gh0sta: no you have to give it a package, if you want to just remove the extra packages there's sudo apt-get autoremove18:20
EriC^^and also sudo apt-get autoclean / clean   (they remove the deb files that were downloaded to install packages, clean removes all debs, autoclean just removes the debs for packages you dont have installed anymore)18:21
=== tehaugz is now known as augz
Gh0staEriC^^:  that is exactly what I was looking for18:23
Gh0staEriC^^: another quick question, is there a way to check the health of OS?18:23
EriC^^Gh0sta: the autoremove command should do it, it'll remove packages that aren't needed anymore18:23
EriC^^Gh0sta: health like what exactly are you interested in?18:24
Gh0staEriC^^: Hmm...like in windows we have registry mix ups etc18:25
Gh0stawhich slows down the system18:25
brett777I haven't been able to get the sound to work on a Lenovo Legion 7 81YT with Ubuntu 20.04. I tried 18 via a usb stick "try before install" and that didn't work either. Should I try 20.10?18:26
EriC^^not really, only sometimes if apt might have a problem "sudo apt-get -f install" makes a check of the package system18:26
brett777It's a new laptop so it's possible that the sound card is bad, I guess.18:26
brett777*Sound does work with headphones.18:27
Gh0staEriC^^: I was hoping to check if my system is 100% effiecient and there are no conflicts which may either compromise or slow down the system :)18:27
EriC^^Gh0sta: i think there's not much stuff like that, like you dont need to defrag the disk on ubuntu or anything, seems to keep running as long as the packages and apt is happy18:27
EriC^^Gh0sta: to be honest i have no idea, it would be neat if there is something like that, there might be18:29
Gh0staYeah :D would be really useful and promising for the beginners18:29
EriC^^Gh0sta: i think there are some tweaks to get the system to boot up quicker and stuff like that, 1 sec18:30
brett777Should I expect the sound card to work when "trying" Ubuntu via a usb stick?18:31
Doc-Saintlybrett777: all depends on your hardware18:33
Doc-SaintlyIt works automatically for some, others need some tweaks, others are a lost cause unless you're a Linux expert (which you're probably not if you're using Ubuntu. Just like the rest of us)18:33
oerheksbrett777, sorry to tell you;  Lenovo Legion 7 81YT sound working: no: see this arch wiki https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Lenovo_Legion_7i18:34
oerheksask the vendor for supported drivers18:36
EriC^^Gh0sta: install the package "preload" and run 'sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf' and change vm.swappiness=1018:36
EriC^^that should help the performance, it seems in the ubuntu site it's recommended for desktops to change it to 10 vs the default which is better for servers18:36
brett777oerheks: Thanks! Knowing it is not just me helps. Now I have to decide if I should switch to a different laptop. :-/18:37
Gh0staEriC^^:  Great thanks :D18:42
EriC^^Gh0sta: no problem :D18:43
Battlehello all, quick question I guess. does a mysql account get locked by default if incorrect password is entered too many times?19:12
lotuspsychjeBattle: perhaps some interesting channels are #httpd and #ubuntu-server for you19:21
sarnoldBattle: I don't recall seeing that in the documentation before, my guess is 'no', but I can't promise that..19:21
EriC^^and #mysql19:21
neoromantiqueUbuntu 20.04 | After I swapped out Nvidia card for an AMD one my PC started locking up if left idle :S Just  blank screen, and if I switch to tty and back then it just opens lightdm/slim(whatever is set default at the time) and starts a new session, killing old one.19:37
iorianeoromantique, ubuntu 20.04 does not use neither lightdm or slim19:40
neoromantiqueioria, I use both, initially I had slim, then after this started happening I swapped it out for a lightdm19:43
iorianeoromantique, ubuntu 20.04 does not use neither lightdm or slim19:43
neoromantique-> it's not dependent on dm19:43
sarnoldneoromantique: are there any messages in dmesg or Xorg logs or similar?19:45
neoromantiquesarnold https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/q5b6NBcTvR/19:48
sarnoldneoromantique: heh, those entries in the middle of the file give me the impression that it only fails when you do the vt switch19:52
neoromantiquevt switch is the tty?19:52
lottaquestionswhere are the sources downloaded by apt stored. eg if I do: apt install xyz-devel, where do I go to find the downloaded sources19:55
sarnoldneoromantique: yeah19:56
sarnoldlottaquestions: apt install doesn't download sources19:56
sarnoldlottaquestions: apt install will install the package19:56
sarnoldlottaquestions: you can see the files installed with dpkg -L xyz-devel19:57
neoromantiquesarnold: I just tried switching to tty and back, and it works as expected.19:57
sarnoldneoromantique: nice nice, good test. how about dmesg when it hangs?19:57
neoromantiquesarnold https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XkzgzzzftC/19:58
sarnoldneoromantique: there we go! can you file a bug with ubuntu-bug linux  and include that whole log in the bug report?20:00
texlaubuntu 20.04 trying to change background from settings or usinf right click on desktop neither will change background20:00
lottaquestionssarnold: I always thought that packages suffixed with -dev/-devel were sources. I have just tried dpkg -L xyz-dev, and clearly it is not sources.20:02
ses1984how much does ubuntu 18.04 server depend on snapd20:02
sarnoldlottaquestions: -dev packages are usually headers and static libraries20:02
ses1984i have it running on some of my AMIs, it caused a cpu spike, and i'm not sure why it's there or if i need it, i am pretty sure i didn't install anything from vanilla ubuntu server to pull it in20:03
sarnoldlottaquestions: if you actually want the source, you can get that with apt source packagename -- it'll unpack the debian package source into your current working directory20:04
sarnoldses1984: probably just livepatch, for keeping the kernel up to date; you could snap list and see if you recognie anything in there, and if not, apt purge snapd20:05
ses1984sarnold: amazon-ssm-agent hmm will need to look at that20:08
sarnoldses1984: that adds ssh keys from the amazon management interface to the authorized_keys on the system; do you use that?20:08
enkoWhat is the 'fastest' way to remote in to a Ubuntu system on my network? RDP? TeamViewer?20:09
enkoneed GUI20:10
sarnoldthe whole thing, or one application? ssh -X is pretty handy20:10
enkothe whole thing20:10
enkodoes TeamViewer know its a local PC?20:11
enkomaybe RDP will be better since i am connecting from a windows system and can do locally.20:11
lottaquestionssarnold: Thanks. Exactly what I needed20:14
sarnoldlottaquestions: woot20:15
enkosarnold: or maybe RealVNC? any experience with any?20:17
sarnoldenko: sorry, I've got no experience with the full-desktop end of things, ssh -X worked for the handful of times I needed a remote gui20:18
texlaStill question about changing background !!!20:19
oerheksSSH -X is the best.20:20
oerheksvino, rdp, but not teamviewer or the other one, running though their servers..20:20
oerhekstexla, which background Q?20:22
enkothanks sarnold,oerheks20:22
texlaoerheks, any from settings or using click from the desktop20:22
oerhekstexla, can you collaborate?20:24
LiftLefthttps://hastebin.com/eluwodabuh.sql how do I fix this error with apt-get?20:28
LiftLeftI had other problems with apt-get and I fixed them20:28
LiftLeftnow I get this error20:29
LiftLeftsomething to do with python20:29
oerheksline #9 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.20:29
oerhekstime to run apt full-upgrade20:29
LiftLeftwill that fix the python errors?20:30
LiftLeftI dunno, I'll try it20:30
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade # and reboot20:30
oerheksyes, probably20:30
LiftLeftI'll try it20:30
sarnoldLiftLeft: what does dpkg -L ibus   show?20:32
LiftLeftdpkg -L ibus20:32
LiftLeftdpkg-query: package 'ibus' is not installed20:32
LiftLeftI got that python error again when I did full-upgrade20:32
LiftLeftapt-get is broken20:33
sarnoldhow about dpkg -l  ?20:33
oerhekssudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade #might work20:35
sarnoldwow that's a surprisingly short list, my smallest system has ~three times more installed packages..20:36
sarnoldand I certainly expected more than one failed package. :/20:36
sarnoldoerheks's suggestion is worth a quick try anyway20:36
oerheksjust lists, does not harm packages.20:36
LiftLeftI'll try both20:37
LiftLeftdoes https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure and "sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade " do the same thing?20:39
oerheksthe line is one of the fix suggestions in that wiki20:39
oerheksremoving lists, getting new ones with apt update ...20:39
LiftLeftyeah that didn't work20:40
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sarnoldheh, I don't think I've seen this wiki page before. that huge list of commands is handy.20:40
oerhekssudo dpkg --configure -a # is also a killer20:40
LiftLeftI had some docker repositories that were broken when I did apt-get update. apt full-upgrade still has the python error20:41
LiftLeftI just get that python error20:41
LiftLeftbuild python3 from scratch and install that?20:42
LiftLeftgoogle didn't come up with anything20:43
LiftLeftwhen I searched that error20:43
LiftLeft> dpkg-query: package 'dh-python' is not installed20:44
LiftLeftwhat's dh-python?20:44
oerheksi wonder about line #6 + 7 .. https://hastebin.com/eluwodabuh.sql20:44
oerhekslibpython3-stdlib python3 python3-minimal python3.6 python3.6-minimal20:44
oerhekswhy does your bionic want to remove these?20:45
LiftLeftno idea20:45
oerheksline #10 1 not fully installed or removed20:45
oerhekssudo apt install -f # should fix that one20:46
LiftLeftit just returns that error20:46
LiftLeftI found forum thread were someone had a similar problem20:48
sarnoldtry running sudo -s  ; PYCLEAN_DEBUG=1 ; export PYCLEAN_DEBUG ; apt install -f20:50
sarnoldhopefully this will dump some more useful information about where this list of packages is coming from20:50
LiftLeftit didn't display anything20:53
LiftLeft> No other ideas?20:56
LiftLefthow the thread ended20:56
LiftLeftsarnold, oerheks: any idea?21:01
oerheksno, what docker repo is causing this?21:02
LiftLeftmaybe I'll remove the bad repos21:03
oerheksohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... httpS21:04
oerheksyou added secure repos, that needs apt-transport-https21:05
oerheks!info apt-transport-https21:05
ubottuapt-transport-https (source: apt): transitional package for https support. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 156 kB21:05
oerheksinstall that package, and you should be fine21:05
sarnoldLiftLeft: sorry, I'm out of ideas. I suggest asking the elementary os folks if they have ideas21:05
LiftLeftI can't install packages right now21:06
oerhekssudo apt install -f apt-transport-https # the -f might work?21:07
LiftLefthow do I remove https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu ?21:07
LiftLeftI'll remove it first21:07
sarnoldLiftLeft: if the ppa-purge tool is installed, it's very good at these tasks21:08
sarnoldLiftLeft: it might even be worth grabbing the package by hand and installing it with dpkg -i21:08
oerheksor download the deb package, and install with sudo dpkg -i apt-transport-https<something>.deb21:08
oerhekssarnold +121:08
LiftLeftI just remove it from the /etc/apt/sources.list file right?21:09
KonDoesn't ppa-purge only work with PPAs?21:09
sarnoldKon: oh that'd be too bad if that's the case :(21:10
LiftLeftI'll just backup the file and try it21:10
sarnoldLiftLeft: that will leave whatever packages on the system that were installed from a ppa with no source of updates, and if they were newer than whatever is in the distribution, you'd not get updates21:10
LiftLeftI'll fix apt-get first21:10
KonLiftLeft: Remove the package and then delete the .list file21:11
LiftLeftand revert the file once it's fix21:11
Konbtw, I highly recommend third party repositories getting their own .list file and putting it in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/21:11
KonRather than editing your base sources.list21:12
KonThat should almost never happen unless you're doing it manually21:12
LiftLeftapt-get update no errors21:12
oerheksif you run elementary, those friends might have a clue.21:12
LiftLeftI do21:13
LiftLeftI wonder if app center works21:15
sarnoldit'll run the same postinst scripts after package operations21:15
LiftLeftI know21:15
sarnoldand it'll run into the same failures21:15
LiftLeftI'll see if it works somehow21:16
LiftLefthasn't errored yet21:18
LiftLeftI dunno if that means anything21:18
LiftLeftsayings installing21:18
LiftLeftnope didn't work21:26
oerheksLiftLeft, i think you need to file a bugreport, or seek support with elementary, i spot different python3 packages compared to mine 18.04.521:31
oerheksgood luck!21:31
LiftLeftI'm going to try installing dh-python21:31
lain99i need a relatively old deb package for some work. libc6/libc6-dev version 2.17. where might i find it. i looked around google21:31
tomreynthere's no supported ubunturelease providing this version21:33
oerhekslain99, no reason for that old build; are you pentesting something?21:35
sarnoldlain99: ouch :/ sounds like a bad bad bad time when you need an OLD libc package21:35
oerheks14.04 era21:35
lain99i need it to support build an application for an old distro21:35
sarnoldlain99: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ ... I strongly recommend you do NOT install those packages on any computer you care about!21:35
lain99i know what im doing21:35
sarnoldalright, cool21:35
oerheksoh, you don't know what your doing :-D21:35
sarnoldwe'll know in an hour :) hehe21:36
LiftLeftI'll join the #debian-python channel on the OFTC network21:37
LiftLeftsee if they can help me21:37
* sarnold has five bucks on "go ask elementary os" :)21:40
LiftLeftI'll ask there if debian-python can't help21:41
lain99its not here http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/libc/libc/21:43
oerhekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/amd64/libc-bin/ perhaps? else find it with google or bing, your request is not supported here.21:44
LiftLeftwhat does debian-python even do?21:44
LiftLeftI think it run scripts for debian21:45
oerheksaskin #debian?21:45
LiftLeftno there's debian-python21:45
LiftLefton the oftc network21:45
oerhekslets keep this channel free for true ubuntu releases.21:46
sarnoldlain99: libc is the old libc5 -- glibc is the source package for libc these days http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glibc/21:53
sarnoldlain99: hmm, funny enough I don't see a 2.17 in there either. there's a 2.17 in http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/e/eglibc/ ...21:53
lain99eglibc is different ?21:54
sarnoldthere was a split for a little while, like egcs vs gcc21:54
sarnoldI can't recall when the eglibc changes were merged back into glibc21:54
lain99god this is such a nightmare21:56
sarnoldlain99: it might be easier to install an ancient distro in lxd or libvirt and just take whatever it is..21:58
sarnold2.17 looks like saucy era, so find an old ubuntu saucy install image, and install that into a VM21:59
lain99it doesnt even solve the problem i really want to solve :(22:00
sarnolddemanding a replacement of your ancient application with one that you can rebuild as needed? :)22:01
infoteki'm having a problem with ubuntu 18.04 LTS not recognizing my RAID card.  Ubuntu version 14 LTS worked fine.22:13
sarnoldinfotek: does it show up in lspci output? are there any messages about it in dmesg?22:14
infotekit shows up in lspci. it is a supermicro X9SCL with hardware raid. you can switch it between an LSI or Intel bios.  in either LSI or Intel mode, I can create an array.  During the install It just looks as if there are raw drives not a RAID.22:20
infotekI'm trying really hard not to implement software raid22:21
sarnoldinteresting, normally I hear about people trying to flash cards from raid mode to it mode :)22:21
infotekit mode?22:22
sarnoldwhere each drive shows up to the OS individually, so you can get smart status from sata disks, or control them individually with zfs / lvm / ceph etc22:23
infoteki wanted the hardware raid because i think it would have better performance22:24
infoteki guess i will just configure it from JBOD and use LVM22:25
infotekdoes ubuntu support different raid cards on the alternative isos?22:25
sarnoldit might be worth a shot, but honestly I'd expect just about everything to work these days with very little effort22:26
nicekiwiis there a fix for laptops locking after waking from sleep, not before?22:29
infotekugh! i regretably feel the same.22:29
sarnoldnicekiwi: the safe thing to do is lock before you suspend22:32
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kk4ewtrun powertop and see what is perventing it from waking up most times its either networking or video22:33
nicekiwisarnold: :( le sigh22:47
sarnoldnicekiwi: yup :(22:47

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