eclectic_billEickmeyer:  I'm shocked at that news! brand new ssd, says 6gb/sec! will try to find out if they have faster ones and if I can exchange it.00:32
eclectic_billsudo hdparm -tT /dev/sda:00:55
eclectic_billTiming cached reads::: 13510 mb in 1.99 seconds = 6775.62 MB/sec00:56
eclectic_billTiming buffered disk reads :1528 MB in 3.00 seconds = 508.83 MB/sec00:57
eclectic_billwaaaa! I just wanna learn to record music on Linux!!!01:04
Eickmeyereclectic_bill: The bottleneck is likely not the SSD itself, but your motherboard. It likely just can't handle the I/O.03:39
corrinado[m]<Eickmeyer "eclectic_bill: The bottleneck is"> Exactly07:33
eclectic_billI got a free laptop from work and got it all set up and thought I can finally record music after decades of computer & music being separate--probably can't afford a more powerful laptop...maybe I just see if other programs than ardour can work for me.10:52
eclectic_billaudaciy could probably handle a lot of my initial goals, and there must be other programs that could do the job..qtractor?10:56
eclectic_billthato would not quite make those hardware demands. weird, because the amount of data I was dealing with at failure was tiny, and I'd already made a successful small 4-track recording in the morning, and the comp seems plenty powerful for everything else. Thanks for the insight!10:59
eclectic_billactually, there was no real amount of data at the point of failure. It recorded in the morning, and refused to record in the afternoon.11:01
jaymz168Hello all! Can anyone help with patching, building and packaging a kernel on Ubuntu?  I've got an audio interface that misbehaves and a driver was developed on linuxmusicians which I managed to get working on Manjaro following their build toolchain.  But what I'd really like to do is run Ubuntu Studio, patch a 5.8.6 kernel with my driver and build13:58
jaymz168using the proper toolchain with the proper Ubuntu Studio pataches.13:58
jaymz168Can anyone point me in the right direction?13:58
jaymz168And 5.8.x AFAIK is required due to the added support for USB implicit feedback13:59
OvenWerkseclectic_bill: That does sound odd. Could it be something else was happening (SW update) in the background?14:13
OvenWerkseclectic_bill: I find doing a swapoff then swapon then record sometimes helps14:13
OvenWerksI have an older laptop using ubuntustudio 18.04 (it is 32bit so 20.04 won't work) and have done recording on it with no problems. I think it only has 2gb of ram14:15
OvenWerksmore than 10 years old.14:15
* OvenWerks is miffed that there is no longer 32 bit support and is looking at installing debian on that device at least.14:16
OvenWerksjaymz168: have you looked at the 20.10 kernel? It is 5.8. I do not know if it already includes the module you need or if you would have to add it still.14:21
OvenWerksbut that would be the best starting point.14:21
OvenWerksjaymz168: also, while not really supported, there are a few other kernals around too that can offer goof performance and at least in my testing, have worked fine with studio.14:23
OvenWerksjaymz168: anyway, It has been some time since I have built kernels. I would guess start with the kernal source package and go from there.14:38
jaymz168OvenWerks: It won't have the patch, it's not upstream and I'm not sure they're trying to push it yet.  It was developed for a specific interface but it turns it out it works for an entire family of related hardware so I think more testing  is in order.14:40
jaymz168OvenWerks: Thanks for lead on 20.10, I'll have a look and see if it's easier to just run unstable and patch that.14:40
OvenWerksjaymz168: n0o it wouldn't have the patch but if you start from the source package it should be able to be patched and built.14:41
jaymz168OvenWerks: Thanks!14:41
OvenWerksjaymz168: also I have found that most often it does not matter which kernel one uses14:41
OvenWerksThat is using a 20.10 kernel with 20.04 will likely work with no problems14:42
jaymz168OvenWerks: That's what I was thinking too.14:43
OvenWerksI am sure we will get told that any such setup is "Not Supported"14:44
OvenWerkson the other hand, 20.10 is in reasonable good shape.14:46

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