DragnslcrWow, Konversation had fun rendering that00:15
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pragomerI know there are plasma "look and feels" that have transparent panels, and some dont... how can I make the panel of default "breeze dark" transparent?05:38
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bj_anyone online?10:12
eeosask the question10:13
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IrcsomeBot<Soleil Mistral> Hello evebody. I wanted to ask if there is a already built in way to update or change the kernel manually? … Thanks in advance10:39
luna_There is discussion of maybe porting Kubuntu to the Pinetab at aKademy now11:16
viewer|44Hi. Wanted to ask how to manually update11:29
viewer|44Or change the kernel11:29
BluesKajHi all11:45
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miro__hi all16:51
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IrcsomeBot<user> hi. I'm installing kubuntu right now. i like kde much more than gnome DE19:01
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lundrvsok, ask if you need, no prob19:07
Kalovmy calendar is 1 day off19:18
Kalovdate is set properly19:18
lundrvshow did you set it? With the command "date" or from the GUI?19:19
Kalovmmm it's ok since i installed kubuntu19:20
Kalovi just cheked with date it was the right time/year/tz19:20
Kalovall other things work ok19:23
Kalovfor example my thunderbird calendar19:23
Kalovhang on19:24
Kalovi think i might be dumb19:25
Kalovyeah the problem was me19:26
IrcsomeBot<user> how can i move to panel from the bottom to the top?19:29
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lundrvshahaha nice19:37
IrcsomeBot<Dr_wert> hi all, question, if I update the Asus laptop's bios, will Linux have problems?20:37
oerheksmost likely a bios update fixes problems.21:04
oerheksyour question is wild, ask acer?21:05
geniiIf you made any special changes to the bios in order to instal and run linux before, you may have to repeat the changes if the update clears the computer's settings21:08
antares_gadesHello all.I have a bad issue related to wireless. Everything was fine but (after messing a little with vmware, virtualbox and kvm) now I am not able to connect21:28
antares_gadeswirelessly. Sometimes I am able to do, i got IP but i can't even ping to my router21:28
antares_gadesI really don't know were to begin21:29
antares_gadesAny help would be appreciated.21:29
antares_gadesNetworkManager shows "Configuring interface" for a long time. I've made some diagnostics reading some posts outthere but doens't make sense to me21:32
IrcsomeBot<Dr_wert> @oerheks, thanks21:45
IrcsomeBot<Dr_wert> only special change at the bios  was "segure boot" from enable to disable21:47

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