jrwrenanyone ever seen SATA link up messages every second? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1273679/kernel-is-spewing-ata-link-up-messages-every-second17:16
cmaloneyI've not seen that17:18
jrwrenso annoyed by it17:19
_stink_omg i just learned the norm command in vim19:19
_stink_what a great day19:19
cmaloneywhat does "norm" do?19:24
_stink_sits at the bar? :D19:26
_stink_naw, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/59941619:26
cmaloneyOh wow19:28
cmaloneyand all this time I've been doing %s/$/foo/g19:28
_stink_yep, i typed that first too... then i was thinking about the newline, and that convinced me to google again19:30
_stink_something more generally useful19:30

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