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gnUserCan you guys recommend a PDF reader that supports bookmarking in ubuntu?01:00
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zerohour999Is anyone super familiar with LUKS encryption? When I initially installed ubuntu, I encrypted my entire drive, but now I'd like to make a partition to dual boot OS's. However, after attempting to partition the drive, I still was unable to access it because it was still hidden by the encryption upon attempting to install the second OS. The partition01:24
zerohour999existed, but it was invisible and still hidden as a part of the primary partition.01:24
zerohour999I opened this up on StackExchange and nothing seemed to work. For reference if you want: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/602316/remove-luks-encryption-from-single-partition-of-disk01:25
sarnoldzerohour999: I think the post could be improved by editing it to include if you are using gpt or mbr partition table, if you are booting linux to legacy or uefi, if you booting windows to legacy or uefi, and if the kde tool resized any filesystems as part of repartitioning or not01:27
edoneerfif you want Windows on any unit I suggest to get a separate unit and do the three-stack VeraCrypt fde on the whole Windows-unit01:27
edoneerfdual booting is pain01:28
edoneerfand begin with Serpent since we all know AES is sketchy. Or do either-or I'd never rely on AES in any case01:30
zerohour999@sarnold it's a gpt partition on uefi, if that helps01:31
edoneerfSerpent technically won, it's just that the NSA et-al loves AES Rinjandel or whatever01:31
edoneerffor a reason01:31
sarnoldzerohour999: so that 'misc' partition is an EFI fat partition?01:32
zerohour999@sarnold Yes, exactly01:32
DarkTrickQ: How do I disable update checks? I disabled update checks in within the update settings ("Automatically check for updates"), but even though update* processes regularly start.03:06
Bashing-omDarkTrick: Have a read in " /etc/cron.daily/apt " and " /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades " .03:31
DarkTrickWhat should I find in there?03:36
DarkTrick50unattended-upgrade seems empty (everything commented out)03:37
DarkTrickcron.daily/apt does not exist03:37
sharpieread and read more?03:37
DarkTrickPerhaps my way of asking was unfortunate.03:49
DarkTrickI set "Automatically check for updates" to "Never". Is this the wrong place to disable automatic updates?03:50
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semitonesIs it possible, nay, is it plausible, in today's day and age, to have a desktop computer with a portable laptop-esque interface?04:10
semitonesLike the image is streamed from the gfx card over the network to a screen04:10
semitonesAnd touchpad/keyboard inputs are streamed back04:11
semitonesPregame likeBut it's fast and upgradable like a desktop04:11
semitonesPortable* like04:11
CarlFKsemitones: "yes".. remote desktop things, like VNC.  which is close, but not the same04:18
semitonesBecause I know steam link exists04:19
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harryguerrilla[mDarkTrick: I believe the file you may need to edit is /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic.  The values should be 0.05:17
DarkTrickharryguerrilla[m, They are "0"05:27
harryguerrilla[mDarkTrick: You may want to try disabling the apt-daily.service (sudo systemctl disable apt-daily.service).05:35
DarkTrickharryguerrilla[m, I disabled it. I'll see if it has any effect. (btw. shouldn't that service get disabled, if I click the GUI?)05:38
harryguerrilla[mDarkTrick: That I'm not sure, but based on the settings you can choose, my guess would be that it does not disable the service.  It would  only change the frequency with which the system checks for updates.05:44
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ailionWhat is accountsservice?06:19
ailionI found it on Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 by `ps aux | grep accounts`06:19
andrea_pHi, after a recent update the X server won't start, I have an error "/dev/dri/card0: failed to et DRM interfvace version 1.4: permission denied"06:26
andrea_pand at the end: modeset(0) drmSetMaster failed: invalid argument06:27
andrea_pI'm using the amdgpu driver06:27
andrea_pI have the same error even if I do an X -configure and then try to start directly X as root with X -config /root/xorg.conf.new06:30
ailionandrea_p: on grub menu, select the previous kernel. that might work06:30
andrea_pailion, I tried with a previous kernel06:31
ailionare you using something like bumblebee?06:33
andrea_pailion, no luck, same error06:33
andrea_pi'm on an amd card; not sure if it's relevant but I'm using rocm06:35
ailiondoes your cpu have iGPU?06:40
truexfan81i don't suppose the package maintainer for libplacebo is in here?06:48
truexfan81need a newer version for ubuntu 20.04 1.7 is too old, need a minimum of 1.1806:48
guiverctruexfan81, there are MOTUs here yes, but they aren't likely to respond to anything here, as requests like that belong in bug-trackers (lp), and even then upgraded packages are now likely to go into next release (H most probably now; 1.29.1+dfsg1-2 is in groovy now)06:51
truexfan81well for those that jump from lts to lts thats 2 years away tho07:05
guivercit's a universe package, so a member from the community can step in and do the work... we'd all love more people to step up and help07:05
emilienI'm trying to use a variable after "find" but "tar" won't play nice, what should I do? "find /home -name '*KEEP*' -exec tar -cvzf $TODAY_DATE $PWD \;"07:30
emilienthis is the script to give an idea what I'm trying to do https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/YqFcHPn6bw/07:32
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apwemilien, and what does it do and how does that differ from what you expect08:42
apwemilien, are you expecting $PWD to be the directory in which *KEEP* is found ?08:44
apwemilien, and are you expecting a tarball in each directory containing those KEEP files?08:46
apwemilien, if so then i suspect you really want "find /home -name '*KEEP*' -execdir tar -cvzf $TODAY_DATE . \;"08:46
codebamhey so I rebooted and it booted me to a tty for some reason. I must have accidentally removed some or all of the packages in the ubuntu-desktop09:01
codebamso I just reinstalled `ubuntu-desktop` right09:01
codebambut the problem I'm facing now is that it loads ubuntu gnome wayland, with no option to use xorg on the login screen09:01
akemhpI have this running on my system right now "14927 ?        S<Ls   0:48 /usr/bin/atop -R -w /var/log/atop/atop_20200909 600", isn't atop manually started? I mean i know i never started that since i booted, how comes i have this in my process list, any idea?09:02
codebamwhich is a problem because nvidia is garbage on wayland09:02
codebamhow can I reinstall gnome xorg?09:02
codebamit doesn't seem to be part of ubuntu-desktop09:02
codebamwhat's the package name of ubuntu's gnome interface?09:04
codebamso I can install it09:04
emilienapw: I worked it out and used ; find . -name '*KEEP*' -print0 | xargs -0 tar -cvzf  "/home/emilien/$TODAY" thanks09:05
codebamanyone? I'm stuck at a tty09:08
akemhpcodebam, Do a clean reinstall from a liveUSB, it will be faster.09:09
codebamif I'm reinstalling I'm not installing ubuntu that's for sure09:10
akemhpAs you wish.09:10
codebamit shouldn't be this difficult. I've had easier experiences on arch09:11
codebamthat's saying a lot09:11
codebamI just mean. there should be a way for me to fix it09:11
TuorHi, I got a lenovo p53 and I have issues with the nvidia card. I tried multiple drivers. The one closest to working was nvidia-driver-450. But i got some wired screen flickering... any idea wjat I could try?09:26
zetherooUbuntu 20.04 is using timesyncd and not ntp ... right!?09:27
zetheroowhen I do 'systemctl status timesyncd' I get 'Unit timesyncd.service could not be found.'09:29
kek_hi so how do I tell ubuntu to use a specific keyboard layout but keep everything english?09:33
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kek_sry dced09:56
pigetamy graphic card  only have resolution 1024x768 here un ubuntu but in windows i can set 1600x90010:17
pigetahow to fix here ?10:17
pigetathe graphic card is not new its a ati hd435010:18
pigetabut still working10:18
FManTropyxyou probably have to manually add the highest mode - I had to do it that way to get it to work on Ubuntu10:21
pigetaok you know how?10:23
FManTropyxxrandr --newmode and then xrandr --addmode10:23
raverHi, I've build the current biboumi 8.5 stable Version for Armbian (arm64) via checkinstall. is there a place I can Upload it in case anyone is interested?10:44
daireI am looking for a guide that covers 20.04.1 installation with full disk encryption, with encrypted swap supporting hibernaiton, and btrfs.10:45
Greenfrog> thanks EriC^^ seting at my laptop enjoying musak and irc, plus internet, thanks for your help10:45
Greenfrog<Greenfrog> you were patient and kind, thanks :)10:45
Greenfrog<Greenfrog> ok, i'm xbfrog :)10:45
Greenfrog<Greenfrog> on the new laptop :)10:45
Greenfrog<Greenfrog> ok well not new10:45
Greenfrog<Greenfrog> but revived10:45
Greenfrog<Greenfrog> well crud10:45
daireThere is a guide on the wiki writted by Tj that covers some of what I need. In the guide Tj references support possibly being available here, does Tj come in here much?10:47
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ToniusHi! I use ubuntu 20.04.1 with pidgin from official repo. +pidgin-sipe. I need to connect with lync server. I add account protocol Office communicator, but have ssl error. What to do? Sorry for my broken english =)10:50
Toniusor exist some other method to use lync ?10:51
hempman77Hi everyone10:53
hempman77I can't connect to my hotspot phone or usb tethering10:53
hempman77I have network manager on xubuntu studio10:54
hempman77No connection in my xubuntu.10:54
hempman77I can't download or update my distro10:54
pigetahttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/QhFFXTMSxm/ where is the mistake?11:02
makara1where can I ask a question about converting markdown2html. None of the tools I've seen can discover links and convert them, even though this is markdown default behaviour11:03
guivercdaire, I see Tj often, but I can't say how often (a search thru irclogs would probably tell you)11:03
osseIs there any docs on how the default sounds system works in Ubuntu, e.g. pulseaudio interacts with alsa? My USB headset is unreliable i Ubuntu. Sometimes I can choose it at as a output device and sometimes not. The last time I managed to fix it by fiddling with pavucontrol11:06
summonnermakara1, try in #web?11:28
daireguiverc: thanks11:34
hempman77Hi my network manager don't work properly11:43
hempman77I don't have phone internet wifi or tethering in my xubuntu11:44
hempman77Can you help me please11:44
summonnerhempman77, you should upgrade from Ubuntu 12 to at least 1811:45
BluesKajHi all11:45
makara1summonner: thx11:52
hempman77Summonner I can't internet don't work11:52
ElNomRealBut.. you're here?11:53
summonnerhempman77, what have you tried? what do your logs say?11:53
* summonner grins at ElNomReal 11:54
hempman77Summonner I can't copy past but I don't have ping to google.fr12:09
hempman77And when I write Ifdown wlo1 : unknown interface wlo112:09
hempman77I don't have wifi connection (wlo1)12:10
semitonesshould this work? (bash) for i in *; echo "$i"12:12
summonnersemitones,    for i in *; do echo $i; done12:25
semitonesthanks, I just realized that too lol. bash scripting 10112:26
summonnerhempman77, need more details. is this a new installation? is this a stable installation for a while and you recently updated? help me help you12:26
hempman77Summonner I restart my computer next day and it don't work12:31
hempman77Ifconfig said it work12:31
hempman77Lost connection12:31
hempman77And if I don't have apt get upgrade, how to connect for that ? Can I have apt upgrade offline ?12:32
hempman77I read some forum... But nothing12:32
hempman77Someone said me on the french forum use for dns... But how to do that ? w to12:34
hempman77Back sorry12:39
hempman77No internet on my pc12:39
hempman77Maybe my distro is dead ?12:39
submuxDoes anyone know how I can contact Ubuntu package maintainers? liblvm-dev doesn't include the liblvm2 headers.. meaning lvm2app.h is missing for some reason12:39
submuxspecifically that's in ubuntu 20.04.. it was there in earlier versions12:40
pizzaiolosubmux i'd guess the best way to address that would be to open a bug report12:56
zakamesubmux: I think that's been dropped, even Debian buster doesn't have that now, see also https://sourceware.org/git/?p=lvm2.git;a=blob;f=WHATS_NEW;h=1fffbb5d7c5b85daa206cdfa4fa9826afd6cba8a;hb=HEAD#l33012:57
zakameyep dropped in https://sourceware.org/git/?p=lvm2.git;a=commitdiff;h=27c647d6ce707326237771d3b046b6049161fb5a;hp=2a7f2a3a244dd02cacb947b19f7400b53dd71ca412:58
submuxUgh... that's terribly inconvenient. I suppose I need an alternative :/12:59
submuxThanks though13:00
asdfghhello i have having a strange problem with ubuntu 20.04 after i suspend it, chrome show lagged windows,13:09
asdfghwhat could be the problem?13:09
asdfghthis ^13:11
hempman77How to reconfigure for factory reset my distro without reinstall and save my files ?13:14
hempman77Without iso installation of ubuntu ?13:15
hempman77I need to redownload that ?13:15
hempman77I transfer my files in another ssd?13:16
hempman77And for have reset ?13:16
summonnerhempman77, type in ping
summonnerand use CTRL and c to break that when it's running for a little while. Do you get a response? or it says Destination Unreachable?13:17
hempman77Destination Unreachable13:17
summonnerright so the problem is to do with your wifi or ethernet cable. which do you use?13:18
hempman77From icmp_seq=2 Destination Net Unreachable13:18
summonnerwhat's your machine's IP address?  if you type   ifconfig   it should tell you.... 192.168.?.?13:19
summonnerhempman77, I have to leave in a few minutes. please hurry13:21
summonnersomeone else can take over. if hempman77 has an ip address, and you can ping the router, the problem is the router and not ubuntu13:22
hempman77Interface usb013:23
summonnerthen hempman77 should go into #networking for help13:23
hempman77Broadcast :
hempman77Ha no13:24
hempman77To difficult for me, I try to reinstall the system13:24
BluesKajreinstalling might not help13:25
BluesKajhave you checked your connections to the router?13:26
BluesKajhempman77, ^13:27
jarco5000he could just be missing his default gateway13:27
hempman77It's my smartphone with usb tethering13:27
jarco5000Or if he is in usa tethering might be blocked13:28
BluesKajdoubt he's in the uS13:29
hempman77Government do not authorize that13:31
BluesKajauthorize what ?13:31
hempman77Yeah Because they don't want to see me on computer13:31
hempman77And they cut internet on my pc sure13:32
hempman77Somebody watching me /_\13:32
ses1984what do people do to manage remote linux desktops connecting to a company vpn13:34
ses1984my company's security team wants to get rid of linux workstations because it's harder to manage them than mac13:35
BluesKajthink that's BS, macs are so proprietary your company will pay thru the nose for their services13:37
ses1984if we could find a way to pay the same amount of money to secure linux desktop endpoints, we probably would13:38
ses1984we are already paying through the nose to secure mac endpoints and we accept that as a cost of doing business13:38
jpdsAre they complaining about the fact that they don't have a way of remotely managing the systems, or securing them?13:40
ses1984what's the difference, an unmanaged system isnt' secure. if a system is insecure how can you trust you're managing it?13:41
jpdsWell, there's all sorts of tooling like Puppet/Landscape/etc to manage Linux systems13:42
Gh0staHey guys!14:32
Gh0stahope everyone is having an amazing day14:33
xMeiahow you all doin? whats up15:03
xMeiamy ncspot(spotify) is laggy, the audio, why?15:25
summonnerses1984, you can have tripwire and a whole host of monitors on a linux machine. Your IT team sounds like a bunch of point and click'ers15:31
vlmwhen using variables in bash,its only valid for bash and subshell of bash right?So if referring a variabel in some config file for a program that wouldnt work?15:31
summonnerLinux is way more secure by default than mac or windows15:31
jpdssummonner: Not necessarily15:31
ElNomRealDepends on the default I guess.15:32
summonnerxMeia, what have you checked?15:34
summonnerAny unpatched and unsecured system has holes by default, this is a given. I saw a CUPS vulnerability the other week/month. At least with Ubuntu, security patches are installed by default. Following a guide, say the NSA setup documents, will harden your default image (if they push images via pxe or however)15:36
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:37
GreenfrogEriC^^ my hard drive is running16:06
Greenfrog"wonderfully" thanks :) woot16:07
lotuspsychjegreat to hear Greenfrog16:08
Greenfroghe did a great job helping me16:09
lotuspsychje!cookie | ericus16:09
ubottuericus: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:09
Greenfrogits Eric^^ give him two cookies :)16:10
mikunoshello guys I have just installed the latest Ubuntu in a NEW SSD HD but when I try to use the system I get the input output error message for every command (bash too). https://photos.app.goo.gl/VN5p9M5E4ax3QE33816:10
mikunosany idea?16:17
akemhpmikunos, It does boot up to the desktop GUI?16:18
akemhpOr you boot up in terminal mode?16:18
mikunos@akemhp yes I am using it16:18
Maikusing what...?16:19
mikunosI am using the GUI16:19
mikunosbut when I stress it up, the GUI freeze and the application are stucks16:19
mikunosI am testing the RAM too with the memtester tool16:20
mikunosbut I don't understand why this happens16:20
akemhpmikunos, Sounds bad. I would try to boot on live USB and check the SSD drive.16:20
mikunosthe SSD is brand new16:20
akemhpRun a fsck on it. Maybe smart i don't know what tool are used to check it really.16:20
akemhpmikunos, It may be faulty, or your file system is damaged.16:21
mikunosthe OS has been just installed16:21
mikunosit is brand new too16:21
mikunosit seems to me a RAM issue but I am not sure16:22
akemhpmikunos, Try a fsck on /dev/sdaX where X is your root filesystem, but you need to do that from a live USB.16:22
akemhpI/O is not RAM afaik.16:23
akemhpBut you can check RAM with testmem86 i think its called.16:23
akemhpLook it up on google.16:23
akemhpOr Duckduckgo if you prefer :P16:25
mikunosI am sure that the problem is NOT the SSD Drive16:25
akemhpYou don't understand it mqy just be the filesystem...16:26
akemhpA fsck would repair it.16:27
Greenfrogyes do a file system check16:29
Greenfrogat least eliminate that16:30
LiftLeftsarnold, oerheks: I did apt-get install on the packages that it said weren't installed. apt-get install only got most of the way through the installation16:33
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Greenfrogwhat are you expecting by saying "hello"?17:03
Greenfrogme? i'm just a noob17:04
Greenfrogwell, crud its me ugh17:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:07
Nisse_Hello! Running ubuntu server edition on my server, and I'm going to upgrade the hardware tomorrow. Do I need to re-install ubuntu for everything to work properly, or can I just boot on the same hdd again after I've replaced the parts?17:26
compdocNisse_, be a good idea to clone the drive first, but just boot it. should be ok17:27
Nisse_Cool! any recommended software for that, or can I just copy everything to an external drive?17:28
compdocyou might have to make some changes to configs to get it all working, but it might just work anyway17:28
compdocNisse_, clonezilla17:28
Nisse_compdoc: Thank you!17:29
legreffierunless you're planning weird stuff with the newer machine (ie. setting up a GPU...) you should be completely fine just booting on the newer box with the old HDD17:29
Nisse_I'm swapping out motherboard, ram and cpu17:29
compdocwhat cpu is it?17:30
Nisse_ryzen 7 3700x17:30
Nisse_right now it's and amd apu from 201117:30
compdoc you should be on the latest version of ubuntu for that cpu17:30
compdocI think they started suppoting it around version 1817:31
Nisse_I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS17:31
Nisse_So that should be fine17:32
sta|kerHello, I have a Dell Precision 5520 and installed Ubuntu 19.04 on it. I'm currently having some issues with the keyboard. Sometimes is will double random characters, i.e. typing "This is a test" might give me "Thiis is a ttest". It also will not type some keys randomly on first "click", like I'd have to press "f" three times before it will appear (again, random keys). Also sometimes if I type quick enough, again "This is a test" I'll ge17:34
sta|kert something like "Tshi is a Tset". I can't seem to find anything related to these three issues. Could this be a setting? Or maybe a driver issue?17:34
lotuspsychjesta|ker: 19.04 is end of life, install a supported version from the topic please17:34
sta|keroh, sorry, I didn't realize it was already EOL. I'll go ahead and upgrade the distro and get back if there is an issue. Thanks!17:35
pavlosis there a way to distinguish packages that were installed by the user vs the system? dpkg --get-selections shows everything17:53
oerhekspavlos, apt-mark showmanual17:58
oerhekspavlos, excluding snaps of course18:03
pavlosoerheks: thx, dpkg gives me 2687 pkg, mark gives me 2040, I'll find the diff18:04
sem2peiegood evening, are there any ubuntu developers present? (e.g. Seth Forshee)18:12
oerhekssem2peie, unlikely, his handle is sforshee on irc https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SethForshee18:13
lotuspsychjesem2peie: for the ubuntu developers there is also #ubuntu-devel18:13
oerheksone is free to email, or write on mailinglists.18:13
oerheksyes, maybe that is the place they hang out, during officehours18:14
sem2peieAh OK thanks18:15
spiffdaddy!info linux -generic18:34
ubottu'-generic' is not a valid distribution: bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, disco, disco-backports, disco-proposed, eoan, eoan-backports, eoan-proposed, focal, focal-backports, focal-proposed, groovy, groovy-backports, groovy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, 18:34
spiffdaddy!info linux-headers-generic18:35
ubottulinux-headers-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel headers. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 17 kB18:35
oerheksone can go wild on ubottu in PM too :-P18:37
chx777hi...i use ubuntu 20.04 and today i noticed that the categories in ubuntu software center disappeared...only the editor picks are shown...how to solve this issue pls?18:38
oerhekson the top panel, choose 'all' or go back button on the left?18:40
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lotuspsychjechx777: categories work here18:42
oerheksone can reset gnome-software by deleting ~/.cache/gnome-software, it will be recreated18:44
chx777it worked for me too till yesterday...but now are not there...18:44
kenperkinsHello! I have a brand new acer swift 3 (amd 4700u) with a fresh install of 20.04.1, the brightness does not appear to function; where do I start looking for issues?18:45
tomreynkenperkinsis it fully updated, yet? have you tried a newer kernel version? does     journalctl -b | grep exp_hw_support    return anything?18:47
oerheksfocal-proposed seems to work, see #19  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/187775718:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1877757 in linux (Ubuntu) "No sound, Dummy output on Acer Swift 3 SF314-57G with Ice Lake core-i7 CPU" [Medium,Confirmed]18:48
tomreyni didn'T read the bug report, but it says "Ice Lake core-i7", not "amd 4700u"18:49
kenperkins@tomreyn fully updated. have not changed kernel18:53
kenperkins`see modparam exp_hw_support`18:53
lotuspsychjekenperkins: could you share youd dmesg with the volunteers please?18:53
tomreynkenperkins: so you may want !kernelparm     amdgpu.exp_hw_support=118:55
tomreyn!kernelparm | kenperkins18:55
ubottukenperkins: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters18:55
tomreynopibaf PPA *may* also be desirable18:56
tomreyn* oibaf18:56
tomreyn(not supported here)18:57
lotuspsychjewelcome hempman7718:59
hempman77I don't have network on my computer can you help me ?18:59
tomreynkenperkins: there's also linux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge if you want to try a newer kernel18:59
lotuspsychjehempman77: are you running ubuntu?18:59
lotuspsychjehempman77: wifi or ethernet? just installed ubuntu?18:59
hempman77Usb tethering smartphone19:00
hempman77Yep ping : destination net unreachable19:00
hempman775 packets : 0 received, 4 errors, 100% packet loss, time 4004ms19:01
sarnold1.1.1.1 is a bad ip to test with, a lot of ISPs are broken and can't route it19:03
sarnoldwhich might be the point of your testing, of course, but or is better for "does it kinda look like I'm probably online"19:04
kenperkins@lotuspsychje remind me the right way to share the dmesg?19:06
hempman77Sarnold same result19:06
lotuspsychjehempman77: can this help: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-mobile.html.en19:06
lotuspsychjekenperkins: dmesg in terminal and upload to pastebin, or use pastebinit19:07
jpdshempman77: Can you ping your default gateway? 'ip r' will show this19:08
hempman77Do not work lotuspsychje19:08
ktosiekHi! I have a pretty strange problem - after disconnecting from VPN my /etc/resolv.conf is unreadable. It correctly points to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf, but that file is owned by root and has mode 60019:09
lotuspsychjekenperkins: have you tryed booting with secureboot off to compare? secureboot can influence things in some cases19:09
kenperkinshmm, I have not, just installing first time today19:10
kenperkinscan i safely disable secureboot without needing to change anything else in ubuntu?19:10
sarnoldkenperkins: yes19:10
hempman77Jpds when I ping my local ip it work : 64 bytes from icmp_seq=12 ttl=64 time=2.36 ms19:11
hempman77Jpds but no internet ... On my phone I have internet19:11
jpdshempman77: Not your device's IP, your gateway IP19:12
kenperkinshm i don't appear to be able to disable secure boot19:13
lotuspsychjekenperkins: can you also check: sudo lshw -C video plz, see if graphics drivers are loaded correctly19:13
tomreynkenperkins: i think you can be fine with just the kernel parameter, maybe the updated kernel, too. there's also a newer bios for this system than you have now, but the changelog looks unrelated:  https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/support-product/8263?b=119:15
lotuspsychjehempman77: network card drivers loaded? sudo lshw -C network19:15
kenperkinsoh I'm a dummy19:16
kenperkinsyou have to set a supervisor password to disable secure boot19:16
lotuspsychjedepends on the machines brand kenperkins not so dumb19:17
hempman77Rndis ! I restart my phone becausd it's not on my desactivated app19:18
kenperkins@lotuspsychje updated with no secure boot and the video above: https://termbin.com/fgx119:20
kenperkinsstill does not work, looks like it's generic vga19:20
kenperkinsactually i may be wrong there19:21
lotuspsychjekenperkins: drivers are down driver=...19:21
kenperkinsthis looks like smoking gun: [   31.402514] acer_wmi: Unknown function number - 4 - 019:21
lotuspsychjekenperkins: proceed with the ideas tomreyn provided then19:22
pavlosktosiek: perms for stub-resolv are 64419:22
lotuspsychjepavlos: did you find your dpkg trick19:23
pavloslotuspsychje: not yet; got distracted with other tasks19:24
lotuspsychjepavlos: perhaps digging into the dpkg logs can help you find last comes and goes better?19:24
pavloslotuspsychje: /var/log/apt/history* files do not distinguish user vs system install/updates19:26
kenperkins@tomreyn trying amdgpu.exp_hw_support=1 now19:26
kenperkinsthat resulted in different behavior for the UI brightness adjustment but no actual brightness change from the hardware19:28
kenperkinsit did however add driver=amdgpu for lshw -C video in the configuration section19:29
tomreynkenperkins: so the right video driver got loaded this time.19:31
tomreynnow you may also want acpi_backlight=vendor19:31
kenperkinsis that another kernel param in grub?19:32
tomreyngood luck, i'll bbl19:32
kenperkins:thumbsup: brb19:32
kenperkinsI assume since the actual video driver got loaded I'll want that one to be permanent for sure?19:33
tomreynhttps://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=254614&p=2 looks related, especially https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/amd-gfx/2020-May/049914.html19:33
tomreynyou can persist the experimental amdgpu graphics switch, or try whether the newer kernel works without it19:34
kenperkinsno dice on the acpi_backlight vendor change19:35
ktosiekpavlos: that's what I'd expect, but in this specific situation they are not. Restarting systemd-resolved fixes it, but I don't know where to start debugging this problem.19:51
ktosiekI'll be going to sleep in a few minutes, but if you ping me I'll respond first thing in the morning :-)19:52
pavlosktosiek: your vpn software, I assume, saves the current dns, issues a new nameserver for their service and when you disconnect, it resets the nameserver19:53
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bumblefuzzzso, I just got done configuring a new ubuntu server20:21
bumblefuzzzI set it up for publickey access only20:21
bumblefuzzzlogged in and out multipple times20:21
bumblefuzzzbut now, out of nowhere I can't log on: permission denied (publickey)20:22
bumblefuzzzI have changed nothing20:22
bumblefuzzzI've done this twice20:22
bumblefuzzzI wiped and reinstalled ubuntu server a 2nd time and this has happened again20:22
bumblefuzzzI don't understand why, with no changes, I am getting locked out due to publickey access20:22
bumblefuzzzcan anyone help?20:23
bumblefuzzzI logged back in locally, deleted my publickey, readded it, and it's still asking for a password20:25
bumblefuzzzpermissions on ~/.ssh are drwxrwxr-x20:26
bumblefuzzzpermissions on ~/.ssh/authorized_keys are -rw-rw-r--20:26
bumblefuzzzso, why is ubuntu, after 2 fresh installs, locking out SSH keys added to this file, when they worked previously??????20:27
pavlos .ssh/ should be 700, authkeys should be 60020:30
bumblefuzzzwhat's the syntax?20:31
bumblefuzzzchmod something somethign20:31
pavloschmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys20:34
bumblefuzzzgot it20:34
bumblefuzzzthank you20:34
pavloschmod 700 ~/.ssh20:34
pavlospublic keys (.pub) could be 644 but private keys (id_rsa) are 60020:39
BarnabasDKaka readble only to the owner20:43
BarnabasDKwhich makes sense20:44
BarnabasDKnever open your keys (ssh or otherwise) to access outside your user account20:44
oerheksadding keys, restart ssh service..20:59
oerheksi would check the logs why you are logged out.20:59
oerheksufw log, if you enabled that.21:00
wolframHello, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 Mate. I have a laptop with a Mini DisplayPort receptacle that I am trying to connect to an external DisplayPort monitor. The monitor's on-screen display maintains that a DP cable is not connected. I confirmed that it is physically connected.21:14
wolframThis laptop is a few years old and I have never used DP before. I am trying to check if Ubuntu recognises the DP port at all. However, 'sudo lshw' does not return anything. Is there perhaps another command I can run to check what ports, DP in particular, the system can recognise? Thank you.21:14
sarnoldwolfram: perhaps xrandr?21:15
sarnoldwolfram: does lspci show a graphics card to account for it?21:16
oerheksmaybe you need to attach the monitor before boot.21:21
oerheksseen that before21:21
wolframsarnold: There is "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0b)" but I am not sure what you mean by accounting for it?21:21
wolframoerheks: Yes, I have seen it with I am not sure what, USB or HDMI, where the kernel would disable a port unused during power up, but here I already restarted it and checked in BIOS if there is anything about DP (nothing).21:22
oerhekssome laptops have a FN key for internal/external/both screens21:23
wolframsarnold: xrandr says "DP-1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)" but I am not sure if it means the cable is disconnected or the port is disabled?21:24
wolframoerheks: Interesting, I did not know it, I think this is not one of these, I have been using HDMI with an external display without any key combinations, but thanks :)21:24
wolframsarnold: (I assume DP-1 means DisplayPort-1)21:25
sarnoldwolfram: okay, cool, so at least it's mostly visible :)21:27
sarnoldwolfram: try the 'connect and power on before boot' thing21:27
wolframsarnold: Restarting in 3..2..1.. :)21:28
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wolframHm, I do not have an IRC history file here and I do not remember your nickname, the person with whom I was chatting a moment ago.21:32
wolframBut restarting while ensuring the monitor is powered on did not help.21:33
wolframThe monitor displays a banner to the effect that "the computer is not sending any signals, try to move mouse or press any key", which intrigues me because maybe it does recognises that the cable is connected.21:34
pavloswolfram: laptop make/model?21:34
sarnoldwolfram: does xrandr still show nothing connected?21:35
pavloswolfram: btw, sarnold was helping you21:35
wolframpavlos: sarnold Thanks. The laptop is Dell Latitude E7240 and monitor is Dell U2415.21:36
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wolframsarnold: The last time I was doing something like that was around 2001, trying to connect a mouse to an Debian Woody or Potato, I cannot recall anymore, but it required some attention. If I read the webs correctly, and based on what you say, xrandr is the tool responsible for this kind of configuration?21:42
wolframwolfram: Also, I think I never managed to connect that mouse but Mandrake recognised it immediately :)21:43
sarnoldwolfram: hah, yeah, xinput devices are still annoying :)21:44
sarnoldwolfram: hours spent with imwheel and so on..21:44
sarnoldwolfram: anyway yes, xrandr is the command line interface to doing things like turning monitors on, off, placing them left of or right of each other, etc. there's probably a friendlier gui in your control panel21:44
* jescis wishes Dell supported 20.04.1 LTS on his Inspiron 11 3180! :\ 21:47
wolframsarnold: I am fine with the command line generally but this part of Linux is not my forte. Anyway, I know what to use so I will read up more on xrandr.21:47
wolframjescis: In what way is it not supported?21:47
jesciswolfram: I'm using a generic not OEM kernel21:48
sarnoldwolfram: here's two little scripts I wrote to switch which display to use https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RRbpHFTPZR/21:48
wolframsarnold: Thanks again.21:49
wolframsarnold: Per your script, if I turn off eDP-1 which appears to be the laptop's display, will that persist across reboots? I do not want to be left about without any display at all.21:51
sarnoldwolfram: no, it only happens 'live', no persistent changes21:52
wolframsarnold: Got it.21:52
devslashi downloaded ubuntu server . After i go through the steps of installation it starts to install and says "Sorry there was a problem with this installation" and takes me back to the main installation screen where you select your language22:54
devslashthis is happening in Virtualbox 622:55
masondevslash: There's a channel #ubuntu-server that might be of use. Anyway, check out the fourth virtual console to see if there's anything there to indicate what happened.22:56
devslashhow much space does ubuntu server need22:56
Doc-SaintlyIs there a way to copy the text from a dialog box? It's too small so I can't see the text, and it's not responding to keyboard resize events22:58
sarnoldDoc-Saintly: it depends on the dialog box23:01
sarnoldsadly not everything lets you select text :(23:01
sarnolddevslash: you could use a ten gig root filesystem if you absolutely need but you'll be much happier with 20 gigs23:02
devslashok just making sure23:02
devslashi allocated 30GB to the VM23:02
Doc-Saintlysarnold, - I see, thanks.23:04
devslashafter the integrity check I see a message that there was an error found in 1 file23:04
devslashfailed to start snap daemon and holds snappy daemon refresh23:04
sarnolddevslash: I suggest checking dmesg on both guest and host23:05
devslashthe host is windows23:05
devslashi think theres a problem with the iso23:06
sarnoldthat could be, you could double-check the sha256sum of the downloaded iso23:07
devslashbut i downloaded it on 2 different machines23:07
sarnoldmy guess was aimed towards the disk failing, and returning garbage; probably windows event viewer can help there23:07
devslashi dont see anything in the windows log that relates to virtualbox23:08
sarnoldhow about hardware, disk, storage, filesystem?23:10
devslashwhat about it23:11
sarnoldare there any errors for any of those categories?23:12
devslashin windows event viewer ?23:12
devslashim using virtualbox. you do realize that right ?23:12
sarnoldthat's why I'm asking :)23:13
devslashmy other vms work fine23:13
sarnoldquite often problems aren't on the guest but on the ohst23:13
devslashthis is an ubuntu specific issue23:13
sarnoldeg dead drive sectors, etc23:13
devslashno i dont see any evidence of that23:13
sarnoldthat's good for you :) but does mean I'm out of ideas, hehe23:14
devslashthe iso is messed up23:17
backthenis the Ubuntu terminal for Windows similar to a standard install of Ubuntu?23:24
sarnoldbackthen: there's two different flavours of it as I understand it, WSL 1 and WSL 2 .. I don't know much about the differences, and this blog post is probably not a great overview of the differences, but it might give you some threads to pull on to find out the differences https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-20-04-and-wsl-1/15291/423:26
sarnoldbackthen: I've heard that eg systemd and apparmor don't work in them, and a bug report I've seen suggests cron doesn't work either. but a lot of tihngs do work23:27
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backthensarnold: thanks. I'm curious from the development point of view. I don't know if WSL is a translation layer similar to Cygwin. If it is, how much slower is to develop/build in a WSL environment compared to real install of Ubuntu23:30
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