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tomreynxu-help21w: well the wiki ubottu pointed you to has a lot more suggestions01:40
furycd001Hey Guys.. I have my system set to automatically login. Some apps ask for my keyring password. Is there any way to automatically unlock the keyring while still automatically logging in :?07:00
pmjdebruijnI don't know, but that seems exceedingly unlikely07:01
diogenes_furycd001, yes there are a few methods.07:03
diogenes_furycd001, see this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GNOME/Keyring#Automatic_login07:03
furycd001@diogenes_: Thanks looking at that link now....07:10
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MetrolAnyone ever have to deal with fixing the main app menu for Xubuntu.  I've got every folder showing up twice20:51
MetrolAnd the menu editor won't launch :(20:52
BBalmHello, my kid has a xubuntu 18.04 laptop that he got through a preschool program, and I am trying to adjust the cursor size for him. How do I do that?21:46
rud0lfMouse Settings, last tab "adjust cursor size"21:52
BBalmI can't find mouse settings anywhere21:52
rud0lfhit Ctrl+Esc and type "mouse" into the box21:53
BBalmNothing is showing up. Could the school have restricted the settings?21:54
rud0lfi have no clue21:55
BBalmIs there another way to get to it?21:55
rud0lfi'm not sure22:01
rud0lfcan you open terminal, Ctrl+Alt+T ?22:02
rud0lftype this:22:03
rud0lfand press Enter22:03
BBalmThat worked! Thanks so much!22:04
rud0lfyou're welcome :)22:04

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