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lubot<Todd Huggins> (Photo, 528x698) https://i.imgur.com/R4eds6V.jpg05:58
Maikwhy is that pic always posted? It's not the first time. Are people just spamming the channel?06:01
guivercMaik, attempts to remedy the spam are being performed (looked into at least), but no idea why it's always the same bs.06:19
lubot<corncobweb> That's a bot, I think.06:20
lubot<corncobweb> musk didn't actually tweet that.06:20
MaikOne of the reasons bridges got ditched in most of the other ubuntu channels afaik06:44
guivercthat may happen here if no solution is found, or until solution is found  (I just saw it posted in #kubuntu)06:44
* guiverc okay it wasn't just posted there, more I just noticed it..06:46
Maikpragmaticenigma said last week or so that they got rid of the bridges, bots and even ban them due the issues if they find them. So I guess he meant all over freenode. Best to inform him about it if we want to get rid of spam posts and unofficial  bots06:51
guivercI was likely referring to details related to that..06:56
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lubot<T34P4RTY> Hello all.I'm fairly new to Lubuntu and Linux generally. I've had 18.04.5 installed on an old Toshiba. Suddenly a message came up ' no internet' (I was reading a blog at the time) Any ideas what to do? … Thanks in advance12:51
akemhpT34P4RTY check your internet connection then, if it's wired check the cable and router, otherwise look at your Wifi status...12:59
akemhpIt may also be false positive sometimes, just the site used to check if internet is available is not reponding or lagging, things like that.13:00
lubot<T34P4RTY> Internet is good on other devices and ISP has run a test (all good) Also tried to connect to a number of sites without success13:16
lubot<T34P4RTY> Is there a system check i can do?13:16
akemhpT34P4RTY What connection is it, wired or WIFI?13:19
lubot<T34P4RTY> Wifi13:23
akemhpT34P4RTY First be sure you are connected to your WIFI hotspot in the right bottom corner WIFI icon. If yes, then maybe it is just a DNS problem. So to test that, open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t, and type: "sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf", now on the line "nameserver ..." change it to "nameserver" (add the line if necessary). Then do ctrl+o then ctrl+x; and then open firefox or chromium and try to load wikipedia.org or youtube for example to see if it13:26
akemhpYou'll have to enter your root password before you can edit the file with nano, it will ask it.13:27
akemhpIf that solves the issue it will possible to make it permenant i guess in the WIFI config. Just try it, and tell us.13:27
akemhpYou need to press return after doing ctrl+o.13:28
akemhpBefore doing ctrl+x.13:29
lubot<T34P4RTY> @akemhp [<akemhp> T34P4RTY First be sure you are connected to your WIFI hotspot in the ri …], It looks like its not connected to WiFi hot spot (normally shows bars denoting connection- now shows two monitors with an X13:40
akemhpT34P4RTY Click on it, it will displays available networks, choose yours click on its name.13:41
lubot<T34P4RTY> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/zo7I611.jpg13:41
akemhpIt may ask you the WIFI key to connect. Then the icon should change.13:41
akemhpT34P4RTY, what happens when you click it?13:42
lubot<T34P4RTY> It asks to edit WiFi connection, I clicked 'add' SSID is blank and 'save' is greyed out13:44
akemhpTry to right click maybe, disconnect...normally the icon doesn't look like that afaik, and it should display you available WIFI networks.13:46
lubot<T34P4RTY> Right click gives a panel strings pane- add/ remove panel items13:47
lubot<T34P4RTY> On the far right icon with ! when I hover it says connection has limited or no connectivity13:48
akemhplubot, Well there is something weird going on, you tried to reboot right?13:50
akemhpnot lubot i mean T34P4RTY.13:50
lubot<T34P4RTY> Yes twice13:50
akemhpOk, wait a second.13:51
akemhpI'm booting my lubuntu to see, cause i have regular ubuntu on this machine, so its not the same.13:52
lubot<T34P4RTY> On network connection shall I uninstall WiFi (using - as opposed to +) and then reinstall?13:52
lubot<T34P4RTY> Ok13:53
akemhplubot, When you right click don't you see "Activate Wifi" on top of the menu?13:55
akemhpOr Activate network?13:55
lubot<T34P4RTY> I went into system tools> network> network settings and a panel came up with general tab showing host name but no domain name? Under DNS tab it shows a DNS server which I can add or delete.13:58
lubot<T34P4RTY> @akemhp [<akemhp> lubot, When you right click don't you see "Activate Wifi" on top of the …], No a panel comes up with indicator applet settings> Add/ remove> panel settings> create new> about14:00
lubot<T34P4RTY> @T34P4RTY [No a panel comes up with indicator applet settings> Add/ remove> panel settings> …], If I left click I get enable networks> enable WiFi> edit connection. Above these are Ethernet network disconnected> WiFi networks> WiFi is disabled but these are greyed out14:03
lubot<T34P4RTY> (Photo, 1280x960) https://i.imgur.com/G3lrDav.jpg14:04
lubot<T34P4RTY> I ran Mac changer a week ago. Would that have affected anything?14:07
akemhp_T34P4RTY Yes maybe. Something has messed up your WIFI connectivity, not sure how to fix that...14:19
akemhp_If you don't wanna waste time, do a reinstall, its fast and your settings will be back to normal...Try to avoid mac changers or weird things if you're not sure what you are doing.14:20
lubot<T34P4RTY> OK thanks for your help14:56
lubot<T34P4RTY> @akemhp_ [<akemhp_> If you don't wanna waste time, do a reinstall, its fast and your setti …], Just found a button underneath lap top that disables WiFi ! … Sorry, I feel foolish for warring your time. Apologies and thank you for your troubles16:37
aller1aHi guys16:44
lubot<T34P4RTY> Hello18:07
lubot<T34P4RTY> Is there a tutorial or link to rearrange the bar at bottom if screen? I want to configure power/ WiFi/menu/ Bluetooth/ etc. Had a go but not sure how it all works and don't want to mess it up18:11
susanI am a Linux noob attempting to install Lubuntu 20.04 on an old Samsung NP-RV511 laptop and install failed with Boost.Python error in job "bootloader"19:26
susanCan someone help?19:26
wxlsusan: did you let the image run the self check at boot or did you skip it?19:34
susanI didn't get a message to run self check. I booted via USB stick19:37
susanI changed boot order in BIOS so pc would boot from USB19:37
kc2bezsusan: Where did you download the image from and which version of Lubuntu?19:38
susanI downloaded version Lubuntu 20.04 from Ubuntu website (the bitorrent file)19:41
wxlif it's torrent, it's fairly safe to assume the integrity of the image is good, though not necessarily the installation media19:42
wxlso the self check really should be run19:42
wxlif you didn't see it run, chances are it did, but you should double check by booting and ensuring it does19:42
susanIt booted successfully, and I can see linux desktop, but when I go through the installation process from there it fails.19:44
kc2bezIt is also important that your drive is not NTFS. I think Rufus does this by default.19:44
susanI used Rufus19:45
wxlah ha! so there's the problem :)19:46
kc2bezYou could try Etcher.19:46
kc2bezOr make sure the drive is FAT3219:46
kc2bezNTFS will produce install errors.19:47
susanI used the official linux manual and it recommended Rufus19:47
wxlrufus itself isn't the problem, but the fact it makes ntfs by default. you can probably modify that behavior, or simply partition the drive as fat32 before using rufus.19:49
kc2bezThere is a dropdown option to change the file system in rufus and it just needs to be changed to FAT3219:49
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kc2bezI outlined it in this picture. https://imgur.com/a/wGKybJx19:53
kc2bezIf you select FAT32 there it should work better.19:53
susanI'm pretty sure I selected FAT32 in Rufus. Suppose it wouldn't do any harm to check again though19:59
wxlyou have a 600gb usb?20:02
susanNo, 6GB20:03
susanBut the hard drive in my laptop is over 500 gb20:03
susanThe partitioning is confusing me a little20:04
wxlso right, that fat32 you see is a partition on your hard drive20:05
wxlsee at the top it says Storage device: SAMSUNG HM641JI - 596.2 GiB (/dev/sda)20:06
wxlthat's what all of the below refers to20:06
susanThat's the hard drive in my laptop20:06
wxlparittions on /dev/sda are going to be enumerated, /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc.20:06
susanOkay, so what should I do?20:07
wxlright so if you're trying to check to see if you have a fat32 usb, that's not where to look20:07
susanAh, so I need to check the USB itself20:07
wxlbut that is not going to show up in the installer20:08
wxlsince the installer is only going to show locations you can install to20:08
wxlthis is after you remade the usb with fat32?20:11
susanThat's the original error message20:11
susanI haven't remade the usb with fat3220:12
susanThe error message came up on the Lubuntu installer20:12
susanAccording to the error message, there doesn't seem to be a partition for the BIOS20:14
wxldid you do manual partitioning?20:15
susanOn my first attempt I selected the Erase Disk option as per manual instructions, because I originally had Windows 7 installed on this old laptop, which I no longer have any use for20:17
wxlright, so the problem is not likely to be because of partitioning errors on your part. it's more likely to be rufus and its ntfs default which is a known problem.20:20
wxlso: remake the usb with fat32, start over and you shoulud be good20:20
lubot<aptghetto> You have a GPT formatted disk and are installing in BIOS mode. You need a small 1 MB partition without filesystem and the bios_grub flag20:20
lubot<aptghetto> The error has absolutely nothing to do with Rufus20:21
susan@Lubot - correct, the error came up in the installer, not Rufus20:23
susanI still seem to be a bit stuck - I created a new partition manually and added the bios_grub flag but can't get any further - notice the 'Next' button is greyed out in above screenshot20:33
susanI still seem to be missing something20:34
susanHow do I create the partition without a file system?20:37
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aller1ahi susan22:09
Guest_39Hello! I have a very weird problem. I am trying to install a linux OS on a toshiba satellite A660. I successfully installed lubuntu 18.04 but I have a problem when i start to put some updates. When i log in the screen freez after few seconds. I checked for a kernel problem but it doesn't come from this. I tried to run ubuntu 20.04 from a usb live22:10
Guest_39key that work on an other computer but it crash for this satellite A660. Do you know any similar problem? 3 days i am on it22:10
guivercGuest_39, Did the media check (squashfs validation) complete successfully?22:28
aller1ahow old is the motherboard22:33
Guest_39it is very old 8 years22:33
Guest_39the media check works22:34
aller1ai have been having odd issues with an older board as well recognizes the drive install starts but halfway through it bombs.  I have a 128gb flash drive on the way however the bios wont see it so i am going to boot with plop when it arrives all i want it for is a router so i should be able to side step any hardware issues you may want to consider something similar22:35
Guest_39For info i successfully installed lubuntu 18.04 and log in but the problem start when i install the first row of updates22:38
guivercGuest_39, what ISO did you use to install 18.04?  I'm asking if you're using the GA (4.15) kernel, or a HWE kernel?22:40
aller1ai understand but plop replaces the bios so it could fix a number of issues.  Also the plop bios is newer then anything you could get for that board22:40
guiverc(I have issues with the latest 5.4 HWE kernel on old thinkpads from 2003; but they are fine with older kernels so using GA kernel is the easy fix)22:40
aller1aalso a 10 min fix22:40
Guest_39kernel 4.1522:43
guiverc4.15 is the GA (general) kernel, most stable but will have older modules (aka drivers)..  18.04.2 & higher media use the HWE (newer & upgrading) hardware enablement stack; on a box that old I'd not expect HWE to add anything new, but you could try booting a 18.04.5 ISO if you've the bandwidth to allow download22:46
Guest_39Am I wrong or did you change the default lubuntu download this last 7 days?22:46
guivercIs your box reliable, I'd likely do RAMTESTs, quick cap-scan & maybe check PSU is providing sufficient & reliable power to rule out hardware issues..  screen freeze is vague & provides no real clues; does SysRq keys allow you to reboot (ie. kernel is still running even if GUI is frozen)22:47
Guest_39Whan you say box you talk a bout my toaster (computer) or my internet provider box?22:49
guiverc(sysrq refers to keyboard commands that bypass shell/gui and go straight to linux kernel, search online if unaware; Alt+Sysrq and continue holding Alt down and type command, eg REISUB is very common; wikipedia page is pretty good & easily found)\22:49
guivercyeah I use box to me hardware (laptop, desktop, server or box of any type)22:50
Guest_39i will need a bit of time to understand what you need but i come back22:51
guivercthe benefit of sysrq in daignosis is if it works, the box is still running correctly, it's just the GUI or user interface that is locked up.. all is good underneath as it responded to SysRq commands22:51
guivercGuest_39, no changes execpt for daily images have been changed in last 7 days.. I missed that question from you, but there are multiple ISO choices available for download.  The alternate ISO hasn't been updated since april-2018 (18.04), but since then we've released 18.04.1, 18.04.2, 18.04.3, 18.04.4, 18.04.5 and any can be downloaded and used for install...22:59
Guest_39the sysrq works after a recovery start but don't after a standard start23:01
Guest_39it is litterally freeze and the fans are quickly increasing them speed until the motherborad shut down because of over heat23:02
guivercsounds like you've an overheating issue.. if box gets hot enough hardware will shut it down to prevent warranty claim (OS isn't part of decision & isn't even aware of shutdown)23:03
guivercsome boxes allow you to set fans to higher level, it may also be you've a dead (or dying) fan that isn't working correctly but that can be a pain to diagnose & correct (each brand/model is different usually)23:04
guivercto test the box I'd likely try a very different OS (another GNU/Linux is fine, but not Ubuntu based) and see if you have issues there.. if the other OS is perfect, it's an issue with Ubuntu. or 4.15 kernel etc.  You could try a later image (HWE kernel), but that's just guess (and I'd not expect different results). Sorry I can't think of anything further23:06
Guest_39i know i already pushed the toaster to the limit when it was new 8 years ago (on windows 7). I already changed the thermal paste (1years ago) of this computer and i am quite sure thet isn't a fan pb cause there was no problem to let the machine run with a fresh install of the lubuntu version i had before update. I tried also to install from minimal23:08
Guest_39CD but i had the same problem of freezing on log in23:08
guivercthe alternate ISO is for very low RAM boxes; 768MB or less and is the oldest 4.15 kernel & no updates on install. If you're having issues with a specific updated kernel, you can select prior/older installed kernels at boot time from grub (which will confirm you have issues with a specific kernel, but not rest of installed system).23:11
Guest_39I already do the manip23:12
Guest_39but after uninstalling the latest kernel, i remember a .117 (but i don't remember previous number) the pb is stil there23:13
Guest_39so i conclude the kernel wasn't the pb23:14
guivercYou don't need to uninstall; you select which kernel at grub (grub always shows for some installs, on others you press a key to make it appear).  My box would offer me 5.8.0-18 & 5.8.0-16 for my groovy install (my box is a 2009 dell) but if recently installed you may have more significant variation of choices  (inc. the kernel used during installation, unless you cleaned your system to reclaim disk space)23:16
Guest_39I proceed like this because i wanted to be able to let the computer start without smashing my echap key23:19
Guest_39so now i run on the first kernel installed but it still freeze on log in if i don't run recovery mode23:20
guivercOnce you have worked out a solution (eg. if I decided my box liked a specific kernel, I'd `apt-mark` hold it so it wasn't cleaned/removed, and make it the default to boot.. (without uninstall)23:21
Guest_39to be honest i have some basics on programming but i am new into linux so i try to read all FAQ i can on my problem and try the one that looks like better23:23
guivercif you box is still freezing, I'm unsure.. you've highlighted heat at least to me.  I'm not convinced its not hardware as I said earlier, but I'm ount of ideas sorry23:25
guivercTechPup, if you have a Lubuntu Support question, please ask it. Chat belongs in #lubuntu-offtopic, and be patient as people will response when they're able23:25
guivercs/response/respond ^23:26
Guest_39the brutal way to solve my is to instal update 1 by 1 and restart between each until i find the one that make me freeze on log in but there are huge amount of updates + possible problem of dependancies. So do i go the hard way?23:26
Guest_39solve my "problem"...23:27
guivercI've already suggested a HWE kernel install, 18.04.2 media was produced more than 6 months later than initial media; 18.04.3 produced 6 months later.. 18.04.4 etc.. they provide a means to get snapshots at specific points in time (sort of in *live* media)23:29
Guest_39ok i try this23:29
guivercI would try using them in *live* mode, esp. if you've not got bandwidth quotes on download; http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/ where you can see the dates of each too23:30
Guest_39http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/   Is that the good repository?23:31
guivercit may not be the best idea; but it's about all I've got Guest_39   (s/quotes/quotas ^)23:31
guivercit's a ubuntu.com site; so it's owned by Canonical (company behind Ubuntu) - I'd trust it23:31
* guiverc adds Canonical infrastructure is what builds all Lubuntu ISOs23:33
* guiverc and not just us, all Ubuntu flavors; https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours23:35
Guest_39I already read about that but it is fine to remind it23:36
guivercpros & cons; it one flavor is hit by something usually all are, if a fix works on one flavor though it'll work on all usually too23:38
Guest_39Just for info the download of ubuntu have a better speed than lubuntu23:39
guivercgiven they come from the same place.. maybe just luck with ubuntu & unlucky with lubuntu... I find download times vary regularly (grabbing daily images for QA testing) & all flavors & main Ubuntu are ~equal on average23:41
guivercI generally use zsync  (which cuts out bandwidth significantly over say a wget download).. Is often faster too23:42
Guest_39If i don't want to be a guest but a recognizable member what do i need to do? (sry for the my spanish cow english but i am french)23:56
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