jrwrenoh this is weird... cron just stopped working.12:25
jrwrenat 7:45 cron jobs ran, but I had things scheduled for 8 and 8:02 and they didn't run.12:26
jrwrenoh shit... 7:52 syslog stopped too.12:29
jrwrenugh... ROFS12:29
cmaloneyjrwren: Oof13:01
cmaloneyhardware issue?13:01
jrwrenmaybe. hope that disk isn't failing.15:21
Scary_GuyWell failing is at least still better than failed.18:08
Scary_GuyHow a guy brought fiber to a rural area West of Ann Arbor (with video) - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2442491018:19
jrwrenreboot and an fsck seems to have fixed it. YAY18:55
cmaloneywoo woo19:00
cmaloneymight want to do a smart test on it just to be sure19:01
jrwrenI think I have regular alarms for that on all my disks.19:02
cmaloneyI did a defrag on a 2TB drive, only to find that it was having issues19:02
jrwrenyeah, smartd is running19:02
cmaloneyGood deal19:02
cmaloneyI mean, SMART is generally a lying tool, but it's a good way to check between between last gasp and completely screwed19:03
jrwren`for i in /dev/sd? ; do sudo smartctl -H $i ; done`  wow, some of htem don't respond to smart commands... maybe the USB interface is eating the commands.19:04
cmaloneysmart doesn't work over USB iirc19:04
jrwrenso weird.19:04
jrwrenyou'd think ATA commands are ATA commands.19:04
cmaloneyYou've been around long enough to know that's never true.19:04
cmaloneySome weenie saves $.005 on a die by not implementing anything other than the bare minimum to make something read and write data19:05
jrwrenso sad19:06

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