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sharpninjaHello.  I'm having a problem with 20.04.  My battery ran out today and after starting up it will not get beyond a black screen with mouse cursore and text cursor in top left.  I am using a live distro to try to get it working.  What do I need to do?00:58
guivercsharpninja, I would `fsck` (file system check) your partitions, you can use kde partition manager, gparted or other tools if you prefer GUI tools to commands01:00
Bashing-omsharpninja: A loss of power often keaves the file system in an incinsusyent state. Were me I would run a file system check from the liveUSB on the target hard drive.01:02
dabaRYou guys still here?01:02
sharpninjaboth / and /boot check out ok01:03
sharpninjaMaybe try switching display managers?  I have both gnome and kde installed01:04
sharpninjaHow do I do that?01:04
Bashing-omsharpninja: ^^ the CLI method is to know the target ' sudo fdisk -lu ' ;and then ' sudo fsck /dev/<target_partition> ".01:04
dabaR60Hi. I'm looking for a good set of instructions for installing onto a USB stick01:05
dabaR60Found it by asking the bot. Thanks!01:06
Bashing-omsharpninja: I expect the DE selection to be at the login screen - password - gear icon. under the icon should be a drop down with all the available desktops.01:07
sharpninjaI'm not getting to the login screen01:07
Bashing-omsharpninja: Ouch - grub broken ? In the liveUSB boot menu is "Boot first hard drive" - what results in this attempt ?01:09
sharpninjaGrub is not broken.  It boots with logo, then goes black with mouse cursor and the text cursor in top left01:11
Bashing-om!nomodeset | sharpninja01:12
ubottusharpninja: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.01:12
sharpninjaAre there any temp files it would have saved during shutting down when running out of power?01:13
sharpninjaIt's been working fine for weeks.01:13
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sharpninjais there a way to see all files modified today on a partition?01:25
Bashing-omsharpninja: One could do something like ' find ~/ -mmin -10 -type f ' once you ate booted into the install - else there is the full change root route.01:31
Younderpuh! Got Ubuntu 20.04.1 desktop running on a rapberry pi 4. First installed the Ubuntu server 64 bit. The the ususal apt update/upgrade. Then sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop. Now it mostly works. Doeing a install of Intel openVINO to control the Neural Computer Stich 2. The standard install didn't work so I had com compile from git repo. Seems to be working fine so far 87% done..01:37
sharpninjaI cannot get a terminal session.  I can see the bootup sequence, then it goes black and I cannot do anything from there.01:38
Bashing-omsharpninja: And if you unset Kernel Mode Setting with the "nomodeset" boot paramater; what results ?01:39
Youndersharpninja, I abit anemic on the detail. What kinda computer, what os version? server or desktop?01:40
sharpninjaUbuntu 20.04 on Acer Aspire R7 with Core i5 and 8GB RAM on 512MB SSD01:46
sharpninja"unset Kernel Mode Setting with the "nomodeset" boot paramater;" <-- How do I do that?01:46
Bashing-om!nomodeset | sharpninja01:47
sharpninjaI have no iea what you mean01:48
Bashing-omsharpninja: ^ calling the bot to respond. See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters .01:48
compdocyou ever try just booting from the media without installing?01:49
sharpninjaYes, and it didn't fix it.01:49
compdocbut were you able to see the desktop?01:49
compdocot same thing01:50
sharpninjaNo, the desktop never appear, nor does the login screen01:50
compdocgoogle "nomodeset ubuntu"01:50
compdocthat has never worked for me, but it does for some01:51
compdocin the bios of the  Acer Aspire, can you set the amount of ram for the onboard video?01:51
sharpninjaThat is where it's hanging02:05
pavlossharpninja: is network active on the pi? can you ssh to it and see what processes are running?02:13
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pavlossharpninja: you have Acer not pi, sorry02:14
sharpninjaI am on my phone.02:14
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sharpninjaSsh won't respond02:33
Bashing-omsharpninja: A thought - from grub's boot menu - what results in attempting to boot an older kernel ? or maybe booting a "recovery" kernel ?02:45
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blueingressHi, can I increase the number of kernel versions when a new kernel coming?02:53
Bashing-omblueingress: ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' .02:54
blueingressBashing-om, I want to keep specified version of kernel, I am afraid when more new kernel were installed, THIS old version of kernel will be remove when triggered the "apt autoremove" command.02:58
blueingressby default the max number of kernel being kept is 3. how can I increase this number.02:59
sarnoldblueingress: check out /etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal -- iirc this file has references to all the other moving pieces03:02
blueingressBashing-om, just mark the specified version? for example "linux-image-5.3.0-1034-generic"03:02
Bashing-omblueingress: "keep specified version of kernel" One could use "apt-mark hold <whatever>" . see in terminal ' man apt-mark ' .03:03
blueingressBashing-om, thanks. I will try.03:08
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blueingresssarnold, I saw /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove-kernels, the kernel which I want to keep currently is in the section "APT::NeverAutoRemove"03:18
blueingresssarnold, maybe this confi will be changed when there is new kernel arrive.03:19
blueingressanyway, I am trying the apt-mark.03:19
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dpreacherwhich file is configured to select whether to launch the gui login manager or not?04:51
yawadpreacher: init -modes, probably, can't remember which is which04:55
yawaunless that's an old way to do it04:55
dpreacheri was thinking there would be a .xinit file in my ~ but nothing like it04:57
dpreacher.xinitrc rather i think04:57
yawalook here; this might help you https://askubuntu.com/questions/900985/how-can-i-simply-change-into-a-text-mode-runlevel-under-systemd04:58
yawa3 year old article but still. It mentions both .targets and inits04:58
yawaI doubt things in your home-folder will cancel out the automatic gui-login manager anyways05:04
yawabecause it spawns before any regular user logs in05:04
yawadpreacher: this might help too https://www.linuxbabe.com/command-line/systemd-services-run-levels-logs05:11
yawadpreacher: ' sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target ' to lock your system into non-graphical login mode, and ' sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target ' to reset it to gui-login05:34
yawait's all from https://www.linuxbabe.com/command-line/systemd-services-run-levels-logs05:35
yawaarticle is from 3rd of March 2020 so it should be current05:36
Maikyawa: the article has been "updated" on the 3rd of March but still shows a tutorial with screenshots from ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety. That has been almos four years ago now and the question is what exactly has been "updated" in that article.05:49
yawaubuntu 15.04+ or whatever it says. Should be current, or else they'd insert caveats I'd think05:50
yawa15.04 or later, so it should be good05:50
Maiki never rely on such articles and search for the most recent and official once that apply to the current system that is used. But that's just me. :)05:53
yawayeah you do you05:53
chl_Probaly the wrong channel, but here goes anyway.. Has anyone worked with writing leases from a isc-dhcpd server to a database?05:58
JeroenKQuestion, what is happening here and can I prevent it next time? Not the first time this happens https://www.picpasteplus.com/temp/shrink/84ec31b769_shrink.jpeg06:01
JeroenKSorry its dark, had the brightness low when I tried to do restart. Hoped Transmission would then quit too, but nope06:02
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: is your bios up to date?06:08
lotuspsychjea preboot brightness issue is kinda weird though06:08
lotuspsychjechl_: perhaps you could talk to the #ubuntu-server guys about isc06:10
chl_Could try, thanks!06:11
JeroenKLotuspsychje, I dont think it managed to close off yet, stuck because transmission won't quit. So it looks like anyway06:14
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: oh, im sorry i thought your issue was the brightness06:14
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: is that a dedi transmission server or just using the client?06:15
yawaJeroenK: xkill Transmission's window06:15
JeroenKHad the bittorrent client on, wanted to close it, but it won't, I thought I did though. Pulled up system monitor to see what was happening, wouldn't close anymore, shut down everything else then tried restart. And now I got this screen06:18
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: perhaps an idea, is to run transmission from a terminal next time06:18
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: then see what it does, when you close the GUI, see if there are any errors06:18
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: wich transmission version and ubuntu version by the way?06:19
JeroenKUbuntu 20.04, dunno transmission, but installed 20.04 a few weeks ago06:19
lotuspsychje!info transmission06:20
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.94-2ubuntu3 (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB06:20
lotuspsychjeshould be this JeroenK06:20
yawartorrent is a good client, JeroenK06:22
JeroenKWell, transmission was meant to be temp anyway. I'm very used to utorrent, using that since 07. Still using 2.2.106:24
yawautorrent is cynicalized now06:24
luna_Deluge then06:24
JeroenKBut yeah, I dunno what i see on screen, but its simply transmission which won't shut down?06:25
lotuspsychjeJeroenK: open a: journactl -f aswell, and hope for some errors06:28
JeroenKAlready shut laptop down myself, now starting up again06:29
JeroenKAnd screw, gotta leave for work06:31
summonnerI found qBitTorrent a much better replacement for uTorrent06:31
luna_summonner: or Deluge06:31
yawahave a good day06:31
yawaluna_: yeah it's probably way more user friendly than rtorrent06:32
yawapeople talk good things about it06:32
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!06:32
C0r3Hello everyone. I was wondering if I can update some config for NetworkManager to stop it from wifi hopping. I have 2 bad wifi connections and my networkmanager keeps switching to the other wifi if the bitrate goes down. It's there a way to stop it?06:37
yawachange or forget the password for the wifi-unit you don't want it to connect to06:38
yawathen it won't succeed to connect06:39
CQhello, my virtualbox is broken after the latest apt upgrade... I have the virtualbox.org repo in my apt source, but I thinkI may also have installed something from ubuntu that is conflicting. Any ideas how to see what is wrong?06:39
C0r3yawa: I want to use both as there are different providers. If one goes down then another.06:40
CQit is saying the kernel modules don't match the version of virtualbox06:40
lotuspsychjeCQ: we dont support external repos, use the packages from the ubuntu repos instead06:41
yawaC0r3: I'd change the password by one arbitrary letter on the shunned device, and just change back on either ends once you want it to connect there06:42
yawamax out your WPA2 passwords dude06:43
yawaone letter 'wrong' is enough for it to "fail"06:43
C0r3yawa: So, there cannot be a config update on NetworkManager to stop it from wifi hopping?06:44
yawajust type one letter wrong in the saved password06:45
yawaand it won't succeed connectiong06:45
yawaand change back for those times you want it to connect06:45
C0r3And everytime I wish to connect, I'll have to update the password of both? This happens mutiple times a day!06:45
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chulldoes Ubuntu have an equivalent of windows 'my computer' to see if it's seeing an external drive?07:16
edoneerfpalimpsest, or, drive-manager or whatever it's called these days07:17
chulllshw gives me a lot more information07:17
ktosiekit looks like scripts provided with ppp save/restore the stub resolve.conf incorrectly, and they do that because they can't detect NetworkManager when used with network-manager-sstp. Where should I fill a bug?07:18
edoneerfthanks I meant that07:18
lotuspsychjenautilus also sees mounted media07:18
ktosiekI think the broken script is from Debian, but maybe it's NM's fault for not providing a good "you are running under NM" environment variable?07:19
ktosiekoh this will be so much fun to fix07:20
chullMy husband is trying to format a drive with a Ubuntu 20.04 DVD.  The first error was: the ext4 file system creation in partition #5 of SCSI6 (0,0,0)(sdb) failed.  I suggested he start over, but when he tried, with the Ubuntu DVD in an external drive bay, heโ€™s getting a black screen and white blinking cursor and nothing happens.  Today I'm trying to find out if the computer (with a different drive) can see that external bay. This doesn't make any sens07:23
chulle to my husband.  What can we do?07:23
edoneerfhm so you have tons of partitions on the drive? Or is sda5 just a container for all extended partitions?07:25
edoneerfI meant sdb not sda; in any case sdb is the full drive; given that it's the right one you'd want to work with/on07:25
edoneerfand don't work on that directly if you got tons of partitions there07:26
edoneerfgparted or something could be better07:26
edoneerfand knowing which partitions are what, and so on07:27
dpreacherthank you ... one who explained and is now offline so can not be nick autocompleted. but requirements are slightly different and my question still stands..07:27
edoneerfdpreacher: you mean how to log in ingraphically?07:27
edoneerfchull: sorry I forgot to mark your nick, but, be very careful with drives and partitions07:29
dpreacheredoneerf: i got the answer to log in to system in multi-user.target mode. but what is the equivalent of say putting ``exec /bin/<wm of choice`` in .xinitrc, such that startx reads that and launches it from the non graphical login?07:31
edoneerffirst set the runlevel to 3, dpreacher then mix and mess with the initrcs07:31
chulledoneerf, yes that too. Shouldn't the computer say something if an external drive comes online?07:31
edoneerfchull: yeah either gparted or disk-tools for instance should show the drives and letters and etc07:32
rajivmarsubuntu 20.04.107:33
edoneerfchull: are you in a graphical ubuntu-environment? try typing ALT+F2 and type disk-tools in the field07:38
edoneerfthen perhaps disk-tools comes up07:38
edoneerfor ctrl+alt+t and type disk-tools in the terminal07:39
chull$ disk-tools07:41
chulldisk-tools: command not found07:41
edoneerfgnome-disk-tools ?07:41
edoneerfmaybe that's the name07:41
chullok ty07:41
edoneerfit was called palimpsest last time I had a graphical ubuntu thing07:42
chulllooking just a min07:42
edoneerfwait chull07:42
edoneerfhere in Arch Linux it's called gnome-disks07:43
edoneerftry typing gnome-disks07:43
jp__hy python3 pcapy doesnt install07:45
chulledoneerf, lovely! that works and it does see it.07:46
chullI guess we should shut this down and try again with the formatting etc.07:46
edoneerfbe careful not to delete the wrong things07:46
chullright. That's a whole other hard drive, so we shouldn't have that problem. Thanks though, edoneerf :)07:47
edoneerfno problem good luch chull07:47
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Gh0stawhat is the best/safest way to use exe files on Ubuntu09:06
luna_with wine09:06
Gh0stabasically it's a game09:06
Gh0staluna_: ah brilliant09:07
lotuspsychjeGh0sta luna_ please dont repeat fictive issues every day the same..you solved this yesterday sort to say09:07
Gh0staluna_:  thanks09:08
luna_lotuspsychje: sorry did not see it yesterday09:08
rzgdhello, on the ubuntu server installer from ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso when installing with existing partitions keep getting: An error occured handling 'dmcrypt-data': ValueError - encryption key or keyfile must be specified - Traceback (most recent call last): File "/snap/subiquity/1966/lib/python3.6/site-packages/curtin/commands/main.py"09:25
rzgd, line 202, in main09:25
rzgdfinish: cmd-install/stage-partitioning/builtin/cmd-block-meta: FAIL: configuring dm_crypt: dmcrypt-data09:25
cupcake90hi I have a system running ubuntu 14.04 getting this error using "start program" process (17781) terminated with status 1 , I am not able to understand what this means anyone09:35
cupcake90start program is the command09:36
cupcake90cctools work_queue_pool is the program09:37
rzgdi have a keyfile, but not sure how to pass it on the installer09:45
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rzgdon the ubuntu server installer with pre-exiting and unlocker dm-crypt partitions, the installer is trying  to read keyfiles when not needed, and throws an error on block_meta.py line 1384, but being a preserved partition it shouldn't, error doesnt happen in the desktop version10:23
lotuspsychjerzgd: try #ubuntu-server if you like where the server experts are10:28
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hugh_mareraHello. I am on Ubuntu 20.04. I updated firefox recently  to firefox  80 via apt but all my extensions no longer show up on the status bar. When i go to Addons the extensions appear to be switch on but they do not appear to be working. For example, webext-ublock-origin is not blocking the adds. However, if i manually turn the addons off and then  on, they will show on the status bar. If i reboot my system then they disappear again. Then i have to ma10:28
hugh_mareranually switch them off and on for them to start working again. Is there a way to resolve this problem? I have tried reinstalling firefox and the extensions as well as resetting firefox but with no joy. I am not on private browsing just regular use.  I am not signed into a firefox account.10:28
hugh_marerathe add ons have been working fine (i.e. without manual intervention) before the firefox update10:30
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: according to the releasenotes FF 80 addons blocklist is enabled by default, could it be related? https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/80.0/releasenotes/10:35
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: i checked recent FF bugs on ubuntu, but didnt notice some other bugs related yet10:37
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: It seems all my extensions/addons won't show up not just ublock-origin (note that i have just two addons:  ublock origin  & privacy badger)?10:42
np_completeHi Iam using 18.04, installed newer version of nvidia driver without purging current, glx not working. Even I purge all nvidia packages and reinstall the latest driver still have same issue. nvidia-settings does not open10:42
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-ons-cause-issues-are-on-blocklist10:42
np_completenvidia-smi says I have latest driver10:42
np_complete"cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log" seems to show everything fine10:43
np_completeglxinfo | grep vendorserver glx vendor string: SGIclient glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGIOpenGL vendor string: VMware, Inc.10:43
lotuspsychjenp_complete: wich driver version on wich chipset please10:43
np_completepurging and reinstalling drivers do not help10:44
np_complete Driver Version: 440.95.0110:44
np_completeGeForce GTX 1080 Ti10:45
lotuspsychjenp_complete: pastebin your dmesg please10:46
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hugh_mareralotuspsychje: but these two addons do not appear on the blocked list?10:47
Mystifiedhey guys, Virtual keyboard for touch screen, the gnome keyboard is limited how can I make florence keyboard default10:47
Mystifiedor at least be able to temporarily disable gnome keyboard to trial the florence keyboard. I'm not that technical10:48
Mystifiedthanks in  advance ! D10:48
Mystifiedbtw running 20.0410:49
np_completelotuspsychje https://pastebin.pl/view/b71ac8d210:49
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: are you getting a warning about them?10:49
lotuspsychjenp_complete: that doesnt look like bionics current kernel, update your system please10:51
lotuspsychje!uptodate | np_complete10:51
ubottunp_complete: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.10:51
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: no warning at all..10:52
Mystifiedalso what about "apt dist-upgrade"10:52
Mystifiedalso what about "apt install dist-upgrade"10:52
np_completeI have newer kernel installed but booting to older because it hase some module I need that can not re-build with newer kernel10:53
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: whats an addon that doesnt work anymore please?10:53
np_completebut ok, I try to reboot the system with the newest kernel and see if that helps10:53
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: i think i noticed that after a reboot, they show on the status bar for a couple of seconds then disappear. When i go and check at the settings, it will show that they are enabled..10:53
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic bionic | np_complete10:53
ubottunp_complete: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 16 kB10:53
Mystifiedhey guys, Virtual keyboard for touch screen, the gnome keyboard is limited how can I make florence keyboard default10:55
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: the two addons  not working are webext-ublock-origin and webext-privacy-badger both installed from apt10:55
lotuspsychjenp_complete: its a security flaw to keep using outdated kernels10:55
Mystifiedor at least be able to temporarily disable gnome keyboard to trial the florence keyboard. I'm not that technical10:55
Mystifiedor at least be able to temporarily disable gnome keyboard to trial the florence keyboard. I'm not that technical10:55
Mystifiedthanks in  advance ! D running 20.0410:55
np_completelotuspsychje I try to reboot with latest kernel and see if that helps... brb10:55
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: found a debian bug about it, now to see if we can find something ubuntu related, https://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org/msg1761856.html10:57
np_completelotuspsychje rebooting does not help10:58
np_completeI mean, to newest kernel10:58
lotuspsychjenp_complete: pastebin your dmesg + sudo lshw -C video please10:59
np_completelotuspsychje https://pastebin.pl/view/7cf946ed11:02
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: it seems to be same bug..11:03
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: allright mate, do you have time to file a new ubuntu bug?11:05
lotuspsychjenp_complete: weird, driver gets loaded, nvidia-modeset: Loading NVIDIA Kernel Mode Setting Driver for UNIX platforms  440.95.01  Thu May 28 07:04:22 UTC 202011:05
lotuspsychjenp_complete: are you sure 435 doesnt work on -117 kernel?11:05
np_completehave not tried that one, why?11:06
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: will do so11:06
lotuspsychjenp_complete: please try, some cases there are bugs on the 440 version11:06
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: ubuntu-bug packagename from terminal11:06
np_completelotuspsychje ok will do11:06
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: i found bug #181854911:09
ubottubug 1818549 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Can't use the extensions provided by the webext-* packages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181854911:10
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: can you confirm its the same bug?11:11
lotuspsychjein this case they say its on chromium though11:11
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: i am using firefox  and do not have chromium/chrome installed. It is similar though11:13
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: allright, maybe file a new one anyway, can be always duped afterwards then11:13
np_completelotuspsychje with 435 same situation11:14
np_completedrivers is loaded, nvidia-smi shows correct11:14
np_completehowever glx is not using nvidia11:14
lotuspsychjenp_complete: allright, lets go check nvidia-settings please11:14
np_completedoes not open!11:14
lotuspsychjenp_complete: uh11:15
np_completeERROR: Unable to load info from any available system11:15
lotuspsychjenp_complete: did you drivers work before on 18.04?11:15
lotuspsychjenp_complete: when did it start going wrong?11:16
np_completeafter I installes 418 but ignored I needed to purge existing one first11:16
np_completeafter I installed 418 but ignored I needed to purge existing one first11:16
np_completenow even I purge all nvidia and instal whatever driver I am in this situation, driver loaded, gpu-manager report seems correct, but glx is not using nvidia11:17
lotuspsychjenp_complete: does apt give you errors of any kind when you, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade?11:17
np_completeno errors, and nothing new to install11:19
lotuspsychjesoo.. mystery11:19
lotuspsychjenp_complete: did you try switching to nouveau yet?11:19
lotuspsychjenp_complete: try that and go back to 435 please11:20
lotuspsychjeboth reboot11:20
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: thanks for filing bug #189512911:28
ubottubug 1895129 in ublock-origin (Ubuntu) "webext-ublock-origin & webext-privacy-badger broken in Firefox 80" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189512911:28
lotuspsychjenicely formulated11:29
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: ive also installed them, can you please tell me the steps to reproduce?11:30
BluesKajHi all11:31
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: not sure if they are reproducible. sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox webext-ublock-origin webext-privacy-badger to install/reinstall firefox and the add ons. Start firefox either from gui or terminal. First time, they showed up fine on the status bar and were working. Then after a computer reboot, they disappeared from the status bar. In the settings, they show they are still enabled but do not work as ads flood firefox...11:37
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: allrighty lemme try that11:37
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: starting from terminal made them both enabled, now a reboot would disable them?11:38
np_completelotuspsychje after I switch to nouveau still same situation with glx11:39
np_completeserver glx vendor string: SGIclient glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGIOpenGL vendor string: VMware, Inc.11:39
lotuspsychjenp_complete: allrighty tnx for testing11:39
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: yes11:39
lotuspsychjenp_complete: not really sure whats happening then, maybe an idea would be testing a liveusb, or installing !hwe for bionic11:40
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: allright, lets c11:40
np_completeok thanks11:40
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: both seems enabled in settings, do they create an icon by default on the bar? i dont see any11:43
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: they do create icon on the top right corner of the bar11:44
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: not for me so it seems, my other addons do11:44
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: now you can toggle them off and on  and they should show up11:45
lotuspsychjelets c11:45
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: yep that made them join11:45
lotuspsychjeok reboot time11:46
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: at least that part appear reproducible! they should go again after reboot11:46
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: confirmed after reboot they vanish11:47
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: ok. If you dont toggle them they will not block ads..11:48
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: confirmed & updated your bug11:50
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: thanks for finding this bug and make ubuntu better for you and the community11:50
hugh_mareralotuspsychje: fine11:51
lotuspsychjehugh_marera: now to await more users affected and/or the devs taking further action11:53
LFlareHello, anyone using Ubuntu on an ASUS Zenbook UM425IA? I have certain queries about that notebook's lack of S3 suspend support.12:28
lotuspsychje!details | LFlare12:35
ubottuLFlare: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:35
LFlareASUS Zenbook UM425IA, running 20.04 with the latest mainline kernel. I'm having problems both with resuming from s2idle, and resuming from s3, with s3 being hacked together by editing the acpi tables.12:38
LFlareI'm not really sure what details are necessary, as from my own research, it appears that this laptop is super new and not many people have gone to work on it yet. Even the only other dude working on s3 support was on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxhardware/comments/i28nm5/ideapad_14are05_s3_sleep_fix/g4hihug/?context=312:39
InteloUbuntu 20 LTS has python 2.x? Seriously?12:39
Intelo$ python --version12:39
InteloPython 2.7.18rc112:39
lotuspsychje!20.04 | Intelo12:40
ubottuIntelo: Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) is the 32nd release of Ubuntu and is the current !LTS release. Download at Download at https://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes12:40
lotuspsychjesee the releasenotes for the official package versions Intelo12:41
Intelolotuspsychje: It says 3.x is included but why I don't have it? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes#Python3_by_default12:42
dairei am not being asked for my password when I resume from suspend - is there a way to fix this please?12:44
mr_louHow can I rename a file in a terminal that has silly signs which prevents me from renaming it?12:48
mr_lou"Operation not permitted"12:48
mr_loulsattr: Permission denied While reading flags on ./sillyfilenamehere12:49
Intelowhy don't I have python 3? https://termbin.com/vk28e12:50
ElNomRealmr_lou does file name in quotes work?12:50
mr_louNo, same error: Operation not permitted.12:52
InteloWhat the.... https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WZWscBgyK8/12:55
raverIntelo, I used this Article (System wide): https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-change-from-default-to-alternative-python-version-on-debian-linux13:22
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Inteloraver: thanks13:31
raverIntelo: np โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ™‚13:42
mr_louElNomReal, I think I've found the solution: detox13:56
mr_louI'm off. Later.14:05
lotuspsychjeioria: if you remember bug #1894391 there's a new update #514:13
ubottubug 1894391 in linux (Ubuntu) "AMD/Nvidia switchable graphics not working" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189439114:13
iorialotuspsychje, ho, yes, thanx lotus14:14
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gooseI've got an odroid-hc2 running ubuntu 18.04.5, and I'm having issues with it receiving a DHCP lease from my network. Could anyone confirm that this is the default /etc/network/interfaces which *should* be able to receive a DHCP lease from my router? - https://dpaste.com/86XLMEC3N14:55
Lutinare there more default environment variables I can set like PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR ?14:59
jellyis there a bot in here that can answer which versions of a named package are available in various still supported ubuntu releases?15:11
jellylike this, except for Ubuntu: <jelly> version nagstamon <judd> Package: nagstamon on amd64 -- jessie: 1.0.1-1; stretch: 2.0.1-5+deb9u1; buster: 3.2.1-1; bullseye: 3.4.1-1; sid: 3.4.1-115:12
mason!info nagstamon15:32
ubottunagstamon (source: nagstamon): Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.1-1 (focal), package size 410 kB, installed size 1916 kB15:32
masonhrm, just the one release noted - digging15:33
mason!info nagstamon bionic15:33
ubottunagstamon (source: nagstamon): Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.2-1 (bionic), package size 399 kB, installed size 1801 kB15:33
masonjelly: ^15:33
wolframsarnold: I wanted to update you on my yesterday's DisplayPort question. In the end, I just went ahead with an HDMI connection and that will suffice.16:18
wolframsarnold: Perhaps in 20.04 things will look different but I am fine with 18.04 for now.16:18
lotuspsychjetnx 4 the feedback wolfram we will pass the message16:19
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
wolframlotuspsychje: Much obliged.16:24
pavloswolfram: iirc, you have E7240, ubuntu 18, dual monitor (laptop, hdmi) works, right?16:28
wolframpavlos: I only use the external monitor and it works now using HDMI instead of DisplayPort, yes.16:30
wolframpavlos: Dual also worked I think but I just do not need it.16:30
pavloswolfram: ok, glad you have a solution. I was trying to find out why the mini DP would not send video16:30
wolframpavlos: Sounds similar, yes, I guess DP has higher throughput which matters for games or something but I am fine with HDMI for my needs.16:32
wolframpavlos: I am fine with DVI in fact except that there are no such monitors in production now.16:32
pavloswolfram: I have the DELL U2413 which has a bunch of connectors (DP,miniDP,DVI,HDMI)16:37
wolframpavlos: Looks similar to mine except that I do not have DVI, instead I have some silly touch buttons instead of regular ones because this is so cool these days.16:41
wolframpavlos: But yes, it works fine and I am in the process of adjusting to widescreen which I am using first time in my life.16:41
* mbeierl has nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, with 1 dv->mini dp monitor, 1 hdmi monitor and one dvi monitor ...16:42
wolframDo you not feel overwhelved by looking at three monitors at a time?16:47
wolframAnd what about energy usage? Does it not consume a lot of it unnecessarily?16:51
glickhi, whats the german ubuntu offtopic channel?16:53
oerheks#ubuntu-de-offtopic ?16:55
_alx_anyone know what the lizard and seashell logos are? https://ibb.co/WxSvNVy17:11
_alx_right under duke17:12
ioria_alx_, maybe it's a Gecko  (not a lizard) and the seashell can be Nautilus (but i might be wrong)17:21
Darkwarhello how did you guys build your owen distro17:22
oerheksDarkwar, building your own distro is offtopic here, only ubuntu support.17:25
mr_louWhat do to when files refuse to be renamed? mv and rename and even detox are helpless against these files. "Cannot rename", "Operation not permitted".17:26
mr_louI dunno what to do.17:26
Darkwaroerheks where can i go to not be off topic?17:26
oerheksthere is no 'renam, just mv.17:26
Darkwarwell mr lou17:26
Darkwartype this17:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:26
Darkwarsudo mv name name17:26
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"17:26
Darkwarthank you oerheks17:27
Darkwarmr lous what file are u trying to rename17:28
Darkwarif its dir in /usr/bin i would not touch it unless needed or your moddifieing your owen script17:28
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YounderI installed Ubuntu Server on a RasPi4. The I installed sudo apt intsall ubuntu-desktop. All seemed well. But the screen is not fullHD. It is 1889x998 or something. Wins raspberry PI oOS it worked fine. It is not arspi monitor it is a HANNSpree monitor. Any ideas?18:20
Younderthe EDID might  be the problem18:23
=== sem2peie- is now known as sem2peie
Younderpa the screen really is 1990x144018:25
oerheksYounder, try to reset the monitor with its own menu to factory default, sometimes helps18:25
Youndersorry for te typos.18:25
oerheksand gnome3 on a pi4, impressive..18:25
waveformYounder, have you added "disable_overscan=1" to the /boot/firmware/config.txt ? Sounds like it may be applying overscan still18:26
Youndertwo ideas.. will try both18:27
Younderwaveform, in /boot/firmware you should set userconfig.txt not config.txt, but otherwise spot on. It worked! Thank you.18:35
Younderoh by the way the server displays the entire bootup text. if that is tedious apply a -quiet -splash to the command line ing the grub setup18:51
YounderAs an  embeded engeneer I loved the bit in the latest linux journal about locking the kernel. Apperently if your kernev is 5 or higher you kan prevent .ko or kernel drivers from being loaded afrer start.19:00
compdocany word when do-release-upgrade will be ready?19:00
Youndercompdoc, no, but it is in october wich is just a couple of weeks away19:01
YounderI would suspect 20 of october19:02
pavloslotuspsychje: I found this one-liner that lists pkgs I installed ... comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)19:02
pavloslotuspsychje: you asked me yesterday19:02
compdocoh, ok. thanks19:03
Younderpavlos, you 'customers' must have infinate patience19:03
pavlosYounder: ??19:03
Younderpavlos, otherwise, nice one19:04
YounderEver been tired of df having irrelevent gibberish meed dfu df uncluttered: df -h | grep -Ev '^/dev/loop|^tmpfs|^udev' | awk '{printf "%-10s %5s %5s %5s %5s\n", $6, $2, $3, $4, $5}'19:07
YounderEver been tired of df giving irrelevant gibberish, meet dfu df uncluttered: df -h | grep -Ev '^/dev/loop|^tmpfs|^udev' | awk '{printf "%-10s %5s %5s %5s %5s\n", $6, $2, $3, $4, $5}'19:10
YounderAll these loops snap adds levae df pretty much useless without it if you just want the diskspace remaing19:11
striggaahoi. I have a ubuntu 20 docker host and since the last update, the process /snap/docker/471/bin/dockerd is in apparmor  enforce mode, thus the docker daemon does not start. Disabling the apparmor service temporarily did not help.19:32
striggaI admid I have no clue about apparmor :)19:32
oerheksis what i find ..19:41
sarnoldstrigga: what DENIED messages did you get in the logs?19:42
strigga [ 1408.343255] audit: type=1400 audit(1599766954.445:133): apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" profile="snap.docker.dockerd" name="/bin/kmod" pid=8367 comm="containerd" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=0 ouid=019:42
striggasarnold: !19:43
sarnold*kmod*?? what the heck is docker doing..19:43
striggasarnold: no idea. :)19:44
sarnoldhmm, there's a comment on that page from may 20 where a guy grep -v kmod, maybe that's a known stupidism19:44
oerhekson what filesystem, overlayfs or zfs?19:45
striggaoerkeks: how would I find out? The disk is ext.419:45
striggasarnold: how would I take that process out of enforce mode?19:49
sarnoldstrigga: well, if you really want to try that, you can find the apparmor profile name from /proc/pid/attr/current and as root run echo "profile <name here> { }" | apparmor_parser --remove19:51
sarnoldstrigga: you'd be better suited to go to #snapcraft and ask where you can report a bug :)19:51
striggasarnold. Thanks. I really wonder, why this comes up all over sudden. Did a reboot after update and boom, docker stopped functioning.19:54
sarnoldstrigga: you could also try rolling back to a previous docker snap19:55
striggasarnold: that tip (apparmor_parser --remove) did not make it through a reboot19:58
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sarnoldstrigga: indeed, it only affects the running kernel20:06
sarnoldstrigga: snap is not going to make it easy to execute a strict mode application without seccomp, apparmor, etc20:07
striggasarnold: Darn.20:07
striggasarnold: I wonder why that came up in the first place.20:07
striggasarnold: no process whitelisting possible?20:08
sarnoldstrigga: the idea is to let anyone upload apps like the ios app store or google play store, and probably the only way that'd be acceptable is if there's limits on what the applications can do20:10
striggasarnold: Fair enough.20:11
=== mgmt[m] is now known as joaquinito01
dtux`ls somedir` gives me an I/O error... how do i get more info?20:27
sarnolddtux: dmesg20:28
Younderlike most logs mostly impenetrable20:30
dtuxhmm i tried that but didnt see anything... let's try again20:30
dtuxfwiw, this is not on a local drive20:30
dtux(it's on kbfs, mounted by keybase -- maybe i need to track down keybase logs)20:30
sarnoldaha, yeah20:33
HejkkiWhat is the best command line email client that supports smtp over starttls and imap20:34
Youndertried cocpi. Ive always found that iluminating20:34
Hejkkioh :)20:35
sarnoldHejkki: your options will expand if you use something like msmtp or postfix for sending email20:35
sarnoldHejkki: I use mutt with it's built-in imap support and msmtp for sending, it's probably a similar setup20:36
Hejkkiok, will try that, thanks :)20:36
esperantomanis fstab preserved across dist upgrades20:40
Younderseriously none of you know of cockpit?20:41
YounderIt is like the coolest thing ever20:41
compdocwhat if I dont want to be discovered?20:46
YounderWant to steath way down. Then https://sourceforge.net/projects/robolinuxstealthvmforubuntu/20:48
oerheks!info cockpit20:48
ubottucockpit (source: cockpit): Web Console for Linux servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 215-1 (focal), package size 17 kB, installed size 62 kB20:48
Luke2020hi there is there a way i can create a unique name which points to a directory so instead of having to type out the full path i can type in a relative path from a defined name?20:57
Luke2020hi there is there a way i can create a unique name which points to a directory so instead of having to type out the full path i can type in a relative path from a defined name?20:58
esperantomanhi, is there a way to update the user-dirs.dirs without a logout or restart?20:58
YounderLuke2020, sure : ln -s <path> <fullpath>20:58
Luke2020thank you v much20:58
oerheksalias can do that, alias <name>='/path/to/folder'21:00
Luke2020which is better?21:00
YounderLuke2020, other way around <fullpath> <path>21:01
oerheksYounders answer would require to be in that folder, i guess.21:01
sarnoldLuke2020: alias will work only in the shell; the symlink (or a bind mount) will work in all programs21:02
Luke2020okay and i can list out all my alias's and symlinks?21:03
sarnoldsymlinks you could see by ls -l21:03
oerheksstuff it in your .bashrc21:03
sarnoldaliases you can see via alias21:03
Luke2020okay it just saves time :p thank you :]21:04
Younderoerheks, In a folder? what are you talikg about?21:05
bray90820So I am having an issue with ubuntu when I have two moniters conencted and ubuntu goes to sleep the screen goes black but the backlight stays on and mouse curser is still visable21:07
bray90820When I have one moniter tho it sleeps fine21:07
YounderNo I really shouln't use links21:10
rjwiii bray90820: Ubuntu version? GPU driver?21:11
bray9082020.04 and the default AMD driver21:12
YounderHardware can be BAD!21:12
rjwiiibray90820: excellent ... I had the same issue with 3 monitors & amdgpu ...21:13
bray90820rjwiii: : How did you fix it... if you ever did21:13
johnjayis there any difference in packaging a deb file for ubuntu compared to debian? they both use deb right21:14
YounderI have fried two Graphics cards and one motherboard.21:14
rjwiiibray90820: I did ... Try this: On  your monitor's settings, and turn off Auto Port Scanning ...21:14
sarnoldjohnjay: mostly similar, but ubuntu splits the repository into main vs universe; sometimes you'll have a choice of dependencies, and it's best to prefer dependencies that are in main21:14
bray90820YES it does scan the ports after teh monitor turns off and then it goes back to HDMI with the mouse I think you may be right21:15
bray90820I'll try that21:15
johnjayoh yeah the ubuntu repos do ahve different names21:15
rjwiiibray90820: What is happening is when Ubuntu tries to put the monitors to sleep, the monitors do a port scan to see if there is any other ports sending content. When Ubuntu sees this, it thinks that there is activity and wakes up the monitors ... it's an endless cycle ...21:16
johnjaysarnold: do you know is it possible for one deb to work on both at once?21:16
rjwiiibray90820: Once you disable the auto port scan, the monitors will go to sleep.21:17
YounderDuh! the auto port scan..21:18
* Younder always feels like a dunce when the solution is reviled21:19
rjwiiibray90820: see here: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10924621:19
ubottuFreedesktop bug 109246 in DRM/AMDgpu "HDMI connected monitors fail to sleep and instead turn back on when amdgpu.dc=1" [Normal,Resolved: moved]21:19
bray90820Yeah it doesn'y look like I can actually turn it off in my monitor settings damnit21:20
bray90820Younder: You talking to me?21:22
YounderI have no idea what mddgpu.dc=0 means21:22
Younderbut I sugest you do21:23
bray90820I do not know21:23
bray90820rjwiii: I can not turn it off in my settings21:25
bray90820Anuthing else you know I can try?21:25
rjwiiiYounder: I had this same problem on my new Thelio with 3 monitors using DP connections. Bugged the living $#|+ out of me ...21:25
rjwiiibray90820: in the settings on the monitors itself ...21:27
bray90820rjwiii: Yesh my monitor doesnt have a way to turn off the port scanning21:27
rjwiiibray90820: Odd ... What model are the monitors?21:28
rjwiiibray90820: it's gotta be in there somewhere ...21:29
bray90820Acer G721:30
YounderI had a monitor problem earlier today. When it was solved on this group I thoughty i could rule the world. I was estatic.21:30
bray90820rjwiii: It's an Acer G721:31
* Younder is listening to nivana in the background21:32
rjwiiibray90820: Can you set the monitors to only one port, ie, the port you're using?21:34
rjwiiibray90820: some monitors may have an option to disable the scanning altogether and others my let you select the port to use ...21:34
bray90820Yeah but when it shut off it still scans all the ports21:34
rjwiiibray90820: Look for "Auto Source"21:36
Younderbray90820, Are you some sort of expert? How could you possibly know it it is scanning on all ports?21:36
bray90820Younder: Before it shut off it shows VGA then it shows DVI then HDMI then actually goes to sleep21:37
bray90820The odd thing is it doesn't happen when onlt one monitor is connected21:38
rjwiiiYounder: When monitors go to sleep, they often show on the screen the different ports it's checking. They do on my work computer ..21:38
rjwiiibray90820: This might help: https://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Document/User%20Manual/User%20Manual_Acer_1.0_A_A.pdf?acerid=63639160847492869321:41
bray90820rjb: The moniter does have an iput setting and it's set to HDMI so i really don't know21:41
rjwiiibray90820: Does you menu look like the one in the link?21:43
bray90820I am trying some things right now21:43
bray90820rjwiii: Nope that manual you gavce me is very similar but the auto scan stuff it was talking about is not there21:55
bray90820I am seriously at a loss for what to do21:56
rjwiiibray90820: do you have the manual for your monitors?21:56
rjwiiibray90820: go to Acer's web site and find the manual for your monitor ... I see 6 Aspire models and one for Predator22:00
rjwiiibray90820: I searched for "g7"22:01
rjwiiibray90820: if not, your only option may be new monitors ... :(22:02
rjwiiibray90820: how old are these monitors?22:10
Younderrjwiii, seriosly!22:10
bray90820rjwiii: So I have done everything on the monitor itself and the setting isn't there22:27
jwashi have a runaway apt process, this is the result of hitting up --> enter a bunch of times rapidly https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FskrPwt4Rp/. see how the pid changes very frequently, how do i kill it without a restart?22:38
sarnoldjwash: that process is already dead22:39
sarnoldjwash: try running top or htop instead22:39
sarnoldthe way bash works, it starts up the grep before it runs ps, so ps reports on it, and then grep selects itself because the 'apt' in the command line :)22:40
sarnoldsome people use a little grep trick to search for a pattern that won't match on itself, but that always seems like too much work to me22:41
pavlosjwash: can you kill the ppid 1442822:41
jwashpavlos, it doesn't exist, so no22:41
jwashit disappears, it was only a quick name22:42
sarnoldpavlos: that's the virtual set size of the process, *not* a process identifier22:42
pavlossarnold: yes, my mistake22:43
roger_rogerquick question please... have ubuntu desktop and it locked up - i rebooted and now my root password doesn't work... trying to boot to the brub menu but it ignores pressing and/or holding the shift key23:32
roger_rogerany suggestions?23:32
roger_rogerif i press the esc key, i get a cli scrolling past and then it just boots normally23:33
sarnoldroger_roger: ubuntu doesn't usually have a root password; did you set one? where are you being asked for one?23:34
roger_rogerif i open a terminal session and try to su23:34
roger_rogerwait - just did sudo su and that worked23:35
roger_rogeri'm so used to just using debian server for all my other stuff23:35
sarnoldaha; you can set a password for root if you really want to, but that will cause systemd to request it when booting into a rescue shell, and you'd want to doublecheck that sshd is configured to forbid root password logins, etc23:36
roger_rogeri'm good although concerned that i couldn't get to the grub menu23:37
roger_rogeri even tried a keyboard that connects to the ps2 interface ut no go23:37
sarnoldroger_roger: are you holding the left or the right shift key? iirc it requires the left shift key23:42
sarnoldroger_roger: the ps/2 check .. good thinking. some bioses don't do usb .. but I hope that's rare these days :)23:42
roger_rogeryeah - i've run into that on  older machines but this one is relatively new... but tried it anyway23:43
roger_rogeri was rebooting the pc - a friend suggested that i power it down and remove the power caord and then try23:50
KaedennHow do I change the format of `apt search` to use one line per package to make it easier to grep?23:52
bobdobbsI've plugged a USB mic into my desktop, running ubuntu 18.04. I'm running KDE. How do I make sure my system uses this mic? It does show up in pavucontrol under input devices. But if I use Audacity to record input, the mic doesn't get used.23:53
sarnoldKaedenn: try apt-cache search instead23:54
KaedennCan I have that print the package status too?23:55
sarnoldbobdobbs: does kmix exist? might it help?23:55
sarnoldKaedenn: not from apt-cache search; maybe dpkg-query? I don't use it very often, it might be able to do something similar23:56
bobdobbssarnold: installing kmix now23:56
bobdobbssarnold: is kmix supposed to be a gui?23:58
bobdobbssarnold: like, if I run 'kmix' from the terminal, nothing happens. The command is accepted, and just hangs. As if it runs a program in the background or something.23:59
sarnoldbobdobbs: I think so, it's got a lot of kde dependencies..23:59
sarnoldhm :(23:59
bobdobbsmaybe my whole audio system is busted or something23:59

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