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veremitzhey Unit193, are you around? got a query bout building/getting barrier(synergy) onto a bionic install on this laptop :/22:39
Unit193veremitz: `pull-lp-source barrier`, change the debhelper-compat build-dep to 12, apt-get build-dep ./;dpkg-buildpackage   ?22:40
Unit193(Or just nab https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/ubuntu/test/+packages?field.name_filter=barrier&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=)22:41
veremitzooh sweet :D22:42
Unit193Not sure how much longer I'll have bionic there though.22:46
veremitztis ok I've saved to HDD .. dunno what the future of this particular laptop it22:46
veremitzbut thats grand. !beer Unit193 :D22:46
Unit193If you're stuck due to i386, perhaps consider going to Debian.22:47
veremitzna I'm good.. just had a hiccup with SSL not matching, but good now! :D22:53
veremitzall x86_64 here (with the exception of a couple of dedicated i686 boxen22:53
veremitzfantastic, I can sort/send emails now I have acceess to my main PC back! :D (other laptop is temporarily out-of-action)22:54

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