xu-irc59wHow to uninstall app?00:02
christophergrayxu-irc59w: sudo apt remove thepackagename00:45
nikolamthere is no way I can figure when screen would end garbled or ok, when I turn on/off second monitor in Xfce Display settings05:09
nikolamFirst main monitor is on AMD 7850 and the second monitor is on Intel 4600 (i5-4570)05:09
xu-help82wanyone here?06:55
xu-help82wi need help with linux os06:55
xu-help82wi am new ti this thing and i m currently using windows os06:56
pmjdebruijnjust ask your question, and wait a little06:57
xu-help82wok, thank you06:59
xu-help82wi stumbled upon a lot linux distros and i am confused. Which linux distro is the most lightweight, for beginner, looks like windows7, os up to date, and free of virus?07:01
pmjdebruijnnone look like windows7 really07:05
pmjdebruijnand almost all linux distros but a few are fairly user friendly07:05
pmjdebruijnand it's not common for linux distros to have virusses for various reasons07:05
pmjdebruijnxubuntu really is not a bad place to start07:05
pmjdebruijnxubuntu is not the most lightweight distro around, but it's not a heavyweight either07:06
pmjdebruijnwhile still remaining functional/convenient07:06
pmjdebruijnmost super lightweight distros do so, by being less functional/convenient07:06
pmjdebruijnso I would not recommend starting with a super lightweight distro07:08
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: you can download xubuntu, put it on a usb drive, and at least briefly use it directly from the usb drive, before installing it07:09
xu-help82wif i download xubuntu, will my file in windows D directory moved to xubuntu os?07:13
xu-help82wabout put it on usb drive = put the os in a flashdisc?07:13
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: the xubuntu install will copy migrate any of your files, I highly recommend backing up all your files to a usb drive before install xubuntu07:23
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: there many videos on youtube that illustratie how to create a bootable stick with xubuntu, I highly recommend watching one of those, given that will be much clearer07:24
pmjdebruijnbut as I said, I highly recommend playing with xubuntu from a live usb drive before installing07:24
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: keep in mind that any non-windows OS will not be a 1:1 replacement for Windows, a lot a things will be somewhat different07:25
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: some people "play" with linux first in a virtual machine like VirtualBox/HyperV before moving to linux as their main os07:25
xu-help82wvirtual machine?07:27
xu-help82wwhat is that?07:27
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: I don't have time to explain everything, please do a little research on your end, google/youtube are your friends07:28
xu-help82wok, thanks for your informations07:29
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: also keep in mind that windows applications do not run on linux07:29
pmjdebruijn(at least not easily/reliably)07:29
pmjdebruijnthat may or may not be an issue for you07:30
pmjdebruijnthough for most things there are similar alternatives, but they will take getting used to07:30
xu-help82wthe only windows program i use is microsoft office word and excell07:30
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: you won't be able to use those anymore of course07:30
pmjdebruijnbut libreoffice is similar07:30
pmjdebruijnxu-help82w: btw, you can install LibreOffice on Windows, to try that on Windows first07:31
xu-help82wok, thank you :)07:31
pmjdebruijnif you get used to libreoffice on windows first, the transition to linux will be a little bit easier I guess07:32
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xu-irc20wHello, Please somebody could assist me with resolution settings, im on 3200x1800 laptop display, on latest xubuntu stable version, tried to tweak DPI etc bu really cant fix anything, if i use resolution lower like 1920x1080 or something its very blur. If some one have a litle time to assist please pm15:40
Maikxu-irc20w: troubleshooting can be done here and not via PM16:19
vulpovileI'm trying to move my icons to my main display but they keep moving to the wrong one16:24
vulpovileI have one monitor on top and one on the bottom16:24
vulpovilethey keep moving to the top display16:24
vulpovileis there any way to change this?16:24
GridCubechange which is the main display?16:29
GridCubeto be honest i don't ever use icons on the desktop, all my launchers are on panels16:32
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VulpovileI changed what the main display is, but it still uses the wrong one23:07

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