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meenathis documentation, https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/datasources/opennebula.html especially the examples section, reads confusing, and i think there's a bunch of formatting issues09:49
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viks____hi, how do i run a shell script using vendor data?13:50
Odd_Blokeviks____: You probably want `runcmd`: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/modules.html#runcmd14:05
viks____Odd_Bloke:  should i use it inside `/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg`14:11
Odd_Blokeviks____: vendor-data is fetched from the cloud platform; if you aren't the cloud vendor then you shouldn't be using vendor-data.  What are you trying to achieve?14:12
viks____i have my openstack setup.. i want to run a script by default when a new instance is created... i do not want to use user data as i want user to allow to run their script.. so i'm trying to use vendor data14:14
viks____as i want to setup some configuration14:16
viks____how should i proceed? or what is the best way to achieve this?14:26
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Odd_Blokeviks____: The OpenStack/ConfigDrive datasources have support for vendor-data, so you shouldn't need to change anything in the image, just make vendor-data available via the regular OpenStack mechanism.16:04
Odd_Bloke(I've never operated an OpenStack cloud, so I don't really know how that configuration happens.)16:04
viks____Odd_Bloke: ok..thanks...16:04
blackboxswlucasmoura: minor request on your SRU validation for ssh keys https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/164/files16:22
blackboxswLooks like MAAS verification completed. I just updated the SRU bug falcojr and attached that output16:23
blackboxswfalcojr: so I think all we are looking at for SRU completion is the grub validation, remaining hetzner, a slight extenstion to the test  on ssh key validation, and LABEL_FATBOOT right?16:35
falcojryep, the grub is up for review, and I think ssh key is too. Fatboot should be up within the hour16:36
blackboxswonce this verification scripts land, we are +1 on our side for SRU verification (but cloud-init upstream doesn't release on Fridays... .so we are targeting Monday I bet)16:36
blackboxswOur next step when those few manual SRU verification scripts land is to ping the SRU vangaurd for review as early as possible on Monday in the #ubuntu-release channel16:37
blackboxswwe find that person of note @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Publishing16:38
blackboxswfor whatever day we are interested in.16:38
blackboxsws/interested in/trying to get publishing approval on/16:38
blackboxswso it'll be pinging sil2100 early Monday morn16:39
falcojrsounds good16:44
meenawhat's the minimum python version we target?17:44
meenahttps://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/datasources/opennebula.html#example-vm-s-context-section ⬅️ aaaaand, can anyone explain this formatting?17:45
Odd_Blokemeena: 3.4, and the source doesn't specify a highlighting language so perhaps it's a very shonky autodetect?17:55
Odd_BlokeIf you're asking about the format itself, there are links in the docs which break it down.17:58
meenaI think the user-data is wrong17:58
meenathere's a " after the second ssh key, which doesn't belong there, as far as i can tell17:59
Odd_BlokeThat's closing the SSH_KEY=" quote, I think.18:09
meenaeither way, the formatting is confusing af, which is the opposite of what I want from documentation18:11
Odd_BlokeThat's an upstream format, not a cloud-init one.18:13
meenai know, but it's still in our documentation here, and it looks (or at least: feels wrong)18:14
Odd_BlokeYeah, some explanation above it would help, for sure.18:15
meenajust fixing the formatting a tiny bit, makes it easier for humans to parse18:16
blackboxswfalcojr: merged LABEL_FATBOOT test https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/16518:38
falcojrcool, thanks18:40
meenaOdd_Bloke: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/57321:02
meenaoh, cool, my change is failing to build21:05

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