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parlosGood Morning!06:15
stickupkidachilleasa, why bother with this? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11984/files#diff-656c47fa69165a72c0003590bb9d2a1aR80608:24
stickupkidachilleasa, isn't this a 2.9 thing anyway?08:24
achilleasaso imaginge you have a 2.9 client, a 2.8 controller and this bundle: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/zYNkK9dTpf/08:28
stickupkidah, fair08:29
achilleasayou got this bundle from a 2.9 controller running "juju expose foo"08:29
stickupkidback to code reviewing08:29
achilleasaso basically, this equivalent to a juju expose on a 2.8 controller so we shouldn't complain about it08:29
stickupkidyeah got it08:30
achilleasabackwards compat is hard :D08:30
stickupkiddude, in hell atm as well08:30
achilleasa(also, it might be beneficial to review each commit separately to see how they all fit together)08:30
stickupkidachilleasa, I know you want to do this lazily, but if you end up with multiple params, this is expensive https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11984/files#diff-fe9a84a5a30e2b9e38fac2299b55442eR147208:31
stickupkidno wait08:32
stickupkidi didn't read that right08:32
stickupkidI'm starting to think our help text is way too long08:35
stickupkidjuju man expose08:35
achilleasaor juju -H (or -hv)08:40
stickupkidyeah, either way08:40
stickupkidadding flags to help is very verbose08:40
achilleasainfo juju might be a more standard-y way of reading manual08:41
stickupkidsee juju bootstrap for overload08:54
achilleasastickupkid: got a few min to chat about shared facade code? (networking common)09:57
tychicusI think that I may have missed a step or misconfigured something here https://docs.openstack.org/project-deploy-guide/charm-deployment-guide/latest/app-bridge-interface-configuration.html10:03
tychicuswhen I run juju run --unit ovn-central/leader 'ovn-nbctl show' I get10:04
tychicus    port provnet-940c91fe-5397-4471-bb57-1f956d54be0810:04
tychicus        type: localnet10:04
tychicus        tag: 1610:04
tychicus        addresses: ["unknown"]10:04
tychicuswhich makes me think that I have something misconfigured in ovn-chassis10:05
tychicusor perhaps I also need to configure https://jaas.ai/ovn-dedicated-chassis/310:08
stickupkidachilleasa, you might know more info?10:49
achilleasaunfortunately I am not familiar with ovn-chassis10:51
achilleasastickupkid: one more for you https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/11992 (most changes are in tests though)11:08
achilleasastickupkid: got a question about SpaceInfos11:47
achilleasastickupkid: looks like auth checks in the firewaller facade are rather lax... https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/develop/apiserver/facades/controller/firewaller/firewaller.go#L410 (also see12:40
achilleasaI should ask jam at standup if there is something we can auth against for these kind of calls...12:41
achilleasadoh.. that's a private method... but anyway, I need to do some sort of auth for grabbing the space infos12:47
achilleasa(also WatchIngressAddressesForRelations seems to skip auth checks)12:48
achilleasastickupkid: btw, do you know if we can have an API invocation that does not expect an argument?13:00
stickupkidachilleasa, it always requires one13:08
stickupkidachilleasa, I wonder if I could turn schema js into some sort of OpenAPI thing13:10
achilleasajuju 3 feature? :D13:14
achilleasaI ... think I can inject a read-model access check13:15
achilleasastickupkid: you have a WIP commit in your PR ;-)14:26
stickupkidI'll clean that up in a sec14:27
stickupkidachilleasa, smashed it out14:28
tychicus_I have a nice openstack deployment where everything is green16:55
tychicus_when launch an instance, it says that that the instance power state is running, but there is no console log, no vnc console, no icmp, no ssh. this leads me to believe that the machine is not building properly, I would expect to see a libvirt.xml file in /var/lib/nova/instances/uuid, but all that is there is an empty console.log17:00
tychicus_My assumption is that there are a number of different configuration issues that could cause this behavior, I'm just wondering if anyone has run into anything similar, that could point me in the right direction17:04
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pmatulistychicus, i would start with `openstack server show <server-name>`. there should be a message, and it sometimes points you to in a certain direction (e.g. "look at neutron logs"). regardless, i would then determine the hypervisor involved and look at its nova-compute.log18:53
pmatulisit would also be useful to know what guide you used to deploy the cloud. the exact steps would also be very helpful. as would a description of the environment18:54
pmatulisand i see you are also conversing in #openstack-charms18:55

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