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BrujahlI start with the lubuntu 18.4.000:12
Brujahl18.4.0 works (wifi and lan work)00:15
BrujahlI start with lubuntu 18.4.100:18
Brujahl18.4.1 works (wifi and lan work)00:23
BrujahlI try with lubuntu 18.4.200:26
Brujahl18.4.2 work (wifi and lan work) but before i reach the desktop i have something that say could not detect firmware00:33
Brujahl18.4.3 download00:33
BrujahlI just realize that i didn't gave the config : Intel Core i5Carte graphique: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) HD Graphics, NVIDIA GeForce 310M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350MÉcran: 15.6 pouces, 16 pouces00:45
Brujahlshit i tried to put a space and i throw it into the chat like a shit00:45
BrujahlIntel Core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M00:48
Brujahl4 GB Ram00:48
Brujahl18.4.3 works (lan and wifi)01:00
guivercBrujahl, I don't see a question?  18.04 has two stack options; GA kernel & stack (ie. 4.15) or HWE which advances with each .2 thru .5 release using stacks from 18.10, 19.04, 19.10 till it finally settles on 20.04 with the .501:02
Brujahldo you have the start of the conversation?01:03
BrujahlI was guest 3901:03
guivercThis is a support room, ask a question (try and keep to a single line & be patient, people will respond as they're able)01:03
guivercWe won't know that unless told01:04
guiverc(I didn't know it anyway)01:04
Brujahlk i thank it was in your history01:04
guivercYes I can scroll backwards, but Guest_39 appears in a different color to yours, different name so system assumes it's different person (once offline (Guest_39) prior details are limited)01:06
Brujahlfor the 18.04 i have no choice in the repository so i don't know which one it is01:06
guivercThe default kernel is selected by ISO of installation. 18.04 & 18.04.1 media uses the GA stack (4.15 kernel) by default (unless changed by user), all later ISOs (18.04.2 thru 18.04.5 currently) use HWE stack which varies; 18.04.5 is current using 20.04's kernel & stack (ie. 5.4)01:08
guivercOf note; once you upgrade all packages; the 18.04.2 thru 18.04.5 will all upgrade to 18.04.5 and use the same 5.4 kernel; but you'll have the original kernels installed with available for testing, and in-use when used in *live* mode (ie. Start/Try Lubuntu)01:09
Brujahlit is a problem to not be able to edit last message (or i am to stupid to find the function)i was talking about 18.04.0401:09
Brujahlty for the answer01:09
guivercBrujahl, FYI: if you want in the future to look back at conversations, everything said here is logged on irclogs.ubuntu.com; but as most of us do other things.. we don't always remember everything said & rarely read the logs01:12
Brujahlno problem and ty to let me know that01:12
BrujahlI am just asking my self is my bug linked to this one? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1030060/freeze-after-login-ubuntu-18-0401:16
guivercI don't know Brujahl, that duplicate answer has lots of possible causes (and really isn't freezing as I understood your issue)01:18
BrujahlI teste 18.04.401:19
BrujahlIt also boot perfectly01:21
Brujahlbut when i want to shut down it freeze01:22
Brujahlbut alt +impr+ b reboot it01:22
guiverc18.04.4 will use 19.10's (HWE) stack so 5.3 kernel.  the 5.3 kernel is EOL, it'll upgrade to 5.4 by default to make it equivalent to 18.04.5 ... if you find one that works, you can apt-mark hold it to keep it, but it'll be less secure than a fully-patched & supported kernel. Best options are fully-patched 4.15 or the 5.4 you box has issues with01:23
guivercas I recall you were having issues with 4.15 though01:24
Brujahlon updates but not freshly installed01:25
BrujahlI tried to boot a second time on 18.04.4 and now it freeze on the desk top01:27
Brujahland alt + impr + b don't reboot it and the fans are goin up crazily01:27
guivercI'm still blank (no ideas) on your issues, I've pretty much ignored graphics (nvidia) as I'm not very good in that area01:28
Brujahlso i understand that 5.3 kernel is bad for the toaster01:28
guiverc5.3 is unsupported by Ubuntu, it reached EOL when 19.10 did so no further security patches were made to it..  (18.04.4 which used 5.3 upgraded to 18.04.5 which uses 5.4 kernel for support)01:30
guiverc18.04.3 used the 5.0 kernel of 19.04, 18.04.2 used the 4.18 kernel of 18.10... none of which are supported as installed systems upgraded to next upgrade, ie. 4.18 went to 5.0, 5.0 to 5.3, 5.3 to 5.401:31
Brujahlso the best for the toaster is to go 18.04.1 to escape the update to 5.3 kernel?01:32
guivercthe different ISOs let you test & install those specific kernels though... if one works, an option is always to `apt-mark hold` so it won't upgrade; and use that..01:32
guiverca 18.04.1 install will use GA/4.15 kernel & won't use the HWE upgrade path..   sorry I've confused you01:33
BrujahlI am not clear also01:33
BrujahlI will try lubuntu 20.04 just to see what happen01:36
guiverc:)  Lubuntu 20.04 has a lot more supported life left, Lubuntu 18.04 reaches EOL 2021-April (3 years post-release) even if parts of 18.04 are supported for a further 2 years01:38
BrujahlI prepare this computer for a friend that is computer less from 2 month (very noob user) so i want to give him a computer with the longest os life possible01:39
Brujahlso i also want to let him upgrade with no peculiar trouble01:43
guivercyeah april-2021 isn't far into the future, and the upgrade path is a re-install as 18.04 was the last Lubuntu using LXDE; all modern/subsequent releases use LXQt; the change requires re-install01:44
Brujahl39 min left of download so i come back in 40 min01:45
Brujahldo you know how a link to stress test lubuntu to be sure that it is running well on the computer i prepare?01:56
BrujahlOMG it is not understandable01:57
BrujahlDo you have a link that explain how to stress test lubuntu to be sure the os is ok w the computer i prepare01:57
guivercno sorry. I usually test hardware by letting a memtest() run 24 hours (or at least 2-3 cycles through all ram), let box sit overnight (usually longer) idle, then just use it as I expect people to use it (i usually stream local news via youtube for example, access various sites, open a number of docs in libreoffice etc.. not all at once, box is left idle often & do it when I see/think of it..)02:01
guivercscreensaver can be a pretty good & easy test for graphic issues... but only some put strain on the graphics & I forget which those were02:02
guiverc(there are 1 or 2 that if left for 15 mins without issue is a pretty good test for heat etc.. very intensive & waste power terribly so not really good screensaver but a lazy gpu test anyway)02:03
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BrujahlI tried to boot on 20.04.1 and it freeze on the desk topand alt + impr + b don't reboot it and the fans are goin up crazilyas 18.04.402:35
BrujahlI try the "safe graphic" mode02:37
Brujahlsafe graphic mode works02:39
Brujahlwhat is the difference between the 2 modes?02:39
BrujahlCan i install lubuntu 20.04 in safe graphic mode?02:43
Brujahlwhat are the update i must dodge to avoid destroy my fresh install?02:55
guivercBrujahl, that pretty much points to your issue being over graphics (20.04); sorry I have no experience with a problematic (graphics) box so cannot help there.  the update issue could be different and I have no more sorry02:56
Brujahldo you know if there is a better hour to connect to have a user thet is susceptible to have more clues about graphic problem?02:58
guivercIf you're patient you may get help anytime.. It's hard to predict when people are busy in real life & thus can't watch here03:01
Brujahlso after reboot of the install, the system don't launch.03:03
guivercIf safe graphics works; it's likely (try this when you have a problem) you can get it working again adding a ' nomodeset ' parameter to the linux kernel line at boot time.. that's what the safe graphics does (restricts what graphics can do).. that change can be made permanent but it can be limiting as some graphic functions are reduced/disabled  (the fix maybe as simple as running `ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` post install but I've little03:07
guivercexperience with graphic problematic machines then boot & test without nomodeset03:07
Brujahlthe problem is more scary, it says that the HDD "is failed"03:10
BrujahlSo i cannot enter a grub03:10
BrujahlI go install 18.04.1 cause it works03:14
guivercSome machines BIOS/UEFI allow you to look at HDD health (majority are no help), so boot live media & look from there, `smartctl` is the command line tool, though GUI tools are usually easier (gparted for 18.04, KDE Partition Manager for 20.04) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools ; using live means hdd/ssd won't be in use allowing better view03:14
Brujahlthe HDD health was checked multiple time last 5 hours through different install (ubuntu 20.04 and lubuntu 20.04) so i will try it after the 18.04.1 install but i don't think it come from that03:20
Brujahlsmartctl ask me to do sudo apt install smartmontools so I have done it but the terminal turn blue talking about the package configuration tool and a ok on the bottom of the terminal is there after few lines talking about smtp protocol and "smarthost"03:32
Brujahlthe terminal doesn't allow anything even after a "enter" smash on the keyboard and I opened an other terminal that ask again sudo apt install smartmontools when i ask hime smartctl03:34
guivercyeah I've had smartmontool require postfix or other mail package(s) (so you can setup regular scans & have it mail you results), just accept as it's a *live* environment anyway I assume03:34
guivercit'll likely be a ncurses prompt you're responding to on terminal, use keyboard (tab & enter when at the right spot), not mouse03:34
Brujahli am not on live i am on the the HDD03:35
Brujahlk it work w tab and enter03:35
guivercSMART runs better when hdd is not in-use, thus best from live (you can still get details whilst in use, but not all functions are available)03:35
Brujahldo i reboot on live?03:36
guivercgiven you've already installed it... I'd look there first (get details of the drive health; it's obtained from drive electronics)03:36
Brujahli reboot on live w english as default language to be sure we talk about the same things03:38
Brujahlarf the keyboard is in english mode so some letters are in the wrong position on the keyboard03:42
Brujahlin live mode looks like i can't download any package03:48
guivercI'd expect you can download packages (I do it regularly), but gparted (18.04) or kde partition manager (20.04) should provide answer without any installation I'd hope03:49
BrujahlI will connect to the free node w the toaster as Brujahl 203:50
guivercnah the *live* media may require packages anyway... I just tested a groovy daily & SMART is disabled in menu, which maybe b/c package isn't installed03:54
Brujahlbislubuntu@lubuntu:~$ sudo apt install smartmontoolsReading package lists... DoneBuilding dependency tree       Reading state information... DoneThe following additional packages will be installed:  guile-2.0-libs libgc1c2 libgsasl7 libkyotocabinet16v5 libmailutils5  libmysqlclient20 libntlm0 mailutils mailutils-common mysql-common postfixSuggested03:54
Brujahlbispackages:  mailutils-mh mailutils-doc procmail postfix-mysql postfix-pgsql postfix-ldap  postfix-pcre postfix-lmdb postfix-sqlite sasl2-bin dovecot-common resolvconf  postfix-cdb postfix-doc gsmartcontrol smart-notifierThe following NEW packages will be installed:  guile-2.0-libs libgc1c2 libgsasl7 libkyotocabinet16v5 libmailutils503:54
Brujahlbislibmysqlclient20 libntlm0 mailutils mailutils-common mysql-common postfix  smartmontools0 upgraded, 12 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.Need to get 815 kB/6024 kB of archives.After this operation, 29.0 MB of additional disk space will be used.Do you want to continue? [Y/n] yIgn:1 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security/main03:54
Brujahlbisamd64 libmysqlclient20 amd64 5.7.22-0ubuntu18.04.1Err:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security/main amd64 libmysqlclient20 amd64 5.7.22-0ubuntu18.04.1  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:67c:1360:8001::24 80]E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.7/libmysqlclient20_5.7.22-0ubuntu18.04.1_amd64.deb  404  Not Found03:54
Brujahlbis[IP: 2001:67c:1360:8001::24 80]E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?03:54
Brujahlthis is the full answer to the sudo apt install smartmontools03:56
guiverc!pastebinit (use pastebins for output please on irc)03:57
ubottuguiverc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:57
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit03:57
Brujahlhow can i pastebinit if i can't install package?04:03
Brujahlsry i think i am to tired to absorb new content this night i will probably be unable to comeback before my friend comeback to his home so it will probably be in a very long time. ty for the answer and the help. Toaster will probably run without update for some month.04:18
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cjdorisHi, I've just installed Lubuntu inside VirtualBox, and I'm getting a load of "hash sum mismatch" errors when I do "sudo apt update". Is this a good place to figure out what's going on?09:31
thatcroatianhi guys, im using lubuntu (Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS), im in a cafe and it wont connect to the cafes open wifi, i tried doing it manually with iwconfig and then dhclient, but nope, my phone connects normally, any ideas why and how to resolve?09:41
guivercLubuntu 16.04 is EOL & unsupported09:54
guivercUbuntu 16.04 LTS with default (Unity 7) desktop, no desktop (ie. server) & Kylin are still supported; all other flavors of 16.04 are EOL09:55
guivercthatcroatian, ^09:55
guiverccjdoris, what release?09:55
cjdorisguiverc 20.04.109:58
cjdorisI've posted a detailed question over on launchpad: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+question/69286309:59
guivercthank cjdoris , looking10:00
brujahlhello, some of you helped me this night. I wanted to report the problem and the solution (sry if my words aren't accurate cause i am french). First I will describe the problem, secondly I will give you the solution (not really satisfying) thirdly I will explain what you can maybe do! The problem is simple. I can run on live and install lubuntu iso10:00
brujahl18. 04.0 18.04.01 and 18.04.02 (i didn't try an install for the later) but if I make all update recommanded by "update manager" ("gestionnaire de mise à jour" in french) the computer crash just after log in (mouse dead, alt+impr/syst+another key doesn't trigger anything). The only solution was to press the alim button until hard shutdown. With10:00
brujahllubuntu 18.04.03 the computer crash when i try to restart from the live usb. I tried the lubuntu 20.04.01 iso and it crashed on normal start and work on live with low graphic option but after install the system wasn't recognize and my computer was going back to the bdrive selection screen of the bios. So I installed 18.04.01 and i selected each10:00
brujahlupdate one by one and rebooted after each update. until i find the one that trigger the crash after log in. And it is all package described in synaptic as linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-24-generic and linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-117-generic.  So my question is what logs should i give and what can i do to compensate this loss (i understand it have10:00
brujahlsomething to do about encryption)? Sry for this monstruous post but i am on it for 4 days and sleepless night!10:00
cjdorisThanks guiverc10:01
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guivercbrujahl, the discourse site may have been better suited for that post than IRC10:02
brujahlI am sry but I clearly don't know where it is better. Can you give a link that give me guidelines to make it in the suitable place?10:03
guiverccjdoris, how much RAM have you allocated to the VM; vbox can misbehave if there is insufficient RAM allocated to a VM (oracle say it's a user error, not their code)10:04
guivercbrujahl, https://lubuntu.me/%20links/  & up the top hit FORUM10:05
* guiverc also thinks it sounds familiar? askubuntu maybe?10:06
brujahlty! I stop disturb you and hope it will help in the suitable place!10:09
cjdorisguiverc I gave it 2GB, of which the OS seems to use about 600MB10:09
guiverccjdoris, 2GB should be fine, I'd try again with 4gb as it's easy10:11
lubot<anonid> anyone knows how to live boot lubuntu. i tried but i got an error i think it was error code 11. i used two pendrives one with iso then tried installing it on the other. i didnt remove the hdd(i am not that technical)10:22
cjdorisguiverc I lost my connection, in case you posted anything recently10:23
guiverc2GB should be fine (I test on hardware with 2GB of ram), but I'd try again with 4GB allocated to the VM, if oracle vbox VMs have insufficient ram problems with crypto-type calcalations are were lack of ram in a VM shows; and that's easy10:26
cjdorisYeah I tried that, it made no difference10:28
guivercI've seen the issue before, but I can't recall what it was sorry10:28
cjdorisguiverc ok thanks anyway10:38
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lubot<Arya Bhardwaj> Need help Ctrl + alt + numpad shortcuts not working Lubuntu 20.0415:04
akemhpWhat is it supposed to do btw?15:13
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lubot<Arya Bhardwaj> Can I set shortcut for resizing window ??17:02
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akemhpI'm making a live USB of the last LTS, can i install stuff on it, and it will remains on the live USB?20:27
lubot<teward001> akemhp: you can only do that if you create the LiveUSB with persistence.20:31
lubot<teward001> otherwise once you shut down the system it'll remove any new files or items installed on the Live environment20:32
akemhpteward001 Got any link about how to create a persistence live USB?20:32
akemhpNevermind i found one.20:33
LueHi idont know if i am in the good place to ask this kind of question but i got a error everytime i try to install Lubuntu 20.04.1 on my HP notebook. He tel me he can not create partition. I run a diagnostique on my HD and all seem ok. i dont know what to do.22:07
tomreynLue: hi there. do you have a screenshot?22:13
tomreynalso, boot it from the live/installer system once more, start the live session (not the installer), bring it online and run this in a terminal to produce a log and upload it to termbin.com, producing a HTTP address you can share with us:   journalctl -k | nc termbin.com 999922:16
Luei dont think i can do screenshot. i just boot from the usb22:19
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @Lue [<Lue> i dont think i can do screenshot. i just boot from the usb], search for screengrab22:20
LueDo i just drag and drop in the chat bar the *.jpg ?22:23
Lue her22:24
LueI feel so ...22:25
Luea got the srceenshot but i dont find the way to send you22:26
tomreynLue: upload to imgur.com and share the url22:29
tomreynLue: okay, now for the logs22:30
tomreyn<tomreyn> also, boot it from the live/installer system once more, start the live session (not the installer), bring it online and run this in a terminal to produce a log and upload it to termbin.com, producing a HTTP address you can share with us:   journalctl -k | nc termbin.com 999922:30
tomreynsince it's already booted and online, you can skip those steps obviously22:31
tomreyngood chat!22:36
tomreynLue: did you give up?23:01
Luelol never23:02
tomreynLue: i was just wondering because you left23:04
Luei dont find the way to start live sesssion23:05
tomreynoh, maybe that's just me expressing things wrong because i don't know lubuntu well enough23:05
Lueyes i kind a lost my self a litle bit '=D23:05
tomreyni think you were running a live session when you took the screen shot23:05
Lueho '=D XD23:06
tomreynthis hard disk you have is pretty old. did it work recently? what was runnign on the computer before you tried installing lubuntu?23:06
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Luenow i assum you want me to take a action on the termbin.com ^23:07
tomreynmost of the time when people can't spend much money to buy recent computers, but can spend a little money, it's a good idea to replace old hard disk drives by an ssd. this can be as little as 50 usd. the other thing it to install more ram, which sometimes means replacing the existing ram modules by 'new' ones. roughly the same price.23:09
tomreynor sometimes free23:09
LueThe speed is good wen i boot on the usb whit lubuntu23:11
tomreynthe usb may be faster than your hdd.23:11
lubot<Jose from mexico> Hey any reason why uploading files to a browser from a live usb might break?23:11
Luewhat should i do on the termbin.com23:12
tomreynLue: nothing. you'd rather open a temrinal window and type or copy/paste this:   journalctl -k | nc termbin.com 999923:12
tomreynLue: if you're online, this would return a https address normally, and that you could then share here23:13
tomreynJose from mexico: you don't really "[upload] files to a [web] browser", but *using a web browser, to some server. this could fail if you are not online, or the network connection is shaky.23:14
lubot<Jose from mexico> No What is happening is23:15
lubot<Jose from mexico> I use brave browser or firefox23:15
lubot<Jose from mexico> Upload a file to either our development or to google drive23:15
lubot<Jose from mexico> and the browser breaks and exits23:15
lubot<Jose from mexico> after freezing for a while23:15
lubot<Jose from mexico> Sorry for not explaining the issue correctly23:16
Luei send you the link in prevat23:16
tomreynjose: no worries. hmm, this could be due to your (local computers') disk running full. or lack of memory. or some other software problem. you could have a look at or share your kernel log, like Lue is doing:  journalctl -k | nc termbin.com 999923:18
lubot<Jose from mexico> https://termbin.com/2t5i23:18
tomreynLue: private messenging me will likely not work because your nickname is not registered (also i discard messages from people i don't have on my friends list by default).23:19
lubot<Jose from mexico> 😨should i just do it here then?23:19
lubot<Jose from mexico> I am going to try reproducing the issue and then running that command again @tomreyn23:20
tomreynJose: Lue is not you, so you did fine. have a look at what you posted, the bottom of it, see this repeating error message there?23:20
tomreynLue: you also did fine, sorry for phrasing it like that ;)23:20
tomreynLue: can you tell me how this computer was used previously? i'm trying to understand whether the hard disk used to work fine before23:21
lubot<Jose from mexico> I ll fix that first23:22
lubot<Jose from mexico> https://termbin.com/ryxk23:23
lubot<Jose from mexico> The corrupt filesystem is due to me turning it off from one sec to another23:23
lubot<Jose from mexico> But that happened a while ago23:24
LueThe first time wen i try to install i deleted the partition to install Lubuntu 20.0423:24
lubot<Jose from mexico> the other issue has been bothering me for a while23:24
Lueit was on windos 1023:24
lubot<Jose from mexico> I guess its because of the ext3-fs error 14 callbacks suppressed thing23:24
lubot<Jose from mexico> ext4-fs23:24
LueBut i was realy to slow23:24
Luebut for a free computer you say thank you and you work we it23:26
LueThat wha i try to do '=D23:26
tomreynLue: oh you got it for free, nice! it's not that old really, just the cpu is somewhat limited. reviewing your logs i don't see any hardware problem (i had assumed your hard disk would be broken). so it's hard to tell what may cause the installation to fail. sometimes, "secure boot", a feature you can idisable on your bios, causes such problems. other times, "AHCI/SATA mode", and a feature you can set in your bios, is set to "RAID" rather than23:31
tomreyn"SATA/AHCI", causing installations to fail.23:31
tomreynJose: exactly, the file system errors is what i meant23:32
tomreynJose: you really should fix this first.23:32
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot23:32
lubot<Jose from mexico> I'll run fsck and then see if it fixes the other issue23:33
tomreynhmm, i'm not actuallly sure things still work this way23:33
LueBut to be in RAID we need 2 HD, no?23:33
lubot<Jose from mexico> If it does its going to be really useful if not, will figure it out23:33
tomreynLue: it's fake raid, so no, it is a default setting for many laptops meant to be used with windows.23:35
tomreynLue: but linux won't work with it, or not well.23:35
tomreynLue: what you mea need to do nowadays to force the file system check during boot is to pass (just one time) this kernel parameter: fsck.mode=force23:35
ubottuTo add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters23:36
Lueok i will go looking to change that and i com back23:36
lubot<Jose from mexico> thanks for your hep so far tomreyn23:36
tomreynLue: sorry the part about file system check was to Jose, but the RAID part was to you23:36
tomreynJose: you're welcome, see abovce what i just wrote to Lue about fsck23:37
lubot<Jose from mexico> yes I am looking at that and at the link ubottu sent23:38
tomreynJose: oh, those file system errors are about your sda, which is your SanDisk UltraFit (250 GB). Is this what you'Re trying to install lubuntu from?23:42
tomreynif so, this means the lubuntu installer was not properly written to this disk, and you need to write it again, properly.23:44
tomreynyour internal 'disk' would be nvme0n123:45
tomreynit's an NVME, an extra fast SSD.23:46
lubot<Jose from mexico> No actually i have a persistent live usb in the sandisk23:49
lubot<Jose from mexico> I am not trying to install them I am trying to fix that system :P Its my backup development system23:50
tomreynoh, you should really do a proper installation on it then23:51
tomreynit's effectively a read-only-system. sure, you have persistence, but anything that's broken underneath will never get really fixed, just overlayed.23:52
lubot<Jose from mexico> Proper installation? something is wrong with my sandisk installation?23:52
lubot<Jose from mexico> :O23:52
lubot<Jose from mexico> I really didn't knew that, how would I go about doing a proper installation on a sandisk?23:53
tomreynwell, you're booting froma casper overlay file system23:53
lubot<Jose from mexico> let me google that23:53
tomreynit's basically how you boot the installer that you haev written to a usb stick23:53
lubot<Jose from mexico> I used this  … mkusb/persistent23:54
lubot<Jose from mexico> To create it, but if there is a better way to install it I would be super interested!!23:54
tomreynyou can do that, but.. it's not a proper installation.23:54
lubot<Jose from mexico> Oh i was just telling you what I did, how do I do a proper installation to a sandisk?23:54
tomreynif you have another storage available which you can write an installer to, and boot from, then use the sandisk as the target for the installation23:55
tomreyn...as if it was your hard disk23:55
lubot<Jose from mexico> Can I write an installer to my nvme thing?23:55
lubot<Jose from mexico> Or should I get another usb?23:55
tomreyni suspect you have some other operating system installed on the nvme?23:56
tomreynwhich you dont want to replace?23:56
lubot<Jose from mexico> It dual boots with windows23:56
lubot<Jose from mexico> For games23:56
lubot<Jose from mexico> aoe2 particularly23:56
tomreynthen dont touch the nvme23:56
lubot<Jose from mexico> :P23:56
lubot<Jose from mexico> I'll use another usb23:56
lubot<Jose from mexico> What can I keep from the current sandisk? took me a while to make the setup of my dev tools last time : (23:57
tomreynyou have two options then: get another usb attachable storage (e.g. usb key/stick), or use virtualization to boot the installer .iso, and attach the sandisk to this VM, so it can install to it23:57
lubot<Jose from mexico> The virtualization option sounds really interesting23:58
tomreyni think you will have one partition on the sandisk now with a file system which is called 'persistent' or 'persistence' or something, should be a writable ext3 or ext4 file system i assume.23:59
tomreynyou could just backup what you have there23:59
lubot<Jose from mexico> Yes!23:59
lubot<Jose from mexico> How do you usually backup things?23:59

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