mupIssue operator#402 opened: Allow way for harness to trigger upgrade-charm event <Created by hloeung> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/402>08:55
Chipacabelated good morning, all09:17
* Chipaca ← toothache :-(09:17
bthomasMorning Chipaca09:18
bthomasClove oil applied topically can give temporary relief from the pain if brufen does not work.09:19
Chipacaibuprofen seems to be helping09:24
bthomasIs the "start" Charm hook only run after the *first* config-changed hook ? In other works the is the start hook, like the install hook run only once in the charm's lifecycle ?09:48
axinofacubatista: updated my MP with fixes as per your review09:54
axinothanks !09:54
mthaddonbthomas: https://discourse.juju.is/t/charm-hooks/1040 might be useful10:13
mthaddonI read that as saying yes, it's only run once in a unit's lifecycle10:14
bthomasmthaddon: I am adpating that document for the purposes of creating documentation for the Operator Framework.10:14
bthomasmathaddon : thanks10:14
Chipacaoff to the friday school run. wish me luck...14:13
Chipaca(first full week of 'normal' school! teachers are going to want to have a word)14:14
* bthomas wishes Chipaca all the luck14:17
justinclarkbthomas the configmap problem you mentioned yesterday is the issue. Now everything works as expected. I'm not sure if I like my solution. Thoughts? <Chipaca> off to the friday school run. wish me luck...14:35
justinclark<Chipaca> (first full week of 'normal' school! teachers are going to want to have a word)14:35
justinclark* bthomas wishes Chipaca all the luck14:35
justinclarkOops - I must have inadvertently copied the previous text.. Good luck Chipaca! haha14:35
justinclarkHere's the link: https://github.com/justinmclark/grafana-charm-base/blob/296d94229e9f209390eb6aba355824bd3349cb89/src/charm.py#L52414:35
bthomasjustinclark: working is good. The rest we can talk to Chipaca, facundo and jam14:36
bthomasjustinclark: I had a quick look and can see you are using "pod_change_var". This is fine. But if you are unhappy with it you can always try adding a k8s label . For example a label such as "prometheus" with a value "associated" or "un-associated" or anything like that you find reasonable. What I am not sure is how k8s labels are set in Juju Pod spec.14:40
* bthomas notes another thing (juju to k8s pod spec) to document or link into charmhub docs14:41
justinclarkI thought of using labels or annotations also but I didn't see clear documentation on whether that's something we can add in the Juju pod spec. I'll bring this up in standup and see if there are other ideas.14:41
bthomassounds like a plan14:42

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