lotuspsychjegood morning01:52
yawahi lotuspsychje02:11
lotuspsychjehey there yawa02:11
Maikgood morning all04:17
guiverclotuspsychje, btw i have no issues with firefox 80, on groovy (lxqt), 20.04.1 (kde); 20.04.1 using same kernel & package you mentioned in bug report 189512905:32
lotuspsychjeguiverc: did you try reboot and see if that addon dissapears from the bar?05:33
guivercrebooting the 20.04.1 box now05:34
lotuspsychjeguiverc: in settings/addons they keep both enabled, but reboot makes them vanish off the bar for me05:34
guivercboth still there & look like working correctly on 20.04.1 for me..   ; I've not rebooted this groovy box since before the latest firefox package was installed though05:40
* guiverc both meaning ublock & privacy.badger05:40
lotuspsychjehmm weird05:41
lotuspsychjetrying to think how this could be gnome related?05:42
* guiverc is exploring to see how easy it is to reboot this box.. (groovy, but it has gnome installed)05:45
ducassegood morning06:09
guiverclotuspsychje, no issues when using firefox/gnome on this groovy box after reboot; but this box is heavily bloated/modified (has other extensions too)06:24
lotuspsychjeguiverc: so these 2 never vanish for you? https://imgur.com/a/OtLdidh07:24
lotuspsychje  Ge├»nstalleerd: 1.22.2+dfsg-107:27
lotuspsychje  Ge├»nstalleerd: 2020.2.19-107:27
guivercnope .. HOWEVER I wondered why bug mentioned webext... I'm not using deb packaged versions which is why I get different results!  Sorry lotuspsychje I went down wrong road..07:47
lotuspsychjeguiverc: ah, you are using the higher version addons from external?07:47
guivercsomewhere on the web... I'll re-test on a cleaner QA-test installed groovy07:49
lotuspsychjeguiverc: its also a nice test, so this could prove the versions from the repos 'could' be faulty07:50
guivercthanks for teaching me those extensions were available via packages!!!   I nearly always use them & never knew I could apt install em!07:52
lotuspsychjeguiverc: i wasnt aware of them myself till yesterday, was helping the bug filer testing things, also tnx for testing07:53
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guivercyep lotuspsychje, lubuntu groovy has identical results to what you experienced... updated bug report 189512908:35
lotuspsychjethank you for the update guiverc08:58
lotuspsychjeguiverc: is it worth mentioning the external addons (versions) do work?09:02
guivercsure is, I think I intended to... but busy with numerous things & forgetting about half of everything..09:03
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