AsciiWolfhello! is there someone who could update torbrowser-launcher in Ubuntu Focal? It is currently broken on new installs because the old tor browser dev public key is not used anymore, needs simple patch from Debian13:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1856895 in torbrowser-launcher (Ubuntu) "Tor does not download and install; repeated signature verification failed" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:06
AsciiWolfhere is the patch from Debian: https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/72b87f502af0666954d9ae9f51b794d546e1ab6c13:06
rbasakAsciiWolf: that will need to follow the SRU process please, if you're volunteering?13:11
rbasakAsciiWolf: preferably a straightforward cherry-pick of the signature change only - that'll require the least effort from everyone and will presumably fix the problem?13:12
AsciiWolfrbasak, I am unfortunately too busy with other work stuff at the moment :/ but hopefully I will have some free time at the weekend...13:17
AsciiWolfwhat exactly is needed to prepare the SRU? the last SRU I did was years ago so I don't remember13:18
rbasakAsciiWolf: process documented here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure13:20
rbasakAsciiWolf: in summary: preparing the package update, some thinking and explaining in the bug, and testing the SRU after it's accepted into the proposed pocket13:21
AsciiWolfok, thanks!13:22
AsciiWolfrbasak, hi, one more question: is it possible to easily make a diff from the new package version in Debian (or Ubuntu Groovy after the package is updated there) when compared to the old one in Ubuntu Focal? :)15:56
AsciiWolfso I don't have to do all the changes manually15:57
rbasakAsciiWolf: do you know about the "debdiff" tool? Give it two dsc files and it'll give you a diff.16:07
rbasakMaybe I don't understand your question?16:07
AsciiWolfrbasak, I knew about debdiff tool, I just didn't remember its syntax and whether I could use it on dsc files from another distro (Debian)16:10
AsciiWolfthanks :)16:10
AsciiWolfI will look at it tomorrow16:10
rbasakAh, no problem. Yes, it can do that :)16:15
rbasakThank you for looking after this bug!16:15

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