sarnoldsorry bobdobbs :( I'm pretty sure that was the name of the thing I used to use for levels and such back when I ran kde, but that was *ages* ago00:00
bobdobbssarnold: yeah, google tells me that kmix is a gui. For some reason it'll install, but just not run on my system. odd.00:00
bobdobbsPavucontrol runs. But it doesn't give me a way to test or switch audio inputs.00:01
bobdobbsI mean, it shows the inputs, but doesn't give me a way to set which input to use.00:01
bobdobbshuh. I found kmix in the kde menus. So I ran it. And the kde toolbar dissapeared00:02
bobdobbsand ps tells me that kmix isn't running00:02
bobdobbsthat's just wieeeeeeeeeerd00:02
sarnoldprobably best to plan on a reboot in the very near future.00:02
bobdobbsyeah. might do that now00:03
Luke2020ive installed ubuntu using WSL for windows. is there away to turn off the annoying beep when you hold backspace on the terminal and all the text has already gone?00:34
rjwiiiLuke2020: Try this: https://www.reddit.com/r/bashonubuntuonwindows/comments/4vuj41/disabling_beep_on_terminal/00:40
Luke2020Yeah that worked thanks :p00:44
Luke2020so annoying :p00:44
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jescisI'm going to try archlinux, thank you all! :-)01:19
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harryguerrilla[mbobdobbs: Audacity has its own audio input selection.  It may not be picking up the same default input as pavucontrol.  You should, however see the mic when you click the dropdown menu to the right of the microphone icon just above the waveform display.01:25
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independentCan anyone point me to a proot version used by termux with the --link2symlink parameter working on any architecture03:21
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flingHow to figure out which commits are for shiftfs?04:48
flingExporting patches from focal works.04:49
flingI'm able to apply patches touching shiftfs.c to sources up to
flingBut applying them to 49 results in a warning.04:49
flingLooks like there should be some 5.4.49 compat patch?04:49
lotuspsychjefling: to know more about kernel commits you might wanna talk to the #ubuntu-kernel crew05:05
billybigriggerhow do i properly set my dns settings in 20.04, network manager shows which is my pfsense box, but resolv.conf and resolvctl show differently05:14
billybigriggeri havent used ubuntu in 6 or so years so im out of touch with all the changes....10 years ago i would have set my resolv.conf and been done with it05:15
billybigriggerbasically every other host on my network is reporting a local domain of lan, ie when i ping my chromecast it comes back with chromecast.lan, my ubuntu machine is the only one reporting .local now, even though i could access services via knox.lan a few days ago05:17
chx777i use ubuntu and i want to open a video file with other application than the default application but this application is not in the application list...why is that?05:26
chx777can i add it manually?05:27
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Maikchx777: what is 'this application'?05:40
Maikchx777: ubuntu 20.04?05:43
Maikhmmm... couldn't find anything on the web yet about kodi not showing in the menu.05:45
MaikNever used it myself by the way.05:45
ktosiekbillybigrigger: DNS is normally handled by systemd-resolved, not resolveconf - so if you don't have a good reason to use resolveconf it's safer to remove it.05:45
chx777never used kodi?05:45
ktosiekbillybigrigger: your /etc/resolv.conf should be a link to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf, and it should show a local address as the nameserver (something like
Maikchx777: nope, never used it. Try starting it from the terminal.05:47
ktosiekyou can get the actual current settings from systemd-resolve --status05:47
akemhpMaybe Kodi can be opened with a video file parameter? I know it's supposed to put all your files in a database.05:47
billybigriggerktosiek ya heres that output05:47
billybigriggerbut pinging the machine still returns knox.local05:48
akemhpYou have to set some directories inside kodi so it scans the dirs and add the files to its database.05:48
billybigriggeri fixed it at the router level, i've wasted enough time doing a simple task :P05:48
chx777is there a way to add an application in the application list manually?05:48
chx777to the play with other application list05:49
ktosiekyeah, I was just going to suggest it might be a problem with your router :-) That output is a bit strange, as there's no Link-specific entry, only the Global one05:49
chx777the reason i want to use kodi is that it supports upnp to stream directly to tv05:51
chx777i want to find an application with option like " cast to device" in windows media player05:52
billybigriggerktosiek oh no, its not a router problem05:53
billybigriggeronly machine on the network that is buggered is this 20.04 install05:53
dpreacheris there any way i can get an internet restricted ubuntu machine to install some packages from a ppa? my only option is that i can send files to it from another machine that has internet access but no ubuntu05:53
guivercdpreacher, you can always (`wget`) download them on web connected box, save to media, walk to box then (`dpkg`) install then manually... you'll need to download all *depends* requirements though05:55
guivercthe walk (sneaker-net) could be replaced by `scp` if local traffic is allowed05:56
dpreacherguiverc: well since i don't have ubuntu..how would i get the urls for the package and dependencies?05:57
dpreacherthe tranfer part is sorted...only getting the packages05:57
guivercif you know the release, you can find out package versions you'll download from packages.ubuntu.com for any supported release05:58
dpreacher16.04 LTS and i need packages from ppa...i dunno what the full url to the ppa is. usually articles only mention ppa name for apt add repository05:59
guivercthat detail allows you to view packages too; normal checks you perform to ensure 3rd party suorce is properly maintained, supports my release etc.. checks you do before adding any 3rd party source & risk pollution to your system06:01
guivercdpreacher, adding what detail you have into a search engine usually goes to launchpad site anyway06:02
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Maikchx777: do you actually have kodi installed?06:09
TaggnostrI'm on 19.04 and wanted to upgrade to 20.04, but when I tried do-release-upgrade I got "an upgrade from disco to focal is not supported".  I understand that I can't skip over 19.10, but is there a way to tell do-release-upgrade to install 19.10 first, and then do it again for 20.04?06:36
Taggnostror is there a better method to upgrade (I always used do-release-upgrade)?06:37
guivercTaggnostr, the upgrade utilities won't upgrade to EOL releases.. You haven't said if desktop or server, but esp. if desktop I'd upgrade via re-install; select existing partitions ensuring you don't format, it'll note your packages, wipe system direcotires, install, then add back your additional packages without touching user files (unless you format).. backup anyway06:41
Taggnostrguiverc, thanks for the reply, it's on a desktop machine06:42
guivercthat method is also FAR FAR faster....06:42
guivercthe install I mentioned is via "Something else"06:42
Taggnostrso I just create a live usb and use that to reinstall from scratch?06:43
guiverc(Manual Partitioning if Lubuntu, Manual. etc)06:43
guivercit's not from scratch (that would be erasing what's there), using something else, selecting existing partition(s) and ensuring you don't have format checked, it'll upgrade existing install as I said06:43
Taggnostrbut I would do it from the live usb, right?06:44
guivercyep, download ISO, validate ISO & write to install your install media (20.04 will auto-validate the media on boot)06:45
TaggnostrI guess I'll give that a try then, I hoped there was a simple command that I could run06:46
guiverccommands only upgrade as intended, ie. 19.04 to 19.10 .. you've missed the intended path06:47
guiverc(there are hacks where you treat it as if debian, but that can result in a broken system and is not recommended; upgrade tools do more than the debian method to ensure a stable system)06:48
Taggnostryeah, I thought I could still do 19.04 -> 19.10 -> 20.04 using do-release-upgrade, but I guess I'm too late06:49
soreauI need the first package here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+missingpackages why is it missing?07:10
soreauI tried to do-release-upgrade on my bananapi and flash-kernel failed with 'Unsupported platform.'07:11
soreau18.04 has this package, 20.04 apparently does not07:12
Taggnostrguiverc, so I boot from the live USB, start the installation, then instead of selecting "use all disk" I do manual partitioning, I select / with ext4 fs as the location, add a swap partition, and then install?07:16
zmagiiSup all.07:19
zmagiiI have a somewhat funny request / question.07:19
guivercTaggnostr, yes it's the "Something else" option in `ubiquity` (used by standard Ubuntu)   key is to select existing partitions & ENSURE FORMAT is not ticked/checked.. if ticked it'll erase your data07:19
guivercmaybe I should have capilized NOT as well07:19
albechAnyone here who is a champ in mail headers and SPF that will have a look at mail to see why the SPF is not being validated?07:19
zmagiiIf I create a partition formatted to exFat, but protect it with LUKS, would other partitions / OSs like Windows or macOS be able to see or use / decript it?07:19
zmagiignome-disk-util gives the option to use LUKS on exFat07:20
Taggnostrguiverc, ok, I'm actually using kubuntu so the installer might be a bit different (I came here because my initial question applied to any *ubuntu)07:20
zmagiiI guess formatting to exFat and encrypting with veracrypt would make more sense, since veracrypt is cross platform.07:21
guivercit's Manual Partitioning or someting like that in Kubuntu (a skin over `ubiquity`)07:21
guivercyou'll recognize it..07:22
Taggnostrguiverc, yes ( https://youtu.be/b46RC0tE1qw?t=40 shows the manual partitioning :)07:22
TaggnostrI'm trying to figure out if I currently only have / and swap and what are the sizes, but I don't see the swap in df -h07:23
TaggnostrI think the swap was supposed to match the amount of RAM?07:24
guivercTaggnostr, `grep swap /etc/fstab` may show you're using swap file; but should also show any partition used as well07:24
guivercTaggnostr, no swap can vary on your system & how used.. swap > RAM if you hibernate, but few of us do that today; most today have loads of ram & smaller swap space07:25
Taggnostrit shows /dev/mapper/data-swap none            swap    sw              0       007:25
TaggnostrI never hibernate and I have 16GB of RAM07:25
Taggnostrhtop says Swp 5MB/10GB07:26
guivercyou're using LVM which may complicat things..07:26
geirhaswapon -s  and  free -h   can tell you about your swap07:26
Taggnostrguiverc, / and the /home are not under lvm07:27
guivercI can't recall when I last used the re-install to upgrade with LVM sorry & if I did anything different Taggnostr07:27
Taggnostrthose two commands seem to confirm that I have 10GB of swap07:28
lotuspsychjeTaggnostr: you can also tweak your system more after installation07:29
Taggnostrso I think I should set / as ext4 and use all the space for /, and add 10G of swap, and figure out how to tell it not to touch the other partitions07:29
lotuspsychjei always go for the partitioning ubuntu suggests by default, as guiverc says07:29
mortWhere do I report ubuntu 20.10 beta bugs? Just as normal bugs in launchpad or?07:38
lotuspsychjemort: there is #ubuntu+1 to ask about existing bugs07:39
mortah, thanks07:39
Taggnostrguiverc, I give it a try to check, and when I do "manual partitioning" it shows me the current partition table, with all the partitions I currently have.  As far as I understand I have to select the one where I have the os currently installed, select / as mount point and check "format", then select the one where my home is, select /home but leave "format" unchecked, and I'm not sure if I have to specify the mount point for all the08:01
Taggnostrothers (lvm) partitions too08:01
Taggnostrthe swap is also already there, so I probably need to select and specify "swap", and I don't need to create a new one08:02
guivercI always select ALL partitions & have them mount where you want them, otherwise with a desktop install, and with a seperate /home, it'll be creating a /home on your / partition... select all as you had them (ie. same mount points)  Boot your existing & write them down on scrap paper, mount points & sizes (for verification)08:03
TaggnostrI just took a photo of df -h :)08:04
Taggnostrthe lvm partitions are specified in fstab, and I created a backup of that in my home, so in case I miss something I should be able to restore them from there08:04
Taggnostrso you suggest to specify the mount point for all the existing partitions directly from the "manual partitioning" window, checking "format" only for /, right?08:06
lotuspsychje!partitioning | Taggnostr see also08:08
ubottuTaggnostr see also: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap08:08
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:08
danderssonI have a bug report at Launchpad <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-pip/+bug/1833229> that has been marked as "Fix released", though that only applies for 20.04 and later -- my main problem concerns 18.04.08:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1833229 in python-pip (Ubuntu) "`--extra-index-url` not working for PIP" [High,Fix released]08:11
danderssonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Bug%20statuses says on the "Fix released" status: "If the bug stills affects an older Ubuntu release, please nominate it for that series. Otherwise people won't know it isn't fixed there!". How can I do that? I don't see an option at Launchpad to denote a specific version.08:11
lesshastehow can I type ë in ubuntu?08:21
Taggnostrguiverc2, I'm going to try to specify the mount point for all the existing partitions directly from the "manual partitioning" window, checking "format" only for /08:21
Taggnostrlesshaste, I guess it depends on the keyboard layout and/or compose system you use, here I do altgr+: followed by e08:22
guiverc2you don't need to even format / ; system directories get erased on / if not foramtted.  if you format it won't restore your additional apps/packages08:22
lesshasteTaggnostr, altgr+e just gives me e08:22
Taggnostraltrgr+: and then just e, altrgr+' and then e gives me é08:23
Taggnostrguiverc2, what do you mean?08:23
guiverc2just select the partition, and don't format it.  It'll cause the installer to note your added packages (those added post-install), then erase system directories, install, then add back your additional packages (if available on new release; Qt4 is now EOL so packages that used it won't be there, likewise python2 is now EOL thus ...).  If you format / it'll skip noting your additional packages08:24
Taggnostrguiverc2, cool, I didn't expect it to be able to do that, so it means I just specificy all the mount points, and leave everything unchecked on the "format" column, right?08:26
guiverc2yep.. I suggested NO-format for all partitions  (though my word choice can hide my intention on occasion)08:26
Taggnostrlesshaste, when you do altgr+: (or altgr+' or altgr+`), nothing appears, until you type another character (like e).  You have to release altgr+: before typing the e.  When you type the e it will combine the diacritic you selected with altgr with the character you typed after that08:28
Taggnostrguiverc2, ok, I'm going to try08:28
Taggnostrin the meanwhile thanks for the help! :)08:28
guiverc2you're most welcome08:29
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Taggnostrhello again08:43
Taggnostrguiverc, I selected all the mount points and left the format column unchecked, but when I do "install now" it says "No EFI System Partition was found.  This system will llikely not be able to boot successfully, and the installation process may fail. Please go back and add an EFI System Partition,  or continue  at your own risk"08:45
Taggnostrhow/where should I add it? and shouldn't it be there already?08:46
tuxakadjsebAn EFI partition is necessary with a 'UEFI BIOS'.08:47
guivercyou'll need to specify the EFI partition, ie. /boot/efi to whatever you had that (usually small 256-512mb maybe)08:47
TaggnostrI don't have any /boot in the old partition table08:48
guivercefi is mounted as /boot/efi  (even if you don't have a unique /boot partition)08:49
guivercif unsure, boot your old system & look, or look at your photo08:49
TaggnostrI have a 120G SSD divided in 20G for / and 100G for /home, then two HD under lvm, and in the table they are sda1 and sdb1, sda is all used, but sdb has 2 chunks of free space (1MB and 2MB)08:52
Taggnostrguiverc, I checked the photo and there is no /boot anywhere, so I guess I don't have any partition for that08:52
guivercnot /boot, /boot/efi which is different08:53
Taggnostrno /boot/efi either08:53
Taggnostrat least not in fstab/df or the partition table that I see from the installer08:54
TaggnostrI also tried all the options for "device for boot loader installation", and got the same error message for all of them08:54
Taggnostrguiverc, should I boot back into my old system and look for /boot/efi?08:56
guivercI would.. the system will require EFI to be used if in UEFI mode (not legacy/mbr).. if your system is in legacy/mbr it won't matter (ie. mode set in bios/uefi settings)08:57
TaggnostrI could check that too08:58
Taggnostrfwiw I don' have any other OS on this machine, so no dual boot08:58
dpreacherguiverc: thanks08:59
Taggnostrthe "secure boot" option in the bios is set to "other os", which apparently means "get the optimized function when booting on Windows non-UEFI mode, Win visa/xp, or other ms secure boot non-compliant OS.  Only on Windows UEFI  mode that MS secure boot  can function properly", and the only other option is windows UEFI mode09:03
Taggnostrguiverc, it also has the "auto compatibility support module" enabled, that "automatically detects the bootable devices and the add-on devices"09:05
guivercsorry Taggnostr I'm too busy currently09:06
Taggnostrguiverc, ok, I'll try to figure it out :)09:07
guivercask generally and others here maybe able to help09:07
lotuspsychjeTaggnostr: talk to Eric when he joins, he's our uefi wizard09:08
Taggnostrlotuspsychje, what time is he usually online?09:09
lotuspsychjeTaggnostr: europe timezone, he will appear soon09:10
Taggnostrok, I just checked and I don't seem to have any /boot/efi09:10
TaggnostrI'll give it another try later today09:20
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thatcroatianhi guys, im using (Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS), im in a cafe and it wont connect to the cafes open wifi, i tried doing it manually with iwconfig and then dhclient, but nope, my phone connects normally, any ideas why and who to resolve?09:39
sub526Hi all, I'm having ubuntu 18.04 LTS machine, suddenly its not booting into GUI mode, only terminal is available.  As per /var/log/apt/history.log the last command executed is "apt upgrade".. Is there a way to recover it to boot to GUI mode?09:49
thatcroatiansub526: im a complete noob, but what happens if you type startx?09:51
sub526thatcroatian: Running 'startx' shows the GUI09:52
thatcroatiansub526: then i think you could just add a script to /etc/init.d/ for starting x on startup09:54
thatcroatiani found this after a quick google, but you should wait for someone more experienced to confirm or answer09:54
sub526thatcroatian: Sure, thanks for your help09:56
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alichtmanHey, so I've got an issue with libffi.so.7 after updating my system. I can't launch Terminal or Software Updates, but some apps work fine (Spotify, Discord, urxvt, etc). The relevant traceback is here: https://ibb.co/thV52ps10:49
alichtmanI tried reinstalling python3 and python3.8 with apt, and that didn't fix the issue10:50
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the-noobubuntu 18, WSL, trying to reinstall python 311:08
the-noob`apt --fix-broken install` complains about `Could not read response to hello message from hook [ ! -f /usr/bin/snap ]` too...11:09
summonnerthe-noob, did you do as it suggested?  Try 'apt --fix-broken install'11:09
felixiHi. I installed node from nodesource repository. How do I make user-local installation of angular or whatever with npm? I want everything to install in my home directory. Does that make sense? :)11:10
k_szeDoes anybody know what edition of Wubi input method is provided by the ibus-table-wubi package? There are 3 official editions: 86, 98, and New Century.11:11
summonnerthe-noob,   https://askubuntu.com/questions/1123159/broken-apt-on-wsl-18-04  looks like it's your problem11:12
summonnerthe-noob, so make a backup of the file instead of rm-rf11:13
the-noobfelixi: everything you install with npm is local11:13
felixithe-noob: thanks :) I just found out i just have to not use -g flag :D11:13
the-noobunless you are refering to 'global' vs per project installs11:13
the-noobI would advise against global installs11:13
the-noobyou'll end up with a 'but it works on my computer' because a dependency is globally installed but when you ship it will be missing11:14
felixiok. Thanks for the advice :)11:15
BluesKajHi all, Happy Friday!11:17
the-noobsummonner: thanks, got a bit further but now --fix-install ` /var/lib/dpkg/info/python3-minimal.postinst: 5: /var/lib/dpkg/info/python3-minimal.postinst: py3compile: not found`11:17
wyoungBluesKaj: Happy Friday!  is it beer o'clock yet?11:17
BluesKajwyoung, not yet, it's coffee o'clock tho :-)11:18
wyoungBluesKaj: ah, you must be in the past :)  It's past 9PM here.11:19
BluesKajwyoung, 7:20AM here11:20
the-noobI found the SO post about fixing py3compile but `sudo dpkg --configure -a` => Processing was halted because there were too many errors.11:20
wyoungah yes, too early for beer :)  How's the Ubuntuing coming along?11:21
independentvncviewer PASSWORD:qweqweqw <= Free DEMO https://git.io/JUWOC11:22
realies    amazon-ebs: E: The repository 'http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates InRelease' provides only weak security information.11:23
realiesis apt broken?11:23
funnybunny2What is the proper package to get glx.h?11:23
funnybunny2So many: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=glx11:24
funnybunny2If I install a graphics driver, should I already have glx.h?11:32
funnybunny2Looks like it's mesa-common-dev11:34
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funnybunny2What is the difference between libgl1-mesa-glx and libglvnd-dev?11:39
justabeginnerI couldn't get able to record audio from microphone.11:45
justabeginnermicrophone is enabled but no audio being recorded with app11:46
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=== mateen1 is now known as mateen
Lutinis there a network issue with the latest docker and 20.04 ? Some containers are rebooting all the time and i think it's a network issue13:42
jpdsLutin: Do you have a log file that supports that theory?13:43
Lutinjpds journal... even the working ones are rebooting all the time now13:43
Lutinjpds https://defuse.ca/b/ILQi4EDJ13:46
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zyerihey is there an entry I can add to the installer boot params to mount a second drive? (cdrom for an iso, or floppy) to get preseed/cloud-init/whatever files to the installer without modifying the installation image itself14:05
zyeritried grabbing cloud-init files from over the network, but the static ip config I gave it in the boot params didn't take and dhcp isn't an option on the vlan I'm having to use14:06
TomyWorkcan anyone without HWE installed (usually that means people with a non-LTS version) tell me if they can install the "xpra" package without APT suggesting to remove half the system?14:37
MrokiiHi. Not sure if this is quite the correct room, but is Linux/Ubuntu capable of displaying HDR? And if so, I'd need recommendation for a (not too expensive) graphics-card (nvidia preferred), that is capable of delivering HDR.14:42
MrokiiI'm not familiar with HDR and such.14:42
TomyWorkMrokii, google "nvidia linus torvalds"14:43
TomyWorki mean it's from 2012, but the situation is, afaik, unchanged, in that there is still only a binary driver from nvidia14:45
Mrokiitonsofpcs: I don't really care what he has to say. Their graphics-cards have always worked fine for me, and I have no problem using their closed-source drivers.14:45
TomyWorkwell at the very least make sure you get a discrete GPU, not one of those mobile nvidia optimus solutions with the chip switch14:47
TomyWorkcause i had that on my last work laptop and it only ever barely worked if i disabled the nvidia chip completely14:48
TomyWorkfortunately, my current work laptop has no nvidia chip14:49
TomyWorkbut seeing as you are talking about a graphics card, you probably mean a discrete gpu14:50
MrokiiTomyWork: I'm not really familiar with graphics-cards, so I don't know anything about that chip switch. I'm looking for one for my tower.14:50
MrokiiCurrently I have a "GeForce GTX 750 Ti".14:51
TomyWorkas in the graphics chip from 2014?14:52
MrokiiI guess so.14:53
olabazHi, I'm on 20.04 and I just installed i3 and I'm trying to switch to it by logging out but there is no button to press. I have checked /usr/share/xsessions/i3.desktop exists. Any ideas?14:54
TomyWorkMrokii, how old is your mainboard and cpu and all? there could be compatibility problems if you get a recent graphics card. there have been 3-4 PCI express standards since14:55
TomyWorki'm not even sure your mainboard's PCIe slots could handle the power draw14:55
masonMrokii: FWIW, GTX 750 Ti is still going to be pretty reputable.14:56
TomyWorkMrokii, and your power supply might not have the required connectors for a recent graphics card. all things you should consider before upgrading14:56
TomyWorkyour power supply is probably also too weak14:57
masonMrokii: Can you restate your goal? Your GTX 750 Ti should be overkill for just about any video-playing application.14:57
masonMrokii: It's many times faster than a lot of VEGA graphics people use today for that stuff, as an example.14:58
TomyWorkmason, there are HDR games14:58
masonTomyWork: Right. That's why we need to know what he wants to do.14:58
TomyWorkprobably games :)14:58
MrokiiTomyWork: I upgraded the motherboard, CPU and power supply not too long ago. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3, the CPU is a Ryzen 5. The power supply is "be quite straight power 11", so fairly new.14:58
TomyWorkgood :)14:59
masonMrokii: What do you want to do with your graphics card? I was using a GTX 660, almost identical to yours, until a few months ago, playing AAA games from Steam unproblematically.14:59
ioria olabaz reboot15:00
olabazioria: ok i'll give that a shot. There's no way to just reset cache?15:00
Mrokiimason: My original question was, basically, if I should get a new graphics card that is HDR-capable (since I just got a new, bigger monitor which, as it happens, also supports HDR10). AS I have no clue about HDR I don't know if that is even relevant on Linux at the moment.15:01
ioria olabaz don't remember atm15:01
olabazok brb15:01
masonMrokii: Keep your current card. It's just fine. Don't switch until you encounter something you want to do that you can't.15:01
TomyWorkwell he wants hdr :)15:02
Mrokiimason: That's the thing, how would I know if I'd be missing out on something if my card isn't capable?15:02
TomyWorkhttps://developer.nvidia.com/high-dynamic-range-display-development according to this, HDR is only supported starting with the 900 series15:02
MrokiiTomyWork: Indeed.15:02
TomyWorkhttps://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/hdr-video-playback/79355 this is from a month ago15:04
olabazioria: ok that worked thanks15:04
MrokiiTomyWork: Thanks for the info. :)15:06
masonMrokii: You'll know if you're missing out because something won't actually work. If you just want to buy a new card, go for it. I did recently, for kicks. I got a 1660 Super and love it.15:07
Mrokiimason: Maybe I'll do just that, for the kicks. :-D I just had a look at the 1660 Super and it looks nice, also in the "right" price range for me. I'll see.15:13
ioriaolabaz, you're welcome15:22
dustdevice-mapper: reload ioctl on osprober-linux-sdb7  failed: Device or resource busy15:34
dust /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: unknown filesystem.15:35
dustSourcing file `/etc/default/grub'15:35
dustSourcing file `/etc/default/grub.d/init-select.cfg'15:35
dustGenerating grub configuration file ...15:35
dustgrub-probe: error: unknown filesystem.15:35
dustzfs is the fs15:35
zen_coderhow can I install clang-format in version 10.0 for ubuntu 18.04?15:36
ioria!info clang-format-10 bionic15:40
ubottuclang-format-10 (source: llvm-toolchain-10): Tool to format C/C++/Obj-C code. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:10.0.0-4ubuntu1~18.04.2 (bionic), package size 40 kB, installed size 193 kB15:40
RonWhoCaresIs someone able to provide the Ubuntu 20.04 steps for this?   https://askubuntu.com/a/797456/45333615:41
roue_I have a friend with a weird dpkg --configure error. For several packages it reports "subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 10". this is happening for sysstat, grub-pc, samba-common, rsyslog and unattended-upgrades.15:46
roue_I don't know what happened to this system before he pulled me in to look.15:47
roue_also, the apt sources list seems to think it's trusty, but /etc/os-release reports xenial, so maybe he broke a dist-upgrade somehow?15:47
roue_I've tried dpkg --configure -D200 sysstat as well at apt-get remove sysstate and apt-get install sysstat .15:48
roue_this root shell history doesn't show a dist-upgrade attempt as far as I see.15:48
roue_any suggestions would be appreciated.15:48
dustany answeres for this for existing installations?15:53
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SleePySo I was upgrading my ubuntu install and the screen session crashed..  I can't reconnect to the screen session as its lost, but the dpkg process still exists.  Any way to reattach to that?16:26
SleePyI was in the middle of a shell session fixing a config file when it crashed.  So would be nice if I could get it to resume where I was working16:28
bparkergoogle reptyr16:28
the-noobtrying to ... anything... apt complains about broken mariadb16:43
bparkertry apt purge mysql-client-core-5.516:46
bparkerand/or dpkg-reconfigure -a16:46
the-noobdpkg-reconfigure -a => Unknown option: a16:49
the-noobpurge does `Note, selecting 'mariadb-client-core-10.3' instead of 'mysql-client-core-5.5'` and ends up with the same error16:50
bparkerwhat about apt-get -f install16:54
bparkerwith nothing after it16:54
the-noobsame error as in pastebin, error processing archive.. maria..16:56
the-nooball hail --purge17:00
the-noobsudo apt remove --purge mariadb-client mariadb-server-core-10.3 worked17:00
Gh0staSorry if this question has been asked too many time17:22
Gh0stacan I create different users using Gnome, KDE, Plasma, etc17:22
Greenfrogexplain a bit more do you have all those desktops on one installation?17:24
Gh0staGreenfrog: no17:32
Gh0staGreenfrog: I just have Ubuntu installed at the moment17:32
Greenfrogany one of those allows for multiple users to be created17:33
Gh0staGreenfrog: What I was thinking to achieve is this, each user login will open up a new interface?17:33
Gh0staor is that not even possible?17:33
Greenfrogthats alittle different17:33
Greenfrogi'm not sure but i dont thinks so17:33
Greenfrogeach of those desktops is a gui that sits on the top of ubuntu17:34
Gh0staGreenfrog: ahh17:34
Greenfrogi would expect you would have conflicts if you tried17:34
Gh0staGreenfrog: so installing multiple GUI over same Ubuntu wouldn't help?17:35
Greenfrogi dont think you can17:35
Greenfrogits like one or the other17:35
Gh0staGreenfrog: oh bummer17:35
Greenfrogits sorta like trying to get 2 children to share one toy17:35
Greenfrogthey both want control17:36
rfmI've done both xubuntu (xfce) and ubuntu (gnome) on the same machine.  no reason to believe KDE wouldn't work17:36
Gh0staGreenfrog: how about if I try one GUI and doesn't like it and wants to go back to the original Ubuntu?17:36
Greenfrogyou can try most anything what results you get is in question17:36
Gh0staGreenfrog: but is it easy to undo every change that distro has made?17:37
Gh0starfm: oh tell me more17:37
rfmthe login screen allows the user to choose which desktop session for each login...17:37
=== sublim20 is now known as FloridaWoman
Greenfrogrfm: so multiple desktops is possible?17:38
rfmworked for me last time I tried (which was bionic days)17:38
rfmdont think it17:38
rfms different now17:39
Greenfroghe's asking to install kde and gnome together17:39
Gh0staYes :)17:39
Greenfrognot just switching user desktips17:40
Gh0staGreenfrog: and am I also right in thinking that I don't have to install Kali Linux to try some of the apps it has? I can download them on Ubuntu and use it that way?17:42
Greenfrogi dont think the os has that choice, but it would be up to you to choose a compatable desktop17:42
Greenfrogalmost all of the apps that have been checked out and compatible with ubuntu are in the software repository17:43
Greenfrogif you start using something designed for another os even if its for a linux destro, i'm thinking unless you reall know what your doing you might be asking for trouble17:44
Greenfrogbut if you wanna experiment gohead17:45
Gh0staGreenfrog: oh17:45
Greenfrogyou might end up crashing the os and need to reinstall17:45
Gh0staGreenfrog: oh that I can afford17:46
Gh0stanot using this as my daily driver just yet17:46
Greenfrogi understand i did the same17:46
Gh0stajust experimenting on it, until I am 100% confident that I won't mess things up :')17:46
Greenfroguser error is always possible :)17:47
Gh0staGreenfrog: very true!17:47
Greenfrogthere are a couple of good rules for good reasons when using linux/ubuntu17:47
Gh0staGreenfrog: I am all ears! go ahead please17:48
Greenfrogstick with your distro repository17:48
Greenfrogdont install ppa's17:48
Gh0staGreenfrog: that I have learned on day 117:48
Greenfrogunless you really understand the terminal commands dont start using it17:48
Greenfrogor if you do17:49
Greenfrogdo something simple17:49
Greenfrogthe more complicated it gets the more room you have for potential errors17:49
Gh0staGreenfrog: that is very true17:49
Gh0stahence even if I did something silly, I can start from scratch again :)17:50
Greenfrogthe command like is a very/ most powerful tool but has the most potential to destroy your os if not used correctly17:50
Gh0stausing this system as a standalone, aiming it to break it somehow :D17:50
Greenfrogwell, then that leaves you room to experiment and learn17:51
Gh0staGreenfrog: I learn faster when I break things17:51
Greenfrogwe all do  :)17:51
Gh0staeasy to un-learn anything which have done harm17:51
Greenfrogi remember when ppl first started to jailbreak ipods17:51
Greenfrogsome ppl made a mistake and bricked the device17:52
Gh0staI have always JB my iOS devices until very recently17:52
Gh0stastopped doing it, as we get everything now in the default iOS17:52
Greenfrogi dunno if thats permenant but i heard it was possible17:52
Gh0staBricked devices can be repaired as it is just the software and not the hardware has been damaged17:53
Greenfrogi understand17:53
Gh0staI have spend a long time away from my passion17:54
Gh0stabusy in making money and all17:54
Gh0stanow I think I have made it to the otherside, I am interested to reinstate for which I was made17:54
Gh0stadoing something in IT17:54
Gh0staI have always been very close to computers since childhood17:55
Greenfrogmy passion too, just no good at it17:55
Gh0stabut never had a chance to study it or make a living out of it17:55
Gh0staGreenfrog: I take it you are from Germany?17:55
Greenfrognever been there17:56
Gh0staGreenfrog: oh excuse me than :)17:56
Greenfrogsok :)17:56
Greenfrogthere may be a possibility my forefathers may have been17:56
Greenfrogwhat made you think that?17:57
Greenfrogjust curious17:57
Greenfrogwell it appears you may have been more right than i thought17:59
Gh0staGreenfrog: not sure!17:59
Gh0staGreenfrog: I had a gut feeling :D17:59
GreenfrogIt is entirely safe to install as many window managers as you want. ... but you can also simply install the few packages you want. You can also run KDE packages under Gnome, Unity, Enlightenment and vice-versa. They are just apps using specific libs, there is no restriction on what you run.17:59
Greenfrogwell, i learned something :)18:00
Gh0staGreenfrog: that's sound promising18:00
felixia question. Is it possible to install stuff into your home? With dependencies and stuff. Like with ./configure you can use --prefix if you don't like /usr/local18:02
Greenfrogwhat makes me curious is it didnt exactly say they can coexist. do you get that?18:02
Greenfrogfelixi: i dont know enough to comment, wait till someone takes your question18:03
stark_contrastI have two installations of 20.04 and neither have had any available package updates for a looong time. I can't tell if anything is wrong. Advice?18:03
Greenfrogwhen did you install them?18:04
Gh0staGreenfrog: Thanks for the link18:04
Gh0staGreenfrog: I will get on with it118:05
Greenfrogk, enjoy :)18:05
Greenfrogstark_contrast: when did you install them?18:05
Greenfrogand how long is along time?18:06
|subz3r0|longer than a short period of time18:06
oerhekstime to do a proper update, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade # and reboot18:07
|subz3r0|stark_contrast: did you check the logs? if not - do it. -> less /var/log/apt/history.log18:08
stark_contrastI installed them 1+ years ago, and no updates for maybe 1+ months.sudo apt update says nothing available. sudo apt upgrade does nothing either.18:11
stark_contrastIs there a command to find out what was upgraded most recently?18:11
oerhekspastebin the output of your update command on paste.ubuntu.com please18:14
stark_contrastPasted output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NxbnhKhhBw/18:19
oerheksvery poor list of repos..18:20
oerhekscheck your update settings?18:20
stark_contrastThe /var/log/apt/history.log is 0 bytes, dated Aug 118:20
geniistark_contrast: Try /var/log/dpkg.log18:22
oerheksthis is what mine looks like: you disabled a lot of repos18:24
oerheksno updates at all ...?18:25
stark_contrastOk. Now I see that my dist upgrade commented out all my other sources. I re-enabled the ones in /etc/apt/sources.list.d and the update is better.18:32
oerhekshave fun!18:33
oerheks( do not forget to reboot after a kernel or core component)18:33
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revolveAnyone know how to deal with getting stuck at dev/sda1: clean, 552599/6111232 files, 7119295/24414464 blocks19:01
revolveAnyone know how to deal with getting stuck at "/dev/sda1: clean, 552599/6111232 files, 7119295/24414464 blocks" during boot?19:02
oerheksdisk is unmounted with force/ dirty ..19:04
oerheksor, there is a bad block, one could check with fsck .. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting19:05
revolveAnyone know how to deal with getting stuck at "/dev/sda1: clean, 552599/6111232 files, 7119295/24414464 blocks" during boot? I can ctrl+alt+f2 to a tty and `startx` from there but how do I get the machine to just boot to gdm like it used to?19:06
oerheksno, i don't.19:06
oerhekscross posting is not nice.19:06
revolvewould running fsck from a live distro fix it or is it something else?19:06
oerheksyes, see the wiki19:07
bparkerrevolve: if that's all you see, that seems to suggest you have bigger issues, like, why is there not even a login prompt?19:18
bparkeror maybe somehow you have a console= kernel line that's set to one that doesn't have a getty setup on it19:19
bparker> yes, see the wiki <- um no, that is not related at all19:19
bparkerrevolve: perhaps gdm was disable on bootup? you can try "sudo systemctl enable gdm" and then reboot to confirm19:20
oerheksbparker, sure it is related, to check the health of the drive19:21
bparkeroerheks: the fact that 1. the output from above was already *from* fsck, and that it said there were no problems, means the issue is not related to fsck or their disk and 2. that just happened to be the last thing that was printed and isn't part of the problem19:21
bparkermore likely is some config was changed19:21
bparkerwhether accidental or not19:22
oerheksinteresting thought. fsck often finds a bad block.19:22
th_need that emoji picker to work across all apps19:38
pavlosjwash: did you ever get rid of that grep apt process?19:38
TJ-20.04, X server, Xbuntu - sometimes for no apparent reason the touchpad device movement messages stop arriving. Buttons continue as before. No suspend/resume involved. No obvious clues to cause or indications in logs to why. I seem to recall once that switching VT resolved it but that only solved it once so probably coincidence. Any suggestions on what to dig into next?19:39
sarnoldpavlos: btw that 'grep' was always just finding itself19:40
sarnoldpavlos: bash starts it before starting the ps process, then ps sees it and reports it, and then grep finds itself and reports that19:40
sarnoldpavlos: everything working as expected, completely normal19:40
pavlossarnold: ok, thx19:45
zambahow do i remove ecryptfs?19:59
sarnoldzamba: have you already copied out all the data you want to keep?20:01
HikaruBGhi guys!20:36
HikaruBGI have the following problem: I need to sync my /home/user folders from two diffrent Ubuntu workstations so I have centralized file/worskation experience on both of them20:37
HikaruBGhow do I do that?20:37
bparkerrsync is one of many ways20:38
HikaruBGdo I need another UBUNTU server in order to use it as a /home/user server??20:38
bparkerbut kinda need more info20:38
oerheksHikaruBG, use a cloud service? or run your own nextcloud for this.20:38
HikaruBGbparker: I need the sync to run once both workstations are on the same network20:38
bparkerlik do the workstations always need to have the exact same folder at all times? or is some delay between syncing ok?20:38
plexdavehello! I am trying to install an audio production system on 20.04 and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to install jack-mixer20:38
HikaruBGbparker: some delay between the workstations is OK20:39
bparkerrsync in crontab should work then20:39
bparkerbut you need to figure out what to do when there are conflicts20:40
HikaruBGI need to have centralized users place, in order I decide to get new workstation20:40
bparkerlike the same file name with different content between 2 machines20:40
bparkerwhat should happen then20:40
HikaruBGi need that one to be able to transfer all the work files and software from the other ones20:40
bparkersorry I don't really understand20:40
bparkerif they're on the same network, maybe NFS is better suited for you20:41
bparkerthen there is no issue with delay or arbitration20:41
bparkerthey all share the same data20:41
HikaruBGfor instance. I used to work in a factory, where if a workstation goes down, the IT team brings the user new one and they have the same programs/files, even desktop background image...  no losses.20:42
HikaruBGThe only difference - they were using Microsoft Windows.20:42
HikaruBGIs there such user database in Linux?20:42
bparkerthat sounds more like NFS then, or SMB shares20:42
bparkertypically that is done with NFS on *nix20:42
HikaruBGbparker: thanks!20:43
HikaruBGI will take a look at the NFS20:43
HikaruBGQuick question though... Can I have all this set up, so the /home/user filespace lives on another computer, so once new user is created, no matter if I decide to upgrade their workstation, they will keep all the workfiles and the software they were using before20:45
HikaruBGbparker: disregard my last question...  NFS is exactly what I need :)20:48
HikaruBGthank you bparker20:48
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oerheksjust noticed; google chrome updates itself in the background, the control chrome icon truns into a green arrow, and shows message it has an update available, applied after relaunch21:24
oerheksunow running Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)21:24
jeremy31oerheks: Google chrome adds a repo to the list and updates at the same time as the other repos21:25
oerheksjeremy31, yes, until today.21:25
oerheksit can update itself.21:25
oerhekslike a snap, i guess.21:25
jeremy31oerheks: I will keep an eye out for that21:26
oerheksThis is new behaviour, that is why i mention it21:26
oerheksthanks.. i should have made a screenshot of the icon and menu item21:26
bray90820Would sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdd make a bootable backup?21:29
TJ-bray90820: not if the system uses UEFI since that addds a menu entry into the motherboard memory21:30
sarnoldI think I would expect it to, that's after all how we make our bootable usb sticks..21:30
bray90820That is a good point21:30
oerheksbray90820, no, the copied partitions should have their own unique ID. update-grub to fix that.21:30
TJ-bray90820: you'd need to copy the /efi//EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi to /efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI21:31
bray90820So I run DD then copy that file and I should be good?21:32
TJ-bray90820: and the associated files from that same directory - and possibly deal with some hard-coded paths in that GRUB core image too21:32
TJ-bray90820: you can test it by trying to boot the cloned 'disk' in a virtual machine21:32
bray90820So then is there a better way to make a bootable backup of ubuntu?21:32
TJ-bray90820: the Ubuntu part is fine; its' the link with the system mobo firmware menu in NVRAM that is the issue21:33
TJ-bray90820: so if you use the /EFI/BOOT/ path that is the "removable media boot path" and is looked for by firmware without requiring an entry in mobo's NVRAM21:34
TJ-bray90820: works for USB flash devices, CD/DVD boot, etc.21:34
bray90820Yeah Idk what you mean by that21:34
TJ-bray90820: UEFI stores the boot entries on the motherboard, so to boot from removable devices UEFI spec mandates a standard path to look for a boot loader which is /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI for 64-bit AMD/Intel architecture21:39
TJ-bray90820: because for removable media obviously there won't be an entry stored in the motherboard NVRAM21:40
bray90820TJ I was going to make a backup on a sata drive with a dock and boot it internally with sata so would the entry be needed?21:41
TJ-bray90820: boot in from the same system? you'd need a new entry added to the system's firmware menu pointing to that device. You'd use efibootmgr to add that manually21:42
jellyno LTS release upgrade yet, eh?21:44
bray90820So I would run dd then use efibootmgr?21:44
oerheksjelly, nope.21:45
oerhekssome LVM issues holding back, probably more.21:45
bray90820oerheks: What LVM issues?21:46
bray90820That's really good to note21:46
bray90820TJ-: would I run dd then use efibootmgr because that I can do21:48
TJ-bray90820: yes21:49
oerheksi do not spot the lvm thingy there, probably fixed.21:50
bray90820Do you by chance know of any samba issues with 20.04.121:50
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linux-ninjaWhenever I tried to do "apt-get update" it gets stuck on "0% waiting for headers"....this is a clean installation...any clues what is causing this?23:19
sarnoldlinux-ninja: I first suspect that you may be using a proxy, or your ISP may be using a proxy, that is screwing with your traffic23:22
linux-ninjano proxy23:22
linux-ninjait was working fine earlier today and then it stop working23:22
linux-ninjasarnold, it justs get stuck on that "0% waiting for headers"23:24
sarnoldlinux-ninja: can you ping the archive server you've got configured?23:24
alichtmanHey, so I've recently run an update and rebooted later, only to find an issue with libffi. Terminal fails to open with the error "ImportError: libffi.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory." Can someone point me in the right direction for installing libffi v7?23:25
linux-ninjait looks like its fetching from "us.archive.ubuntu.com/****23:25
linux-ninjaIP address
linux-ninjaI can ping it23:26
sarnoldalichtman: sudo apt install libffi7   should do the job23:26
sarnoldlinux-ninja: okay.. how about wget http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal-updates/InRelease ?23:27
alichtmansarnold: Unable to locate package libffi723:28
alichtmanI tried that already, unfortunately23:28
linux-ninjasarnold, stuck at "HTTP request sent, awaiting response... "23:28
sarnoldlinux-ninja: okay.... my next Usual Steps are to either fire up tcpdump / wireshark / tshark and try to spot what's wrong on the wire, or use strace and try to spot what's wrong with the syscalls... I'm going to guess that tcpdump kind of path may make more sense at the moment23:30
alichtmansarnold: I'm on 20.10, not 20.04. I have a feeling that is what's causing the problems23:31
sarnoldalichtman: which ubuntu release are you on? it looks like libffi7 is in focal, but bionic is libffi6 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libffi23:31
sarnoldalichtman: ohhhhh23:31
linux-ninjasarnold, looks like "Resolving wget (wget)... failed: Temporary failure in name resolution."23:31
sarnoldalichtman: what the HECK happened there... wow23:31
alichtmanI definitely jumped on the beta release a bit too early23:31
linux-ninjahow do I adjust the entires under /etc/resolv.conf under release 20.04 LTS?23:31
sarnoldalichtman: please do file a bug report on this one :)23:31
linux-ninjalooks like a symlink23:31
alichtmanlinux-ninja: $ vim /etc/resolv.conf23:32
linux-ninjaalichtman, thats a symlink and wont allow to change it23:32
sarnoldlinux-ninja: that's complicated these days :) read the systemd-resolved(8) manapge to learn the four different ways that /etc/resolv.conf is used by systemd-resolved ..23:32
alichtmansarnold: Can you point me in the right direction for that? I'm a bit of an Ubuntu newbie (<6 months)23:32
alichtmanoh nvm think I found it23:33
linux-ninjalooks like a lot of stuff has change under 20.0423:33
sarnoldlinux-ninja: so, I don't think this is necessarily productive approach to solving your problem (a) the system isn't reporting an error in resolving the name, right? (b) it can apparently ping the archive hosts, it just can't http to the archive hosts23:35
TJ-linux-ninja: system choosing IPv6 and there being no IPv6 path is often the cause23:36
linux-ninjaTJ, checking23:36
TJ-linux-ninja: another issue can be if there is a local squid-deb-proxy server advertising itself on the network via mDNS *and* your client has squid-deb-proxy-client installed23:37
sarnoldTJ-: ooh23:38
linux-ninjaTJ, this is a plain vanilla installation with nothing install on it23:38
TJ-linux-ninja: but from reading back, I'd suspect your ISP is operating a transparent HTTP proxy that is modifying returned data in some way23:38
sarnoldcan any other hosts on your network wget that InRelease file?23:38
alichtmansarnold: Filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libffi/+bug/189536023:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1895360 in libffi (Ubuntu) "Terminal (and other default Ubuntu apps) won't launch due to missing libffi.so.7" [Undecided,New]23:39
alichtmanoh hey that's mine23:39
TJ-linux-ninja: try "sudo apt-get -o Debug::Acquire::http=true update" for more info23:40
sarnoldalichtman: sweet thanks23:40
alichtmanDo you have any suggestions for what I should do rn?23:40
alichtmanI need a working system a few hours from now23:41
alichtmanWorst case, I have TimeShift backups but I'd love to just plug in the missing library23:41
devslashAfter I log into Ubuntu Server, it shows a screen with info like disk usage, cpu temp, how many new packages can be updated etc. What command is it running to show that info ?23:41
TJ-alichtman: check what versions of libffi are still available with "apt list -a 'libffi*' "23:42
TJ-devslash: it uses motd23:42
linux-ninjaTJ, this is what I am getting back: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HN3kfCctwd/23:42
TJ-!info motd | devslash23:42
bparkerdevslash: never seen that but I use gnome-system-monitor23:42
ubottudevslash: Package motd does not exist in focal23:42
linux-ninjaTJ, here is a longer snip: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jHvcSJmkmC/23:43
TJ-ahhh, motd id ins basefiles23:43
alichtmanTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8gj7xT485b/23:43
TJ-devslash: so basefiles and update-notifier-common23:43
devslashbasefiles is the actual command that shows that motd like message23:44
alichtmanDoesn't look like libffi7 is available :/23:44
TJ-linux-ninja: might be worth asking/reporting in #canonical-sysadmin23:45
sarnoldalichtman: you could try installing these alongside: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libffi/3.3-4/+build/1888570223:46
TJ-alichtman: that's the bonus of using a dev version in production!23:46
devslashi dont have a binary called update-notifier23:46
linux-ninjaTJ, I am suspecting something is up with updates23:47
alichtmanhaha I've certainly learned my lesson about running non-stable releases23:47
alichtmanthankfully this is just my home workstation23:47
alichtmansarnold: sorry, stupid question but how do I actually install what you linked?23:48
TJ-alichtman: there should be a (buried) link to the .deb packages against the build info23:49
sarnoldalichtman: wget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libffi/3.3-4/+build/18885702/+files/libffi7_3.3-4_amd64.deb and then dpkg -i the file23:49
alichtmanyou're a legend23:49
sarnoldwell, it hsan't worked yet...23:49
sarnolddon't be so quick :)23:49
alichtmanI HAVE A TERMINAL AGAIN!23:50
alichtmanI stand by what I said earlier23:51
TJ-you had a terminal TERMINAL earlier!23:51
alichtmanthanks TJ + sarnold23:51
sarnoldalichtman: YAY! :D23:51
TJ-or a terminated terminal?23:51
sarnoldthrow it out the window and see it hits terminal velocity :)23:51
TJ-alichtman: now you have to keep track of when is the correct time to remove libffi7 because later it might cause issues in reverse :D23:52
alichtmanoh god23:52
TJ-alichtman: check that installing it didn't overwrite the plain libffi.so symlink that libffi8 previously owned - if it did, you now have to managed that manually23:52
sarnoldprobably you'll forget about it for years until you see it in ubuntu-security-status output or something and wonder why it's still installed...23:52
alichtmanIt did not23:52
alichtmanHere's what I've got now. Sorry for the mangled ascii icons23:54

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