KrausEvening. I have a question. I'm attempting to change my pulse_out bridge to be 4-channel surround instead of just 2-channel stereo. I'm currently looking through pacmd to change it that way, but I have a sneaky suspicion if I reload Jack through Ubuntu Studio Control it will undo all changes I made. Is this true? If so, how can I tell USC to alter one of its jack-sinks to "channels=4" and map it to front-left/right, rear-left/04:31
KrausI've already checked the wiki documentation for help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioControls but it doesn't go into that subject.04:40
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Digithi.  i'm about to install *ubuntu* for an artist friend, on a 32bit netbook.  seems there's no 32bit version of ubuntu-studio, right?.  upstream ubuntu ditched 32bit yeah?  so, if i get, say, the most recent 32bit lubuntu, could i "easily"(?) kit it out like ubuntu-studio?  like, is there a apt.conf tweak and a package/config list somewhere or something?  some overlay script/method?  or am i better off looking for an old ubunu-studio11:10
Digitthat was 32bit?11:10
OvenWerksDigit: I think 18.04 is the last 32 bit. even there I think I installed an older one and updated.16:56
OvenWerksDigit: if lubuntu has a 32bit iso, you should be able to just install ubuntustudio-installer and install from there on top of lubuntu.16:57
* OvenWerks has just started switching his laptop to debian... but their main iso seems old... I think I need to install testing16:58
n4diryou can just upgrade17:02
n4dirah, you just started, then ...17:02
Digitwent with antix.  :)18:57
n4dir thinking bout an old laptop: either antix or upgrade the existing debian-oldstable. Short: antix seems like a good choice.19:05
Digiti bounced by considering MXLinux too.   each of these better than my prior two choices "for my friend", voidlinux and carbslinux (i think that was just more for me, heh).19:27
oerhekschoice of distro, how is that related to ubuntustudio support?19:29
Digitwell, picking ubuntustudio directly's out, since 32bit, so, tis a case of pick something else, then add as much of ubuntu studio as can.19:46

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