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softrockerI upgraded my xubuntu desktop to 20.04 from 18.04 and after doing so, my laptop running Windows XP could no longer access samba shares. A second laptop running Windows 10 can w/o problem (both before and after the upgrade). Any ideas how my XP machine can regain access?06:58
pmjdebruijnsoftrocker: you can probably degrade the SMB protocol in smb.conf07:00
pmjdebruijnat the expense of security and performance of course07:01
pmjdebruijnso it's obviously not recommended to do so07:01
diogenes_softrocker, you can also duplicate your question in #samba.07:01
softrockeryeah, i figured this may be better answered in #samba... as I've been messing with /etc/samba/smb.conf to no avail. thanx!07:03
pmjdebruijnsoftrocker: your focus should probably be on smb protocol levels and accepted auth methods07:07
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