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Wenzhello hello00:59
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user____there a lot of kde neon vs kubuntu comparisons in search results...anyone can recommend the most detailed one (they know of)?04:31
Maikuser____: kinda wrong place to ask since this is a support channel, offtopic might be better04:46
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Kalovhmmm i don't know how to change the language :/08:34
Kalovit switched itself to spanish and no idea how to get it back to english08:35
Kalovi did set the keyboard layout to spanish one08:35
eeosKalov: do you mean  keyboard layout?08:50
Kalovnop the system language08:50
Kalovnow everything is in spanish08:50
Kalovi think it happened after i changed the layour08:51
eeosKalov: system settings > language08:52
eeosKalov: for the keyboard system settings ? keyboard08:52
eeosKalov: for the regional settings system settings > formats08:53
Kalovi think i switched it in some part about formats08:55
Kalovok it's in english now08:57
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BluesKajHi all11:42
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Guest4638Printer works with word processor but will not print from web.16:05
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Ralph78hello, i have a problem with my usb stick. somehow it dos not show up on the drives. i tried sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog and it gave me "usb 3-1: new high-speed USB device number 14 using xhci_hcd" and "usb 3-1: device descriptor read/64, error -71". what can i do?17:11
tomreynthis has been discussed in #ubuntu-de17:41
TuxCrazyhow much RAM would be required to use Kubuntu 20.04 ?17:41
lundrvsI use 8GB of RAM17:45
tomreynTuxCrazy: my guess is that anything above 4GB should be fine. less may work, but you may need to compromise.17:48
TuxCrazyI have a laptop which has 4 GB RAM.17:48
lundrvsI could run Ubuntu on a VM with 2GB of RAM17:52
lundrvsI run Linux Mint on two netbooks of x32bytes with 1GB of RAM17:53
lundrvsSamsung NB30 and ASUS eepc-1025e have 1GB of RAM, and I use Mint x32 on them >D17:54
lundrvsthey are fast at my surprise17:55
tomreynthat wasn't the question, though.17:55
lundrvsit is just an example17:55
lundrvsof course that he should be able to do that with 4GB17:55
TuxCrazyI'll try Kubuntu on a live usb first.18:01
TrasherXWKI need help please18:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:27
h1poti'm trying to symlink a mtp directory but it always result in a broken symlink, what am i doing wrong?18:38
tomreynshow the command you're running, and the output it produces, on a pastebin.18:40
tomreynif there is no output indicating the error, explain how you can tell it results in a broken symlink.18:40
h1poti'm trying to use the command on gui on kubuntu 20.04 clicking with the right button, the output is always a broken symlink both acessed with gui or terminal18:46
h1potlinking the mtp directory to a desktop folder18:48
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tomreynh1pot: whoops, sorry, i missed your reply (feel free to mention my nickname whenever you do, like i'm doing here)19:26
tomreynh1pot: my guess is that the mtp path is just a virtual file system path and thus symlinking to it can not actually work19:26
user|12374Hello, forgive my noobness but can I ask a question with an issue I am having?20:16
oerheksuser|12374, if it is kubuntu related, ask, wait and see20:19
user|12374k, So im on 20.04 and after I started the system this morning. My icons are all just black boxes and all I can see is text. https://imgur.com/UmXOZN220:24
oerheksenable 'use desktop layout from theme'  in this menu again? https://imgur.com/SlYji5n20:30
user|12374tried no luck20:35
user|12374I posted on the forum hopefully someone can help out. I kinda want to know what happened instead of just reinstalling.20:41
serenityrename your .kde folder within your /home to .kde-backup. Give it a reboot and see what happens. If this stay the same, your could rename it again.20:45
user|12374okay Ill give that a shot.20:48
user|12374@serenity there is no .kde folder in my /home folder20:56
Nokajido you have 'show hidden files' selected?20:59
serenityFolder with a . in the beginning are hidden as default20:59
Nokaji-or- do you see any other files beginning with a '.'?21:00
user|12374so if I look under /jhome and do an ls -la all i see is my user folder and .directory21:01
exellI'm looking to find out how to change my wireless network adapter in kubuntu, I have a new wifi dongle and want to change it from the one that is plugged into the motherboard22:55
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