fridtjof[m]So I just discovered a regression in qemu-img affecting bionic-updates/stein01:17
fridtjof[m]My (very basic) bisection so far: https://gist.github.com/fridtjof/dbf985c1a6e7ec2a0ee9d5ec3412aa7601:25
fridtjof[m]I would love some advice on how I could get started to bisect this further - Ubuntu packaging is unknown territory to me. Alternatively, I can of course just file a bug01:26
sarnoldfridtjof[m]: nice01:34
sarnoldfridtjof[m]: you could strace them and see if there's something obvious that it's waiting on01:35
fridtjof[m]good call!01:35
fridtjof[m]i'll include that in the gist01:36
sarnoldfridtjof[m]: there's a chance this package may have more detailed steps available .. the server team at least is using git to manage some of the packaging https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging/GitWorkflow01:36
sarnoldfridtjof[m]: I wonder if there'd be an opportunity for tracking down the problem to something this way .. another possibility, if you've got the time and motiviation, is to try the upstream sources directly, and see if those had similar problems or not01:37
fridtjof[m]sarnold: updated the gist01:43
fridtjof[m]oh, thanks for that doc link! I tried the GettingInvolved link in the topic, but it's dead(ish)01:44
fridtjof[m]<sarnold "fridtjof: I wonder if there'd be"> hm, good point. Trying the upstream base for the ubuntu version should be a good start.01:45
fridtjof[m]expect to hear more from me tomorrow (GMT+2), then!01:47
sarnoldfridtjof[m]: can you spot which file descriptors / files / devices etc might have been added to that ppoll set?01:47
sarnoldgood luck fridtjof[m] :)01:47
fridtjof[m]thanks :)01:51
fridtjof[m]seems to be just fd 7 (2nd arg, nfds is 1), which is....01:51
fridtjof[m] /proc/12860/fd/7: broken symbolic link to anon_inode:[eventfd]01:52
sarnoldohhhh. hah. I assumed (math professor joke here) that this was more like epoll-family of interfaces than the select interface. d'oh.01:53
fridtjof[m]I had to look at the manpage, my linux API knowledge isn't the best either ^^01:53
phibswhat's the tool of choice to mirror these days, debmirror seems to be a hot mess... apt-mirror? aptly?01:58
sarnoldphibs: I rsync the whole thing, but that fits my needs well. aptly looks promising.01:59
phibsYeah I need something parallel01:59
phibsaptly seems abandoned but otherwise ok01:59
phibsdebmirror is a hot mess, apt-mirror wants a config file vs cli args ;001:59
phibsbut yeah figured I'd ask here ;001:59
znfanyone knows how to set up the xmit_hash_policy in netplan?15:30

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