brian__Anyone who knows how to deal with PulseAudio's bullsh*t?01:30
Scary_Guysudo apt remove pulseaudio01:33
brian__Can't because KDE depends on it.... Although I'm at the point that I may ditch KDE after using it for 15+ years.01:34
brian__Just because of PulseAudio.01:34
Scary_GuyI use i3wm.  I try to avoid bloated things.  Pulse is okay if you configure it correctly.  ALSA is where it's at though.01:35
Scary_GuyI'm on 10+ year old equipment so I try to keep things as trim as I can while still being usable.01:36
brian__And I might ditch Debian while I'm at it, after using that for 24 years.01:36
brian__Pulse is okay when it decides to work until it doesn't.01:36
Scary_GuyWow.  I went to LMDE, not bad01:37
brian__Ok, some things in Debian are really stupid.01:41
brian__Aparently, if you purge a package and reinstall it, the config files stay gone and don't get reinstalled.01:41
brian__And I'm being told in #debian that it's working as designed.01:45
Scary_GuyWeird.  Sorry I'm watching Twitch so I'm distracted between chats.  Anyway, try Arch maybe?01:47
Scary_GuyI guess it depends on your use case though.01:47
brian__Ok, looks like if you nuke some /etc files with rm, Debian notices and remembers that and won't put the files back if you reisntall the package. At that point, you're looking at options to  dpkg to get it to forget about you nuking those files.02:03

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