alichtmanI've got one more thing I noticed in my kernel logs that I can't figure out how to fix: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sm4n8NH7V7/00:02
alichtmanI've never seen this before00:02
alichtmanso I'm imagining it was caused by an update?00:03
alichtmanno solutions on stack overflow or google seemed appropriate00:03
alichtmanand my /etc/sudoers file seems ok00:03
sarnoldalichtman: check also your /etc/sudoers.d/* entries00:05
alichtmansarnold: Just a 99-snapd.conf file00:07
alichtmanseems unrelated00:07
sarnoldalichtman: and all the Defaults are documented in the sudoers manpage?00:08
alichtmansarnold: not sure what you mean by that00:10
TJ- secure_path possibly? alichtman  check the changelog "less /usr/share/doc/sudo/changelog.Debian.gz" for recent changes00:11
sarnoldthe manpage says of that error message "contains one or more unknown Defaults settings"00:12
sarnoldso I'm curious if something that might have worked once upon a time no longer does00:12
alichtmanyeah so the secure_path was commented out in my /etc/sudoers file00:12
alichtmangonna uncomment that00:13
alichtmannope, didn't fix it00:14
TJ-alichtman: don't you love such helpful messages!?00:15
alichtmanyeah lmao I wish the error was a bit more specific00:16
alichtmanI have no idea what to do with this00:17
alichtmanI'm considering adopting the "ignorance is bliss" strategy and just not looking in the kernel logs00:17
TJ-alichtman: try adding debug logs. "echo Debug sudo /var/log/sudo_debug.log defaults@debug | sudo tee -a /etc/sudoers.d/debug.conf"00:20
TJ-alichtman: that's given as an example in "man 5 sudoers"00:22
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torniqPackage php7.3-mysql is not available, but is referred to by another package00:25
torniqI'm trying to get my php 7.3 to have mysql pdo, but it says it's unavaible.  any ideas?00:26
sarnoldtorniq: eoan reached end of life a few months ago, upgrade to focal and then you can install php7.4-mysql which will probably work00:30
alichtmanI'm throwing in the towel for today on thsi00:33
alichtmanthanks for all the help00:33
alichtmanI have a working system and I'm happy with that00:33
sarnoldgood luck alichtman :)00:35
RadicalRhino353is this the place for ubuntu support00:53
sarnoldRadicalRhino353: yeah00:53
RadicalRhino353ok im want to install linux os on my windows pc but i don't want to delete windows know any software (not virtual machine) where i csn do so?00:54
sarnoldRadicalRhino353: you've got a few options: you can dual-boot both, so you've got both, but you have to pick which one you want to use00:56
sarnoldRadicalRhino353: you could install WSL or WSL2 support for ubuntu or debian or whatever you wish that way; iirc wsl2 is a VM-based approach, wsl1 is a subsystem of the nt kernel; both have plusses and minuses, and iirc neither one supports everything00:57
RadicalRhino353im probably mainly gonna use linux but i want to be able to switch to windows if i ever need to (say i software isnt linux compatible)00:57
Bashing-om!dualboot | RadicalRhino35300:58
ubottuRadicalRhino353: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:58
RadicalRhino353the Bashing-om00:58
RadicalRhino353im on windows?00:59
Bashing-omRadicalRhino353: :D00:59
RadicalRhino353oh sry two lins00:59
RadicalRhino353before i go through with this if i ever factory reset my system will it convert back to normal windows01:01
sarnoldsome systems do have a 'windows restore' partition on the drive01:02
sarnoldup to you whether or not you want to keep that01:02
RadicalRhino353what if i custom build?01:02
sarnoldwhat does that mean?01:03
RadicalRhino353i buy parts and build my own pc01:07
sarnoldRadicalRhino353: aha; then there is probably no "factory restore" option on such a machine :)01:07
RadicalRhino353can i use a usb reovery stick?01:08
sarnoldRadicalRhino353: for ubuntu, sure; for windows, no idea01:10
sarnoldthey have to have some way to reinstall..01:10
sarnoldand rufus.ie has links to downloadable windows images of some sort01:10
RadicalRhino353Bashing-om do you know?01:10
sarnoldbut I can't tell you what the capabilities of those images are, or if you're legally allowed to use them as fresh install media for long-term use, etc01:11
RadicalRhino353thx for the help!01:11
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Bashing-omRadicalRhino353: Nope - I left Windows behind back in XP Service Pack 2 - never looked back at Windows.01:12
RadicalRhino353oh wow01:12
RadicalRhino353i just recently got into linux bc it really easy to program on it01:13
sarnoldonce upon a time every microsoft system had qbasic :) you could be programming in a few seconds on those things..01:14
Bashing-omRadicalRhino353: Can be a steep learning curve to get into this eco system - If you go behind the GUI.01:14
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iAaronHey everyone hows it goin?02:38
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iAaronIts dead in here hmm?02:56
sarnoldiAaron: yup. europe is asleep, north america is headed that way, asia is on weekend03:05
Bashing-om^^ iAaron And the Sun is shining over the Pacific Ocean :D03:12
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mihaelI just upgraded to Ubuntu 18. My computer has two NICs, ens18 and ens19. I've setup both IPv4 and IPv6: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BXQbM4RHtY/03:37
mihaelWhen I run `ip -6 route`, I have `2401:da90:3000:2::/64 dev ens19 proto kernel metric 256 pref medium` and `fe80::/64 dev ens18 proto kernel metric 256 pref medium`03:38
mihaelShouldn't that be 2401:da90:3000:2::1 and fe80::/64 shouldn't be in ens18 right?03:39
BenMcLeanHi. I am having a problem where when I create a .desktop file, I never get the option to launch it. Can anyone help? I don't find much on google for this03:55
BenMcLeani am on ubuntu 2003:55
BenMcLeani don't seem to have a /home/.local/ directory some online help talks about04:00
BenMcLeanIn Windows, you can just right click on pretty damn near anything and say, "Create shortcut" -- why is this taking me more than half an hour on ubuntu?04:00
BenMcLeanWindows makes creating shortcuts so easy that I once had to tell an old granny that all her family photos were gone forever because she only copied shortcuts to them rather than the actual files. It was sad.04:01
BenMcLeanubuntu makes creating shortcuts so hard that I have a BS in computer science and I still can't figure it out04:02
gnubian@BenMcLean where are you stuck at?04:03
BenMcLeangnubian I finally figured it out. I had to copy the .desktop file to /usr/share/applications/04:05
BenMcLeanMost of the stuff online was saying it needed to go in /home/.local/ for some reason04:05
BenMcLeanthanks anyhow04:06
esperantomanwhat are some reasons that dock on the side of the standard version of ubuntu could get icons stuck in it when programs close out and all around slow and sluggish04:09
esperantomanevery ubuntu installation i've had in modern history has done this at some point04:09
lotuspsychjeesperantoman: on the side?04:15
lotuspsychjeesperantoman: ah you mean the animations going slow?04:16
esperantomanlike when i shut out an application its icon will sometimes just stay there. additionally when i open one it takes forever to show up04:16
gnubian@esperantoman: change your animation speed04:16
lotuspsychjeesperantoman: animations depend on the graphics too, what kind of graphics chipset do you have with wich driver version?04:17
esperantoman00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Iris Plus Graphics 655 (rev 01)04:18
lotuspsychjeesperantoman: right, i think the animations problem could lay there, wich version of gnome is that, how much ram do you have?04:21
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fosser_joshthere is icon of huawei autorun in ubuntu 20.04. its already there with fresh installation. anyone know what it is? and how to get rid of it?05:31
fosser_joshas well as microsoft silverlight05:32
fosser_joshon clicking both apps both does nothing05:32
Maikfosser_josh: Not sure what you mean. Screenshots can sometimes be helpful and say more than words.05:47
raulduxhi just installed ubuntu 20.04 for my wife. if i use dig or nslookup it says dns server is i've have pi-hole in the sam network and this shoud ne the dns server. when I view connection information on the graphical wifi icon it shows the right address(pi-hole) for dns server. in short why does dig say
wyoungrauldux: Probably a dns proxy running on there06:47
wyoungubuntu's network manager be crazy06:47
retranrauldux, is this question due to an idle curiosity of yours, or a substantive problem?06:57
retranthe network manager wouldn't tell you, because that would just confuse you06:58
retranit shields that implementation fact from you06:58
retranand look... here you are... confused06:58
raulduxwell I would want my pi-hole to work07:00
raulduxso I need that specific dns server07:01
retranjust bind it to something else,
retranand then set your dns to it07:01
raulduxI just don't get it, why would a dns server adress be
retranstop trying to get it07:03
raulduxdoes ubuntu install its own dns server by default or is this  kind of a ubunt-work-around-way?07:03
retranif you didn't get it by now, it's not worth it07:03
retranjust bind your pi-hole to 127.X.X.X07:03
raulduxok the , how do I achive this?07:04
retrancheck out pi-hole docs for how it binds07:04
retranhow to cofnigure it07:04
raulduxbut I have a heterogen network with different devices other than ubuntu. does this affect them?07:05
sub526Hi all, I'm having Ubuntu 16.04 LTS laptop and now i want to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04. Is there any command to upgrade ?07:07
rfmsub526, do a "apt update;apt upgrade" to get to the very newest 16.04, I'd reboot after that, and then "do-release-upgrade" ought to get you ther07:10
rfmrauldux, pi-hole pretty much assumes that you are on raspian, not ubuntu. Their docs say as much. If you're trying to run pihole on ubuntu, you're kinda on your own.07:13
sub526rfm: apt update failed with https://pastebin.com/Xr6iST0Z, can this be ignored?07:14
raulduxno, i'm sorry. you misunderstood, pi-hole runs on a raspberry. ubuntu laptop is a client07:15
retranoh wow... you don't understand what a loopback address is?07:15
rfmsub526, some damn google/chrome breakage.  I'd comment out the chrome line in /etc/apt/sources.list and go again.  Then reinstall chrome afterwards if you want it.07:16
raulduxi just want to make sure the ubuntu client get's dns resolves from the pi-hole07:16
rfmrauldux, ok, you need to read "man systemd-resolved" which is the proxy resolve running on the loopbac07:20
raulduxomg is it such a rocket sience to change the dns resolver in ubuntu?07:21
retranyou're overthinking it, rauldux07:22
retranjust put it to the address of your rasp-pi07:23
retranthe 127.0 whatever stuff is LOOPBACK07:23
rfmrauldux, yeah, it's complicated now, but the way it is works even in pretty scary nomadic use cases07:23
retranlook up what loopbacks are07:23
chaitanya122Hi all, I am trying to install onnxruntime in my system but it is showing the following error message "ERROR: No matching distribution found for onnxruntime-gpu". So please help me in installing onnxruntine.07:23
retranbefore you try to customize networking, get the basics down. find out what a loopback address is on google and come back07:23
retranyou're confusing everyone07:24
raulduxi know loopback retran07:24
retrancould have fooled me07:24
rfmrauldux, you will eventually get to "resolvectl dns <line> dnsserverip" can't remember if there is something else to do to make it persist over boots...07:27
retranhe's using the graphical network manager07:27
retranjust change the setting there07:27
rfmoh yean, nm-connection-editor should be able to deal07:28
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diverdudehi. if i `apt-get install graphviz-dev` will `apt-get install graphviz` also get installed automatically?07:34
raulduxi have done that but anyways if I use dig or nslookup it shows loopback adrass as resolver07:36
retranthat's what it's supposed to do07:37
retranstop trying to diagnoe it07:37
retranyou should be looking at a DNS trace07:38
retrannot just the closest NS07:38
rfmrauldux, systemd-resolved squats on the loopback address and acts as a cache. instead of worrying about that, you need to aim resolved to the right upstream dns.07:38
retranand I'm still concerned he doesn't understand "loopback" yet :(07:39
black_antguy anyone knows how to install the latest nftables on 'Debian buster' ? noticed my version is 'v0.9.0 (Fearless Fosdick)'. I will like to upgrade that if possible. thanks07:40
rfmblack_ant, this is #ubuntu, we probably are not gonna be much help on buster07:41
raulduxthx rfm, now this is a usefull answer07:41
retranguessing he's gonna say "i tried in #debian" and nobody answered07:41
black_antsorry wrong room :)07:41
retranlol all good07:41
IndustrialHi. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T460 and I have a problem with my keyboard. They backslash key doesn't work. The shift version of that key "|" does work.09:04
Industrialsetxkbmap says I have pc105 layout at the moment09:05
Industrialhardly correct, as I count around 80 keys09:05
IndustrialHow do I find out what keyboard layout I should use for this laptop?09:06
Industrial`sudo showkey -s` shows `0x2b 0xab` when I press the backslash key09:10
Industrialso it is recognized09:10
Industrial`evtest` also shows the backslash event when I press the key09:12
dw1whats the easiest way to map shift+left_arrow to home09:26
dex1983could someone help me with a script which moves (mv command) all files except of a give exception to another folder? So that it ignores for example .jpg files and leaves it untouched und move all other *.* files09:37
dex1983Thanks :)09:37
dw1think i found a solution https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/6592309:40
dw1dex1983: for f in $(ls -I "*.jpg"); do echo $f; done09:44
dw1change echo to mv "$f" or whatever09:44
dw1well change echo $f to mv "$f" /somewhere09:45
dw1but the echo will show the files it will match first09:45
dw1so you can be sure09:45
dw1you can add more -I params09:45
dw1good luck, dont die09:46
rud0lfnice part message09:57
jonuxdex1983: for f in $(find . -maxdepth 1 -name '*' -type f | grep -v '.jpg'); do echo $f; done10:02
independentcan you use PRoot on CentOS to run programs inside a Kali chroot environment?10:10
guivercindependent, neither CentOS nor Kali are Ubuntu or flavors of Ubuntu10:11
independentI know10:12
independentbut it a general linux question10:12
guivercindependent, well as in a linux room, not a Ubuntu room10:12
independentjust did /amsg dont blame me10:12
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:13
dex1983ok thank you so much guys :-)10:38
dex1983ls: illegal option -- I :-(10:39
dex1983ah ok works now10:40
osseafter running 'shopt -s extglob':  mv !(*.jpg) /another/folder10:42
dex1983hmm osse how you mean that :-(10:42
ossedex1983: !(*.jpg) means "everything except *.jgp" but for that to work you need to run 'shopt -s extglob' first10:45
dex1983ok osse what does shopt do?10:45
ossemodifies settings in the shell10:45
osseshopt = "shell options"  (I guess)10:46
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dex1983will there also folders be moved osse? or do I need to add mv -r !...?11:01
dex1983dw1 for f in $(ls -I "*.jpg"); do echo $f; done --> I get illegal option :-(11:02
ossedex1983: ah yes, folders will be moved. I guess that's not desired11:03
dex1983all expect of .jpg should be moved11:03
osseincluding folders?11:03
ossethen it works as it is11:04
amazoniantoadWhenever I try to install a package I get a response that either there are unmet dependencies (Which I cannot install) or that I hold broken packages. Can anyone help me figure out how to resolve this issue?11:18
BluesKajHi all11:42
independentamazoniantoad: sudo apt install aptitude -y && sudo aptitude install package >pastethis.log11:45
amazoniantoadindependent, "unable to apply some actions, aborting"11:49
amazoniantoadit also says aptitude is already at the newest version11:49
independenttry to install the package with aptitude11:50
independentand paste the log11:50
amazoniantoadindependent, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qKFSt6z7vz/11:51
independenti mean11:52
independentmeh nvm just try this11:53
independentsudo apt -f install -y11:53
amazoniantoadindependent, it says 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:53
independentsudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y11:55
amazoniantoadindependent, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:56
independentshow me your # cat /etc/apt/sources.list11:57
amazoniantoadindependent, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/D5w7jRxQfn/11:58
amazoniantoadindependent, I installed packages using katoolin3 which adds things to the sources list and then removes entries after it installs select packages11:58
amazoniantoadSo if it doesn't look out of the ordinary that would be why11:59
independenttype uname -a11:59
independentwhen you install something dont remove the source after12:01
amazoniantoadindependent, okay. That's just how katoolin3 works though. They made that a part of the process.12:01
amazoniantoadSo I guess I should remove everything from them?12:01
independenttry putting the sources back and update12:02
amazoniantoadindependent, done12:05
amazoniantoadnow what?12:05
amazoniantoadah now it works!12:05
amazoniantoadlook at that12:05
amazoniantoadthanks independent12:05
spectrezhanyone know how to easily set up auto updates of packages in ubuntu 20.04 (popOS) ?12:15
tomreynpopOS is not ubuntu12:18
jeremy31spectrezh: ask  popOS support12:18
alterjsivedoes anyone know how to find the kernel acpi shutdown code for the nvidia RTX max q? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Hybrid_graphics#Fully_Power_Down_Discrete_GPU12:18
jeremy31alterjsive: the method on the site doesn't work?12:22
weiliang1503You can use popOS as Ubuntu, they are almost the same12:23
alterjsivejeremy31: no, I've got new hardware . An AMD laptop (Asus g14)12:23
lotuspsychjeweiliang1503: yes, but be can only support vanilla ubuntu flavours here12:24
jeremy31alterjsive: did you install the acpi_call dkms?12:27
alterjsivejeremy31: yes12:27
alterjsivejeremy31: I just need the right ACPI code12:28
alterjsivesomething like \_SB.PCI0.XXX.GFX0.DOF12:28
ninjaI want to downgrade some packages. How can I find them using apt? apt search doesn't list them12:50
ninjaDo I need to enable some extra repos in my sources?12:50
lotuspsychjeninja: downgrading is not how ubuntu works, we advice to use packag versions for your specific ubuntu release, and keep your system up to date12:52
lotuspsychjeninja: maybe if you elaborate why, volunteers might have ideas for your issue12:53
alterjsiveninja: I agree, but if you really want to, you can uninstall and lock the version I think12:54
ninjawithout uninstalling first, I can't downgrade it?12:54
BluesKajninja, ask your real question, don't make assumptions that you need to downgrade12:54
alterjsivebut I agree with lotuspsychje ad BluesKaj12:55
ninjaBluesKaj: If you can't understand what I meant, don't please bother12:57
lotuspsychjeninja: please tone down, if you dont ask a real question, volunteers cant really help you neither12:57
ninja I asked a real question12:58
lotuspsychjeninja: thats not the root cause of what you are trying to do12:58
ninjamy question is still same... I want to check older versions using apt.12:59
lotuspsychjeninja: wich package version on wich ubuntu release are you trying to downgrade for what reason?12:59
BluesKajnice attitude13:00
ninjaadd-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-security-proposed/ppa I think I have to add this PPA13:02
lotuspsychjeninja: pastebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a && apt policy php5-common13:04
BluesKajhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security-proposed/+archive/ubuntu/ppa, read the caution there13:04
ninjaBluesKaj: I know how to read13:06
BluesKajno kidding13:06
ninjalotuspsychje:  Linux ubuntu-2gb-hel1-4 4.15.0-117-generic #118-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 4 20:02:41 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:06
ninjalotuspsychje:  Release: 18.0413:06
ninja lotuspsychje not installed, no version table13:07
lotuspsychjeninja: we reccomend to use the php version for your bionic version, see !18.04 for the releasenotes, if you install external ppa's thats on your own risk, contact the maintainer of the ppa for support13:10
ninjaI was asking about apt.13:11
ninjaand I didn't downgrade apt13:11
thelounge4364When running ubuntu server, globbing in the CLI works with something like '/my/dir/**/*jpg' but in a docker container, that globbing doesn't work. is there a package I need to install for that type of globbing?13:14
dex1983what I have done wrong?13:15
dex1983./movefiles.sh: line 5: `mv !(*.txt) /home/user/newpath'13:16
dex1983./movefiles.sh: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `('13:16
ossedex1983: you forgot shopt -s extglob13:19
[[thufir]]I'm getting "unable to enumerate usb device" so am in terminal mode now13:36
[[thufir]]what does that mean?13:36
b247_euplease help, arping works, ping (ssh, etc) not - pinging lan gw or other resources, what am I doing wrong?13:50
elPumaIn Software & Updates, I switched to one of the proprietary nvidia drivers (nvidia-driver-440) from the default xserver-xorg-video-nouveau. Before I reboot, is there anything I can check to make sure I won't get stuck in the grub/splash-screen thing? I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.1 on a dell xps 15 9560.14:26
b247_eui have a local networking issue in #ubuntu 20.04, I;ve messed something, don't know what, can one with advanced skills help me?14:29
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | elPuma14:30
ubottuelPuma: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.14:30
elPumaubottu does nomodeset take an argument? e.g. nomodeset=driverName14:36
ubottuelPuma: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:36
yeatselPuma: just nomodeset will do it14:38
dex1983ok thanks osse14:58
dex1983now it works15:00
dex1983how I can add more filetypes? mv !(*.txt)15:00
dex1983with  | ?15:01
ossedex1983: yes15:10
dex1983great :-)15:11
b247_eucan't reach a machine on the same network (no icmp, no ssh), can one help?15:26
tomreynb247_eu: which of the two is an ubuntu system?15:33
b247_eu@tomreyn: the client (a thinkpad laptop running #ubuntu 20.04)15:35
tomreynb247_eu: and the server is what you can't reach?15:35
tomreynb247_eu: should that server be running an ssh server? have you been able to connect to it previously? is it a headless server?15:36
b247_euI have a problem with #ubuntu-desktop if that matters, the server (which is 18.04  headless) can be reached from other machines inside same LAN (a win machine, another ubuntu 20.04 and even my android)15:37
b247_euto be clear, if willing to help ... i have a networking problem ONLY with one ubuntu (the thinkpad laptop) inside lan15:38
b247_euthe one using right now with hexchat, my daily driver ... the server is reachable, forget about it, it's just networking (one that hurts) problem on my daily ubuntu20.04 driver15:40
b247_euso if one have advanced linux skills regarding networking (in general, #ubuntu in special) please guide me, some true advices will help15:42
tomreyn"reachable" how, though? which protocols and applications are you using to connect? and which error messages do you see on the client which cannot connect?15:42
tomreynyou mentioned icmp, ssh, i'm just trying to get some more details.15:43
b247_euICMP, SSH15:43
tomreynso the server has sshv2 listening on tcp port 22, i assume. and when you try to connect there from the ubuntu 20.04 system, you get to see which error messages?15:45
b247_euto be cleasr, the problem is not on the server side as long i can ping and ssh from another device (except my laptop) inside same LAN (subnet)15:45
b247_eu@tomreyn, not even ping works from #ubuntu-thinkpad to any other LAN device ....15:46
tomreynb247_eu: i got so much. does it work the other way around?15:47
b247_eusomehow ... don't know ... is like a firewall rejects same subnet outbound packets ...15:47
tomreynyou're providing more details,which is good, but you're not really answering my questions. can you try to answer some?15:48
tomreynif you cannot, just say why not, that'S fine, too.15:48
b247_eu"does it work the other way around?" - you mean if I can ping #thinkpad from #server?15:49
tomreynyes, also from any of the other systems on the same network which can ping the server fine.15:50
b247_eujust a moment to check15:50
b247_eu@tomreyn, checked, can't reach my #thinkpad from #server or any other networked device (#thinkpad with ufw disabled/enabled)... could be an iptables culprit?15:54
tomreynb247_eu: this suggests that the ubuntu 20.04 thinkpad is either firewalled, or its network configuration is incorrect.15:55
tomreynb247_eu: do you have a firewall configured on this system?15:55
b247_euis ufw (disabled now) but once i've play with iptables to open and forward some ports .... I'm a noob regarding iptables so i may messed up something with iptables, forwarding, etc ...15:58
tomreynsudo iptables --flush15:58
tomreyndoes it help you reach the server via icmp echo requests ("ping")?15:59
b247_eunope ...16:00
b247_eubtw, arping works ... but not helping me16:00
b247_eu60 bytes from b8:27:eb:a2:63:01 ( index=0 time=2.807 msec16:01
b247_eu60 bytes from b8:27:eb:a2:63:01 ( index=0 time=2.807 msec16:01
tomreyn!paste | b247_eu16:01
ubottub247_eu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:01
tomreynrun this:   sudo iptables -L16:02
tomreynand tell us which chains there are16:02
tomreynand for each chain, how many ACCEPT and REJECT and DROP rules there are16:03
b247_eua lot of lines here ... can i post the content on pastebin?16:03
tomreynyou could, if you had network access16:03
tomreynbut i don't think you have16:04
tomreyndoes this report soemthing about "succeeded!"?   nc -vz 999916:05
jymmmmAnyone have any suggestions for a menubar stats meter? (cpu,mem, etc)16:05
tomreynb247_eu: are you still working on this?16:09
b247_eunetwork crashed after iptables flush16:09
tomreynwhat does "network crashed" mean?16:09
b247_euno dns16:10
tomreynthat wouldn't prevent you from running   nc -vz 999916:10
tomreyn...and reporting what it outputs16:11
b247_eui don;t even have icmp response for the ip you want netcat to run on16:13
b247_euso i quess hexchat still works.... everything else no ...16:13
tomreynicmp is a different protocols, and not what i suggested to run16:14
tomreyn5.39.93.71 is the ip address of termbin.com, the idea is to have you test whether you can connect therte to share your configuration16:14
tomreynyou don''t need to have icmp 'work' to set up a tcp connection (which is what nc does by default)16:15
tomreynwhen you seek help, it's best to just do what's suggested (although it's fine to ask why before you do, of course). and if you reach a point where you decide not to, you should state so, so that alternatives can be considered.16:16
tomreynwhat you do instead is to run other commands, trying to evaluate the situation with limited understanding of what you're doing, and then reporting back what running those other commands resulted in.16:17
tomreynthat's not a good way to solve problems.16:17
tomreynb247_eu: ^16:18
tomreynso far you did this at least twice. i'm happy to try once more.16:18
b247_eusorry, i'm back ....16:19
b247_eurunning right now the nc command16:19
b247_euConnection to 9999 port [tcp/*] succeeded!16:19
tomreynokay, now:    nc -vz termbin.com 999916:20
b247_euConnection to termbin.com 9999 port [tcp/*] succeeded!16:20
tomreynapparently you can copy and paste the output from this computer to irc, too16:20
tomreyniptables -L | nc termbin.com 999916:21
b247_eumy #thinkpad computer dosen't have a problem connecting to outside world, only to local home ...16:21
tomreynthis will post your iptables configuration to termbin.com16:21
tomreynthat's a good piece of information to provide16:21
tomreynbut then we just found this out, too.16:21
tomreynokay, so that's all ufw chanins16:22
b247_eu"can't reach a machine on the same network (no icmp, no ssh), can one help?"16:23
tomreynsudo iptables -L --line-numbers | nc termbin.com 999916:23
tomreynthe above statement is a statment about local connectivity. it does not provide information on whether or not other networks can be reached, or services there accessed.16:24
tomreynhave you tried disabling ufq?16:25
tomreyni mean ufw16:25
b247_eudisabled right now16:25
b247_euwith ufw disable16:25
tomreynthe easiest thing to do would be uninstalling ufw, rebooting (or just flushing iptables).16:26
tomreynyou have changed default policies to DROP for INPUT and FORWARD chains.16:27
b247_eu@tomreyn, still there? I've purged ufw, now I have only 3 chains in iptables, all with policy ACCEPT16:39
cYnIxX3I setup a ramdisk in unraid, copied fstab to /boot and added what I wanted, Put in go to copy fstab then mount -a. The fstab file gets copied but mount doesnt work. I have to do it manually. Thoughts on what I need to change?16:39
tomreynb247_eu: oh, i just saw you leaving. ok, so can you ssh into the server now?16:39
b247_eurebooted the computer16:39
tomreyncYnIxX3: "unraid" is not ubuntu. are you asking about an ubuntu system?16:41
cYnIxX3I am asking about unraid, ubuntu doesnt have go config files.16:41
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tomreyncYnIxX3: then you're asking on the wrong channel, try to find an unraid support channel.16:41
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"16:42
b247_eu@tomreyn, NOPE, no ping, no ssh, no nc ... i can't event ping the GW16:42
yawacYnIxX3: go to #unraid son16:42
cYnIxX3yes, channels are right next to each other in my list, my bad.16:42
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yawaah I've done the same mistakes16:43
tomreynb247_eu: is the Ubuntu 20.04 thinkpad able to set up a tcp connection to though?16:43
b247_eudefault via dev wlp3s016:43
b247_euand this is the ip route16:43
tomreynb247_eu: sudo iptables -L --line-numbers | nc 999916:44
tomreynless than i expected, but should be fine with everything set to ACEEPT16:46
tomreynip r | nc termbin.com 999916:47
tomreynip l | nc termbin.com 999916:47
tomreyn^ both of these16:47
b247_eucould be ipsec the problem?16:49
b247_eumy god16:50
b247_eujust stopped ipsec daemon and is working ....16:50
tomreynit's a good idea to mention it when you run non default services. i guess i should have asked.16:51
tomreynbut i'm glad you realized this way.16:51
b247_eui'm sorry ... i needed ipsec (and still need) to connect to my company office and installed at the start of covid to be able to work from home ...16:53
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b247_eu@tomreyn, thank you for your patience and help provided16:56
tomreynb247_eu: you're welcome.16:56
tomreynwhen you try to fix problems, and can't seem to make progress, always try to reduce complexity, as you just did by removing ufw. helps a lot seeing clearly.16:57
tomreyncross checking is generally a good approach, but in this case, where just one bit needs to be flipped to break it, it's not so helpful.17:01
tomreynoh, that last line was meant to go elsewhere17:01
danderssonI have a bug report at Launchpad <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-pip/+bug/1833229> that has been marked as "Fix released", though that only applies for 20.04 and later -- my main problem concerns 18.04.18:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1833229 in python-pip (Ubuntu) "`--extra-index-url` not working for PIP" [High,Fix released]18:09
danderssonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Bug%20statuses says on the "Fix released" status: "If the bug stills affects an older Ubuntu release, please nominate it for that series. Otherwise people won't know it isn't fixed there!". How can I do that? I don't see an option at Launchpad to denote a specific version.18:09
tomreyndandersson: you cannot, unless you have a higher permissions level.18:15
tomreynyou options: point out that bionic remains unfixed on the bug report (this has already been done), post a new bug report from a bionic system, referring to the existing bug report, but adding it remains unfixed on bionic.18:16
tomreynthe latter is more likely to sicceed and less likely to annoy developers.18:17
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danderssontomreyn: Thanks! I'll consider my options.18:40
Petfroggwhen ubuntu does a check for security update - where can I find the result of that in a file?18:52
Petfroggsome sort of temp file somewhere that it logs to?18:54
oerheksthis gives succesfull update check; stat -c %y /var/lib/apt/periodic/update-success-stamp18:57
oerheksalso unattended updates; sudo cat  /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades.log18:58
oerheks /var/log/dpkg.log and /var/log/apt/history.log do not show attempts to update without any packages installed.19:00
Petfroggwhenever I log in using ssh I can see messages that shows that there are updates to install19:05
Petfroggneither of those files does that19:05
Petfroggfrom what I can see19:05
PetfroggI am missing something oerheks19:06
oerheksNot sure that is logged..19:12
Petfrogglooking at the unattended-upgrades right now.19:13
Petfroggcould do a command in Monit doing "apt-get dist-upgrade -s"19:18
oerheksin 20.04 i would switch to full-upgrade19:20
Petfroggbut these are servers19:20
Petfroggand they are running ubuntu 18lts19:20
epsilonKNOTanyone here using gtkgreet or cage ?19:22
fromBeyondhi. is there a way for me to increase the volume from the terminal? I also want it to give me a popup. I am using ubuntu 20.0419:23
fromBeyondto clarify my wording: I would like to have an as if behaviour, meaning, as if I pressed the volume up button19:24
oerheksepsilonKNOT, is gtkgreet in our repos? cannot find such..19:24
epsilonKNOTah, unfortunate19:24
epsilonKNOTno worries19:24
oerheksfromBeyond, 'alsamixer' can do that, a gui in terminal, or; amixer -D pulse sset Master 100%19:26
Petfroggapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -s | grep upgraded19:26
fromBeyondoerheks, yes. sorry if my wording was poor. I tried with pulse set, but i do not get the pop-up19:27
oerheksuse alsamixer then?19:28
fromBeyondamixer -D pulse sset Master 5%+ I tried this command. It does increase the sound, but i get no popup19:29
oerheksi know nothing about such popup, why don't you use the normal volume tool?19:31
oerhekswhy in terminal?19:31
ioriafromBeyond, have you tried 'xdotool key XF86AudioRaiseVolume' ?19:31
oerheksand should such popup be handled by the mouse/touchpad?19:32
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bray90820I assume the answer is yes but is it possable to install and use samba on a live usb so I can test some things22:10
oerheksgo ahead, try it..22:11
oerheks.. maybe you need to reboot to let things take effect22:11
bray90820Because I am haing an issue where files don't copy correctly on a samba server running with 20.04 seems to work fine tho with 18.0422:12
oerheksyou do understand live iso works as single user?22:13
bray90820I did not but actually it doesn't matter anymore because I do have a second install I can try that I forgot about22:17
x033ggQuestion did Ubuntu ever remove the Amazon Lenses from Unity, or is that still a thing with Ubuntu?22:48
exellHi, can anyone tell me how to change my network adaptor from my pci to the usb one? It's showing in lsusb but I can only connect to the internal PCI card23:14
jeremy31exell: is the USB one supported by the kernel23:15
exellIt should be, it was listed as Linux compatible on Amazon @jeremy3123:15
exellBus 001 Device 011: ID 0bda:b812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 802.11ac NIC23:16
jeremy31exell: post URL from terminal for>  lsmod | grep cfg | nc termbin.com 999923:16
exell@jeremy31 https://termbin.com/8izpu23:17
jeremy31exell: issues with the internal wifi?23:17
exellNo, I'm trying to change adaptor from internal wifi adapter to the new usb wifi adapter but I don't know how @jeremy3123:19
jeremy31exell: what result from terminal for>  mokutil --sb-state23:20
exell@jeremy31 not found, i'll install and try again23:20
jeremy31exell: dont bother23:21
jeremy31exell: there are four commands to run at https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?p=1867381#p186738123:21
exell@jeremy31 ran and installed23:23
jeremy31exell: reboot and come back23:25
exell@jeremy31 I've restarted23:27
jeremy31exell: post URL for>  lsmod | grep cfg | nc termbin.com 999923:28
exell@jeremy31 https://termbin.com/0jzyv23:29
jeremy31exell: URL>  dkms status | nc termbin.com 999923:29
exell@jeremy31 https://termbin.com/a24i23:30
jeremy31exell: URL for>  dmesg | grep 8812 | nc termbin.com 999923:31
exell@jeremy that didn't work23:32
exell@jeremy31 it doesn't produce a link, it just goes to the next line23:33
jeremy31exell: strange as I know that github supports your device but for some reason the driver doesn't load23:34
jeremy31exell: what about>  dmesg | grep 88XXau | nc termbin.com 999923:34
exell@jeremy31 nope, when I just enter dmesg it does a list of stuff23:35
jeremy31exell: Is Ubuntu installed in UEFI mode or Legacy for older machines?23:36
exell@jeremy31 do you want me to private link my whole dmesg... UEFI mode, I have a dual boot but linux is my primary, windows is only for games/photoshop/label printer23:38
jeremy31exell: no I just remembered that is an rtl8822bu device not rtl8812au, have to find the github source that works23:40
jeremy31exell: see https://askubuntu.com/a/1273142/30066523:41
jeremy31exell: if you get no errors running that reboot23:52
exell@jeremy31 I think that worked, I don't know how to check what adaptor I'm using but I done a speed test and I'm getting 516Mbs which is higher than my other adaptor so it appears to be fixed23:54
jeremy31exell: post URL for>  lsmod | grep cfg | nc termbin.com 999923:54
jeremy31exell: It doesn't show the driver from github as loaded23:57
jeremy31exell: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452023:58
exell@jeremy31 thats strange, but I'm definitely getting full speed, where before I was only getting 350Mbs23:58
jeremy31exell: maybe URL for> lsmod | nc termbin.com 999923:58

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