KrausWhere does Ubuntu Studio Controls store its presets and configurations?03:37
KrausHm. Seems a question similar to mine was asked on Launchpad in May with no response. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-controls/+question/69040904:32
OvenWerksKraus: presets or config? anyway, ~/.config/autojack/autojackrc05:20
KrausOvenWerks: Oooh! Okay, let's see..05:32
OvenWerksif your version is old enough it will be ~/.config/autojackrc05:34
OvenWerkslatest version is 2.0.705:34
KrausOkay, I found the file. It has the ' pulse-in = ' and ' pulse-out = ' but doesn't have any of the channels=2 or channel_name= info.05:34
KrausWhat I'm trying to do is find out how to change the output bridge configurations.05:35
OvenWerksno we do not yet have a setting for number of channels05:35
OvenWerksbut changing the name has been possible for a while05:35
KrausThat's where I posted the original question if it helps understand what I'm trying to do.05:36
OvenWerksthe title is pretty clear :)05:36
KrausYeah, whenever I create a module manually, USC overrides my work when I restart Jack.05:37
Krauspacmd load-module module-jack-sink sink_name=Surround client_name=Surround channels=4 connect=no05:37
KrausIs there any way I can tell USC to not do that?05:37
OvenWerkstwo ways: hack ubuntustudio-controls, run a script after controls starts05:37
OvenWerksThe file to change would be /usr/bin/autojack05:38
KrausThis poor guy asked about this same question back in May: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-controls/+question/69040905:38
KrausWish I could code. I'd help add that functionality to USC. Seems super important.05:39
KrausI'm picturing an output bridge editor dialog box where the user could set the attributes either manually in a text field or a series of drop-downs.05:41
OvenWerksthe file is script and the change for what you want would be one or two lines05:41
OvenWerksbut it would not be changable.05:41
OvenWerks The problem is that autojack has changed a lot since your version and so if I give a line number that would not help05:42
OvenWerkssearch might work though05:42
KrausSorry, I don't understand.05:42
KrausHmmm... I typed $autojack --help and now I'm hearing a bunch of crackling in my earphones.05:43
KrausI'll let the guys in the Linux Audio discord I'm part of know there's no way to change the channel number yet.05:44
OvenWerks--help would not help05:44
KrausI was just trying to find a little more information about what autojack is.05:44
OvenWerksyou would need to edit that file05:44
OvenWerksautojack is a daemon that runs in the background and accepts commands from studio-controls as well as monitors hardware for new usb devices getting (un)plugged05:46
OvenWerksit then adjusts how jack runs05:46
KrausAhh, is it part of ubuntustudio-control or is it something else entirely?05:46
KrausI mean is it part of the same project?05:46
OvenWerksthey are all a part of the same package05:47
KrausOkay. So, I can edit the file, but then I'm confused because you said it would not be changable?05:47
OvenWerksit started as a personal script and then as a way for a more painless use of USB microphones which are never "profesional" :)05:48
KrausHere here. Yeah, I'm using an audio interface now.05:48
KrausI see the line:05:49
Krauscp = subprocess.run(["/usr/bin/pactl", "load-module", "module-jack-sink", f"client_name={poname}", "channels=2", "connect=no"], etc etc.05:49
OvenWerksyou can edit it, but once you change the number of chanels for a pulse-jack bridge it will stay at that number so if you change it to 6 channel then it will stay that way untill you edit it again05:49
KrausRight, seems reasonable05:49
OvenWerksyes you can change the channels= to 405:49
OvenWerks you will probably find there is more than one line like that05:50
OvenWerksThere are two of them05:50
OvenWerksone for startup and one for recongifuring05:51
OvenWerksreconfiguring even05:51
KrausAlright, here goes.. no guts, no glory...05:52
OvenWerksyou will need to use sudo nano /usr/bin/autojack05:53
KrausWell this does explain a lot. :)05:54
OvenWerksI will add channel number to my list of feature requests...05:55
KrausI do wonder what this will do to that drop-down with the channel list. I have a feeling it's going to break it.05:55
OvenWerksonly the first two channels will auto connect05:56
Krauschannels= and channel_map= since they kind of work together.05:56
KrausDepending on if it's 4.0 surround, 5.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc. the channels map differently.05:56
KrausI recently peeked at the jack manual page for modules.05:57
OvenWerksI don't think the pulse-sink module really goes farther than number05:57
OvenWerks(I could be wrong)05:57
Kraus"channel_map ... Channel map. A list of comma-separated channel names. The currently defined channel names are: left, right, mono, center, front-left, front-right, front-center, rear-center, rear-left, rear-right, lfe, subwoofer, front-left-of-center, front-right-of-center, side-left, side-right, aux0, aux1 to aux15, top-center, top-front-left, top-front-right, top-front-center, top-rear-left, top-rear-right, top-rear-center,05:58
Kraus(Default depends on the number of channels and the driver)05:58
OvenWerksah channelmap is there05:59
KrausThese USB audio interfaces have many different channels mappable. Mine has 10 analog monitor outputs, each with a 1/4" TRS jack. There is someone on linuxmusicians.com currently making drivers for the entire line made by Focusrite Scarlett's 3rd gen interfaces.05:59
KrausSo, to use that, I need a pulse sink that has the channels mapped so I can connect them through Carla. :)06:00
KrausThat's why USC is so important to have this, because otherwise all of these professional musicians can't use USC.06:00
OvenWerksIt seemed to me the default was pretty reasonable06:01
OvenWerkstwo channels is pretty standard06:01
KrausIf I showed you what my Carla looks like you'd freak out, hehe06:01
OvenWerksno probably not.06:02
OvenWerks but people selling music generally do so in stereo if for no other reason than most media deals with that well.06:02
OvenWerksif it is stereo of spotify or bandcamp or whtever.06:03
KrausDolby Surround 5.1, etc. People have surround sound monitor setups for when editing films and videos.06:03
OvenWerksvideos with action are the biggest place for surround06:03
KrausVLC for playing movies, etc.06:03
KrausOkay, I edited the python file.. so if I restart jack in USC hopefully it will work?06:05
OvenWerksanyway, as I said, I can add channels other than two in newer versions... probably for 21.0406:05
OvenWerksno you need to killall autojack first06:05
OvenWerksThen restarting jack will restart autojack06:06
KrausOh, okay.. oh well, it looks like it worked regardless, hehe.06:06
KrausHmmmmm... confusion arises...06:09
Krausautojack, does it know about my additional bridges?06:09
KrausI have a bridge called pulse_out and discord_out06:10
OvenWerksdid you add another bridge or change the number of channels06:10
KrausI'll need to explain06:10
OvenWerksIt depends of the version of controls. later versions allow a number of bridges06:10
OvenWerks but in general if controls did not start it then controls doesn't know about it.06:10
KrausBecause I could not add a 4-channel bridge in USC, I removed pulse_out, but kept discord_out. I would use pacmd to manually make the 4-channel bridge. When I changed the python file I forgot to remake pulse_out in USC, so it made the discord_out 4 channels. It added the channels just fine. But, now that I can change the python script I am going to remake pulse_out. But I just noticed the python script doesn't have "discord_out06:12
Kraus" anywhere in it.06:12
OvenWerksif you had the newer version of controls, it could have more than one bridge06:13
KrausI do?06:13
OvenWerksyou should have ubuntustudio-installer06:13
KrausI mean, how do I find out the version I have.06:14
KrausI mean, how do I find out the version I have?06:14
KrausI installed ubuntu studio 20.0406:14
OvenWerks if you use that to enable the backports ppa then the newer version should auto install next update06:14
KrausHow do you know I don't have the newer version of controls?06:14
OvenWerksfor 20.10 it is now called studio-controls06:14
KrausOh, 20.10 got released?06:15
OvenWerksno but the backports ppa hasit06:15
KrausIt is possible to make more than one bridge with my version, though.06:15
OvenWerksI have to go now06:15
OvenWerks wife is calling06:16
KrausOvenWerks: For when you come back: It looks like editing the python script to 4 channels changes ALL output bridges to 4 channels.06:22
KrausI don't think this will have any significant effect in my situation because discord is only monophonic anyway.06:24
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jkashaHope someone can help me please with the following error:  "The disk system on your computer20:36
jkashawas not able to keep up with Ardour. Specifically, it failed to write data to disk quickly enough to keep up with recording."  I get this error when I'm recording only a single track, usually 20-30 seconds into it.  I’m at 48khz and 32bit floating.  I don't always get this error, but usually I do.  Using Ubuntu Studio 20.04 [uname -r reports:  5.4.0-47-lowlatency].  I never used to have this problem, using exact same ha20:36
jkashardware, both in Fedora previously and more recently in Ubuntu.  I have run disk utility and the disk is fine, and it is mounted properly.  Any ideas?  I can’t figure it out on my own. Thank you.  J20:36
Eickmeyer[m]jkasha: Usually means either your disk is too slow, the hardware is too slow to write to the disk (sometimes SATA I isn't even enough), but really sounds like a hardware problem 100% on your end, might be due to the different version of the kernel. That's a loaded question, to which there is really no cut-and-dry answer. I suggest troubleshooting or asking the folks in #ardour, #lau (Linux Audio Users) or #opensourcemusicians if21:00
Eickmeyer[m]they've had any issues like this (hint: most haven't).21:00
jkashaThx Eickmeyer.  Will sound out some of those other channels.  :(21:07
OvenWerksKraus: yes, that would be the result. When I work on this next it will be able to choose different numbers of channels per bridge, but because you have a need for it now and not some months away... a quick hack will work.21:13

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