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jarnosSession does not respond to keyboard or mouse clicks. Mouse cursor can be moved though. Xubuntu 20.04. What to do?12:29
brainwashjarnos: I would switch to a different TTY and then back12:30
brainwashor is that blocked also?12:30
jarnosIf I switch back, the screen is black, except the mouse cursor12:31
brainwashdid the screen locker kick in?12:33
brainwashand probably bugged out12:33
jarnosNo. I even terminated light-locker in another TTY and no change.12:39
jarnosMaybe nvidia driver issue?12:41
brainwashthat it one of the common culprits12:41
brainwashyou should check the session and the system log for hints12:42
brainwashI guess the chances are very low to recover the user session, so you'll have to restart it12:43
jarnosWhich logs exactly?12:46
brainwash~/.xsession-errors and journalctl and maybe /var/log/xorg/12:48
jarnosI did not manage to find out the cause, but I restarted LightDM by some command to get over.18:49
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jarnossudo systemctl restart lightdm20:08
xu-irc53wolá, algum brasileiro?20:59
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xu-irc53wcerto obrigado21:07

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