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nmzmHello everyone. I'm sorry for disturbing you yet again. I'm trying to learn how to set up .bashrc. I understand that HISTFILESIZE= without value will remove any limits, but if I'll put 0, then it will do the same or it will disable bash_history?09:08
akemMaybe you should ask in #bash.09:11
nmzmakem: thank you, gonna ask there :)09:11
errthfghello i need help immediately13:22
errthfgi am getting cant create partition error most time13:22
errthfgalso after installation by formatiing evrthing on pc its showing to insert bootable disk13:23
errthfgi installed llubuntu and its showinh to insert bootable disk13:24
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n-iCeIs lubuntu still using less resources than xubuntu?20:32
wxlshould be, yep. i mean, low resource usage is a design consideration for us, but not for them. they've been lucky to be lightweight.20:33
n-iCeI bought a laptop/pc20:38
n-iCeWith windows 1020:38
n-iCeWould like to install linuz20:38
akemhpIf you want a real native Linux, you'll first need to shrink the Windows partition to get some free space to install Linux.20:39
akemhpI suggest 50/50. Then you can run the Live USB installer.20:40
n-iCeDoes lubuntu has a tablet mode?20:43
lubot<emergencyrussia> @n-iCe [<n-iCe> Does lubuntu has a tablet mode?], You can always configure it21:05
lubot<emergencyrussia> @n-iCe [<n-iCe> Is lubuntu still using less resources than xubuntu?], As far as I have measured, yes. Still it's my own experience.21:05

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