lotuspsychjegood morning03:31
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ducassegood morning06:34
akemHeya :)07:01
akemhpMy persistence Lubuntu USB stick is nice :) I installed a bunch of apps and i have a storage partition on the stick too, that i can read on Windows too apparently, but i didn't tested on Win.15:29
akemhpIt's just a bit slower to start, but then it's fine.15:29
daftykinsif it's not a decent brand it might not last for long :)16:04
akemhpIt's a nice aluminium Kingston one :)16:08
akemhpData traveler or something. I like it. Better than smaller ones, cause i can grasp it better :P16:10
akemhpI will 'dd' it to a an image file so i can just dump it back to another stick if it fail.16:10
akemhpOnly problem is that 32 GB sticks don't always have the same capacity, my other 32 GB is smaller than this one...But i can still get a 64 GB.16:11
akemhpMaybe resizing the data partition would work, not sure...I'll see in time if i ever got in this situation.16:12
akemhpNo more cola daemon in here? :)16:30
akemhpI'm on heavy lemonade regime theses days. Got some tasty lemon sirup. Not too much sugar, just how i like. With sodastream you know.16:30
daftykinsdd's a waste of writes due to the empty space being written16:57
daftykinsheh his heavy schedule must be keeping him away from us ;)16:57
akemhpYeah, i know but it's only 32 GB, and this way i have a 1:1 copy.17:07
daftykinsthat could be achieved with clonezilla without writing the empty space17:10
akemhpI see, yeah there are probably better ways. But i'll stick to 'dd' anyway :P17:17
daftykinsjust don't give a hoot at the downsides eh? that's a disappointing approach17:26
daftykinsand yeah maybe taking 500MB off the end of partitions would make it fit across a broad range of flash drives easier17:26
ducasseiirc ddrescue can also skip unused space18:02
daftykinsja think so18:06
akemhpSomebody set up us the womb.20:36
akemhpOOps. :P20:36
daftykinsok, but i don't think you wanna grow anything in it!20:46

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