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enychrrm -- am I to understnd that the kernel 5.4.0-48-generic in focal-proposed is 'expected' (subject to not showing a regression) to be released as-is into  focal-updates ?15:53
gpiccolienyc, I agree with your statement - it should be released as-is unless some regrssion is observed or a security/urgent fix takes precedence and a new kernel respin occurs15:56
enycgpiccoli: thanyou16:13
gpiccoliyw =)16:14
enyccuriously, (may not be related to anything ubuntu at all) can not build tbsdtv driver against this 5.4.0-48 kernel, is deciding oto include all pateches for 5.7 kernels nd higher kernels  and hence failing ;p16:14
enyc...had it work fine on 5.4.0-4216:14
gpiccolienyc, did it work on 5.4.0-42? I couldn't understand your statement16:46
gpiccoliIf it worked, take a look if you updated the linux-headers packages to match with the installed/running kernel version (I assume 5.4.0-48)16:47
enycgpiccoli: already did that ...  seem sta that i needed to update the tbsdtv instead... i had ealrdy updated  linux-generic  thic already instlled  headers and image  etc etc16:49
gpiccoliok, cool! Good luck with that =]16:51

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