exell@jeremy31 https://i.postimg.cc/fy9pNC1B/Screenshot-20200913-005839.png00:01
jeremy31exell: the driver for the USB isn't loaded,00:01
exell@jeremy31 I definitely followed that guide and everything installed and didn't error00:03
jeremy31exell: If you are happy now, no reason to mess with the USB00:04
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exell@jeremy31 yeah, it was only running at 350Mbs and whatever setting or driver or change you've helped with has unleashed the extra 150mbs so I thank you for that. We done the wrong sum and got the right answer ;)00:07
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Some_PersonI'm trying to completely format 2 USB sticks that previously had FreeNAS on them, but I'm running into problems01:00
Some_PersonWhat's the recommended way to do this?01:01
Some_PersonGParted gives me "Input/output error during write on /dev/sdc"01:02
Bashing-omSome_Person: FreeNAS == raid meta data ?? what shows ' sudo wipefs /dev/sdX ' ? where the X is for the target drive letter.01:03
Some_PersonBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/raw/fYdFvcJ001:04
Some_PersonI just want to wipe it so I can do something else with it01:05
Bashing-omSome_Person: Yukkie zfs file system is beyond my experience range - others here can better advise.01:05
Some_PersonI don't care about the file system currently on it01:06
Kaedenn1Can I change the snap folder path from ~/snap to ~/.snap or something?01:07
Kaedenn1Without breaking my system01:07
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Some_PersonAll right, I got it. Ended up using dd to zero out the first part of the drive and then fdisk01:20
retranKaedenn1, not easily01:23
retranso it'd be great to leave it alone01:23
retranthen write an angry letter to Ubuntu for not following the linux standard filesystem hierarchy01:23
retranand maybe then, they'll fix it01:24
retranlots of people take issue with Ubuntu 20 re. snaps and how they're implemented, etc.01:24
retranmaybe they'll change it if we gripe specifically enough01:25
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GumaCan some one help me with udev rule I am having trouble? I am trying to create SYMLINK to ttyACM0. It works but permissions on it are root:root02:21
GumaI would like to be dialout02:21
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backthenis there way to run a full Ubuntu system within WIndows? I tried the Ubuntu Terminal for Windows but I'm not sure what's its limitations04:12
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Maikbackthen: WSL is the only option and is that what you are using i guess. If you want to run a full Ubuntu system either use a VM or do a dual boot.04:23
backthenMaik: ok. I was running problems with Docker which I'm not familiar with. Docker is a VM of sort I think. So maybe it can't run in WSL?04:24
Maiki'm not familiar with Docker myself.04:25
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b100shi2all; how can I identify the version of a software in a package? e.g. https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/database/influxdb05:57
lotuspsychjeb100s: apt policy packagename06:02
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leibniz[m]How can I completely reset my python and python3 to ubuntu's defaults?06:39
bray90820Is there a way to spesify which version of samba to install on ubuntu before you install it06:41
bray90820I am having an issue with 4.11.6 so I wanted to downgrade to 4.7.606:45
guivercbray90820, the version you get will depend on your unstated release. https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=samba  If you look at any package, eg. your system will need to meet that criteria for the version you want (which may break or negatively impact your system)07:15
guiverchttps://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/samba for eg. for the focal version07:15
bray90820guiverc: Thanks07:16
MrAliI got Ubuntu 20.04 alongside Windows 10 on my Labtop. Now i need to edit folders and files on win 10 from ubuntu but i get permission error. How can i get access to win 10 files.07:16
MrAlii did try this 'sudo chmod u+x 'from ubuntu'07:17
MrAlii did try this `sudo chmod u+x 'from ubuntu`07:17
MrAligive me this `chmod: changing permissions of 'from ubuntu': Read-only file system`07:18
guivercMrAli, if the windows file system isn't cleanly unmounted, you won't be able to mount RW & so can't change anything  (not cleanly unmounted includes hibernated, fast boot enabled etc)07:18
MrAliguiverc How can i tell?07:20
MrAliguiverc Files i want to edit are in D:/ windows system files  are in C:/07:23
guivercMrAli, If i wanted to see how I mounted a network shares I have; I can `mount |grep 290` (290 will catch the network mounts I'm using in this example; it'll say rw as an option as I have RW used)07:23
guivercIf i just mounted a share however, I'd look at the messages that occurred during mount, if I used a GUI tool I'd have to read logs looking for clues07:24
akemMrAli, Unmount your partition and try ntfsfix /dev/sdXY.07:24
akemThen remount it, see if you can mount it RW.07:24
guivercfyi MrAli, the C: & D: labels are just names that windows applies, not what your hardware uses.  fastboot impacts any used file-system, even if only contains data (as the directory isn't written to the drive, it's stored in the fastboot area; meaning any other OS & recovery of data is complicated should you have problems)07:30
guivercto PREVENT data loss, GNU/Linux won't mount an unclean file-system in RW if it detects issues; be thankful for that07:31
bepis_drinkerI am using Ubuntu 18.0407:34
bepis_drinkerCan I get help regarding how to create a sub category under an already existing category like Development or Game?07:34
bepis_drinkerSomething like Development->IDE->(VSCode,Android Studio...)07:35
bepis_drinkerIDE being the subcategory07:35
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funnybunny2How do I get my mic working in Chrome?08:17
bray90820funnybunny2: Every website or a spesific website?08:21
funnybunny2bray90820: Ideally a specific website08:21
funnybunny2It asked to use my camera and I allowed08:21
funnybunny2But when I turn mic on on the website it doesn't do anything08:22
bray90820What website of you don't mind me asking08:22
[exa]Hi everyone! Just a quick question, does the "condensed" font display properly on the Ubuntu Design page for you? here https://design.ubuntu.com/font/08:23
b247_euanyone with experience with wifi p2p on linux? i need to create a wifi p2p conn between my #ubuntu desktop (using wpa_cli) and a debian arm server (using connmann), in debian i can enable p2p and i see (and connect to it with my android), i want to be able to connect to this p2p wifi conn from my #ubuntu desktop also (it seems that i need to do some stuff on #ubuntu wifi driver to enable p2p ...)08:23
bray90820funnybunny2: Do you see the lock to the left of the website name in chrome?08:24
guiverc[exa], yes, I'd like more white space between lines for it & Ubuntu.. but that's just me.08:25
funnybunny2bray90820: Yes08:25
bray90820Click on that then click site settings in there there should be an option that says microphone change it from ether ask or blocked to allow08:26
funnybunny2I just tried Google Hangouts and it said no mic found08:27
funnybunny2When I go to sound settings there's no input08:28
[exa]guiverc: no the poit is that I have the default "times" in the middle box there, on the website...so just kinda checking what's wrong08:28
bray90820ubuntu sound settings?08:28
bray90820What Microphone is it?08:29
guiverc[exa], I believe it's looks correct, the Condensed font looks like a Ubuntu font & I assume correct to me (firefox on groovy)08:30
funnybunny2bray90820: I dunno08:30
funnybunny2I'm on a laptop08:30
bray90820If it's the one built into the laptop then what's the laptop model08:30
[exa]ok I should probably view it on ubuntu, doesn't work from any other system/browser I tried...08:30
funnybunny2Thinkpad X1 Carbon 708:31
bray90820And what version of ubuntu08:31
guiverc[exa], I suspect it'd look the same on debian for me, but I have Ubuntu fonts installed there too  (no time to check currently)08:32
funnybunny2This is why Linux is worse than Windows08:33
bray90820funnybunny2: The issues with that microphone have been fixed in 20.04 although I suspect you don't want to update08:33
funnybunny2Sure I do08:33
funnybunny2I just don't have time right atm. I'm trying to use my mic right now08:34
funnybunny2Oh well08:34
bray90820I could try to help you if you have a few minutes08:34
bray90820Can you pastebin for me the output of /etc/pulse/default.pa08:35
[exa]guiverc: yeah it fixes itself if I install them to system08:36
bray90820funnybunny2: can you pastebin for me the output of /etc/pulse/default.pa08:38
funnybunny2bray90820: Sorry, I'm busy now. I'll just update later08:41
bray90820Ok no probleme08:41
funnybunny2Thanks for helping08:41
bray90820No problem08:42
funnybunny2Does the newest installer have options for full disk encryption?09:00
Taggnostra couple of days ago I was trying to reinstall (k)ubuntu 20.04 over my 19.04, I selected manual partitioning in the installer, selected all the mount points for the existing partitions and left the format column unchecked, but when I did "install now" it said "No EFI System Partition was found.  This system will llikely not be able to boot successfully, and the installation process may fail. Please go back and add an EFI System Partition, or continue at10:14
Taggnostryour own risk"10:14
Taggnostrwhat can I do to fix this issue? maybe it's just a warning that I can ignore?10:15
jeremy31Taggnostr: was 19.04 installed in UEFI mode?10:17
Taggnostrjeremy31, I'm not sure, how can I check?10:18
jeremy31Taggnostr: If the HDD doesn't have a EFI System Partition, it likely wasn't installed in UEFI mode10:18
Taggnostrthere is no efi partition10:19
jeremy31Taggnostr: disable UEFI in BIOS and then boot the ISO10:20
juanonymouswill ubuntu 20.04 lts run on an old computer, bios firmware10:20
Taggnostrjeremy31, I checked the bios and the live usb is marked as UEFI, but otherwise I didn't seen UEFI enabled10:21
Taggnostrthe "secure boot" option in the bios is set to "other os", which apparently means "get the optimized function when booting on Windows non-UEFI mode, Win visa/xp, or other ms secure boot non-compliant OS.  Only on Windows UEFI  mode that MS secure boot  can function properly", and the only other option is windows UEFI mode10:21
jeremy31Taggnostr: There might be a non-UEFI listing for the USB in the BIOS boot menu10:22
Taggnostrjeremy31, I could try to look for that -- in that case I just boot from the live usb in non-EUFI mode and the warning should just disappear?10:23
jeremy31Taggnostr: the warning should disappear if the ISO in booted in BIOS/Legacy mode rather than UEFI10:23
TaggnostrI wonder how/if the boot settings of the live usb affect the installation10:24
jeremy31If the ISO is booted in UEFI, you normally see a text based Grub menu at boot, in Legacy there might be a graphic with text that says Ubuntu automatic boot in x seconds10:25
Taggnostryeah, I saw that10:25
TaggnostrI think I have both when I boot normally, and when I booted from the live usb10:26
Taggnostrjeremy31, I'm going to check the bios and see if I find a non-UEFI option for the live usb10:28
jeremy31Taggnostr: either that or add a EFI System Partition, 300-500MB with vfat/fat32 format, ESP and boot flags10:29
Taggnostryes, there is a non-UEFI option10:29
Taggnostrnow it's booting in non-UEFI mode, so I'm going to select again manual partitioning, specify again the mount point for all the partitions (including / and /home), leave all the "format?" checkboxes unchecked (last time they told me to leave the checkbox for / unchecked too, since apparently the installer can detect look into it to see what other packages I had installed on 19.04 before installing 20.04), then select the boot partition and see if the warning10:31
Taggnostrappears again10:32
Taggnostrhow do I know which one is the right boot loader device/partition?10:33
Taggnostris it the one where / is?10:33
jeremy31Taggnostr: Do you have just on hard drive?10:36
TaggnostrI have 310:36
Taggnostra 120G split in 20G for / and 100G for /home, and 2 hd under lvm with different partitions mounted on dirs in my home dir10:37
jeremy31I would install to the drive you are putting Ubuntu on as the bootloader doesn't normally get put on a partition10:37
Taggnostrok, so the 20G partition used for /, right?10:38
jeremy31Taggnostr: the entire drive, not a partition /dev/sd? not /dev/sd??10:39
Taggnostrit offers me both /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc1 | /dev/sdc2, so I guess I need to pick /dev/sdc (which is the 120G ssd)10:41
jeremy31sounds correct10:41
Taggnostrjeremy31, ok, I did "install now" and I'm getting a warning that says that / has not been marked for formatting and that /etc /lib /usr etc will be deleted during install, and to backup anything important10:45
TaggnostrI think that's expected and there shouldn't be anything important there10:45
TaggnostrI created a backup of /etc/fstab just in case10:45
Taggnostrthe EFI warning didn't show up this time10:46
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Taggnostrjeremy31, I'm getting another warning that says "The following partitions are going to be formatted: LVM VG dataa, LV swap as swap"10:56
jeremy31Taggnostr: Not sure about those10:57
Taggnostrthe swap is under LVM so it should be ok, but I'm not sure about LVM VG data -- what is it going to format exactly?  nothing is checked under the "format?" column10:57
jeremy31I don't use LVM so I have no idea what might happen10:59
Taggnostrmaybe I have to specify the filesystem11:01
Taggnostrit doesn't seem I can11:10
DarkTrickIf I purge a package, but its files remain on disk, where is the problem? deb file not properly created?11:11
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BluesKajHi all11:17
askhlHi.  HP Laptop is stuck in tablet mode (Ubuntu 20.04).  How can it be rehabilitated into a normal computer?11:20
Taggnostrhttps://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/370991/debian-installer-mentioned-that-unused-lvm-vg-and-lv-will-be-formatted is the closest to my problem that I can find, but it's not very helpful11:29
Taggnostrit says that "formatting" might mean "activating", but if that's not the meaning I will lose all my data11:30
psichiHello, I am converting a friend's laptop from Fedora to Ubuntu. I remember manually installing RTL8821CE wifi/bt drivers for them on Fedora 29. Does Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS has these drivers built in? And if not, how do I install them?12:00
jeremy31psichi: in terminal>  sudo apt update && sudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms12:11
jeremy31Secure Boot needs to be disabled12:11
psichiI think the laptop is in BIOS mode, but I will definitely check during installation12:11
jeremy31psichi: The driver might even be listed in the driver manager12:12
psichijeremy31: I haven't installed Ubuntu in a long while. Where do I check the driver manager?12:12
jeremy31psichi: I think it is in Software and updates, additional drivers12:13
psichiThat would be after the installation, if my memory is correct12:13
psichiOr would doing this in live boot also install the package for real?12:14
jeremy31psichi: I don't remember, but you would likely have to click the box about installing third party software/drivers12:14
psichiAlright! Thank you! :)12:14
askhlSorry for repeat question, can anyone help me turn off tablet mode on a laptop?  Shouldn't doing that be simple?12:33
BluesKajaskhl, settings>input devices or some such, not real familiar with gnome12:40
askhlBluesKaj: I went through all the settings :(.  Some say you can tilt the laptop to disable the tablet mode, but it doesn't work for me (screen rotations otherwise do work)12:46
askhlAlthough maybe I can install additional settings programs that can do this...12:46
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BluesKajaskhl, https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/8r7mhc/disable_tablet_mode_while_using_ubuntu_on/12:54
askhlBluesKaj: Unfortunately that's not my problem.  OP in that thread can turn it off by tilting.  I cannot turn it off at all.  Disabling screen rotation also does not turn it off.13:00
askhlAlso tried gnome tweak tool, but it isn't aware of tablet mode and provides no related options13:00
BluesKajaskhl, I was going mention , the paragraph below looks like it could work13:00
askhlIt could, but it didn't :(13:01
BluesKajnot the the tilting part13:01
askhlRight, the disabling rotations part.  But that doesn't work.13:01
askhlI could wipe the system and reinstall, but if it turns back to tablet mode some day for some arbitrary reason then that's just unacceptable.13:02
lotuspsychjeaskhl: is your laptop a convertable tablet or so?13:02
askhllotuspsychje: Yes, it can turn the screen all the way back so it is shaped like a tablet.  Spent some time turning and unturning in case that would work.  No luck though13:03
askhlIt's "obviously" supposed to become a laptop again when the screen is restored to the normal configuration.  But that doesn't happen.13:04
lotuspsychjeaskhl: wich device is this please13:05
askhlI spent quite some time now looking over the internet for different discussions but no luck, including some xinput/awk magic to turn off things.  (I also tried using xinput to turn *on* some things, since the real problem is that keyboard/touchpad are turned off)13:05
askhlHP Pavillion x36013:06
lotuspsychjetnx lemme check on that13:06
askhl360 might even be a reference to this particular misfeature ...13:06
lotuspsychjeaskhl: i think there might be a few different angles to think about13:11
lotuspsychjeaskhl: being on gnome touch support can improve still a lot, unity desktop is still the better way to choose for touch devices. but in your case you want it to act like a laptop on your choice right13:12
lotuspsychjeaskhl: so there are a few bugs around with xorg and the virtual keyboard like for example bug #188059613:13
ubottubug 1880596 in mutter (Ubuntu Focal) "[Focal regression] On-screen keyboard (OSK) does not appear on touch under Xorg on convertible laptops in tablet mode when physical keyboard disabled" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188059613:13
lotuspsychjeaskhl: another tool you can consider is dconf-editor to find some tweaks on your device13:13
askhllotuspsychje: I'm not interested in tablet mode.  It just went into tablet mode13:16
lotuspsychjeaskhl: check orientation-lock in dconf-editor13:17
askhlThe login screen is also affected, i.e., all users13:18
askhlSo I suspect dconf is not enough.  But I'll try13:18
lotuspsychjeaskhl: lets try, if not you can always file a fresh !bug about it13:19
askhlIndeed it blocks the changing of orientation, but it unfortunately does not enable the keyboard13:21
lotuspsychjeaskhl: what about screen-keyboard-enabled ?13:23
lotuspsychjeand on-screen-keyboard13:24
askhlThose appear to control the onscreen keyboard, not the actual keyboard13:27
askhlAlthough I can barely control the computer due to its severe input deficiencies, so it's sometimes difficult to say13:28
lotuspsychjeaskhl: does your device have an Fn +F key combo to enable/disable ?13:28
askhllotuspsychje: No apparent reaction13:29
lotuspsychjeaskhl: could you pastebin your dmesg please?13:30
lotuspsychjeaskhl: tnx, reading13:34
tomreynaskhl: try cleaning its touchscreen13:36
askhltomreyn: Cleaning in what sense?13:38
askhlPhysically it looks entirely clean13:38
tomreynokay, that's what i mean. i'm just wondering whether maybe there are constant inputs detected on the screen. even if it looks clean, this may be a good idea juts to rule it out.13:39
lotuspsychjeaskhl: what comes to mind for me, is you could try updating to latest bios version if available, your current is 2015, dmesg spits a few acpi issues out13:40
lotuspsychjea touchpad warning aswell, psmouse serio1: synaptics: Your touchpad (PNP: SYN1eb1 PNP0f13) says it can support a different bus. If i2c-hid and hid-rmi are not used, you might want to try setting psmouse.synaptics_intertouch to 1 and report this to linux-input@vger.kernel.org.13:40
tomreynxev could probably tell (i'm unsure whether it handles touch input, but it probably does)13:40
askhltomreyn: I incidentally tried xev.  The keyboard generates no X events13:42
tomreynaskhl: hmm okay then it's probably something else.13:44
Doc-SaintlyI have a touchpad and the bottom click area seems to be interpreted as 3 buttons, left, middle, right/ It's not a physical switch thing, because in Windows it's just left and right. How do I make it so there is no middle button area, and it's just using left click and right click?13:44
Doc-Saintlywithout disabling the part that is currently interpreted as middle. basically, I want left to be 50% and right to be 50%13:45
Doc-SaintlyI keep closing things because I tap within the 50% area of left, but it's actually in the "middle" button area.13:45
askhlAnother piece of information: The keyboard works during boot: I can enter/edit BIOS settings, choose boot modes etc.  But some software then disables the keyboard and touchpad when Ubuntu boots.13:45
lotuspsychjeaskhl: i found an old bug about your cherry keyboard bug #98635913:46
ubottubug 986359 in Linux "046a:0010 usb keyboard response is bad" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98635913:46
askhllotuspsychje: Hmm.  The problem is related to the laptop's own keyboard, whereas the bug appears related to USB keyboards.  Incidentally I have a USB keyboard connected which does work.13:51
askhlI could try to update the BIOS but I think this is something caused by Ubuntu.  After all the keyboard works in the boot menu etc.13:52
lotuspsychjeaskhl: your cherry keyboard is the external one you use?13:52
askhlSo, uh, what's a cherry keyboard exactly?13:53
askhlOh you got that from dmesg, now I get it.  Indeed it says "Cherry".13:53
lotuspsychjeaskhl: input: Cherry GmbH SmartBoard XX44 as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-4/1-4.2/1-4.2:1.0/0003:046A:0010.0003/input/input1013:53
askhlThat's the external USB keyboard.  It works correctly (apart from being old and partially broken)13:53
lotuspsychjeah ok tnx to confirm13:53
askhlSorry for the confusion.13:54
lotuspsychjeaskhl: dont worry not your fault13:55
lotuspsychjeash_worksi: i have an idea, maybe you could try installing unity desktop and compare its behaviour with gnome, this way we can rule out its really a bug about booting, or gnome13:57
lotuspsychjeaskhl: ^13:59
askhllotuspsychje: trying to install stuff like gnome-flashback right now14:01
lotuspsychjeaskhl: ok also possible14:01
askhllotuspsychje: I cannot find any way of choosing other login modes :(.  The login screen might already be suffering from tablet sickness.14:08
lotuspsychjeaskhl: you cant touch the little gear to pick another login?14:09
askhlThere's a little gear but when I press it, it opens the onscreen keyboard instead14:09
askhlThen the gear is greyed out and pressing it has no effect14:10
Taggnostrwhen I try to reinstall (k)ubuntu 20.04 over 19.04 on a machine with lvm, I'm getting a warning during the manual partitioning that says "The following partitions are going to be formatted: LVM VG data, LV swap as swap", even though I just specified ext4 and the old mount point for all the partitions and didn't check anything in the "format?" column -- what does it mean?14:10
ComputerTechcan anyone help me with port forwarding?14:10
askhllotuspsychje: Thank you very much for all the help but I give up now.14:14
lotuspsychjeaskhl: try unity desktop + bios update14:15
lotuspsychje!biosupdate | askhl14:15
ubottuaskhl: To see how to update your bios on Ubuntu visit the community collected methods here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIOSUpdate14:15
askhlThanks, it'll have to be later though (something about food)14:15
Taggnostrhttps://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/370991/debian-installer-mentioned-that-unused-lvm-vg-and-lv-will-be-formatted is the closest to my problem that I was able to find, but it's not very helpful.  I'm also considering unplugging the two disks that are under lvm during the reinstall (I'll be reinstalling on a third disk that is not under lvm), but I'm not sure if that will cause other problems (e.g. mess up the lvm configuration and make the partitions14:15
askhlAgain thank you for all the help.14:16
lotuspsychjeaskhl: laterz14:16
ComputerTechso for my silly question14:21
ComputerTechanyone got a good simple guide for port forwarding?14:21
ComputerTechdo i need a static ip for port forwarding?14:35
ComputerTechfor my router?14:35
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iseneAfter having tried various paths to realising speech-to-text in a terminal, I throw in the towel and ask here. Is there a SIMPLE howto for a working speech-to-text in ubuntu?14:37
jokooncan somebody send me a picture of those characters displayed right? ꚸꛂꛚꛞꛣꛨꛮ꩜ꫥ𐀊𐀤𐀮𐀳𐀷𐁖𐄋𐄍𐄎𐄕𐄗𐄜𐄝𐄡𐄢𐅋𐅜𐅠𐅣𐅰𐅽𐆕𐆖14:44
jokoonoops are those 0000?14:44
ComputerTechlol totally ubuntu related xD14:45
jokoonsorry no idea where to ask14:45
TaggnostrI can see them all fine, have you tried pasting them in a browser window and see if they are ok there?14:45
jokoonim on windows, they don't show up14:45
jokoonthey don't display in fireefox14:46
Taggnostryou might need to install some unicode font then14:46
* ComputerTech is on windows as well14:46
tieinvmaby ask in ##windows14:47
ComputerTechor #firefox14:49
tomreynComputerTech: your port forwarding is more of a ##networking question, unless you're doing the port forwarding on an ubuntu system?14:53
ComputerTechyeah i am14:53
ComputerTechthats why i came here14:53
tomreynokay, so you'll need to set up iptables rules14:54
tomreynand an RFC1918 subnet for the LAN, assigned to the LAN interface14:54
Euph0riaGood day all.  Does anyone know where to find a guide to installing Mint/Ubuntu with BTRFS compression?14:55
ComputerTechcan i ask a quick question first?14:55
tomreynComputerTech: this looks like a quick question, and you seem to have asked it successfully. so you can safely assume you can do so for another, too.14:56
ComputerTechdoes using mobile broadband, (ip changes all the time) affect port forwarding?14:56
tomreynEuph0ria: this channel only supports Ubuntu installations and users.14:57
Euph0riatomreyn: Ubuntu then, of course.14:58
tomreynComputerTech: affect: yes, prevent: no. try to get a general understanding of ip forwarding and NAT foirst of all.14:58
max12345Hey all, just to confirm, dist-upgrade should upgrade my distribution right?15:26
ThinkT510max12345: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" just installs all updates including new packages (like kernels). It does not upgrade you to a new release.15:29
tomreynthat's unless you edited sources.list to point to a different release. but then you'd be doing it wrong.15:35
kenperkinsok, so it appears my new laptop doesn't unsuspend when opening the lid, and appears it doesn't save battery; where is a good place to look for probelms15:53
iseneUpon running ' fwupdmgr update ' I get " failed to write data to efivarfs: Error writing to file descriptor: Input/output error ". Any idea how to debug this?16:00
=== vlm_ is now known as vlm
titular_humansup RERO16:17
iseneHow do I in one command log into my laptop via ssh and run a command to the X server on my laptop to launch an application on my laptop?16:18
akemhpisene, I think you just type your command at the end of the ssh connection command, see the manpage.16:20
akemhpisene, You may need to add: DISPLAY=:0.0 before your command.16:20
Maiktitular_human: long gone16:20
shadow255isene: ssh -Yf <host-address> <command>16:21
titular_humanYou right16:21
akemhpOr whatever is your Xserver, it maybe just :0 or :0.1, check it: echo $DISPLAY on the xserver(not on ssh or tty).16:21
titular_humandidn't even notice :\16:21
shadow255isene: ignore my suggestion, that would be to run the application on the connecting machine16:23
shadow255or more properly said, to display it on the connecting machine16:24
iseneakemhp: OK, so let's say I do this: I issue a an ssh command, adding "./script" and in that script, I want to issue a command to open e.g. zathura on that PC. What should the command inside that script then be?16:26
akemhpmost likely just 'DISPLAY=:0.0 zathura'16:27
Lutinhi guys, is there a way to cache a ppa add in squid or so ?16:27
akemhp'& disown' if you want to detach the process. (or use nohup, whichever works better)16:28
iseneakemhp: OK - almost got the setup working, I have the script on my PC with simply this "DISPLAY=:0 zathura &". Whwn I ssh to my PC from Termux on my mobile and then run the script, it indeed fires up zathura on my PC. But if I run ' ssh user@pc /home/user/script ' it goes into an ssh session and reports " sh: 2: /home/user/script: not found "  ...which I find weird16:50
akemhpisene, Can't tell since it works on your mobile, maybe on the PC you need a flag or something...I never tried something like this.16:52
shadow255isene, you want -f as a paramater in that ssh command16:54
Kali_YugaHello how do I start "check disk for defects" again when booting up?16:54
niko1990hello everyone16:55
niko1990could someone recommend me a gui file search tool with that i can search for files for example modified in the year 2010 till 2011? Or is there a way to do this type of search with nautilus, too?16:56
iseneshadow255: Where does the -f command go? Could you spell out the command for me?16:56
shadow255'ssh -f user@pc /home/user/script'16:57
iseneshadow255: Then I get " Cannot fork i to background without a command to execute. "16:58
shadow255isene: hmm, let me check man page16:58
shadow255isene: my mistake17:00
shadow255isene: you need to double-check your path/script name, I see no reason for the error you received17:01
iseneshadow255: The full usecase is this: I fire up a Ruby script in Termux on my mobile that in a voice asks "SSH to what address?" I then tell my mobile the address. The script transforms that spoken address (via termux-speech-to-text) to an ssh command that is supposed to ssh into my PC and run a script that launces stuff on my PC and then disconnects the ssh connection. It's a poor man's voice17:01
isenecontrol of a PC17:01
shadow255isene: it may actually be best in your case not to try to specify full path for the script17:02
shadow255isene: try 'ssh user@pc ~/script' instead perhaps17:04
iseneI found the issue - it is tryoing to run the script ON MY MOBILE - instead of on my PC (and since the script resides on my PC, it obviously doesn't find it on my mobile"17:07
iseneSo, how do I run a script on the DESTINATION after an ssh connection is established?17:08
shadow255isene: I am a bit perplexed, because according to man pages the command you have should run in the context of the remote machine17:09
iseneshadow255: That is what perplexes me as well. But I have a hunch. Lemme check a few things17:10
Kali_YugaHello I'm helping someone here, can someone tell me what this means? https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=19452688 , can you still install ubuntu on broken hardware like this? It doesn't look healthy I know...17:17
jorvisI have a Dell G3 and used Ubuntu 18.04 for over a year with no issues at all.  I upgraded to 20.04 and it freezes constantly now.  I've tried three different nvideo drivers including the latest 450-beta and it just keeps happening.  I'm not sure what to look at next17:34
oerheksjorvis, for what videocard?17:35
oerheksseen lots of issues with the newest 450 driver and older cards, that should use 34017:36
jorvisGeForce(R) GTX 1660 Ti17:37
jorvisAfter updating to 450 driver it locks on login screen every time now17:37
oerheksoke, 1660, you might want to try newer drivers from the driver-ppa, https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers17:39
jorvisTrying to figure out how to get to a terminal now.  Locks on login screen, can't CTRL-alt-F1 or any others17:40
jorvisHow can I see which driver is being used from the command line?17:42
EriC^^jorvis: lshw -c video17:43
oerhekssudo ubuntu-drivers list // lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'17:44
oerheksi would just add the ppa and upgrade17:44
jorvisTo my knowlege that's how I got the 450 driver installed17:45
jorvisEriC^^: In that command I see the driver listed as nvidia but nothing about version.  Also there are two displays: the 1660 and another "UHD Graphics 630"17:46
oerheksoh then you do not run the 450-beta17:47
jorvisubuntu-drivers list shows 418-server, 450, 440-server and 435, but no indication of which is active17:48
jorvisoerheks:  Your command shows to lines of 'in use': i915 and nvidia17:49
jorvisDo I need to blacklist nouveau?17:49
EriC^^jorvis: hmm "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" might show which package version is currently installed17:50
jorvisEric^^: That gives 56 lines of output.  Many entries for nvidia versions 390, 440 and 45017:51
jorvisAnd 43517:51
EriC^^jorvis: try     dpkg -l | awk '$1 =="ii" && "$2 ~ /nvidia/'17:52
jorvisGot runaway string on that, but if I changed "$2 to just be $2 it still shows 46 lines of output17:54
EriC^^jorvis: dpkg -l | awk '$1 == "ii" && $2 ~ /nvidia/'17:55
jorvisOh - the third column on almost all of them references 450.66 though17:55
jorvisThe only ones which don't are nvidia-prime (0.8.14) and the kernel itself (5.4.0)17:56
EriC^^jorvis: which one is recommended in 'sudo ubuntu-driver devices' ?17:57
jorvisnvidia-driver-450 - third-party free recommended17:58
jorvis(I really appreciate the help, btw)17:59
EriC^^jorvis: hmm, try 'apt-cache policy ubuntu-driver-450'17:59
jorvisUnable to locate package.  Did you mean nvidia-driver-450?18:00
EriC^^ah sorry, yes18:00
jorvisSays a bit there, what am I looking for?  Shows that the installed is 450.66 and that it came from ppa.launchpad.net/graphics-drivers ....18:00
EriC^^oh ok18:01
EriC^^so the ppa one is installed currently18:01
EriC^^jorvis: nvidia 440 is coming up in some threads that it works well with the 20.04, but for the 1650 and likely the 1660 too18:03
EriC^^did you try the 440 version?18:03
jorvisYes, and it did better but still froze almost daily18:03
oerheksnvidia says 418 and higher..18:06
EriC^^jorvis: hmm it seems it might work with a kernel parameter according to a thread online, snd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=018:07
EriC^^jorvis: it will let the sound work but will disable the microphone18:07
EriC^^not sure how that's related to the image, but in the thread on booting freezing it seems to have worked18:07
EriC^^( https://www.dell.com/community/Linux-General/Freezing-boot-Ubuntu-20-04-Dell-G3-3590/td-p/7636916 )18:07
jorvisIt's OK if it disables the mic as long as a headset mic can still work.  Son has to use this laptop for classroom zooms18:08
EriC^^jorvis: ok, type 'sudo nano /etc/default/grub'18:09
jorvisI'm there, where do I add nd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=0 ?18:10
EriC^^jorvis: in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash snd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=0"18:11
EriC^^note the s before nd at the start18:12
EriC^^then save and exit with ctrl+x     and run "sudo update-grub"18:13
jorvisOK, after doing that I was able to get past the login screen18:17
jorvisI'll leave it up and see what happens, thanks!18:17
EriC^^jorvis: great! no problem18:19
m0th3rsup3r10rhi i need help setting up an NFS share18:32
m0th3rsup3r10rdo i first need to configure for a static IP address?18:34
m0th3rsup3r10ror can it be looked up by hostname?18:34
oerheksm0th3rsup3r10r, did you find our great wiki? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo  and https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/service-nfs18:34
kk4ewtit helps or control the dhcp so it give the ip to the same name18:34
oerheksyes, i would use a service with a static ip18:35
m0th3rsup3r10rhow is that IP number determined in export?,fsid=0,insecure,no_subtree_check,async)18:38
m0th3rsup3r10rin the example on that page18:41
m0th3rsup3r10ris that the address of the router or the server . . .18:42
kk4ewtyou see that howto is how to setup a nfs server for your internal network18:44
max12345hey, I just upgraded and it broke my wallpaper. SVG doesn't get strechted as it should be. How do I fix it?18:55
kenperkinsok, so fresh install of 20.04.1 on new amd laptop; when I "suspend" the screen goes blank but leaves a single _ character in the top left corner19:29
oerhekskenperkins, did you follow the wiki? https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/power-autosuspend.html.en  ---- https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/power-suspendfail.html.en19:33
kenperkinsty @oerheks I'll look, no i didn't know where to start19:34
kenperkins@oerheks looks like it does correctly suspend and wake up, but it doesn't suspend when the lid is closed; where would I find settings for that19:41
EriC^^kenperkins: settings > power maybe19:45
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!19:57
quantumLong-time KDE user, but force to Gnome for SilverBlue.  I notice that my user is a sudoer.  Whenever anything asks for verification it wants my user's password, not root's.  If I edit sudoers and take my user out, will the system then default to asking for root's password, like God intended?20:08
oft_gegongquantum, if that was the case you might as well `su -c' `man su'20:10
Gaming4JCthe point of using sudo is to avoid using the root account, so it escalates the user temporarily for the specific command. In short, no.20:10
quantumSeems like ppl aren't understanding the goal.20:11
oft_gegongquantum, you could go:   `alias sudo2='su -c'' I'm 38% sure that would work20:11
quantumI don't want my user to be a sudoer.  I do most things as root because I've run Linux exclusively for 22 years.20:11
quantumJust asking about removing my user from sudoers.  Would the system then know to go to root for prived applications?20:12
oft_gegongquantum, I think those programs use gksu or something like that20:12
quantumProb easier to just do it.20:13
oerheksthis is basicly by design, 1st user created is in sudoers.. add a new user, and work with that?20:13
oerheksbtw there is no root password20:13
quantumThere is now.20:13
oerheksno there is not.20:13
oft_gegongunless you go `sudo passwd'20:13
GrandPa-Gbeing realistic, for a home with 6 windows pcs and 1 mac, kids and adults, needing > 2TB of shared storage, is a Linux type box a good place to set up a file server?20:13
quantumDon't want any users as sudoers.20:13
oerheksquantum, make a fresh user, solved.20:14
quantumI went with `sudo passwd'20:14
oerheksoh, that is bad.20:14
Gaming4JCGrandPa-G: sure, but you might also want to check out FreeNAS if you want something a little more... easy to manage.20:14
oft_gegongGrandPa-G, a file server? you mean like samba-shared servers?20:14
GrandPa-Gyes. Probably just need to have a small amount of acls, like kids can't read mom's files...20:15
oft_gegongGrandPa-G, that sounds 800%complex especially if you're gonna manage users across all 6 windows machines. yikes.20:16
n-iCeMy friends I bought a laptop/pc with windows 10 I won't like windows. What ubuntu flavour would you recommend for it?20:17
oft_gegongGrandPa-G, what you could do is an FTP server with FTP logins20:17
n-iCeIs there any better optimized for laptop/tablets?20:17
GrandPa-Goft_gegong, I guess I don't understand you reasoning that it would be that hard.20:17
oft_gegongn-iCe, first off: what's wrong with windows? What do you find wrong with windows?20:17
GrandPa-Goft_gegong, ftp is much harder than just doing a network share20:17
Gaming4JCn-iCe: Lubuntu (works better on netbooks/lowend laptops, if you need that)20:17
n-iCeGaming4JC better than xubuntu would you say?20:18
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours20:18
oerhekslubuntu for low end machines..20:18
oft_gegongGrandPa-G, you might as well do encrypted filesystems through a USB flash drive you all keep around the house.20:18
n-iCeoft_gegong well Linux is supposed to be better optimized isn't? Or using less resources is a 4GB ram tablet 128Ssd and n3540 2.16 intel pentium I guess Linux would run faster don't you think20:19
GrandPa-Goft_gegong, that is a non-starter of an idea.20:19
oft_gegongn-iCe, I never heard of linux on a tablet though20:19
n-iCeoft_gegong it's has a pc system20:20
n-iCeJust no keyboard haha like a tablet20:20
Gaming4JCn-iCe: xubuntu is another good option tbh, both are less heavy than Gnome/KDE20:20
n-iCeOk awesome!20:21
n-iCeThat's the device20:21
n-iCeIt's a small laptop20:21
n-iCeDoes ubuntu have tablet mode?20:43
oerhekstablet mode with onscreen keyboard are atomaticly selected20:45
kenperkinscan you think of a reason "log out" from ubuntu UI would leave me unable to get back to a login prompt and having to resort to resetting power?20:52
TheMadDrizzleWondering if anyone can tell me why I can't view new updated nvidia drivers through ubuntu-drivers?  I know nvidia-440 and nvidia-450 are released, but they're not displayed.  Trying to avoid manual install if at all possible.20:53
oerhekson what ubuntu version, TheMadDrizzle ?20:56
oerhekssudo ubuntu-drivers list # should show them anyway ( after 10-20 seconds)20:56
TheMadDrizzleUbuntuStudio 20.04 LTS (running low-latency kernel if that's of any conciquence)20:56
TheMadDrizzleoerheks, Only shows me nvidia-390 and nvidia-340 and the xnoveau20:57
oerheksi guess it only shows compatible drivers?20:57
TheMadDrizzleWould my low latency kernel limit that?20:57
TheMadDrizzleBecause I've seen 440 has low-latency modules attached to it.20:58
jeremy31It really depends on the module alias list in the package list20:58
TheMadDrizzleAlias list?  I'm not familiar with that.20:58
Bashing-omTheMadDrizzle: I too do not show the 450 version driver in our repo - however the driver is available in our trusted PPA: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa .20:58
TheMadDrizzleBashing-om, Yes, I've tried the manual install today but it disables my ability to switch graphics drivers through the standard software settings.20:59
Bashing-omTheMadDrizzle: Might check with Nvida that the driver you are attempting to install is valid: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us .21:01
fradiuse mkv-merge to trim video files. I like it because it doesn't change the size of the file, it simply cuts. Now, is there any command to trim the sides of a video file no increasing the file's size?21:06
TheMadDrizzleBashing-om, Well shit, only 390 is displayed.21:08
TheMadDrizzle*as compatible with my gpu.21:08
Bashing-omTheMadDrizzle: Smart system, huh ?21:09
Jordan_Ufrad: It looks like the tools in the mkvtoolnix package are all terminal based. Are you using a GUI front end for them currently?21:09
TheMadDrizzle?  Smart system?21:09
fradno Jordan_U ,terminal21:09
Bashing-omTheMadDrizzle: Samart as in will not list the drivers that are not compatible.21:10
TheMadDrizzleBashing-om, Yeah.  I was just trying to find a workarround to get my kid Fortnite on the computer but it appears I can brute force it or just upgrade my GPU... Probably going to find a workarround =D21:11
Jordan_Ufrad: I guess I misunderstood your question then. Are you saying that you currently use mkvmerge to trim a video for time, and you want to know if there is a way to do something similar with cropping of a video, changing the aspect ratio?21:12
fradwording could have been better I guess... :D yes, I want to trim the right side of a video file21:13
Jordan_Ufrad: I don't expect that that's something that you can do without re-encoding the video, but I'm not certain.21:13
fradif I have to re encode I will increase file sizing, correct?21:14
Jordan_Ufrad: Not necessarily. You can re-encode with more lossy compression, or tell the encoder to take more time to compress as much as it can with little quality loss. Any re-encoding will lead to some video quality loss, but it may not be noticeable, and you may not care. Transcoding video will take a long time though, especially if it's HD or you have a slow machine.21:18
fradJordan_U, the file is 1280x720, I want to trim / cut off 220 pixels from the right. Is that changing the aspect ratio? I though 'aspect ratio' doesnt imply loss of material / data21:19
Jordan_Ufrad: The aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height. So 16:9 and 4:3 are two common aspect ratios. If you are changing the aspect ratio, then how you change it determines if information is lost. If you have a video that was supposed to be 16:9 but was encoded into a 4:3 video accidentally, and so it looks squashed horizontally as opposed to having black bars, then you can convert to a 16:9 video21:36
Jordan_Ulosslessly by changing the metadata in the video to not use square pixels. This is actually how DVDs encode 16:9 video, it's the same number of pixels, but they're just not square :). If you have a video of yourself that you want to crop the right half of because it includes your cat being destracting, taking your aspect ration from 16:9 to 8:9 then you're obviously going to be throwing away some pixels.21:36
Jordan_UDoes that make sense?21:36
fradbeautifully explained Jordan_U thanks21:37
Jordan_Ufrad: It looks like the Matroska container format does allow you to crop by just changing the metadata, but that crop might not actually be done by many players: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=25421821:38
Jordan_Ufrad: You're welcome.21:38
kenperkinshow do I troubleshoot suspend/unsuspend not working as expected21:41
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Looking through journalctl logs is probably a good place to start. What goes wrong when you try to suspend / resume?21:49
kenperkins@Jordan_U suspend seems to "mostly" work, except the screen doesn't fully turn off, it leaves a single underscore character on the screen (everything else black)21:51
kenperkinsbut it doesn't unsuspend when you press a key or what not21:51
kenperkinsthe keyboard lights up, but the screen stays stuck in the _ state21:52
Jordan_Ukenperkins: That to me sounds like it not actually suspending, though I guess the CPU could be suspended and just the GPU / screen isn't.21:52
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Can you ssh into the machine after a failed suspend / resume?21:53
kenperkinsthat was on my list to test21:54
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Do you know how many times you have rebooted since the last failed suspend / resume? (If so, we can look up logs from just that boot from journalctl)21:56
kenperkinsit's a new machine; i've been rebooting a ton today21:56
kenperkinscan not ssh after "suspend"21:56
n-iCeCan anyone give me a hand, I can't get sound in latest ubuntu22:03
n-iCeIt's weird because is detecting my card22:03
n-iCeAnd I see how the sound bar under sound menu is moving in firefox22:03
n-iCeI don't know if I explain my issue hehe22:04
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Does that mean that you just tried to suspsend / resume, and had to force a reboot just now? So the failed suspend / resume was on your last boot?22:04
kenperkinsno, the failed resume was not most recent22:06
kenperkinsi'm having a hard time consistently reproducing it22:06
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Ahh.22:07
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Please pastebin the output of "journalctl --unit systemd-suspend.service" .22:08
kenperkinsok, I just got it to not unsleep22:12
kenperkinsso even though the keyboard light came on, it can't be ssh'd to; so do you want me to hard reset (yank the battery) or will that wipe logs?22:13
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Try REISUB first.22:14
Jordan_U!sysrq | kenperkins22:15
ubottukenperkins: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key22:15
Bashing-om!sound | n-iCe22:15
ubottun-iCe: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.22:15
Jordan_Ukenperkins: Then when you boot up again, please run "journalctl --boot -1". If you look through it and it doesn't seem like there's anything private, there most likely isn't, then please pastebin the complete output with "journalctl --boot 1 | pastebinit".22:20
kenperkinsno dice, will look at the boot logs after reboot and pastebin it22:21
n-iCeBashing-om thing is the sound panel icon everything seems to be playing the audio but I can't hear it22:28
Bashing-omn-iCe: Changed the output device ? speaker/headphone ?22:30
n-iCeBashing-om thins is a tablet22:31
n-iCeThere is only internal output22:31
Bashing-omn-iCe: Maybe the software does not know that there is but " only internal output ". Some setting somewhere to direct the output ?22:33
n-iCeDid not get you22:33
Bashing-omn-iCe: What shows ' pavucontrol ' >> output devices ?22:39
n-iCeIs not installed22:40
Bashing-omn-iCe: Do not know - I can however flounder along with you. what shows ' alsamixer ' ?22:43
n-iCeBashing-om https://photos.app.goo.gl/LchN2z2yX27AkSft522:45
n-iCeThat's what appeared22:45
Bashing-omn-iCe: Looks to me like the "master" is set to zero. As to how to reset that level I do not know.22:56
n-iCeBashing-om máster is set to lie 80%23:01
Bashing-omn-iCe: Is the package  "pulseaudio" installed so we can continue troubleshooting ? ' dpkg -l pulseaudio ' .23:01
Bashing-omn-iCe: Got to be away for a spell . perhaps others here can assist in my absence.23:08
pankidI am trying to lookup the deails on the python 3 package for 16.04, and looks like I am getting an internal server error from https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/23:46
pankidanyone else having the same error?23:46

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