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pgpfoxCan someone please help me? My wifi stopped working about a month ago.. I have no clue whats wrong18:11
diogenes_pgpfox, run in terminal: sudo rfkill list | nc termbin.com 999918:16
diogenes_share the url.18:17
pgpfoxdiogenes_,  https://termbin.com/g0nf18:18
pgpfoxdiogenes_, if im not mistaking, shouldnt my wifi be called wlan0 or wlan1 or something like that, not phy?18:20
diogenes_pgpfox, now: lspci -nnk | grep Net -A3 | nc termbin.com 999918:21
pgpfoxdiogenes_, https://termbin.com/kx8518:21
diogenes_pgpfox, is the system up-to-date?18:27
pgpfoxdiogenes_, yes, updated today18:27
diogenes_maybe a kernel update cased it, try to boot the oldest kernel.18:28
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pgpfoxdiogenes_, im not sure but this error may have occured when i plugged in an external wifi adapter18:32
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n-iCeDoes xubuntu have a tablet mode?20:47
gnrpn-iCe: nope, unfortunately not21:16

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