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flxfoohi all09:41
stickupkidflxfoo, hi09:43
flxfooI have a little using python script, which now returns those lines: RPC: Connection closed, reconnecting10:00
flxfooReceiver: Connection closed, reconnecting10:00
flxfooRPC: Automatic reconnect failed10:00
flxfoonothing as changed on that machine, last thursday script was used successfully... I tried to uninstall/install (pip3 install juju) again (not my favorite thing) no luck10:03
flxfooactually not, the script worked between the saturday-sunday night10:03
flxfoolast night it failed10:04
flxfooany input how I can try to debug that?10:04
flxfoo in another hand, can I use like "curl" to retrieve what I want? if yes, any documentation?10:29
stickupkidflxfoo, can you see what juju debug-log says, it might be able to give us some missing information10:31
flxfooit is from an instances which is not a juju node10:38
flxfoowell I will check if there is something10:39
flxfoonothing in debug-log10:40
flxfoostickupkid:do you know how could I get node informations using a curl request for example?10:42
stickupkidflxfoo, what information are you wanting to get?10:48
stickupkidflxfoo, what version of juju are you using, and I'm assuming you're using pylibjuju?10:49
flxfoostickupkid:guess so, installed via `pip3 install juju`10:54
flxfooversion is 2.8.310:54
stickupkidflxfoo, yeah, that's pylibjuju10:54
stickupkidflxfoo, what are you calling in juju?10:54
flxfooSuccessfully installed bcrypt-3.2.0 certifi-2020.6.20 cffi-1.14.2 chardet-3.0.4 cryptography-3.1 idna-2.10 juju-2.8.3 jujubundlelib-0.5.6 macaroonbakery-1.3.1 mypy-extensions-0.4.3 paramiko-2.7.2 protobuf-3.13.0 pyRFC3339-1.1 pyasn1-0.4.8 pycparser-2.20 pymacaroons-0.13.0 pynacl-1.4.0 pytz-2020.1 pyyaml-5.3.1 requests-2.24.0 setuptools-50.3.0 six-1.15.0 theblues-0.5.2 toposort-1.510:54
flxfootyping-extensions- typing-inspect-0.6.0 urllib3-1.25.10 websockets-7.010:54
flxfooI getting public ips of instances10:55
flxfoothe main lines related to connection, would be creating a controller, await controller.connect(), and await model.get_status()10:56
flxfoojuju controller version is 2.8.010:57
flxfooI tried to force a version `pip3 install juju==2.8.0` which actually install a `2.8.1` version, don't ask me why... :)11:06
flxfooconnection is done like the following example: https://pythonlibjuju.readthedocs.io/en/latest/narrative/controller.html#connecting-with-an-explicit-endpoint11:23
flxfoostickupkid: `pip3 install juju=2.7.1` actually install juju v2.8.0... still same error11:30
flxfoostickupkid:audit.log in controller seem to have some things: {"errors":{"conversation-id":"4dbb8fc47f88a5bd","connection-id":"9D","request-id":12,"when":"2020-09-14T11:32:58Z","errors":null}}"11:33
flxfoostickupkid: machine-0.log (which is the controller itself according to the index number)11:35
flxfooI have this:11:35
flxfoo2020-09-14 11:34:19 ERROR juju.rpc server.go:600 error writing response: *net.OpError write tcp> write: connection reset by peer11:35
flxfoo2020-09-14 11:34:19 ERROR juju.apiserver apiserver.go:939 error serving RPCs: codec.ReadHeader error: error receiving message: websocket: close 1009 (message too biY11:35
flxfooso the websocket is closed because of this "message too big"11:36
stickupkidflxfoo, that's strange, never seen that before11:41
stickupkidflxfoo, do you mind opening a post on discourse, so more eyes can see it11:41
flxfooIt could be a "hardware" problem... after running pip3 install, that terminates with a seg fault11:42
flxfoook, I will try to create a new vm and see if that appears... that sounds like a crappy vm, or something I will let you know.... If I can reproduce I will open a post.11:43
flxfoostickupkid:thanks for your support.11:43
flxfoostickupkid:new ubuntu server (just went from bionic to focal) , no more segfault on pip install, installing same libpyjuju as the controller version, 2.8.0, same RPC error , same message in controller machine-0.log.12:18
flxfoostickupkid:tried to play with `max-frame-size` but no luck=same error12:18
flxfoostickupkid:I have a repeated eror line like so `ERROR juju.worker.dependency engine.go:671 "api-caller" manifold worker returned unexpected error: [619092] "machine-0" cannot open api: model cache: model "61909253-939f-48c0-8452-389111410e43" did not appear in cache timeout`12:20
flxfoodoes that ring  bell?12:20
flxfoostickupkid_:can I retrieve information or run actions using some curl magic?13:28
stickupkid_flxfoo, this is concerning ` model cache: model "61909253-939f-48c0-8452-389111410e43" did not appear in cache timeout`13:56
hmlstickupkid_:  I can’t approve my own pr :-) 11967 looks good, a added a few comments and a nit15:16
stickupkid_hml, ho?15:28
stickupkid_or are you in a meeting?15:28
stickupkid_if so catch after that15:28
hmlstickupkid_:  meet you in daily15:28
Mooredeployed my first cluster with juju but kubectl not connecting17:02
Moorenickmoore@KubeMasterNM:~$ kubectl get pods -n kube-system17:02
Mooreis there anyone available to answer a quick question on an azure deployment?17:21

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