BluesKajHi all10:15
mparilloKDE Frameworks 5.74 landed for me in GG. I already had it from the staging-frameworks PPA, but I got it again. No dead kittens this time either.10:35
santa_there's 3 packages not migrated though11:55
santa_we also have to update kio11:55
santa_RikMills: do you want me to upgrade kio to the .1 version now that everything is (almost) out of -proposed ?11:56
RikMillsfine by me11:56
santa_hi everyone18:31
santa_RikMills: kio is ready to upload (if you haven't already, we have some things stuck in -proposed because of glibc :|18:32
RikMillssanta_: I don't see it in git20:40
RikMillsglibc is just 'meh'20:40
santa_RikMills: sorry I forgot to push, should be there now20:42
RikMillssanta_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kio/5.74.1-0ubuntu120:45
santa_RikMills: thanks! btw I realized we can't use ppa-build-status against the archive20:47
santa_which could be handy given we have no way to check riscv symbols20:47
RikMillssanta_: yeah, I gathered that from the context of your ka changes20:48
santa_we can't enable that arch in our PPAs yet20:48
RikMillssanta_: fyi, bileto ppa builds will do riscv64, so I can copy to one of those if we really want20:49
santa_in any case I think I should start the rework of the info tools for KA >= 2.420:50
* RikMills nods20:50
santa_that code gives me coronabugs XD20:51

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