viewer|41I try make folder on my second hardrive and is in root only how i can give me access00:03
mzamrealhello guyss00:29
mzamrealnewbie here :D00:29
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user|30745New user...is this where I can report a problem with Kubuntu 20.04 ?07:36
IrcsomeBot<Franzpow> Yes07:36
user|30745Great...Wifi working great till I connect a BT device...BT worked fine but Wifi disconnected and could not reconnect till I disable BT and Restart.07:38
IrcsomeBot<Franzpow> This is odd07:39
Maikif it's a bug see here on how to report it: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs07:41
user|30745Yes...I can reproduce it...more specificaly, Wifi loop endlessly trying to reconnect.07:42
user|30745OK thanks07:42
IrcsomeBot<Franzpow> At least you can avoid to restart everytime, maybe just close the session and start a new one07:47
user|30745I did...problem persist.07:54
Maikthen file a bug report and discribe it as good as you can. Also include your system info and specs. :)07:56
BluesKajHi all10:15
Taggnostr2I just upgraded to 20.04, and noticed that in konsole, when I select "monitor for silence" it no longer shows an icon on the silent tab, so I have no way to know which tab went silent.  Do you know how to get the icon back?10:40
Taggnostr2it seems related to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=179268110:54
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1792681 in konsole5 "Konsole 19.08.3 no longer displays activity on inactive tabs, nor warning icon when copying input." [Low,New]10:54
ConnaKDE Plasma is better than Windows 7-10 <311:40
ConnaI love you KDE Plasma11:41
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tomreynI believe that scams will be scams13:45
Kalovi dislike a lot bitcoins13:48
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ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia14:11
BluesKaj@Elies ^14:12
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IrcsomeBot<williamconna> Please help to report spam14:39
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