lubot<Tony Stark> (Photo, 535x662) https://i.imgur.com/sQyg2Dk.jpg05:26
lubot<Sarah Mitchell> (Photo, 513x667) https://i.imgur.com/3frWtls.jpg05:33
Maiksomeone should get rid of those spammers05:58
Maikor... disconnect the bridge06:00
guivercMaik, if nothing can be done, that'll likely happen.. the issue is being looked at06:01
Maikguiverc: ok, cool. Thanks for letting know. :)06:02
diodseho help me to search nvidia driver  for lubuntu07:00
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lubot<Jose from mexico> Good CST morning, I am having an issue with openvpn. I loaded an openvpn config to create a new connection,but I am not being able to modify an openvpn connection with the option use this connection only for resurces of this network. The save button is disabled15:08
lubot<Joe> Why my usb is not recgonized by terminal,ventoy,woeusb... But only with etcher15:09
lubot<Joe> Anyone has any idea🤔15:16
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lubot<Jose from mexico> Just fixed!16:55
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nmzmHello everyone. Is there a way to launch an application from a terminal in a specific location? I do know that you can type ./path/to/folder but .~/ isn't working, that's why I'm asking :D20:12
nmzmalias will work great if use cd and ./appname, but maybe there's more easy way?20:14
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