arif-alihey all, been running groovy for a while. One issue I have noticed, and not sure if its a bug, or my machine. bluetooth settings aren't showing anything anymore, and keyboard shortcuts for gnome are also not working anymore. Maybe there was a change in some package that is now preventing this?08:55
lotuspsychjearif-ali: is it about the stock gnome bluetooth or blueman?08:57
lotuspsychjearif-ali: i dont see new BT bugs right away for groovy here, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-bluetooth/+bugs?orderby=importance&start=009:00
arif-alistock gnome, so anything I paired in mid august still works but the option of enabling/disabling bluetooth is greyed out. Anything new, I have to now pair on CLI at every boot using bluetoothctl09:00
lotuspsychjehmm weird09:01
lotuspsychjearif-ali: did you notice any new BT related updates since that date in your dpkg logs?09:01
arif-aliyeah, I know, if no one else has seen it, I'll try a fresh install next weekend, and see if it still persists. I'll check my logs, and see what I can find wrt dpkg logs09:02
lotuspsychjearif-ali: maybe also check dmesg, possibly boot errors about it too09:03
arif-alilotuspsychje: ack09:04
lotuspsychjeand stacer, to see if services are enabled/disabled09:04
The_LoudSpeakerhey, quick query: does the 5.8 kernel included in ubuntu groovy have MPTCP enabled?17:24
arif-alilotuspsychje: wasn't a bug after all, installed tlp-rdw and all was good. Forgot to add that to my config scripts :)17:24
arif-aliThe_LoudSpeaker: I see CONFIG_MPTCP=y and CONFIG_MPTCP_IPV6=y in /boot/config-5.8.0-18-generic, I presume that would be sufficient17:25
The_LoudSpeakerarif-ali: the amd64 image does have 5.8 kernel but the arm64 image from https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily-preinstalled/current/ does not have 5.819:27
The_LoudSpeakerhas only 5.4 :/19:28
The_LoudSpeakerI need 5.8 on a raspberry Pi19:28
oerheksupdate groovy then?19:29
oerheks5.8.0-1005.5 2020-09-1119:30
krytarikThe_LoudSpeaker: I believe oerheks is referring to the version of linux-raspi currently sitting in -proposed btw.20:04
The_LoudSpeakerkrytarik: it is in groovy-proposed you mean?20:15
The_LoudSpeakeryeah got it. in proposed20:18
The_LoudSpeakerby when will the 5.8 land into groovy-main? any idea? I see it in proposed as krytarik pointed out.21:31
krytarikThe_LoudSpeaker: I think #ubuntu-kernel is where the insiders are.22:15

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