lotuspsychjegood morning03:01
ducassegood morning06:46
marcoagpintoThe cola demon!08:20
daftykinsah someone was just asking where the demon was...08:53
marcoagpintodaftykins: Who?08:53
daftykinsi can't reveal that information!08:55
marcoagpintoI have returned with some cola09:44
marcoagpintoI went to the store09:44
akemhpI received my BrosTrend Wifi adapter, special Linux...But it doesn't work out of the box. It is recognised as a new high speed USB device with few info, but there is no new Wifi interface create when i plug it.19:45
oerheksin Gnome3, one needs to turn on the adapter first..19:46
oerhekshow about updates, any available?19:46
akemhpoerheks, It should work out of the box even on 18.04 or older. It was specified on the article i read and also on the amazon page, wait a sec.19:55
oerhekswhat does lsusb say? 8 digit hex number, to identify chipset19:57
oerheksand updates,??19:57
akemhpIt's on the last screen i posted: 0bda:b812 it's identified as a Realtek chip.19:58
akemhpActually this is a Ubuntu 18.04 but it has a more recent kernel with default options. 5.5.9, i will try it on my other Ubuntu/LUbuntu to see if it creates the WIFI interface automaticly when i plug it.20:00
oerheksuse the stock kernel please, else it is no use to find out what is wrong20:02
akemhpOn my regular 18.04 with stock kernel it is the same, i just tested it.20:02
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oerheks RTL8812BU , build the driver from git https://askubuntu.com/questions/1079377/how-do-i-install-drivers-for-realtek-rtl8812bu20:04
oerheksso your claim it works OOTB is false20:04
oerhekssorry :-P20:04
akemhpoerheks, I see, that's what they said on the article! and even on the amazon page they put some Ubuntu logo IIRC! buyers would expect it to be plug n play on Linux. But it is not so important, if i can build the drivers it will be fine. Thanks btw.20:08
oerheksone brand i know off, is intel, works fine OOTB20:10
akemhpThey provide a tiny CD with drivers for all platform in fact. And one with the manual.20:15
oerheksuse that url, with dkms, so it gets rebuild with any new kernel20:15
Bashing-omUWN648 is on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue648 :D20:25
akemhpoerheks, It worked with the last unified repository for 88X2 :) Thanks.21:22
jeremy31Might actually need https://askubuntu.com/a/1273142/30066521:32
jeremy31There are a few realtek USB wifi devices supported by the kernel but more are still in staging21:34
oerheksthat would be the same as the url i gave, right?21:35
jeremy31oerheks: actually a newer question than that21:36
jeremy31The guy keeps changing version numbers with an entire new github rather than adding changes to an older one21:38
jeremy31Sounds like something I would do21:39
oerheksoh oke, noted.21:40
akemI won't trust web articles anymore when it comes to Linux hardware :P21:44
jeremy31akem: If you see an answer on wifi by chilli555, it worked at some time21:44
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Bashing-omHeads up everybody !! sabdfl: " Having considered it over the weekend, with @wxl’s offer to help run the process, let’s go ahead and call for nominations to the CC. " !! The process will soon be live to propose the memberships.23:32
jeremy31I nominate Bashing-om23:32
Bashing-omjeremy31: And what do you think - as I am curious - are my qualifications ?23:33
jeremy31They are better than mine23:34
Bashing-omLOL jeremy31 - Somehow I find that hard to accept :P23:35
jeremy31You have been involved with UF for 10 years and do UWN for how long now23:35
sonicwindgo for it Bashing-om :-D23:37
Bashing-omjeremy31: UWN for going on 3 years now . my my but time flys when one stays directed and busy.23:38
ducasseBashing-om and oerheks for the council!23:39
jeremy31It might be something wildmanne39 would be interested in, both of you show a certain professionalism23:42
sonicwindwho was on it before?23:44
jeremy31chilli555 would be a choice but I think he wants to travel more and enjoy his retirement23:45
sonicwindquick google search is interesting... Kubuntu Project Lead Asked To Step Down by Ubuntu Community Council23:50
sonicwindalso Ubuntu Community Council Can't Track Down $143,000 Worth of Donations lol23:50
sonicwindboth from 201523:50
sonicwindright before my getting started23:51
jeremy31Might have been charge backs on credit cards, donate and then cancel23:51

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